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Vanessa Hudgens: Happy Bikini Birthday, Ashley Tisdale!

Vanessa Hudgens: Happy Bikini Birthday, Ashley Tisdale!

Vanessa Hudgens and her beau Austin Butler arrive at the Kia Beach House to celebrate BFF Ashley Tisdale‘s birthday on Monday (July 2) in Malibu, Calif.

Meanwhile, on the beach, a bikini clad Ashley was spotted soaking up the sun with pals including Selena Gomez, The Secret Life of the American Teenager actress Francia Raisa and beau Scott Speer, who planted a kiss on his gal on her special day.

Ashley turned 27 that day! Happy birthday, Ashley!

FYI: Selena is wearing a pair of Westward \\ Leaning “Love Thy Neighbor” sunglasses. Ashley is wearing L*Space Swimwear‘s Fringe Top and Bottoms in citrus. Vanessa and Austin arrived at the bash in a Kia Sportage SX.

20+ pictures inside of Ashley Tisdale celebrating her birthday on the beach with Vanessa Hudgens, Austin Butler, and more…

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vanessa hudgens happy bikini birthday ashley tisdale 15
vanessa hudgens happy bikini birthday ashley tisdale 16
vanessa hudgens happy bikini birthday ashley tisdale 17
vanessa hudgens happy bikini birthday ashley tisdale 18
vanessa hudgens happy bikini birthday ashley tisdale 19
vanessa hudgens happy bikini birthday ashley tisdale 20
vanessa hudgens happy bikini birthday ashley tisdale 21
vanessa hudgens happy bikini birthday ashley tisdale 22
vanessa hudgens happy bikini birthday ashley tisdale 23

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  • lauren

    Thank god this is soo much tammer from last years mess. Lets be real here

  • mela

    Vanessa looks gorgeous!

  • mela

    it’s weird to not see Ashley whooooring herself with Zac like last year.. maybe her boyfriend finally has asked for some respect… lol

  • R U sure

    How nice

  • lauren

    @mela maybe ashley grew up and realize being a famewhore with zac bit them in the ass?,

  • mela

    when they are both together they are FAMEWHORES! (and some people like you, are always calling V names because she kiss HER BOYFRIEND… double standard much?) probally this year is a little “soft” because their publicist is not there… lol at least we are not getting zac/ Ashley staged pictures again! Just Scott/Ashley.. lol but no one cares about them..

  • Asha

    Last years b-day celebration was Zac’s turn to attend so this year must have been Vanessa’s. Ashley is like the child in a divorce.

  • Haters Suck!

    I’m shock Ashley is actually kissing her boyfriend and not being all over another guy right in front of him for a change. Scott must have the forgiveness and nerve of a saint.
    Can’t say I’m happy to see Vanessa around tisdale but it’s always nice to see her and austin I’ll just try and block her out.

  • Haters Suck!

    Zac can have her as far as I’m concerned.

  • molly

    vanessa those pants are horrific.

  • Xo

    V and Austin <3

  • KR wishes she was ZD

    @lauren: totally. Probably because Zac his bad influence had better things to do this year. Thank Gawd!

  • Poppy

    @lauren: You got it wrong. Zac was all trying to make V jealous last year. He’s so lame.

  • Xo

    @lauren: Well, you know who isnt there lol

  • BOJI

    Well, it’s nice to see Vanessa celebrating Ashley’s birthday. Hope I get to see V in a bikini. She’s been looking very toned of late and I bet she’ll be a killer in one. It’s been more than 7 years and they’re still fast friends. So I can see this friendship going a long way more.

  • mela

    maybe this year he wasn’t forced by his publicist to go?

  • florence2

    At least this time she is with her boyfriend unlike last year’s performance her and Zac put on while Scott stood by the sideline’s I hope that this time he put his foot down, because that show that zac and ashley put on was just so wrong and acting like boyfriend and girlfriend while Scott was around was just ewwww.

    Great seeing Vanessa and Austin though it’s been to long without pictures of them together.

  • nitu segai
  • florence2

    I highly doubt zac’s publicist forced him to behave that way with ashley last year when it comes to ashley he is more than willing to be all over her regardless it’s been that way since before hsm and it has’nt changed now.

  • nika

    I expected Ashley to be super toned with a six pack or something since she works out all the time. Anyways, she has a great body!!!

  • Delilah

    @nika: Both Ashley and Vanessa work out like mad, but maybe they just ‘hit the gym’ and watch TV…

    Btw. Why Selena is wearing a blanket??

  • Somuchforash

    You people are ridiculous! Making up stories that could hurt everyone involved, and that is nothing close to reality, just for your own pleasure and entertainment. Sick people.
    Anyway, they all look so happy and I hope they enjoyed their time! :) happy 27th Ashley!

  • Selma Kacha

    @lauren: Just go away for saying this bullshit. Go to see Zacky, is waiting for you leech.

  • lisa

    vanessa should returns with zac efron :)

  • yets

    Friends forever .

  • vanessaFan

    At first glance, I thought vanessa was with lucas grabeel. =)

  • maria

    I am so happy that Ashley learned her lesson after last year’s totally inappropriate display with Efron. Both of them were wrong to behave that way, no matter what the reason. She had a boyfriend, whom she cared about, and Efron should have respected that. I don’t care if they’re good friends. He should have cared MORE anout respect for her then. But anyway, these pics are SO much nicer, and you can see they’re having a great time! So happy Vanessa and Austin were able to go this year, since they are BOTH good friends of Ashley’s. Love Vanessa’s summery outfit!

  • Marina

    It was clear from the beginning, if Vanessa would show up at Ash’s party, Zac would stay away from it. It won’t happen ever again to have both at the same party. Not now, not in the future.

  • http://jj pretty

    nessa style is good but sometime its wierd

  • Famewhore

    Cant believe vanessa didnt put on a bikini and went to the water she and austin would have put on A great show but i guess ashley wanad the attention for herself couse its her birthday party

  • Sarah

    WOW did you guys notice the outfit vanessa is wearing i think she has worn it before. This is shoking she never wears the same thing twice .

  • maria

    @Marina: I can finally agree with you, for a change. They will never be friends, and never go to the same events, unless it can’t be helped. And that is just fine.

  • lol

    Leave it to Tisdale to turn her birthday party into a media circus. Well she paid for the photogs to be there so she might as well get all the exposure she can. Too bad Zac didn’t show up…can you imagine the awkwardness….with Vanessa and her new beau being there. If there is still tension..then it is not resolved.

  • sara
  • BOJI

    Austin is certainly not a new beau. They’ve been dating close to a year now. Well, happy for Ashley that she and scott have patched up their differences and she gets to have a great birthday. I do recall Vanessa having an all girl affair in 2010 in Vegas if I remember rightly.

  • Anonymouse

    Poor Ashley. It’s her birthday and all anyone is talking about is Zac, Vanessa and Austin. Always the bridesmaid but never the bride. Even on her birthday.

  • Mary H.

    Everyone is getting on Ashley for what she did with Zac last year, what about Selena and Alfredo?

  • Sarah

    Now what zac need to do is stop being friends with ashley he need to stop hanging out with the famewhores zac got rid of the bigest famewhore of al and thats vanesa she had some class when she was with him but lost all of it after dry humping austin at the beach vanessa knows where she stands in the industry she is like the mini virsion of the kardashions she cant act for shit and has no talent she knows she is getting work right now becouse she is stil appealing to the teen fanbase by the time she is 30 she wont be getting any work so grab as much as you can vanessa couse you will fade in to obsicurity in few years. she is working on her own fashion line couse when she wil stop getting work she dont have to worry about the money couse she has her own line. and also when zac and vanesa broke he looked more sad than her but he wasnt sad he was actualy happy couse he knows the best thing that could ever happent to him is breaking up with vanessa .being known zacs girlfriend helped vanessa to stay in the spotlight she should thank him for that couse she has no talent to stand on her own. if he woudent had dated her people woud have forgoten her right after hsm 3 came out . i feel realy bad for zac couse he wasted the whole 5 years of his life with this chick. zac plese run away from all of them its a good thing that he is ignoring her good for him. when in few years when vanessa will loose her fame she and her so called lunatic fans(i am refering to all 5 of them)can go and fade to obsicurity.

  • Bite me

    Scott is an idiot. How does he continue to be with this girl when she just ignores him at red carpet events and when another guy is around. Don’t understand. She must really have his nuts in a jar.

  • lisa

    A very Happy Birthday Ashley! Guys, stop talking about the past stuff..
    Anyway, funny how Ashley’s birthday pics are released every year..I think Ashley could do less with this stupid media exposure and more with some good movies. She’s doing some show I heard? Good for her!
    P.S. what’s with the media attention these young starlets get? Its way too much, I think they’ll also like it if they got less attention for photos of them performing daily chores and more attention for their projects.

  • Haters Suck!

    So zac can stick his tongue down another girls mouth and go to strip clubs and dry hump another mans girlfriend right in front of him and that’s no problem. But Vanessa can’t kiss her actual boyfriend without catching crap. What kind of upside down logic is that? And Vanessa started dating zac way before most people even knew who he was its that wasted give years with him. A guy who admitted he would never committ to her and was in the relationship because it was “serving” him.

  • Tin tin

    I wonder how big vanessa’s closet is it must be really fun to get ready everyday and search thrue the cloths and pic what she is gonna wear oh man i wish i could see her closet i am sure i wil steal al of it i love her style its so chick and so herself.

  • http://noraivanova1 ScotleyLover

    Hey @Bbite me you’re an idiot and why do you think Ashley ignores Scott on the red carpet??? Did you see Rock of Ages premiere??? You need a life loser!!!

  • mela

    go back to teitter jelly hahaha or go back to write your fanfictions!

  • Bite me

    Yes I saw them did you? Who did she walk the carpet with? Who did she spend most of her time with? Not Scott.

  • tina

    @Sarah: When you want to make a big rant you need to check your fact before you do. Stating lies won’t make them true. We (the five of us) all adults well over teemaged.

  • lila

    i just cannot, cannot, cannot stand Selena Gomez. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she cannot sing, she can’t act, she’s dating a guy that weighs 100 lbs, and in this picture she is wearing a blanket on the beach. Everything about that girl annoys me.

  • sara

    i realized that selena is not all that stunning anymore compared to when she was younger. of course she is still cute, but not as gorgeous as before. look at this pic

    you can always tell if someone is TRULY stunning without make up.
    selena is not one of these people. Sorry fans.

  • sara

    also does anyone else think ashleys boobs look bigger and rounder?
    compare this image
    to this one

    and before anyone say “its cuz she was younger” at this time, she was a full grown adult. :)

  • Selma Kacha

    @lila: OMG i completely agree !! I just can’t stand her. Everything about her is annoying. I’m not hating but this is the way i feel.