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Katie Holmes & Suri: Sunday Shoppers!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Sunday Shoppers!

Katie Holmes carries her daughter Suri out of their local Whole Foods Market on Sunday (July 8) in New York City.

Little Suri, 6, brought along her very own reusable bag that read “Suri‘s Shopping Bag” on the front!

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Katie has a busy few months coming up. It was just announced that her fashion line with partner Jeanne Yang, Holmes & Yang, will be presenting at New York Fashion Week in September to display the Spring 2013 collection, according to WWD.

FYI: Katie is wearing Goldsign “Seville” High Rise Relaxed Bell jeans in Brenda.

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  • Jack

    That is just sickening, carrying that 6 1/2 year old like and infant, with an infant blanket. Katie is the worse parent.

  • Sachet

    @Jack: #1.

    That is just sickening, carrying that 6 1/2 year old like and infant, with an infant blanket. Katie is the worse parent.
    That little girl is going to be effed up when she grows up. I have never seen anything like it before, in my life.

  • grr

    Katie and Tom are both NUTS

  • nana

    7/3 katie
    7/4 suri & katie
    7/5 suri & katie
    7/6 katie
    7/7 katie
    7/8 suri & katie

    7/9 maybe only katie

  • savannah

    One thing I don’t understand is why she’s carrying around here daughter ALL the time…

  • Sachet

    @grr: #3

    But Katie is nuttier. I never saw Tom carrying Connor and Bella in his arms wrapped in an infant blanket when they were 6 1/2.

  • denise

    @savannah: #5

    I just hope the Cruise’s are preparing for her extensive psychological counseling when Suri grows up.

  • anon


    You forget this is Tom Cruise you are talking about. Scientology does not believe in such things.

    And who are the “Cruises”? Katie will probably get full custody after the divorce is final and that’s that. Suri will be raised with normal childhood of privledge.

  • African Girl

    My God!!
    What has made People so mean? Is it the heat?!!

  • hmmmm

    boy look at the face on Suri..she’s gotten uglier. iwhat happened.

    Katie is using this child for a pr campaign of being doting mom = FAIL.

    let that child walk, is she mentally challenged?

  • hmmmm

    ….btw it’s 100 degrees in NYC and feels like an oven, why is Suri holding a blanket and wearing a sweater????

  • yes

    Katie doesn’t want Suri to be overrun by the paps. Too scary for a 6 year old. That’s why she holds her for a bit. But it’s just a bit. Suri walks.

  • Piperwest12

    While normally I would say no to carrying a six year old around, we have to remember that this is a child going through a serious maybe traumatic upheaval in her life. Her parents are divorcing, new apartment, new security personnel and new nannies. Everywhere she goes there are dozens of paparazzi flashing cameras in her face. I live in NY and have seen these paps in action. They run after celebs, screaming their names and rushing at them to get reactions. I believe Katie carries her more for Suri’s safety and comfort than anything else.

  • lisa

    There is definitely something wrong with Suri developmentally. There is just no other reason why she would need to be carried and bring blankets and toys to the grocery store. Katie even has hired help to carry the shopping bag so that she can carry Suri. Maybe it’s autism. I would not be surprised if that is the case and a big reason why K&T are divorcing. With a special needs kid, special help is critical, and of course Tom would not allow it. Maybe that’s why K wants full custody, because it’s the only way this kid can get treatment.


    if she wasn’t married to Tom Cruise no paps would ever follow her around.

  • miapocca

    My advice to katie..

    Go somewhere like the hamptons. This is not a good time to be in the city and since wholefood delivers to your building , there is no need for you to be in the media

    Her single mother plan is going to backfire.
    In winter that child wears summer clothes summer she is carried in a blanket.

    I remember when she was about 2 years, the were rumors about Tom sending her to parenting classes..

    Martin holmes, overexposure will ruin your plan. We know you are in the apartment, why dont you go for the food whatever it is.

    Now that the tide it turning against her, she will dissappear next week

  • Lola

    The only time we see Katie and Suri is around the paparazzi. The paparazzi are monsters, and if I was Katie I would be carrying my daughter for protection as well. I highly doubt Katie carries Suri when they are safe (when we don’t get to see the photos of those moments). Mothers are supposed to protect their children.

  • jan

    Piper, Katie and Tom have ALWAYS carried Suri, it’s not just because of the paps. If Katie was really concerned about the well-being of her daughter, she would not drag her everywhere and sacrifice her to the paps.

  • Tam

    These boots.

  • Jennifer

    Look at that mean-girl face Suri is giving.

  • ras

    i belive Katie wants the best for Suri but I don’t think it’s right to expose her daughter around NY amid all the chaos of the divorce.

  • me2

    awww I love those pouty lips

  • miapocca

    I sincerely hope there is nothing wrong with the child..

    jett travolta died because of his parents belief in I sincerely hope not

  • ===========

    @lisa: There’s nothing wrong with Suri. There are videos on youtube where she speaks and walks normally. People who have met them say she’s very polite. Katie is just being over protective. She should lay low for a while until the divorce is over. Why is she subjecting Suri to this mess? .

  • Jennifer

    Katie is the one mentally challenged. Carrying a 6 1/2 year old around with a blanket in a heat wave. WITH a sweater on the child.

    Regarding Suri, prepare for the psychiatrists couch with that one.

  • please

    Speculate all you want. This is Katie and Suri is HER daughter. Like someone mentioned just the other day Suri was walking but today she want to be carried a little. Suri has been the little fashionists full of life in all the paparazzi pictures. She’s been carried off and on but when katie files for divorse suddenly her carrying Suri means she’s developmentally challanged? Even when days ago Suri was overheard tellling everyone that the day spend with her mom and friends had been the best day ever? Yeah Okay. Next – - – - – - ->

  • dima

    I really don’t like to talk negatively about children but Suri really looks like a spoiled little girl. And I don’t put the blame on Tom for Suri’s behavior and being spoiled the slightest bit. It’s Katie’s fault 100%

  • wtf

    It will be interesting to see how will be Katie’s collection, as her own style is disastrous and yet she has decided to become a fashion designer. Ha!

  • nutz

    I bet Tom hates those boots and Katie wears them as a passive aggressive F-U to him, lol. There is no other explanation for her wearing them daily, even in sweltering heat.

  • lynn

    Those long legs wrapped around Katie, she is almost a tall as Katie. It looks ridiculous.

  • Iona

    I seriously think Tom was the sane one in this relationship.

  • Verity

    Katie Holmes is just playing the media as she has since day one. If she wasn’t she would take the child on a private vacation till the media storm blows over.

  • lynn

    @Iona: #31

    I seriously think Tom was the sane one in this relationship.
    I think so too.

  • to

    I think she’s doing this to annoy Tom. He’s always been private. You never saw his older kids growing up. When he’s not promoting (and some photo op from time to time) he’s hiding from the paps. I believe Katie is parading Suri to get back at Tom. He sees these pics for sure

  • fighter

    Katie is selfish and doesnt really love Suri but herself. I think Katie was given a really spoiled education too.

  • lurkersville

    So what if Suri is spoiled?. I’m spoiled but that doesn’t make me a bad person.

    Katie is just going about her business. She is very very busy these days with so many projects coming up, a precocious little girl and now add a divorce to a man who is like in the top tier of an organization that’s suspect. Oy a headache but ya know that’s life and Katie is living it and handling it.

    I’m not a Tom hater. He’s weird but so are many Hollywood people. He needs to reevaulate his life. Enough with these contract women. When the mainstream media is discussing this and even suggesting women for a 4th wife, well you know you’ve become the butt of jokes. Why can’t you just fall in love with a woman sans contract? And if you can’t, why pretend with the whole wife & family man image? Who are you trying to impress? Cuz after this no one will believe it. dam…..

  • fighter

    @lurkersville: Nobody says ‘I’m a bad person’. And you said so you would correct, apologize and explain why you did the things wrong. Because everything has a reason.

  • zoe

    lurkersville is that psycho annie.

  • deke

    Suri needs to walk and Katie needs to cut her hair.

  • Ann

    Its obvious that Suri doesnt like the paps, but look at the Affleks, Jolie-Pitt kids among others, they dont get carried arround like that! Its quite sad to watcth really… You see Suri wearing high heals and lipstick but she cant walk herself?!?!?!?! I feel very sorry for that kid!

  • um

    Oh no I hope Tom Cruise doesn’t marry for a fourth time. It’ll be a fuking circus again. NO.

  • Truthhurts

    Suri can do whatever she wants to. The only thing she hates are the paparazzi.

  • lynn

    @Ann: #40

    Its obvious that Suri doesnt like the paps, but look at the Affleks, Jolie-Pitt kids among others, they dont get carried arround like that! Its quite sad to watcth really… You see Suri wearing high heals and lipstick but she cant walk herself?!?!?!?! I feel very sorry for that kid!
    Also look at Jessica Alba’s daughter, Honor. She does not act like that. And she is always being photographed.

  • Jemma

    We can all say Katie learned a hard lesson by marrying Tom Cruise.On the news last week there was discussion of her contract. It didn’t get her any more famous, no bigger roles (Tom didn’t want her doing some of them) no romance. If she wants out why should she stay? Tom did the same to Nicole.

  • Katie Just Go Away

    I bet Suri misses her dad, but he crazy mamma has Suri under control….ironic since Katie complained Tom had her under control.
    So one can only imagine what malicious things she saying to Suri about her dad.

    I don’t feel an ounce of pity for Katie Holmes, she’s a rich whacko who thinks Hollywood is going to open all kinds of doors for her. She’s a fashion designer. Is anyone here following or dressing like her ?? Crazy. Unlike her fellow Dawson Creek cast mate Michelle Williams who is a marvelous actress Holmes as an actress no one cares about. She’ll need to play victim to cash in on the divorce.

  • Victoria

    I’m going to love Suri way too much. Geez



  • siennagold

    I don’t see a lot of paps hounding them so why is she carrying Suri again? Let the kid enjoy walking those two legs. Good grief. This kid will have serious issues when she grows up.

  • ivy

    Seriously, put the child down, dress her appropriately for the weather and leave the blankie and stuffed animal at home. This child is being treated as and acts as a 3-4 year old. If one is a celelbrity and knows the papparizzi will be lurking, have a discussion with the child about how to behave and what to do. I see photos of Jennifer Garner taking her kids all over. Her 6 year old doesn’t get carried and doesn’t carry a blanket eveywhere. It is my understanding that scientology believes a parent should always let the child make his/her own choices and a parent never tell a child”no”. SioI guess Suri makes the decisions and chooses when she is and is not carried. I hope Katie comes to her senses soon and does some corrective parenting. If not, this child is going tha some serious developmental ans social issues.

  • Austistic?

    Suri’s is stimming and her jaw is all messed up because she still drinks from a bottle.