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Miranda Kerr: Post-Photo Shoot Smiles!

Miranda Kerr: Post-Photo Shoot Smiles!

Miranda Kerr has legs for days as she steps out of an office building after a photo shoot for Vogue Italia on Friday (June 29) in New York City.

The 29-year-old Australian model gave a little smile as she left the building.

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Earlier in the day, Miranda donned a blonde wig and a sparkly pair of pants for the shoot!

Miranda also posted a picture to her Twitter, saying, “These boots are made for workin!”

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr leaving a photo shoot…

Just Jared on Facebook
miranda kerr leaving photoshoot 01
miranda kerr leaving photoshoot 02
miranda kerr leaving photoshoot 03
miranda kerr leaving photoshoot 04
miranda kerr leaving photoshoot 05
miranda kerr leaving photoshoot 06
miranda kerr leaving photoshoot 07
miranda kerr leaving photoshoot 08
miranda kerr leaving photoshoot 09
miranda kerr leaving photoshoot 10

Photos: FameFlynet
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  • Frozoid

    She should never wear her hair pulled back tight like that. Makes her look like a bulimic balloon head.

  • verity

    And there was me thinking you’d manage one day without a post about Miranda. Didn’t you already post that tweet quote? This is just ridiculous, there’s no story here. Her leaving a building is not news! It’s not even worth someone taking pictures!

  • mlllllllllllle

    Tell me about an obsession…

  • The Muffin Man

    She has some amazing legs

  • Haha

    I totally agree with Verity! WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU JARED?? You have a crush on her or what? Do you seriously think there are people out here who are interested in knowing how often she changes her clothes and how many lattes she drinks each f*#king day???

  • kelly


    He’s on her payroll…that’s the reason for the constant influx of posts of this nobody.

  • somali girl

    Eww she has ugly strange shaped legs.

  • for the shippers

    The only thing she has done significant is have a baby and make Orlando Bloom miserable. I give them another year and they will follow the same path as Cruise/Holmes.

  • somali girl

    To the person who said she has amazing legs. No she does not they seem shapeless and are somewhat big at the top. Weird legs. Probably why she doesn’t get to do the big high fashion shows. She is just commercial.

  • sookie

    love her dimples.. so cute

  • D

    Could you possibly post some pap photos of Candice Swanepoel or Adriana Lima sometime? I’ve seen Candice in person at a VS store opening and she’s far more inspiring to me in terms of beauty than Miranda is. Nothing against Miranda, she has cool style, but I don’t get excited seeing what she wears every single day of her life. I’d rather see some Doutzen, Adriana, Candice and Emanuela! They are gorgeous.

  • @7

    “Do you seriously think there are people out here who are interested in knowing how often she changes her clothes and how many lattes she drinks each f*#king day???”
    You haters prove how interested you are in her every move, every time you post.
    Thoughts of her obviously consume your every waking moment, or else you wouldn’t stalk her across the internet like you do.
    Your obsession is hilarious!

  • @14….

    The haters are too DUMB to work out that the more comments they post about Miranda over & over again gives more hits to Just Jared’s site. Then they rant & rave about her appearing too much when their the ones causing JJ to post as many pics of her as he can…….lol…..They do the same on the The Daily Mail site, pretending their different people… stupid of them but ok for those us who like looking at her pics, so I hope they keep commenting because then we get to see more photos of the gorgeous Miranda, sweetie pie Flynn & hot Orlando!!!

  • Preppy

    Her legs and ass are so much better in shape than Rosie´s.
    DESPITE she has a baby!

  • allie

    @@14….: Dear miranda kerr’s PR team leader,

    shut the f*ck up.

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Take yourself and the term ‘hater’ to just jared jr.

  • rach

    It’s not about being a hater, in most cases people are expressing their opinion over the fact there have been an abundance of posts about someone, who really isn’t that famous, essentially doing nothing at all. I’m sure the majority of people wouldn’t object if there was maybe one post a week about Miranda and she was actually doing something. It’s the mundane repetitiveness of the fact she’s not doing anything interesting and is being posted about here everyday, sometime more, doing that nothing. In some cases it’s even been a blatant advert for her skincare line.

  • @18

    Again, it all boils down to supply and demand. The more people post, the more hits she gets. Hits are seen as ‘demand’ on all gossip sites. So the sites will ‘supply’ all the photos they can.
    And it is a fact that her detractors scour the web for stories on her just to post something nasty. They are more obsessed than her most ardent fans. They post, JJ supplies. I don’t see why that is so hard to understand.

  • @17

    Now that’s a delphite if I ever saw one.
    Clearly identified by their classic hypocrisy in the statement; “shut the f*ck up. Everyone is entitled to an opinion”
    Too funny!

  • hmm

    A guy on twitter posted that he was in the lounge at the airport and that “Orlando Bloom’s kid” was trying to play with his eggs. LOL!
    The poster was on his way to London, so maybe that’s where Flynn and family are going? *crosses fingers*

  • for the shippers

    @@14….: and what about you a…. kissers who say “Oh, she looks so wonderful! – “Oh she has such amazing style. She would fart and you would thinks its perfume.

  • sick of her

    @@18: but you need to understand it isn’t just supply and demand. Celebrities pay off photographers to photograph them and its a well known fact she does too. When you think about it – really think about it – what we have seen – why is it so significant that JJ has to have his site full of her. Every bloody day.

  • @23

    OK, let’s say that she does call the paps (even though we have proof that they are camped out at their apartment), why would JJ post all of these pictures? Are you going to claim that she pays him off, too? That’s just stupid.
    And if you “really” thought about it, you would realize that JJ wouldn’t post about her so often, if people didn’t comment. If you won’t admit that, then you have no idea how websites make their money. Hits = advertising dollars. So the more hits, the more money being made. So every time a hater posts multiple times just to whine about another thread, they are helping to ensure that she gets MORE threads.
    Again, why is this SIMPLE concept so hard to understand? Are you haters really that dense?

  • ;(

    ” Dear miranda kerr’s PR team leader ” Agreed!
    I think Miranda has 0 (zero) fans. It is only her PR team
    that came here to say “Oh, she´s stunning, she´s very famous, she´s very beautiful, she´s very happy…………”
    tsk tsk tsk.

  • @22

    Again with the eloquent speech? *eyeroll*
    You see, it’s normal for fans to post, or to follow news about someone that they like and admire. It’s NOT normal to wallow in hatred and stalk a celeb across the internet just to spew filth.
    But since when are delphites ‘normal’?

  • @25

    Zero fans? Then please explain why she is one of the most well liked and successful models in the business.
    We’ll be waiting.

  • @25

    Oh, I see. We are back to the old delphidiot standby:
    If anyone posts something positive they are a family member/miranda herself/paid hack.
    I guess that with YET ANOTHER HF magazine spread in the works, you guys are desperate to find something to complain about, eh?

  • Dieter


  • blue

    Then please explain why she is one of the most well liked and successful models in the business.
    We’ll be waiting.

    Now you know that’s a lie. I’ll leave u to think about it.

  • Myslimshady

    It is the first time I notice the ugly obviously shape of her head
    She is a very likeable person and so very sweet but I do wonder what is so special about her that made her so famous (apart from Orlando of course)

  • @30

    So you’ve got nothing, I guess?
    Pathetic haters.

  • @31


  • Dee

    @@25: It’s so obvious that all of the “@ number” posts are from ONE PERSON – you! You sound like a complete moron telling people to stop obsessing when you post 10-15 times on a single Miranda thread. Are you part of her PR team or just an obsessed fan? I like Miranda as a model but I don’t care to see 50 useless pics of her walking down the street. She DOES call the paps on herself, and she DOES follow Just Jared on Twitter. She is a master at promoting herself. She is a beloved Victoria’s Secret model, definitely, but so are Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel and they manage to travel around anonymously, yet Miranda is stalked like she’s Grace Kelly? Please!

  • @34

    It’s funny how haters will call other posters sockpuppets, when they themselves are the masters of the game.
    But just so for the record, there are plenty of Miranda fans who post here. Saying otherwise is as ridiculous as blaming Miranda, or her PR, for the number of threads that she gets.
    Ignore the posts if you don’t want to see them, and stop complaining. Move on with your life. You’ll feel better in the long run.
    Oh, and by the way, Adriana is not married to a popular movie star, and Candice is not nearly as well known as Miranda (not to mention that she also is not married to a movie star). Miranda has her own popularity, which is multipied by Orlando’s, And the fact that people are interested in their gorgeous little boy adds even more interest. You can’t compare them.
    And I love how you fall back on the ‘must be PR’, or an “obsessed fan”. That’s delphi through and through. Only a gal from delphi would be so hypocritical. Obsessed haters are fine and dandy. But there must be something wrong with a fan that posts once a day??
    Oh, please.

  • Dee

    @@34: You’re an absolute idiot. If you want to pretend to be other people, at least put in a different name once in a while and change your writing style ;-) I didn’t even read the pathetic essay you wrote. Yes, Miranda has MANY fans, I am one of them. But that doesn’t mean I consider everything about her to be perfect. I much prefer other VS models and I think it’s questionable that the paparazzi follow her. You’re clearly obsessed or on her payroll….so keep replying to every f*critical post of hers and pretend to be other people. You’re a real winner! Keyboard warrior.

  • Dee

    @@34: And I’m no a delphi nor do I know what that even is. Hahaha the fact that you do, and you post about them constantly makes you JUST AS PATHETIC as they supposedly are. I could give a f*ck if Candice and Adriana aren’t married to “movie stars”. The only people who care about Orlando Bloom are a few young girls and middle aged moms. He’s not near the likes of Brad Pitt, Leo DiCaprio, Javier Bardem, etc! So stop jumping on people who don’t get why Miranda’s pics are here everyday.

  • judsie

    @somali girl:
    LOL aren’t chanel, miu miu, balenciaga, lanvin not high end enough for you? i mean because she walked at those shows… yeah she’s not “just” commercial (and it’s commercial stuff which gives you money, so just you know) .. sorry but criticizing for the hell of it, gets old..

  • judsie

    and haters, just for information miranda is the 7th highest paid model in the world, just go read forbes if you don’t believe me.. so yeah the girl is working and, yes she does have fans, and she is beyond gorgeous, plenty of people will agree on this point too.. so .. please just leave her threads if you can’t stand her, i mean you probably have something more constructive to do with your time (and if your answer is negative, it’s kind of sad for you).

  • @Dee

    Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.
    And I’m using the term ‘lady’ quite loosely. A lady wouldn’t lie through her teeth the way you do. Nor would she use vulgar language because they got caught in said lies.
    And it’s downright hilarious that you put Javier Bardem in the same category of popularity as Leo or Brad. A great actor, yes. Popular heartthrob? Oh heck no.
    So keep on pretending that you are a fan.
    Keep on pretending that you aren’t a hater.
    We will keep laughing at you.

  • @Dea

    You checked out who Miranda follows on twitter?
    What a pathetic stalker you are! You’re OBSESSED! Not satisfied with stalking her across the net, now you are stalking her twitter account?
    What a complete LOSER!

  • @35

    if seeing her pics here bothers you so much, why do you keep coming back?
    That’s stupid, since her pics sre so easy to avoid. Scroll, baby! Scroll!

  • @Dee

    I don’t care about Kim Kardashian or Victoria Beckham yet they are featured almost everyday on JJ’s site, but I don’t bother going to whine, moan, rant & rave about them appearing too much by posting over & over again on their comment page. What’s the point as other people obviously like to read about them, I just ignore them instead. You obviously have an obsession with Miranda BEYOND being annoyed that there are too many pics of her, it’s creepy & weird they way you stalk her across the Internet, move on & grow up!!!

  • ….

    my god this thread is full of crazy and has put me off looking at miranda kerr again. Sista up there needs to take her pills and sleep off the crazy.

  • LOL!

    And you idiots really wonder why we mock you??

  • ta

    Regarding this ongoing (tiresome) debate (whining) from haters claiming that she calls the paps, and fans reminding everyone that even a delphite witnessed the paps camping out at their apartment….
    Here’s a more objective comment from a member of TFS:
    “i don’t follow miranda, but regarding the debate about whether or not she calls the paps – if they know where she lives, isn’t it likely there is just someone there rather than them actually being alerted? i know a celebrity i follow was telling a story about the former owner of her house, and that in turn led the paparazzi to know where she lives, and now she gets photographed every day because she is easy to locate.”
    Hmmmm. Isn’t that exactly what her fans have been saying all along?

  • @ta

    Exactly. When she’s in Australia she rarely gets papped outside of the airports, and she’s a bigger celebrity there.
    She gets papped constantly in NYC, so this leads to think that paps know where she lives in NYC.

  • tamm

    Well it looks like they’ve definitely left NY. First Flynn was spotted at the airport trying to play with a dude’s eggs =)
    And now Orlando has been spotted in Henley, where they have a home.
    Wonder if he will show up at Wimbledon again?

  • @44….

    She gets papped so much in NY because they know where she lives & their appartment has no underground car parking. She has a car & driver so they take pics of her leaving the building. Whereas in LA you don’t see as many pics because they live in a gated community & the paps can’t get to them. But of course that’s too hard for the haters to understand, their not smart enough to figure it out, instead it’s “she calls them”…….their so jealous of her!!!!

  • @47

    Well, common sense and logic just aren’t part of the hater reality.

  • Ange

    @somali girl: you’re totally right, CHANEL, BALENCIAGA, STELLA MCCARTNEY, JOHN GALLIANO, CHRISTIAN DIOR and PRADA (and many more) are not high fashion at all. AND of course only shapeless legs will allow you to become a VICTORIA SECRET ANGEL. Obviously you have all your facts straight and have great judgement.

  • Ange

    @for the shippers: Yup. And being ambassador for EARTH HOUR and QANTAS is simply useless. Who cares about the earth right?! Oh, as well as having your own organic skin care line, writing a novel and advocating good health. ALL INSIGNIFICANT as you put it.