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Justin Theroux: Manhattan Motorcycle Man!

Justin Theroux: Manhattan Motorcycle Man!

Justin Theroux waits for his motorcycle at a parking garage before zooming away on Wednesday (July 25) in New York City’s West Village neighborhood.

The day before, the 40-year-old actor hung out with his pal, photographer Terry Richardson, during a stroll around Manhattan.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Justin Theroux

Justin is going solo in the big city while his girlfriend Jennifer Aniston works on her new film We’re The Millers in North Carolina.

Jen is working with Emma Roberts, Kathryn Hahn, and former co-star Jason Sudeikis on the comedy flick.

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Credit: Elder Ordonez; Photos: INFdaily
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    Pretty sure he isn’t 43.

  • BOOOO!


  • moss

    DAMN! thats HOT!

  • yuck!


  • Truth Squad

    Damn! I’d like to get on that! He’s HAWT.

  • Ley

    Theroux is a hottie<3

  • Truth Squad

    If he were dating a famous actress you liked you’d have exactly the opposite opinion of his looks. The loons are nothing if not predictable. LOL.

  • The Real Emma

    That helmet has gotsta gotsta go!

  • Lou

    He is The Man!

  • Lou

    Te amo theroux, pero porfa bota ese casco!

  • Lou

    @Truth Squad: Aunque justin no fuera el novio de Aniston igualmente yo amaría como se viste ese estilo rockero y de Bad Boy mola a las chicas, el ya es super sexy desde Mulholland Dr. y ese siempre a sido su estilo y me encanta.

  • Lou

    My Toy Boy, yay I have dreams with him, and his six-pack <3



  • Kley

    Justin mi vida te amo pero, realmente no se como llegas a subirte esos pantalones, sera con talco! <3 U are here

  • Kley

    @YOGAB: Where?




  • an opinion

    Always get a good laugh at Aniston fans pumping up her new boyfriend. Look at Justin legs in those skinny jeans. there is Nothing Hot about that except if you are into 13 year old boys. I won’t even go into the Frankenstein shoes.. He really tries so hard.

  • Rose

    @an opinion: get the f-ck outta here loser!

  • Kley

    @Rose: yey my friend!

  • mrscruise-theex

    that guy looks like an idiot with his helmet!

  • Truth Squad

    @An Opinion.

    So what look should Theroux go for?

    The kahki pants button down shirt financial guy casual fridays look?

    The over-sized t-shirt, oversized jeans frat boy look?

    The white faux rapper look which combines Frat boy look with Timbalands?

    The George Clooney Mom Jeans and black T-shirt look?

    Or perhaps one of many hilarious Brad Pitt ensembles.

    The one piece jumper because I want to look like I’m a car mechanic look.

    The beige shirt, beige pants, beigs shoes, beige belt, beige hat look.

    Or the over-sized black leather pants with scarf and Monogrammed BP velvet slip-on shoes because I’m so European look.

    LOL. Talk about try hard.

  • Forrest

    O God. So pure and innocent with that look of his. His helmet reminds me of the Siena Duomo. He’s a Hells Angel for Jesus. Bless him and his sweet ride.

  • how very sad

    @Truth Squad:

    Since you are the truth squad pray tell what connection does JT have with Brad Pitt? Or to any of the other men you insisted on comparing him to? Can you not find him worthy of just being himself, of having value as JT? Can you not describe his style as a stand alone 40 year old man? Or is the problem that you have no idea what he dressed like over the years before he went Hollywood kept man-ish? Was he all but invisible to you until a year ago so he has no history you can verbalize?

    You might want to take a look at his friend terryMc and make that comparison as that is actually accurate. lol

    Let’s hope no giant bee or dart aims for that painted target perched on his head. His little short legs can’t make fast get a ways.

  • Truth Squad

    @how very sad

    Actually I know EXACTLY what he dressed like. There is this thing called Google Images. The fedora, the black leather jackets, the back suits go back many, many years.

    My only question was if you don’t like his style, a style he’s had for years, then what style should he be dressed in? I pretty much gave every option that is available to men.

    And while he may not have been on your radar he’s been on mine for years. I’ve seen him in a couple of plays and loved him on Six Feet Under and Parks and Recreation, not to mention both David Lynch films.

    The loons spent years bitching about how Aniston only dates famous men. Well, now she’s dating someone who was not a household name, but pretty respected here in New York and you idiots have been nothing but vicious about how he’s a nobody. She really can’t win with you bitter ladies either way. It’s always whine, whine, whine with you people.

  • Adele

    Truth Squad Jen-Hen also posts on boasting this creep up in attempts to make it out as if Jen got lucky.. Talk about “Loser”!!!

  • Adele

    I wonder if he “plays dress up for a living like a re.tard”

  • Truth Squad

    I’ve posted 3 or 4 times on the US Weekly site and about a dozen times here. Nice to know I now have ,y own little stalker. :)

    Btw, a loser is someone who spends YEARS living on JustJared. Like most of the loons I bet you’ve posted more than 1000 comments on Aniston, this person you all claim not to care about. LOL.

    Enjoy the rest of your evening. We can pick this up again some other time. Maybe around Christmas 2014. It’s not like you’ll be leaving this site any time soon.

  • rara

    yuck yuck yuck!

  • http://Justjarde Adam

    Lucky jen

  • http://Justjarde Jen aniston fan


  • lol

    What a sight, is he a man or pubescent boy, he is trying really hard to be HIP, but coming off as a fashion disaster.
    He is hot in which World, not the real World, he and thunder thighs are a match made in photo ops.

  • devil’s advocate

    What became of the little propeller that was mounted on the
    top of the helmet??

  • Pat

    On his way to pick up take-out for Jen……What a fun-filled life.

  • cookie

    By the way, where is stuPITT. Hasn’t been seen in months so in loon-land that must mean he has left the Ho.

  • Jack

    @ Truth Squad

    Since you don’t hang out on this site too often you should know the place is full of crazy, jealous, bitter women who literally spend hours and hours on here every day. Then they head over to a half dozen other sites and post nasty comments for a few more hours.

    They’ve been completely obsessed with Aniston for YEARS. Weekends, holidays, middle of the night these women are here. They have no life of their own and Aniston represents everything they will never have, money, freedom, beauty, friendships, a life.

    No use getting into it with them. As you pointed out you will find the same crazies here on Christmas 2015 because they absolutely refuse to move on with their lives. My advice, don’t bother.

  • Tonya

    @how very sad: LOL!!!!! On the floor SCREAMING! That was great…really loved the ending!!

  • Tonya

    @Adele: LOL! YOU GUYS ARE ON A ROLL!!!

  • Truth Squad


    The best part is that while these people make fun of Theroux for dressing like a boy, most of these women on here are over 35 acting like 12 year old twi-hard fans. LOL.

    A friend of mine works for a company that studies internet demographics. Women on these sites are middle aged, white and super bitter. Better to dress like a boy than spend your entire life acting like a tween. :)

  • ang

    its pretty simple folks, no one cares if you think he’s attractive. and how very mature of you to insult someone’s body that there is absolutely nothing they can do about. its not like he can just lose 10 pounds or get a different haircut. but way to behave like disgusting bullies behind your computer. your mothers, fathers, spouses, children and friends must be so proud.

  • Anna

    The guy should have taken a friend with him to pick out a helmet so that he could some honest feedback. He looks like the little Honey Nut Cheerios Bee.

  • Adele

    It’s easy to see you guys, his helemt is a cry for help! It’s a missle target so the air force can shoot a missle at his head, he’s begging to be put out of his misery!

  • JentheOldHen

    Dorky Hobbit!!!

  • SadHag

    LoL, funny how all the gay dudes are the only ones finding this dweeb attractive!!!! I wonder if leatherface JenJen fell off his bike, lol

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