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Leonardo DiCaprio: Chiropractor Visit in New Orleans

Leonardo DiCaprio: Chiropractor Visit in New Orleans

Leonardo DiCaprio leaves a chiropractor’s office on Tuesday (May 29) in New Orleans, La.

The trailer for the 37-year-old actor’s upcoming movie, The Great Gatsby, was recently released – check it out in case you missed it!

The movie, set to hit theaters December 25, is director Baz Luhrmann‘s big screen adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s novel.

Leo has another movie coming out on Christmas Day, Django Unchained, which centers around a slave-turned-bounty hunter who sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner.

The Western co-stars Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, Kerry Washington, and Christoph Waltz.

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  • @The 411

    @freaks: Do you know what? I dont know why i come here any more, I should have realized by now that nothing changes here, just a lot of bitter, angry bored women. tata

  • literally a model

    i don’t think any of LD’s “relationships” are real since Giselle. there was someone that supposedly knew him and said the girls since then have been for press/looks only. i believe that because it never seems real and is so fake. plus these women are just bookends—bland with no personality or brain. i can’t believe someone as intelligent as him would really be into any of them whether he’s gay, straight or bi. which of course working in hollywood, i’ve heard rumors of all that but you never know. of with travolta and certain people it’s getting plain to see that they are what is rumored of them.

  • http://acelticrose celticrose

    Forget the talk of past or possibly present gfs, I get tired of hearing people calling him fat. Not having washboard abs is not the same as being fat. Whatever “it” is that makes a guy have sex appeal, he has it. . . in spades! Let him live his life and be happy.

  • http://acelticrose celticrose

    Yeah I totally agree that he has an amazing smile AND amazing eyes.

  • http://acelticrose celticrose

    I remember that story from ages ago. Show me a guy in his early 20s who has had too much to drink whose performance would still be stellar! :)

  • Awful models

    @literally a model:

    i can’t believe someone really intelligent would really be into BG.

  • Jerk team

    Mobli Trends:Bar Refaeli,the LDF,Adam Levine…so called A-LISTERS…LOL

  • :)

    It’s adorable how a bunch of BZ girls are trying to convince people ( themselves ) that they are still together for sure! Even that not too convincing tweet was posted of course not in the original form.

  • vagabond
  • Re
  • Re

    Did you guys see Leo’s new facebook account?

  • facts
  • Elena

    @facts: lol, that’s fascinating and all but you do realize that while his NAME is leo, his SIGN is scorpio, right?

  • facts

    while his sign is scorpio he is leo anyway.

  • LOL- facts

    thats funny. Yep, hes not a Leo but a Scorpio.

    I just realized Jen doesnt follow Leo but follows everyone else lol.

    Any REAL leo news? Enough Bar

  • say it right

    Leo is a Scorpio

    same sight, right sign

  • Bellazon are not Erin fans

    Refaeli Bellazon is really inferring that Leo and Bar are together:
    Neontiger92: ” i keep looking at this picture half-expecting to see leo coming out behind her with his cap pulled down over his face.”
    Wijnboerinnetje: “It says she will get an format, and she will host/present the show. So yes, I think she’s getting her own show! Although it says in the article the producers don’t want to say anything about it yet.But ProSieben is one of Germany’s biggest channels, so it’s a big deal! ”
    Kerri Lynn: “Bar is back in Tel Aviv. She was seen arriving in the country with her friend Danny A.
    Both articles are very similar. Apparently she attended a party last night and she will celebrate her birthday at her family’s home in Hod Hasharon on Saturday, where Danny is expected. ”
    Lion66: ” I love her. ”
    Me: Bar hated Danny when he was in Australia with the hot ladies for him, now she is hanging with him? Makes sense? Her team was even trashing Danny on JJ.

  • tinkerbell

    @leo’s fan girl: you’re funny right?

    Just wanna know since your so obsessed with Leo, (and dont deny that you aren’t, you are, your posts prove it here)

    1. Obsessed is when you truly cant think of anything else. Unfortunately for me, I have to think of lots of other things, from global warming to the best way to make cornbread

    would you sleep with?

    2.once again, not a real sentence, but he doesnt want to sleep woth me or even know of my existence, I dont want to sleep with him because I dont really know him.

    Do you think about him during copulation

    3. Do you mean do I think about him during real life sex with my real life man?

    No, too busy swinging from the chandelier.

    or self stimulation

    DO YOU? After all you’re his “LOVER”. I am not.

    and can you give us a link to your facebook page

    4. What is this obsession with my NON EXISTENT facebook page. There is no law saying you have to have one and I dont.

    or post your pic, maybe Leo can look at it.

    5. And the obsession with my picture? What are you Tzipi Levine so you can go after me like she did Moran Gross? Wouldnt I be stupid to do that??? Anyway as chuck d once said my identity alone causes violence. might suprise who i REALLY am and how I know what I know, but I leave you to YOUR OBSESSION——-ME! I mean with you repeatedly wanting to see my picture an so forth.

    to quote Steve Tyler “Dream On”

    that guy on the bike up there is cute and I’d talk to him in a blues bar in NOLA, but as seen there he is NOT HOT or even that cute especially with the pork pie shoved on his head. But I find all kinds of people interesting. I think NOLA has been good for the L-man.


  • Published in TA

    This was published in May 2012

    Bar’s Interview (Bellazon):
    From 2012: Here’s smth from The Gil Riva Show
    “It starts in Hebrew. Bar describes how she always wanted to meet Warren Beatty (who dated her mom-Tzipi 35 ys ago) and tell him “Hi do u know who my mom is? “..(she says she was 12 ys..and didnt know that one day she’d b a supermodel..)Then one day she met him and said Hello..but didn’t feel comfortable to present herself as Tzipi’s daughter since he was with his wife.The other day Leo came home and told her..(this part is in English so u can watch it..) Anyways..Leo met Warren who told him “I met your gf last night..she is very very beautiful! but her mom…..her mom was…


    When are they getting married? This summer at Hotel Du Cap? Already working on kids??

  • LOL

    So apparently Leo finished filming Django and now is in NY.

    Wonder if NOW he will be seen with a blonde , tall, with freckles in any sighting there. And even so we wouldn’t be certain that is Erin and not a new one.

  • LOL

    Lola Ogunnaike ‏@lolaogunnaike/
    This Gary Clark Jr. must be special. Leonardo DiCaprio, Q-Tip, Pharell, Questlove and more in the house…

    Ok first sighting and no signs of a blonde , tall, with freckles.
    Funny that after a time without seeing each other, the first night on the town where his girlfriend lives, he prefers to go out to a concert with one of his buddies

  • tinkerbell

    @LOL: how do you know? Thank god brooklyn decker is married or she’d be next. Interesting.

    And if I really, really wanted to meet Leo do you know how easy it would be? Just follow the tweets when he is in NYC. I’m a world class gate crasher. But I dont want to. Live and let live Leo, go in peace.

  • sigh- grandma, we need help.

    After all that Erin is doing for you, you could at least help her?! You did with all the others. Look, I don’t know Erin, but cannot blame a young girl being swooned by a rich and powerful star, and falling for it? And look, barfreaks, ___did the same thing, but now she is SMOTHERING him.

    LEO, you used Erin very badly! You are no longer considered admiral to me. Procreate with that controllable dumb ass. But, remember all the people you hurt along the way. If I was ERIN, I would lawyer up, because treating her the you way you have in the press, with __ and her obnoxious family still around, really makes her look naïve. I am sure it is not her fault. You have really transformed from possibly kind and helpful to SELF CENTRED, EGOIC, AND MOST OF ALL —– DISRESPECTFUL. You use people like the paps use you.
    I really wish your grandmother was alive.

  • tinkerbell

    @LOL: she’s a well known visual artist if I am not mistaken…must be private party in harlem. Drove through there today.

  • tinkerbell

    @Published in TA: Yeah, we’re OVER this already.

    Warren Beatty slept with an estimated 13,000 women including European royalty, and real beauties like Isabel Adjani. How would he even remember her? I dont think he does. Also there is no “home” they never had one together, she shacked with a him a few weeks at a time in LA, but that is soooooo over.

    This reeks of “made up.” Also the interview could be old, back to when they were shagging.

    To answer this one

    When are they getting married? This summer at Hotel Du Cap? Already working on kids??


  • Hmmmmmm

    @LOL: LOLLLLLLLL…I LOVED!!!!! Go away Erin Borington!!!!!

  • tinkerbell

    eh, no Lola’s a New York Times and CNN journalist.

    Guys, does SHE look simian to you or like she wants a banana? Because you said that before about Serena Williams and Michele Obama. Just the greatest tennis player of our generation and the first African American first lady of the US……nice….

  • tinkerbell

    do you see Tzipi Levine on this list anywhere—maybe between Princess Margaret and Susannah York? How about Barbra Streisand, legendary black runway model Pat Cleveland and Nicarguan Bianca Jagger?

    Dont see a mention.

    The question once you get down to the bottom is who will his Annette Bening?

  • Leo…what would Nana say…

    This was “creatively” EDITED in Bellazon. HERE is the full version, where she basically says that she and Leo are still together. She wants to shout it from the rooftops. IWIN!!! I AM MRS. DICAPRIO. I AM THE MOST IMPORTANT WOMAN IN THE WORLD. Omg….pathetic. It’s on the ACCESS Hollywood website, entitled something like, “what is Bar looking for in a man”. NOT THE OTHER ONE, where she just talks about the parts of her body she loves.


  • tinkerbell

    @Hmmmmmm: that’s Erin HEIFERton to you!

  • tinkerbell

    @Leo…what would Nana say…: I think the video is poss. from last year, no?

  • grandma

    @sigh- grandma, we need help.: yes, you do because Barfie girl and her entourage are NO WHERE near my dear little grandson.

    I fixed it with the BIG GUY up here, I cashed in a few chips up here in heaven.

  • grandma

    @LOL: gary clark jr—very well respected african american blues artist….

  • Sarah

    This was “creatively” EDITED in Bellazon.

    HERE is the full version, where Barf basically says that she and Leo are still together. She wants to shout it from the rooftops. I WIN! I AM MRS. DICAPRIO. I caught the most important HW actor…wow, I must be IMPORTANT”.

    Omg….pathetic. It’s on the ACCESS Hollywood website, entitled something like, “what is Bar looking for in a man”. NOT THE OTHER ONE, where she just talks about the parts of her body she loves.

    The proper title of this, second, video is called “bar refaeli on what type of guy shes looking to date…”

    THIS was moderated out. second try without the link.

  • bubbles

    gary clark jr is amazeballs. it would really suck if leo left erin at home on his first night back in nyc. are you sure she’s not there? is she in town?

  • 231


    NO. MAXIM interview posted on Access (where I found it) as May 2012. I was absolutely SHOCKED. what a big lie.

    NO INTEGRITY in Leo management or the person, apparently.

  • bubbles

    what are you talking about sarahbell? pls don’t make me sit through a bar interview.

  • Hmmmmmm

    @tinkerbell: hahaha why?

  • vagabond

    Sorry to spoil the party but there are tweets of Erin & Leo at the private concert.That’s why i was on the fence about them breaking up because he’s done this before,especially when filming.I’m with some of you guys that think it’s a casual relationship,and will probably end the same way the others have.
    @Bellazon are not Erin fans: Sorry but they are fans of all his girlfriends.Right now they are hoping for pictures of him and Erin together,and wondering if he’ll go to Turkey with her this weekend.

  • bubbles

    ugh i can’t believe i sat through a bar interview. there was nothing about leo. i’m never listening sarah tinkerbell again.

  • Hmmmmmm

    Finaly someone with sens on that FREAKS ZONE:

    Super PIP


    1,916 posts
    Posted Today, 10:21 AM
    Ah ok!… that’s what they were talking the other day on tweets between Jennifer and her. I was a little lost.

    But I think that doesn’t mean much … I mean, I talk with all the sisters of my ex and met for drinks (for a Girls’ Night Out, you know… ) … but that doesnt mean I’m going back with my ex.

  • bubbles

    leo’s got what he wants. a girl who doesn’t expect anything of him and is happy to be along for the ride

  • Bubbly Cuteness (maybe)


    It is not Tink. Believe it or not, the string does have more than one, even two and three, outspoken on the “wrestler”. She does not have to say his name on the video to imply it. Journalism and LAWCrosswitnessing 101. You just have to make sure the JURY (public, yes) hears it. It’s a suggestive strategy used wide and broad from boardrooms and courtrooms to the press. Sorry for pressing on your name, if it is indeed, Erin. The BS is insulting to his fans, and it is time to stop. With that unofficial ____ too.

  • LOL

    Just to correct information at the end it was a blonde, tall with freckled with Leo in a club.

    Ashlee ‏@goddessfan
    @JustJared Spotted! @ErinHeatherton and Leo DiCaprio hangin’ at The Darby with Pharrell, Q-tip and Nas!

    Good for her , finally someone recognized her. The weird thing is that the tweet was sent to JJ…

  • 232


    She is passed. Try some respect for once?

  • 244


    Pffff….maybe Erin is a LITTLE more humble than you, ___(puke). She can be, she is the more beautiful. NOT at all like you recycling pics of yourself or calling the paps….hypocrite. THIS is what Leo babies are going to be modeled after?

  • LOL

    Checking … the tweets saying that Erin is with Leo in Darby/concert was sent by… MODELINIA ‏@Modelinia… writing HER twitter account @ErinHeatherton and not Leo’s or any other mentioned in the same tweet.
    Nothing else to say except shamelessly promoting her. Good job of her PR.

  • .

    Leo DiCaprio and @ErinHeatherton watching Gary Clark Jr. Show at The Darby in NYC! #CoupleAlert

    This boring girl won’t give up! She’s a fool,but who cares huh? I’M LEOS GIRL…dumbass!!! Where is the self respect?

  • vagabond

    @bubbles: That’s probably true wonder how long that will last?I mean her not expecting anything from him.That’s usually when things go sour.@CAN’T WAIT OMG!DYING HERE: Thanks for that,can’t wait to see the the longer trailer.