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Olivia Munn & Joel Kinnaman: Holding Hands at the Movies!

Olivia Munn & Joel Kinnaman: Holding Hands at the Movies!

Olivia Munn and boyfriend Joel Kinnaman hold hands as they leave the Arclight Cinemas after watching a movie together on Friday (July 13) in Hollywood.

Earlier in the week, the 32-year-old actor made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his new film Easy Money, which is now playing in limited release.

Olivia gave the film her endorsement on Twitter: “This movie is brilliant. And brilliantly violent. The best combination.”

Make sure to check out the fourth episode of Olivia‘s new show The Newsroom tonight (July 15) on HBO at 10/9c!

Joel Kinnaman on Jimmy Kimmel Live – Part 1

Check out part two of Joel‘s interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live inside…

Joel Kinnaman on Jimmy Kimmel Live – Part 2
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olivia munn joel kinnaman holding hands at the movies 02
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olivia munn joel kinnaman holding hands at the movies 04
olivia munn joel kinnaman holding hands at the movies 05

Credit: J. Calderon; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • n

    i really like her on the newsroom.. dunno why so many women are hating on her tho’?

  • kristin

    stunning couple! after hating him in The Killing I’m now absolutely in love with him. he’ll be a huge star…

  • jacob

    @<a href="/2012/07/15/olivia-munn-joel@n: because she’s gorgeous and funny….

  • n

    @jacob: yeah but it also seems to be that male actors can act like di*cks and we kiss their as*ses but women do FHM and they’re wh*ores? i dont get it and i’m a woman!

  • Epuni

    She doesn’t deserve him.

  • RiggsDrogba

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  • Whycantipost


    A summary: no talent, mostly known for using the castingcouch and a very not special face.

  • n

    @Whycantipost: aka 80% of all actors/musicians unless nepotism is involved.

  • Mari


    Otherwise she would not be seen with him! She is very opportunistic to say the least.

  • Emma

    You go Joel! You’re great!!!
    Bra val av roller hittills, hoppas du har en mer intressant karriär än Alexander Skarsgård… Hoppas du satsar på karaktärsroller och inte nödvändigtvis bara på huvudroller i stora Hollywood filmer. Du har sån jävla potential. Lycka till!
    And stop dissing Olivia people, I haven’t seen her in much but she made a good choice in the Newsroom so maybe she has more to offer.

  • Rogerjbk

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  • hey

    her eyebrows don’t match her eyes, that’s why she looks weird always, it could easily be fixed, pick a new angle on your eyebrows girl

  • lizzie

    Joel is so handsome and tall

  • Gossipgirl

    Violence is “brilliant”? Munn really is a dumb troll, and yes, she deserves the hate because she is a try hard with no talent.

  • Gossipgirl

    @Emma: What are you? The gossip police? People can hate on her if they want because she is a T and A fame ho. The end.

  • the_boyfriend

    i’d never her seen her on a talk show but i caught her on Bethenny and i really like her now, she’s hilarious and smart, which surprised me tbh.

  • Tvcon

    What did she do call the paps like always? I guess he doesn’t care. This is why Chris Pine dumped her ass.

  • Tvcon

    BTW he’s not well endowed is he?

  • Jasmine

    Adorable man. Does anyone know if The Killing is going to be renewed?

  • LA relationship games

    This is Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth all over again.
    These photos help highlight it for those not clicked yet with smug Munn happy about the photo ops she has finally got for herself and him looking awkward about it. The only difference is Munn got herself a man who is fine with PDA and has his own shadyness he is hiding. Still feel sorry for him being played and more as some of his fans are giving her what she wants to and thats extra publicity that she banked on and actually planned actively to get him and this point. Everything has been a ploy with this woman and she is walking PR and publicity game but smarter than Kate at playing women too. His friends are even very seriously worried as they can see its another Kate situ but worried this time Joel is going to fall for the act and it will take longer to get rid of Munn which will be hard if there ends up a pregnancy or ring cherade.

  • the_boyfriend

    ^ lol! like i said, she’s very clever.

  • Laura

    She is not disliked for her T&A but instead as she is a famewh*re and faker. She is a walking contradiction, and walking PR game. She has lied about so much sh*t and moulded herself in the publics eyes to make out she is this different person to what she is and she is an ugly person underneath it but intelligent and opportunistic. I will bet on it that her hooking up with Joel was not by chance and was orchestrated. The KB similarity is interesting as Munn has been known to dabble in some of KBs supposed vices in the past too. This is his honourary walk to fame and he is replicating what Skarsgard did.

  • Keri

    It is said the Skarsgard brother is worried for Joel as he see him make same mistake as Alex only worse. :( It must be sad if it your friend and you see them fall in the same trap. Two of his brothers fallen into these type of women wanting fame or attention opportunity.

  • Leticia

    We are talking about the woman who works anything she can to look good or seem better than she is but real Olivia is not what she makes out and I am shocked if even she knows who she really is now. She owned her culture for publicity after hating on it for years, she worked comic cons because she knew it would get her hype and each man she has worked after getting dirt on his career route and causes she pretends to like and people she pretends to like when she has stated different in private. She has been a bully and used her friends to bully people plus being a brat on many occasions to people when thinking she wont be caught just like Kate did. Then there is milking her step mamas death and going out for photo ops after. Shes sick and desperate this is why she is hated not for being a glamour model.

  • Drew

    shes a better kate and hes a more desperate skarsgard so it works for both as both get publicity

  • Karen

    I used to like him even with his dirt but knowing what the real OM is actually like underneath the media facade she projects; I cant believe he hasnt seen glimses of it and he has to have changed. You dont put up with OM for long unless your the same as her. If he is the same as OM then all his fans have been well and truly played in same way shes played hers. At least most of her followers are just men who followed her for T&A.

  • Work it

    Oh yeah she is working him for all he is worth and I bet she offered to help him out with his career too. Hes that dumb if he fell for that but we will soon see if Joel is as real as he says if he sticks with this faker. She is worse than Bonesworth trust that.

  • OH NO


  • r u serious?

    u think joel wont know what lisa/liv is like? if he not seen it yet then ok but i think he will know but working it 4 fame as he need publicity 2. he know hes not going to make it without a tabloid relationship & this one fits his bad boy image from sweden

  • Did you hear this?


    Where did you hear this? Someone said something similar on another Munn story and its sad if his friends arent telling him but laughing at him in secret.

  • Neema

    the timing of it all is genius so lets see when the wedding and babies come {and the publicity that creates for her} since she got a sucker here. everyone knows she has him down and hes her b*tch now.

  • eerie

    eerie similar to the kate and alex snaps but agree joel is more natural with pda so it looks like they happy but hes being worked,

  • pap

    This was a self orchestrated pap alert by one or both but she knows how to work it now and is very happy with her work so far. This is her dream come true and I dont mean the man. If he didnt have the buzz hes getting she wouldnt touch him FACTUAL

  • HW

    It must suck to be Gurra seeing his bestie make the same fu*k up that his brother made. I think Joel will work it to his advantage better to further his career though and espesh if his fans help promote them

  • straw clutching

    We all know what she is underneath her act but what you dont know is he will know what she is too and is taking it for all he can to get publicity and roles the easy way. Both are working the casting couch in reality.

  • lol

    saggy b&&bs ugly face its time to be a mommy

  • Tvcon

    You forget folks he’s from Sweden and they don’t get married there. He’s has been very vocal in publications in Sweden that he wants a “baby mama” (his words) to plant his seed. You haven’t seen any condom buying trips for him because let’s face it, they aren’t using any.

    At this point they are probably trying for a baby and it surprises me she isn’t pregnant. She’s so skinny now she’s probably infertile.

  • the new kb


    mabes coz shes back doing the KB vices

  • The Jokes On Him

    Hes became a joke even to some of the posse because of his hook up with her. He told everyone he was such a serious actor and what he would and wouldnt get caught up in and it included with her kind but he did exactly that the second he thought it had perks.
    His posse love him and are in hope for once he sticks to form and gets out after he has done what he needs to with her and then leave her in the dust.
    So far it look likes it may go the course but eyes may get opened yet if she doesnt get knocked up and get the ring she planned on and told her friends is coming before it. If it happens after it will be hard on everyone and he will be a bigger joke again. If robocop dont work its not going to be good for him so he will lose again.

  • On a loop

    Its just a repeat of Alex and Kate in every single way except Joel has a dirty past and is fine touching or talking to everyone about his women if theyre famous all of a sudden. Only difference is she doesnt look like a blonde model so she gets it easier than Kate even though shes secretly worse than Kate ever was.

  • clone

    she IS the replacement bonesworth just more averaged looking

  • Tvcon

    God how many people have different screenames? Some people are posting the same crap over and over. It’s obvious some of you are the same people.

  • Jbean

    I think she has it all over KB in the looks department. She has sex appeal. And love her or hate her she is definitely not bland.

    Joel is known to be kind of a dog – so this makes sense to me.

  • SuckIT
  • What rumors on Joel?

    What’s the rumors on Joel he has a dirty past?

    Alex skarsgard sleeps with everything that comes his way he aint all that nice as a person but you have to be model like and really pretty to get in his bed , has a rep in Sweden as some playboy party boy treats his GF like second sloppy dinners. Look how he treated poor Kate bosworth like some prostitute .

  • SuckIT

    @What rumors on Joel?:

    Alex treated Kate like the ho she is.

  • SuckIT
  • SuckIT
  • SuckIT
  • SuckIT