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Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds: Lakeside Family Vacation!

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds: Lakeside Family Vacation!

Blake Lively shows off her rockin’ bikini body while on an Independence Day lakeside retreat with her shirtless beau Ryan Reynolds on Wednesday (July 4) in upstate New York.

The 24-year-old actress and her 35-year-old boyfriend vacationed with her family including sister Robyn, husband Bart, and their children. Ryan even brought along his pup Baxter!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Blake Lively

Blake and Ryan helped man the rowboat with the kiddos before getting out and drying off in the summer sun.

Meanwhile, Blake‘s film Savages opened this past weekend and came in fourth at the box office, bringing in $16.1 million.

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  • lauren

    i dont understand why blake and ryan are dating..when ryan should be with sandra bullock

  • den

    Great couple but can’t see it lasting. He’ll probably be wanting children soon and she’s rather young.

  • siennagold

    She seemed to have gained weight in her hips and thighs. Or maybe she’s just pear shaped?

  • Chace

    Both she and Ryan have gained.
    They’ve been doing little more than eating this whole summer.
    Will probably have to hit the gym once the holidays are over.
    Can’t believe Andy Murray lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ruby

    This couple is so beautiful! Love them!

  • hmmmm

    she looks fine…imagine that a young woman not anorexic!

  • teach

    They seem like a nice normal couple. I like them.

  • Black-Dahlia

    it’s funny how all the women look far worse the moment they are in relationship with Reynolds. Scarlett’s body was smokin before she married him.

  • Wendy

    I wish I could eat all the time and look like that.

  • Bety

    Her body looks great. You guys gave her crap a few months back for being too thin and now she’s fat?

  • blondie

    it’s this thing called aging, dahlia. scarlett was always seen going to the gym with ryan.

  • Black-Dahlia

    @Bety: do you see anybody use word “fat” here? I don’t.

  • Black-Dahlia

    @blondie: well there were some pictures. But she looked more slender while in a relationship with let’s say, Josh Hartnett.

  • Arg


    I dunno. Blake always seemed like the family type. She might be more than willing to having a baby or nine.

  • johnk

    hahaha u r the only one calling her fat….

  • blondie

    how old was she when she was with josh? your metabolism slows down. ryan seems to like women with curves. though blake, for all her professed love of food, is still slimmer than his previous partners.



  • Lia

    Well nobody’s perfect , and she looks healthy and happy

  • Xander

    Girlfriend admits she loves to eat and hates working out. She’s enjoying her life and she’s still fit enough to look great in designer clothes. We should all be so lucky.

  • Pippa

    She is looking chubby. For real.

  • Black-Dahlia

    @blondie: yes, I guess he likes the curvier ones.

  • Ryan’s Curse….

    All his ladies pack it one, till it ends!

  • Dot

    I’m don’t really follow either one, but they seem like they might last.

  • Reina

    Everybody looks fat when photos are shot bottom-up, so to speak, even extra-slim people. The photographer must be crouching behind a bush. I don’t think that we should expect that people spend couple of hours everyday working out during their holidays. It would be forced labour and pure Hollywood dementia. Anyway, it’s nothing that one week in the gym cannot cure.

  • Sayer

    Not a flattering pic.

  • Sayer

    Ryan is not serious about his relationships. If he was, he wouldm’t keep dating this Hollywood “it” girl types.

  • Cleo

    Eh her weight fluctuates like any other normal person. It’s nice to know they are still going strong!

  • Liam

    she looks angry

  • Reina

    The terrible thing about these, and previous, photos, is the violation of the privacy. So invasive. They are not on any beach. They certainly cannot have sex in their garden … However, these photos are very nice for what they reveal. Family gathering on a hot summer day.

  • Megan Fox Plastic Surgery
  • jason

    She has a REAL SHAPE. Not some stick like Angelina. Real hips and thighs/ass.

  • anonymous

    24 is NOT fresh out of highschool. This is an age that a woman could be out of college with a masters degree or completed medical or law school. There are many 24 yr old women who are married with children. She has traveled around the world, has graced the cover of many major magazines and is the face of many products. She is has a lot of worldly experience and she is wealthy . How old should she be when she marries. They begin ameno syn. when a women becomes pregnant. in her middle 30′s, She has said in interviews before that she wants babies. Good for her and him. I hope they settle down and have lots of babies. A movie career has a very short life and is very hard on families. They seem to want focus more on family and friends. @Chace:

  • anonymous

    If you look at all the photos, this man does not have an ounce of fat on his body and she is not in bad shape either. Last week the designer clothes she wore seem to fit perfectly.

  • kathryn

    i feel so much better about my body now…

  • Me too

    These photos haven’t been photo shopped like all the other pics we see of her. So she looks like a regular person with thighs and a waist that isn’t tiny. It’s really too bad that we get nothing but photoshopped stuff today.

  • Shadow X

    She doesn’t have a great body shape. All these celebs probably look very ordinary without designer clothes, stylists and make up. But she is not even 30 yet – hmmm!

  • Reina

    @Shadow X: I don’t think that the photos taken on the red carpet are photoshopped. Only the ones for magazines. Anyway, she has the same kind of body that the most beautiful actress of the last twenty years (together with Milla Jovovich) has: Monica Bellucci. As for Scarlett Johansson, who is cited often as the personification of beauty, she has indeed an amazing amazing face, but – in all sincerity – she is short with chubby, cellulite-ridden legs. She was wise to remove the breast implants, which were truly ridiculous.

  • tina

    They look great together! Love them

  • Matilda

    good looking couple

  • 40

    What about Blakes implants?

  • Next

    She looks kind of heavy for 24, like a 30 years old woman, fit but heavy.

  • Anastacia

    wow.. I never knew she was fat…

  • Reina

    @40: Do we know for sure? They look natural and anyway they are not Fellini-like such as Johansson’s were (i.e. red dress on red carpet with Woody Allen). Fellini had a fondness for freaks, exaggerated physical types. Virtue stands in the middle.


    She’s not fat, but she’s soft with 0 muscle tone, which means you can pinch an inch – or more. I’ve spent 17 years in the gym to avoid it.

  • Next

    Oh come on! It is obvious. Can you say “they are natural”? Can you? Do not provoke me for looking for her pics for the evidence.

  • @Reina

    Why do you invest so much time/thought in two strangers’ relationship?
    First its weird, Second you only feed the trolls here.

  • Next

    Am I investing? If I am not mistaken there are around 5 comments under your name, and I believe even more under some others.
    They are not strangers to me – they are people I know from tabloids, people who want to be known, because this is a part of their job. They gave me the right to discuss them by going public.
    Regarding trolling… What kind of discussion you are expecting here?…. Intellectual analysis of Blake’s body or her deep, complicated acting? Ha..ha
    And what about you? Why do you invest your time/thought into strangers relationship? Or they are not strangers to you?

  • Din

    They do look happy together

  • Reina

    @Next: A bit of a mess happened here. I think that 46 replied to me, not to you, 47. I DO not use more than one alias and, yes, four comments are mine.

  • @47

    4 comments under my name? What name? whatawhackjob