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Taylor Swift: 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' Lyric Video

Taylor Swift: 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' Lyric Video

Check out the just released lyric video for Taylor Swift‘s hot new song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”!

The 22-year-old singer debuted the tune during a web chat yesterday, dedicating it to a “lovely ex-boyfriend.” The song has since jumped to the top spot on the iTunes charts.

Taylor‘s new album Red will be hitting stores on October 22. We can’t wait!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the lyric video for “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”?

Taylor Swift – “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” Lyric Video
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  • http://gabbyrules Sorry, not hot, not deep.

    This should go in the category “miss” because it’s definitely a miss not a hit. Who the hell is she talking about? I’m sorry but seeing someone for a month or two is not a relationship nor is it probably worth penning a song about it.

  • yellos

    Does she really write all her songs? Is her annoying publicity a marketing product or a lack of her own intelligence?

  • Jagg

    this is horrible, she’s a flop!

  • http://gabbyrules So….

    let me guess this right, she was dating someone for like a month or so and already thought it was her happy “ever” after. LOL! I have a feeling she is talking about Jake since “friends” purportedly hooked them up. For the record, the words to the song sound like it was written by are you smarter than a 2nd grader.

  • holly

    What happened to her? I loved her songs from fearless and speak now, they were actually very beautifully written and sounded mature but this new song makes it seems as though Taylor has declined in maturity.

    I hate this new song, it sounds so childish!

  • creep

    Can’t wait to see what she’ll come up with when she breaks up with connor… poor connor will be trashed, feel sorry for him already.

  • http://gabbyrules …. calm down

    was she really throwing the word ” I love you” around after dating someone for a month or so…? Amazing. She probably was head over heels after five minutes.

  • lily

    someone def has a cinderellax complex…

  • Din

    I’ve never listened to her songs but from what I read every song is about some boyfriend and/or breakup.
    Doesn’t that get old?
    Plus..really is it always the guy that is at fault?

  • Bruna



  • call me french

    If she’s not able to have at least one successfull relationship… she should really think: what am i doing wrong? cause the problem obviously is with her

  • chchcherrybomn

    @Bruna: lol nobody even knows her in brazil… I’m brazilian and know for a fact that she is not that popular here

  • NancyT

    Oh look it’s her Burn Book! I wonder which one of her conquests was the “fugly slut”?

  • Delphine

    Given all the songs Taylor has done about men “doing her wrong,” it’s starting to look like, oh, I don’t know, SHE might be part of the problem. Now she’s dating a teenage boy and probably expects him to marry her tomorrow. Look out, Conor!

  • mylie

    In terms of lyrics I’m expecting a lot more since she co-wrote this with Max Martin but at least it kinda catchy though.

    In “Speak Now” album she wrote all the songs herself. I love that album.

  • missy

    Of course you’re not nitwit, the guy is gay and you were just his beard that didn’t go over well so his pr team dumped the idea.

  • lil

    Does she creepily still think she is 17? My 13yr old sister can write better than her.

  • ivy

    so stupid

  • Leenah

    So this is her Jake song? I’m sick of this girls always singing about guys dumping her..doesn’t she think there might be something wrong with her? And all the girls who love her as as stupid as her..stupid teenagers who think love lasts 5 seconds and that every guy is “the one”. I miss the days when real music was appreciated,not this stupid shallow crap.

  • mlllllllllllle

    The cover of her album is sooooo copycat on Anna Calvi’s one.
    The mouth, and the red lips, the same, minus the talent.

  • ivy

    Time to grow up Taylor. The bad boyfriend songs are realiy getting old.
    I think there is a serious problem when you spend millions for a house on Cape Cod that is across the street fro your very young boyfriend of just a few months. You are still acting like 14 year old. Again, time to grow up and move on to other subjects.

  • anon

    Awful, I turned off the radio this morning about 10 seconds after it came on and I realized it was another whiny Taylor Swift song. I’m pretty sure the only one who cares about the false relationship rumors that prompted her to write this song is her, and not the ex she’s directing her lyrics toward. Physically, she may be maturing but mentally it’s like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

  • Cammie

    She’s gonna be 24 and acts like she’s 13. When is she gonna grown up? These songs come across as too immature and looking like a one trick pony.

  • pickles


    I agree with you. Except I’ve given up wondering who she is talking about. U don’t are. She embarrasses herself. And dating Conor Kennedy is creepy. That kid just lost his mother. She committed suicide. How can she promote her album by going around with him? Taylor knows exactly how to play the game. She doesn’t get photographed except when she wants to. Usually by her own people.

  • OMG

    She’s already setting up Conor. She had the nerve to buy a house close to the Kennedy’s to be closer to him. Who does this? especially after knowing him for such a short time? Are they even officially together? You make him work hard to get you. Guys don’t respect girls who make it easy for them. When the kid realizes how stupid she is and breaks up, is she gonna burn down the house and go in a rage writing about how HE did her wrong and how the Kennedy’s suck? Taylor is super creepy.

  • pickles

    “U don’t are.”

    Oops, I meant ” I don’t care” who she dates

  • midge

    There are only so many songs in that tiny head

  • Lalique

    Taylor’s newest stupid “I’ve been done wrong” song is flooding the air waves. How do I know this? The second it came on I changed to a different station, which was playing the same song. So I changed again, and again the same stupid song! Ugh. She has no talent. Her vocal tone is flat and her lyrics are insipid. Ugh.

  • LeeSeol

    her country-tinged songs sound so much better imo.
    like i love all her songs from her first album – picture to burn, our song, tim mcgraw.
    i actually prefer her more country than pop.

  • Dooley

    She need to DO IT SO her Lyrics would stop sounding like a 15 year old High School Freshman you has her First Boyfriend.

  • Ty

    This lyric video is way cooler than that creepy listening party she held.
    She should’ve just put this one out.

  • gwin

    I miss the days when people wouldn’t have taken the time to watch an entire video created by someone they already don’t like just to comment that they still don’t like them. Newsflash, her songs are written for a younger girl crowd, get it? And folks, try not to forget that anyone who dates Taylor knows that she writes songs about her relationships. There are worse things. Now go back to work on curing cancer (hopefully not trying to support world peace…eek!) or whatever you so very highly intelligent, important, and successful people do. Let her do her job…I promise she’ll leave you alone to you focus on yours.

  • countryatheart

    She needs to grow up its getting old all the break up songs she is a artist yes in that case she sings alot of generes but come on go to pop leave the country

  • rikki

    @Din: most are about that, yeah. it’s funny, the only songs of hers i like are the ones that don’t have to do with dating. her song ‘innocent’ about kanye west is nice. her song ‘fifteen’ is okay, it’s about being a teenager and thinking you have things figured out when you really don’t.

  • Stfu

    @gwin: its a celeb gossip site u dimwit. And the comment section is there for a reason. If u can’t hack it don’t come here and read them.

  • KissThis

    This song is crap. Her weakest song EVER.

  • Taylor The Public is Bored

    Taylor would you please grow-up already? I don’t understand how you became this famous to begin with because you are lacking in talent.

  • joel

    can it get any worse? it’s pathetic. she’s so stupid

  • pickles


    Look., some people started out liking her music, OK? But when she is i turning people off, and her fans are walking away, maybe someone in her team will read this stuff and figure out that she needs to grow up and do better. She can’t be going on 23 or 24 and writing and singing music for 12 year olds. It’s creepy. It’s insulting to people that she comes out with garbage and everyone is expected to get all excited for her.

    And since she herself has made her private life everyone else’s business, she is inviting comments about it and not all of them are going to be nice Please remember that Taylor’s fans have given her a lot of success. She earns $50million a year from them, and she buys million dollar houses just because she wants to, so she ought to be mature enough to take some criticism. After all, she is the person who has won all these awards for being so popylar and awards for her great songs. It’s time for her to see the other side of it.

  • meong

    this song isn’t as mature as her songs in speak now, too bad i hope her other song in this album is good, so she will still be a hit :)

  • julie

    I think she needs guys, otherwise she can’t write. She needs them to dump her so she can write another same love song. She’s the Jennifer Aniston of country music. Bon Jovi once sang “It’s all the same, only the names are chaaaaaaaaanged!” You’d think she’s 45 with all the bfs she’s sang about.

  • serena

    She’s singing here that she doesn’t want the boy back but then why did she write 2 albums talking bad about them and how they treated her badly ( we all know she wanted at least one back even two)! This song is about one of them and she’s acting like a spoiled brat saying “I don’t want you anymore”, again the guy is so desperate to be with her,really desperate? or is she trying to make people believe she doesn’t want this guy in her life while we all know she’s the one who lost in their lovestory!!: Really Taylor?? WHen is she going to wake up and act 22 almost 23!!

  • Thief

    another song about a boyfriend who broke her 12 year old heart? No time for this

  • Jokergurl

    I think she’s writing too many songs about her ex’s these days, I liked her earlier songs, especially the lyrics. Now it seems that she’s just singing about a checklist of guys who she’s not gotten along with and it seems like she’s venting more than songwriting these days.

  • Jang

    I was hoping she would’ve learn something from her collaboration with The Civil Wars… here’s to that “hoping” going down the drain.

  • jd

    Jake must be laughing his butt off about this lame song.

  • Laina

    her music becomes more immature the older she gets…this sounds like something a drunk 13 year old would write

  • yep

    already #1 on itunes!

  • Jules

    Does anyone remember that episode of Boy Meets World when Eric dated the happy guitar song girl and she needed him to break her heart in order to get another hit song? Taylor Swift is now officially that girl. I really think her songs were cute– when she was in the right age range to write those kinds of songs. I’m not asking her to write songs about sex or anything- lord knows we don’t need more of that crap- but “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”? Really? I thought someone was just making a joke about the kinds of songs she writes but it turns out that is actually the name of her new song. Awkward.

  • aika

    the song might not be perfect but she’s perfect