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Miranda Kerr: Early Morning Maxi Dress!

Miranda Kerr: Early Morning Maxi Dress!

Miranda Kerr takes the day by storm as she heads to an early morning outing at an art building on Thursday (July 12) in New York City.

The 29-year-old model looked stunning in a long flowing maxi wrap dress!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

In case you missed it, check out Miranda in this sexy new online commercial to promote Victoria’s Secret Cotton Lingerie collection!

Miranda also recently came into the spotlight for making some anti-epidural comments to Harper’s Bazaar UK magazine.

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  • Donna

    I dont like her dress. It looks like a bathrobe.

  • k

    I think JJ is provoking us with all the useless Kerr post

  • loverducky

    Wow, that is a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen!

  • @loverducky

    Hope not, then we would have even more useless JJ post of that as well. Funny how the paparazi always magically seems to find her. And its not that she is so well known because even when she was relatively unknown 5 yrs ago they would still just magically know excatly where she lives.

  • wtf

    Yes one has to look good when they are calling the paps! She is so f/ucking annoying and she looks idiotic !

  • florence

    @Donna: the dress is fine, is her I don’t care for.

  • Lola

    Aand we’re back to daily Miranda Kerr posts.

  • i will

    i give up, she calls the paps. SHE CALLS THE PAPS

  • Leni

    I love this dress and think she’s beautiful. She is a working model, it’s not like she’s nobody. I like seeing pictures of her.

  • word

    they were probably discussing the terms of the renewed contract that’s why we haven’t seen her in a while here

  • Peapo

    Instead of calling this site justjared, we should call it justmiranda&suri, because that is all we have been getting lately. Yawn, wake me when something interesting comes along

  • NAYAH82

    She needs a slip under that dress…

  • Nano

    I think she looks too thin here…

  • kathryn

    i know she used to be gorgeous, she at least had some curves . Now she just looks like another boring stick thin clothes hanger model.

  • kathryn

    she could at least wear pasties if she’s too class less to wear a bra.

  • ha

    I just don’t get you haters.
    He have a hater that PROVED that the paps wait ouitside their apartment, and you still claim that she has to call them?

  • sara

    @ha: and I guess you dont think that the paps would start their job of trailing her by starting outside her apartment. Idiot yourself.

  • Its her again

    She wore that dress to Sebastian Copeland’s wedding. She probably wanted to feel what a real wedding felt like. Wonder how her and her hubby (?) felt at a “family” wedding while they were are SOOOO close to their family had no one but themselves. Who believes that raise your hand!

  • @18

    My husband and I are very close to our families, and we decided to elope (if you can still call it eloping when you are 26).
    We were engaged, and on vacation, and decided to get married on the spot. No pressure, no drama, no shattered nerves. Just my husband and I, on the most romantic night of our lives.
    I’ve had friends that have had big wedding who say that they wish now that they would have done it the way we did.
    What’s so wrong with what they did? You don’t have to have a big ceremony to be just as married as any other couple.
    She looks gorgeous, by the way.

  • V

    I just wanna know if some people thinks so annoying the fact that have posts about her, why do they come here and waist time? If you don’t like, don’t see, simple like that :)

  • Tez


    Paps have to be outside her apartment to some degree to wait for her to come out. They dont just magically appear outside her apartment the moment she steps outside. They would have to wait whether she called them or not.

  • http://mehdimossadek Mehdi

    @V: Personally when I dont like a celebrity I dont lose my time by posting insult !! So I can really say that haters have a really rotten and empty life !
    ..And P.S: Miranda is one of the most beautiful super model in the world !!

  • @21

    With chairs? I don’t think so.

  • >

    @22 “And P.S: Miranda is one of the most beautiful super model in the world !!”

    In YOUR opinion!

  • -

    shut the fu*ck up with the term ‘haters’. it almost annoys me as much as this girl — and if it wasn’t for her marrying orlando bloom no one in america would know her.

  • @25

    ahhh, classy as always *eyeroll*
    What would you call someone who does NOTHING but spout vile hatred but a HATER??
    Oh, and Americans get to know all of the VS Angels quite well. better than they know any other models, as a matter of fact. You seem to have conveniently forgotten that Miranda was walking the runways for VS BEFORE she even met Orlando. But I guess that those pesky old facts just get in your way, right.

  • -

    @@25: well as an australian i can say go fu*ck yoursellf and no they didn’t know about her until she started a relationship with an actor.. and second ” classy as always”??? i’ve posted a comment on a M kerr thread maybe twice. and what facts? are you her vagi*na? shut up and go away. mind your own business.



  • !!


  • Tired

    Again..Miranda is here again… I’m not “hater”…. I’m only bored by her perpetual presence and I write a comment just to express my personal disappointment! Maybe one day, JJ will listen to me!
    PS: “most beautiful supermodel in the world” …That is reeeeeaaaally toooooo much!!!!

  • @27

    “Shut up”
    “Go away”
    “Mind your own business”
    So, in other words you think that this is delphi, where only one opinion is allowed? Right.
    And “as an Australian”, how can you possibly know what Americans are thinking? A bit arrogant, don’t you think? And stupid, but I think that goes without saying.
    And I think that they probably meant “classy as always” for you haters in general. The use of vulgarity is a sign of a very small mind. Teeny, tiny, hateful minds.

  • !!

    @@27: what do americans have to do with anything? i didn’t make a comment about them slow bus — lock yourself in a padded room and go to bed.

  • @29

    Even when they first started dating, the paps proved how interested they were in them. When a TMZ pap had to choose between following Liz Tyler and her boyfriend, and Orlando and Miranda, he chose O&M. Whe he mentioned his conundrum, his boss said that he made the right decision. That interest has only compounded since they married and had a child. And even if they were called, why would they come to photograph someone that you claim no one cares about, if their pictures didn’t sell? And if their pictures are selling (which they are), that proves that she doesn’t have to call them. I know. Logic hurts, doesn’t it.

  • @32

    “..and no they didn’t know about her until she started a relationship with an actor.”
    You were answering a comment about how Americans are aware of VS models. Which means that you were talking about them.
    You really are stupid, aren’t you. You don’t even know what you are typing. That’s really pathetic.

  • michelle


    You look like a bathrobe, sweetheart! That dress is stunning, you have no fashion sense. What do you usually wear? Sacks?

  • !!

    @@32: well they didn’t ass*hole. im not insulting Americans though. pathetic is defending a woman that doesn’t know you’re breathing

  • http://mehdimossadek Mehdi

    It’s not just in my opinion it’s in the opinion of the international fashion industry !! Go make some research.. -_-’ !!

  • http://mehdimossadek Mehdi

    @Tired: 30 I said one of .. and not the most .. !

  • @36

    You’re still answering for Americans? How stupid are you?
    Pathetic is wasting your time hating and obsessing over a complete stranger that doesn’t know that you exist. Really patheic.
    Pathetic, vulgar and hateful. You must be just a little ray of sunshine wherever you go.
    Such a loser.

  • !!

    @@36: you know i exist now bi*tch. unless of course you’re off your meds then its just the crazy in your head

  • @40

    No sweetie. Crazy is thinking that you are actually talking to Miranda Kerr.

  • wow

    First our resident Ozzie (who can’t seem to write anything without resorting to vulgarity) forgets that she was talking about Americans, and now she thinks that she i stalking to Miranda???
    ‘Pathetic’ is right.

  • SOUL

    Such loyal fans, how sweet.
    As misplaced and ill contrived as your loyalty is, it’s somewhat endearing. I haven’t defended a celebrity online since I was thirteen years old. Judging from the poor grammar and lack of intellectual responses I’ll just assume you’re around that age. I’m most likely wrong, however, it helps me maintain my last shred of hope for humanity I have. As for my age now, I’m twenty-one. So if I’m younger then you, I suggest you take a step back and evaluate what you’re doing with your life.
    It’s pathetic, you know. Her Fans and Her. Overindulgent children, believing their own minds rather then facts. It’s delusional at best. She’s healthy? Then why can I see her ribcage through her chest? She’s beautiful? That’s in the eye of the beholder. The fact is. The weaker personalities cling to the strong ones, she’s what you’re not. She’s who you want to be. Are you in enough denial to tell me I’m wrong? You love her. Love. That’s a strong word to use for a person you’ve never met. You believe her words without so much as a pause. She can’t do wrong. She’s perfect after all. That is what you believe isn’t it?
    There are men, fighting and dying for you in far off lands. Fighting so you can be free. And you use that freedom like this? To ostracize those who can tell truth from lies and tune into the Jersey Shore? What a waste. No wonder the world we live in is such a mess, look at this. Every moment is wasted thinking about those with more. More fame, more wealth, more beauty, more pride. Yet those who should be in your thoughts, are nothing but an echo in the hallows and forgotten corners.
    It’s so difficult to decide whether to laugh or cry. It’s sickening.
    So let’s get this out of the way: Fat, Jealous, Hater? Is that what I am? I think that’s the term used most often…So here it is: I’m not jealous of Miranda Kerr. Despite everything she seems insecure with herself and her family. As soon as people raise a question she feels the need to prove them wrong. Which tells me she’s seeking unobtainable approval. Why would I be jealous of that? Fat,I exercise and am the proper weight for my height. Sure, I’d like to lose a few pounds, but who wouldn’t? Hater. Yeah, I guess that’s a good word for it. But it’s another one of those strong words. I don’t really hate anyone, what I hate are people’s ideals not the people themselves.
    At least I know who I am though. I’m not trying to impress you, Miranda (who will never know of your efforts), or anyone else.
    Now let’s see how many thumbs down I get. For each one I’m going to buy a new book. For a thumbs up my faith in humanity will get a bit stronger, and I’ll probably buy a new book anyways~ (I apologize for any typos in my exceedingly long post. To err is human, after all. )

  • So defending a celebrity online is something only a 13 year old would do, but bashing on them is deserving of honour and “faith in humanity”?

    I haven’t thanked my mom enough for the way she raised me…

  • @soul

    Oh, where to start…
    “Judging from the poor grammar and lack of intellectual responses..”
    I guess that hater rants filled with vularity are “intellectual”?
    That proves your lack of upbringing. And hateful responses that are barely intelligible due to lack of syntax are better than fans whose first language is obviously not English? Hypocrite.
    “There are men, fighting and dying for you in far off lands. Fighting so you can be free. And you use that freedom like this? To ostracize those who can tell truth from lies and tune into the Jersey Shore?”
    Really? You went there? *sigh*
    I guess you believe that those “men fighting and dying” are fighting for your right to hate (an even stronger emotion than love) a total stranger? Spouting lies (not truth) and vile comments at will? I think not.
    “No wonder the world we live in is such a mess”
    Yes, irrational hate is rampant and tearing our society apart. What kind of world do we live in when there are haters who believe that it is OK to wish a child ill? Please explain why hate can make a better world than love.
    “Every moment is wasted thinking about those with more. More fame, more wealth, more beauty, more pride. Yet those who should be in your thoughts, are nothing but an echo in the hallows and forgotten corners”
    This defines the lives of the haters, much moreso than the life of any fan. Haters who scour the interenet every waking moment, trying to find news that they can twist. Haters who form multiple websites for the sole purpose of bashing a woman that they will never meet. Haters who create multiple fake twitter accounts to bash her even more. Haters who post on every comment section of every news article. Haters who make up stories if the truth doesn’t agree with their agenda. They are the ones so obsessed that their own lives take second place. They are the ones with no hope of normality. Fans come here to post, but the haters re always the ones who obsess.
    But I go back to the funniest part of your post. That you think that the haters are the ones who know truth from lies. It’s not the truth if they are making it up in their own minds. In fact. I’m not sure that they even know what the truth is. Not when it involves the woman and family whom they obsess over.
    “I haven’t thanked my mom enough for the way she raised me…”
    Perfect. Thank you.

  • LOL!

    HA! I LOVE IT!
    Idiot hater-troll tries to get on her high horse, only to fall off, landing in a big pile of horse sh!t.
    Not only is ‘Soul’ an idiot beyond compare, she’s also an obvios delphi hag.
    Truth from lies?
    Sure babe.
    Delphi lies ARE NOT THE TRUTH!
    You guys keep forgetting that we aren’t all as stupid and gullible as the sheep that follow the queen haters and lies at delphi.
    We don’t have to make up stories.
    We don’t have to try to deny what our own eyes see.
    We are happy and healthy.
    Haters are sad creatures who can’t stand that anyone else is happy.
    THAT is their problem.
    And that’s just one of the reasons that we laugh at them.