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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Trader Joe's Twosome

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Trader Joe's Twosome

Vanessa Hudgens is summery chic while doing some shopping at Trader Joe’s Market on Monday afternoon (July 16) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress was joined for her grocery excursion by boyfriend Austin Butler.

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“I love doin’ my nails but VHOfficial sent me some of your guys nail art that you sent and wow! It was so so sooooo hard picking just one so I picked five instead. lol!!” Vanessa wrote on her official blog that same day about painting her finger nails.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Cocobelle sandals.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens grocery shopping with Austin Butler

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vanessa hudgens grocery shopping austin butler 01
vanessa hudgens grocery shopping austin butler 02
vanessa hudgens grocery shopping austin butler 03
vanessa hudgens grocery shopping austin butler 04
vanessa hudgens grocery shopping austin butler 05
vanessa hudgens grocery shopping austin butler 06
vanessa hudgens grocery shopping austin butler 07
vanessa hudgens grocery shopping austin butler 08
vanessa hudgens grocery shopping austin butler 09
vanessa hudgens grocery shopping austin butler 10
vanessa hudgens grocery shopping austin butler 11
vanessa hudgens grocery shopping austin butler 12
vanessa hudgens grocery shopping austin butler 13
vanessa hudgens grocery shopping austin butler 14

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Selma Kacha

    BEAUTIFUL ! I love her dress and her bag <3

  • Wilimington

    oh god these two again. please go away. FAMEW**RES.

  • Yes

    She is showing her true self today. not wearing a bra. what a s**t. why dont you just walk naked vanessa. everybody have seen it allready so don’t think it will be a problem.

  • Selma Kacha

    @Wilimington: @Yes: You guys are jackass. Why don’t you sh*t up ? GO AWAY

  • http://jj pretty

    cute outfit.

  • College anyone?

    He looks so young… I can’t help but think they should be in college at this age. Just seems like wasting time. I know they are already wealthy or at least she is , but a little education doesn’t hurt in the long run to broaden one’s mind.

  • kjbewc

    Gross! her top is so short & she’s not even wearing a bra!? I feel sorry for her boyfriend, he has to be seen in public with her like that?

  • Lalaland

    I’m puzzled by all this Vanessa Hudgens coverage on this website.

    All she does is go to the gym, get Redbull at Ralph’s, and shop for see-through bras with her boyfriend.

    Doesn’t this girl work? I think there’s an opening at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf down the street form me. Tell them I referred you girl!

  • devaney

    I often mistook these 2 as another mediawh0ring zlister couple named Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen – how too accurate is that!

  • BOJI

    @ 3, what’s with the bit@hy remark? So you are saying anyone who doesn’t wear a bra is a s l u t?! Grow up and stop being such a prude. Guess, you belong in the middle ages. Go condemn a person for a mistake made in her youth. Yep, her only mistake was that it was kept in a private and confidential and safe place ( so she thought) until it got hacked into and stolen by a perpetrator who did the dirty work out of the heck of it and who was eventually caught. Talk about injustice. You are no better than those on a witch hunt in the middle ages.
    On a lighter note, I like her boho white dress. White sets off her lovely skin tone.

  • Gypsy

    @Lalaland: Grow up! Stop being bullys to someone you dont know. Fans come here to support her, not harrass.

  • Stunna

    @College anyone?: I KNOW RIGHT!

  • maria

    @College anyone?: As a college grad, who sent 3 kids to college too, I am the first to say college is not for everyone. Careers can be made in many different ways. And have you heard how difficult it is for college grads to get jobs these days? Two of my kids are still looking. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying an education is ever a waste of time, but there are certainly other ways to make a living as well. Vanessa has 3 movies in post production and is taking the summer off. Nothing wrong with that.

    She is looking gorgeous and summery in that dress! And what’s with the stupid bra comments? I never would have noticed. Some people are creepy with what they’re looking at. Perverts. She looks lovely, with or without a bra here.

  • maria

    @College anyone?: Oh, and not for nothing, many people do their courses online, so you have NO way of knowing who is “going to school”. 55% of people in college do not live on a campus. Again, you don’t know for sure who is “in college”. So quit making assumptions about people you don’t know.

  • mmmmmmmmmmmm

    That’s right little boy push that trolley, that’s all u’r good for.

  • shelly

    @maria- you are so right and that is so true i’m 20 years old still in college but have not found a job and still is looking for one. and college is not for everyone i feel the same way about that too.

  • BOJI

    @maria, you are so right on. I have known many successful persons who have not had a college /university education. But this does not mean that a degree or diploma will not help. The Entertainment industry does not require that piece of paper, if you will. Nowadays, a piece of paper is just not enough, your extra curricular activities which shows how active you are, exposure and working experience will stand you in better stead.

  • MoreThaWords

    SO adorable, I love these two. Good to see they prefer normal everyday activities as opposed to boozing and tramping it up.

    And to all the h8ters, go suck on a fat blunt, loosen the carrot up your a$$es.

  • yets

    i love to see her w/ austin, even i miss Zac efron w/ her.

  • annie1st

    @lalaland, what a stupid comment .

  • tina

    What is going on today, a bunch of five year olds on board? Where are all these prudes coming from? She’s wearing a perfect summer dress. As for college do you know how many college grads are unemployed or working retail or fast food jobs. Not that you really care if either of them attends college, you’re just looking for reasons to critize this girl.They are earning their own lvings not living on their parents or the state. So while you’re sitting on computer thinking of ways to critize her, she is paying taxes, stimulating the economy in short being a good citizen.

  • Adam

    as Clarence explained I’m in shock that anyone can get paid $9441 in 4 weeks on the computer. did you look at this web site (Click on menu Home more information)

  • Xo

    @Lalaland: If you worked a much as she has this year and last year you would deserve time off too. She most likely has something in the works because she’s been going to a lot of meetings, but even if she wasn’t, she’s got enough promotional duties later this year to keep her busy.

  • Xo

    @Wilimington: Yeah I know, famewhores going to the grocery store. What is wrong with them? Rme get a life.
    @Yes: ‘showing her true self’? LMAO you must know nothing about fashion if you think anyone could wear a bra with a dress like that and not look tacky. You also need a dictionary, dear, because ‘sl*ts’ don’t have year long committed relationships.

  • My 2 Cents

    That dress is to die for. I love her look there. I love that she always buys flowers her house must look and smell good all the time.
    I agree college is not for everyone. For actors it does nothing , maybe they use bigger words in interviews that’s about it.

  • yen

    She looks so gorgeous

  • Sarah

    This is Studio City, not Toluca Lake.

  • caroline

    she looks flawless

  • caroline

    @Selma Kacha:
    ik!! i loove her dress

  • caroline

    lmaooo!! everyone loves them, at least they are a REAL COUPLE

  • caroline


  • caroline

    @Selma Kacha:

  • caroline


  • caroline

    @College anyone?:
    Vanessa said she wasn’t interested in college right now, because she was focused in others things

  • caroline

    he loves her, and she loves him…

  • caroline

    she finished shooting a movie last month,

  • caroline

    haters gonna hate

  • caroline


  • Sweep The Leg

    I wish the Toluca Lake Trader Joe’s had that much parking!

  • kelly martineau

    She’s not wearing a bra. Some pitchures you can see she’s not wearing a bra. With the hole in the middle of the dress. But she looks cute. That’s nice of Austin to push the cart.

    Nessa needs to start making movies again. All she does is go to the gym and shop.

  • College anyone?

    I know college isn’t for everyone as far as getting the degree and pursuing the conventional path.. but I still draw from the knowledge and exposure to facts, theories, etc. that I learned in college. Going to college, opens the mind, exercises the mind, disciplines the mind and helps one to realize there is much more to life than our personal dramas and small world. As far as ONLINE LEARNING, I can honestly say I’ve tried it and I haven’t learned near as much. The whole ONLINE LEARNING experience was too packaged and boring. The face to face interaction and spontaneity is absent. I’m not saying it makes you a better person, by any means, but I think it helps make us think on a more universal scale.

  • BOJI

    @41, from what I gather what you’re talking about I think going to the College Of Life in the Real world ,experiencing and living it beats everything else. I must say Vanessa is doing a pretty good job thus far. Do you know that college these days is not like before. You can literally fall asleep in class and not participate. Lecture halls are massive. If you’re talking about tutorials then that is a different story.

  • tina

    @college anyone? I’m thrilled you attended college. So, did I, between all the drugs, parties, and a roommate who ran guys through on the hour, I returned home after one semester and completed my education at a local college. It REALLY broaden my mind. Thank god, I had a good basic home training or I would have been lost. By the way my roommate was a ministers daughter who went to Church with him every Sunday. If either of them wants to attended college so be it. It just isn’t for everyone.

  • Lynn

    Her dress is absolutely stunning, could someone please if possible let me know where she got it from. Please.

  • minah

    I <3 Trader Joe's! They should open one in Miami. I loveee Vanessa's nailpolish & ring. Her dress is interesting too.