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Behati Prinsloo: Seafolly Campaign Exclusive Video & Pics!

Behati Prinsloo: Seafolly Campaign Exclusive Video & Pics!

Check out these exclusive shots and behind the scenes video of Behati Prinsloo‘s campaign for Seafolly‘s Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

The 23-year-old Namibian model, who is dating Maroon 5 rocker Adam Levine, is also a Victoria’s Secret Angel!

“In a previous life I was a mermaid so my summer plans definitely involve an ocean…. just not sure which one yet,” Behati told “Maybe Hawaii. Or Australia, then I can bring my Seafolly swimsuits, which is where they came from hehe!”

Check out the exclusive behind the scenes video below…

Behati Prinsloo for Seafolly’s 2013 Campaign – Exclusive Video
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behati prinsloo seafolly campaign exclusive video pics 01
behati prinsloo seafolly campaign exclusive video pics 02
behati prinsloo seafolly campaign exclusive video pics 03

Photos: Seafolly
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  • Gem

    who da fuq?

  • A

    She’s adorable!

  • CCrider

    Thanks Levine for bringing her into our lives… NOT!!!!!!!!!

  • Yeah rite

    Here it comes! She starts dating levine and suddenly is mentioned in jj.

  • Anna

    Oh no…not another tramp turned model, dating someone famous and suddenly making headlines…it’s fuc’king tiring….

  • Jenna

    Campaign for sea folly?? Huh ??? Its not like its prada or gucci! Its not even an american brand ! So why would you profile her for it?

    Good call @yeah rite. Shes only here because shes dAting levine. apart from vs, this seems to be the only thing shes doing now. So they need to mention sea folly here.

    I will be interested when she does something more well known at least. FAIL!!!!

  • brains

    Can you guys see the pattern here? You have a nobody model who is part of the new cra**y Victoria’s Secret bunch (which by the way, is NOT the same as the one 10 years ago). So they have these new generic girls who are nothing special and unknown to the world. VS is smart though and knows how the gossip hungry media works. So naturally they want to cash in on it. They pair them up with these successful handsome Hollywood men who are homosexual but not open about it since they’re obsessed over by many women who made them wealthy and still continue to do so by buying the products/movies/music/merchandise they are attached to. In the end, both win, and the public is the fool. The homosexual male is even more lusted after because he gets all these tall blonde models, right? and Victoria’s Secret is cashing in too because their nobody model is actually being recognized now. Off the top of my head I can think of 2 such males: Leo DiCaprio and Adam Levine.

  • L.C.

    Behati is also the face of Juicy Couture and Desigual incoming FW campaign. Not “just” Seafolly . And VS Angel is more than any other contract so she’s doing very fine, and people are just mean because she is also dating dreamy hunk Adam Levine.
    She’s with him in Mexico but unlike his previous famewh@re model trashy girlfriend, the clingy and very fame-oriented Anne V(itch) she isn’t at all tweeting about it.
    Behati loves Adam for who he is.
    Not for fame.
    Nice change from the previous wh@re.
    She is way better for him, and he’s aware of that.
    Haters can keep hate.
    Behati just care about Adam and being with him out of press.

  • sYDNEy

    @L.C.: nobody cares about her or Adam the gay

  • Scarlett

    Behati has been around for years, just sad that she has to date Levine for people to take notice of her.

  • True dat

    Hey l.c did you change yr screen name from serena ??? Not helping !!!

    Esp when you insist on dragging her ex into it, you are so obsessed with the ex !

    Yeah, and how would you know she is in mexico? Cos this chick sleekly lets people know she is with him all the time. At the first concert she was in some sort of enclosure, within the concert arena. I saw people who had been to the concert tweet pics of that, she was the only one standing there, within that enclosure. So obv, people are gonna notice anyone standing alone within an enclosure in a crowded area !!! Yeah…. Soooo low profile. And how do you explain all the mentions in JJ. Before adam, how many mentions did you think she had in jj ?

    Adam manhore levine could not even fill a garage with people when anne got together with him first. He and his band were washed out and the voice happened and changed them completely.

    And sorry he was still a pimply guy writing songs about his gf when the ex , the fame witch as you call it, was already gracing the pages of fashion magazines as the face of chanel chance.!

    Its only in the rockstar obsessed US of A that hes famous. Oh, and among pre teens and teens in Asia , who obsess over anything. In the
    fashion circles, i know that when someone mentioned his name in
    relation to anne when they were dating people asked ” whats maroon 5″ !!

    irina shayk’s boyfriend ronaldo is famous. Bet you dont know who he is. Just ask the 12 million people who follow him on twitter. Or to the 100 million plus people who watch football…. Ooops soccer ! Now thats famous. Being known even in the remotest of places.

    Adam levine can never be happy with one woman darling. Thats his style. Its not whether the relationship will break, its only matter of when !

  • J.r.s

    @ scarlett

    I get what you mean. The same thing happened to anne, you just have to grin and bear it. Try explaining facts and you will have excited teens and some grown women also jumping down your throat.

    Just sit back and enjoy this ride. Knowing adam, it wont last long. At the most until behati turns 25! Cos that seems to be his magic numbed for getting rid of gfs, like becky and anne.

  • Casey

    Not to make this about Anne, but how many Maroon 5 concerts or Voice tapings did she attend? Perhaps Behati is on vacation, but Anne seems busier workwise.

    I don’t dislike either woman, fwiw.

  • Lily

    @Jenna: Hater! You are a widow….

  • Lily


  • Lily

    @True dat: and he will never come back to Anne famewh@re V(itch)!

  • Chris

    People comments in Just Jared are pathetic. That’s all. Get a life please.! And Just Jared needs to make news from people who aren’t giving them…By the way…Behati is not friends with JJ so I think we won’t have much stuff here….just saying…..

  • Chris

    @True dat: For your information Behati Prinsloo is dating Adam Levine! So it’s natural that everyone wants to know her! She’s Adam’s girlfriend! It doesn’t matter how much time it gonna last! It’s their lives! And forget Anne V _ she has now everything she always wanted: Fame.

  • Jenna


    You ae a hater too!!! Mermaid groupie ! Btw, shes in the campaign for jc and desigual, shes not the face of it. Def not for desigual, who use several models for their campaign .

  • Casey

    For what it’s worth, Anne hasn’t said anything (to my immediate knowledge) about her relationship with Adam, since they broke up.

    Regardless of why they dated, she seems to be getting on with her life.

    It’s pretty obvious that Adam can’t handle being by himself for any stretch of time. I think he’s admitted it, no? If that’s the case, then I sort of feel bad for him. First and foremost, I think his biggest commitment is to his career.

    If he settles down, then it won’t be for years.

  • Mark

    Stunning girl! Is she 23 years old? She seems 18 for me! Very beautiful woman and an excellent model! Lucky Levine!

  • OLivia

    Behati is so beautiful! She is one of my favorite VS angels! Before VS she had a great HF career! It was her option stay in VS that is a great contract for a model! It’s a pity she is in JJ now a place where people come only to bash celebs! There is no respect here unfortunately! Is there nothing good to say about Seafolly campaign? That’s all this thread is about! And for what reason the name of model Anne V is mentioned??

  • Oscar

    @True dat: I understand your point of view: Behati Prinsloo is a nobody and Adam Levine and Maroon 5 have no talent! So why are you talking about them in this thread? I don’t get it…..Forget Adam Levine! He and Anne won’t get back together! Get a life yourself! BTW, we can say the same things about Anne that you had about Behati! Who was Anne V before dating Adam? A nobody outside fashion world! After Adam and mainly after the split she got fame- look at her twitter account after the split! Leave this people alone! Adam, Behati and Anne! They don’t give a shit to people like you!

  • Mel

    @True dat: I’m a great Behati fan and I follow her career since 2007! Never I was so misinformed about her like now -after she began to date Adam Levine! So you are wrong: Behati is not a famechaser but unfortunately she will get so much attention because of Adam is a very famous guy! Seafolly is just great! BEHATI IS GORGEOUS!

  • Casey

    I’m not sure why anyone pulls for any one of Adam’s relationships to work out. He’s a serial monogamist who seems to bore of his girlfriends after a while (two years seems to be his limit).

    I’m not sure why anyone thinks Behati’s going to get special treatment over the rest of his exes.

    They’re both rebounding from long-term relationships, especially Behati.

  • Sylvia

    @Jenna: One more Anne V widow! This the best 2012 definition for a crazy and frustrated people on internet! HAHAHA Go Behati!

  • Jenn

    HATERS GONNA HATE! Ahh Just Jared…..

  • Jenn

    @True dat: Sorry dear your english is terrible! Are you American or are you faking?…maybe you are even a writer……. obsessed with Anne V and an Adam hater.

  • Shelly

    She’s so adorable love her

  • K r

    Shes usually a pretty girl but the makeup in this ad is so bad. Esp the orange lipstick just does not suit her.

  • A

    OMG I GOT THE SEAFOLLY CATALOGUE AND I SWORE IT WAS BEHATI PRINSLOO AND I WAS RIGHT!!! heheh sorry i just had to let the world know. ^_^

  • K r


    Unfortunately you and i seem to be in the minority of people who dont dislike either of these women. I honestly like Adam, Anne and Behati and dont hate on any of them. Hey, I dont know who Behati’s ex-boyfriend is, but i am sure i will like him too !

    Did i like Adam and Anne together?- YES
    Was i upset when they broke up- YES
    Am i happy for Adam and Behati- again YES !

    Granted, i was a bit upset when Adam first started dating Behati, but that was more at the speed at which he seemed to have moved on after a 2 year committed relationship. Again, as you mentioned he is someone who cannot stay single for long so that explains it. Its not something i would do, but hey , its his nature so who am i to judge?

    I see a lot of comparisons between Anne and Behati and i find it ridiculous. Comparing professional success, their nature, their dressing, their perceived motives etc is so unfair on both of these young women. We were not intended to be alike, and differences are what makes individual personalities.

    Both of them have had successful careers before they entered into a relationship. None of us can even hope to achieve what they BOTH have, staying so far away from family, in a different country, in a highly competetive world. In any high profile celebrity romance, one person is always more popular. To say that they entered into a relationship only to get more fame is insulting their ability to judge!

    Adam might be more famous than either his ex or present gf, but that does not mean they werent successful. An average person may not know a Magdelina Fracowiak or Daria Werbowy but they are hugely successful models who make more money than the popular ones !

    I do have a girl crush on Anne and will always be slightly partial to her but that does not mean i should hate behati. She has also worked hard on her success. I understand shes also come out of a long term relationship so if she has found happiness with Adam, then i am so very glad for her.

    If theres one problem i have with her, is that she smokes and is slightly on the skinny side. There are a lot of young girls who look upto these models and she should not be inspiring them in a negative way. And its better for her health!

    In my culture ( I am Indian, btw) we believe in destiny and theres a saying that goes ” Nobody’s here to fulfill YOUR dreams, they are here to fulfill their own destiny”! I have seen people send out messages saying ” get back with ….” or ” Stay with ….” . Doesnt help people. They have all moved on and its time we all did. !

    On a lighter note, maybe its time for Anne to get a boyfriend! Then some of the rabid Anne fans can go over to that forum, Behati fans can stay here, And Levine fans…. Can go wherever they want. Because, honestly some of them scare me with their extreme love /hate !

  • Casey

    @K r:

    K r- I’m glad that I’m not the only person who feels that way. I don’t hate any of them. I don’t understand the level of vitriol aimed at some of these people. Unless you know the parties personally, then the anger seems to be misplaced.

    Behati (and Anne!) were well-known in the modeling world long before Adam Levine came into their lives. And honestly, I know some people who know of Adam because of his girlfriends, past and present, not because of his music. I’d argue that his attachment with models has helped to elevate his profile immensely. Of course, Adam’s girlfriends will get extra exposure by dating him. That’s true of any model-actor/singer/musician relationship.

    I checked into it and Behati was in a seven year relationship with a male model Jamie Strachan. They were in a relationship that has outlasted ALL of Adam Levine’s relationships. If I’m not mistaken, the one great love of Adam’s life was his ex, Jane Herman. I’m not sure he has fully recovered from that loss, which in some way, explains his subsequent relationships, if you think about it.

    Sorry to be longwinded.

  • Jaja

    People – put it to bed. We all need to get a life! All the wasted energy on people who do not even matter – I mean really. Step away from the computer – head out and do something more constructive. It’s summer – enjoy the last days of it! I know I’m as guilty as everyone else on here – ugh! Will change that starting today! ;-) Enjoy your weekend!

  • Al love

    Yeah @casey, first love and all that ! Does anyone actually recover from their first loves?

    Ok, my question actually is connected to the campaign ! Maybe one of you whos more familiar with vs can answer that.

    doesnt vs also make swimwear? So if you are a VS angel, are you alowed to advertise for other swimwear? It just doesnt make sense. I mean you are representing a brand that makes swimwear and are also the face of Competetion? Am i missing something here?

    I know that Gisele is an Angel, last yearnshe was the face of Esprit also. BUt Vs and Esprit make totally diff clothing.

  • Casey

    @Al love:

    You raise a very good question. If you’re representing the bathing suits of one company, then you shouldn’t represent another company’s bathing suits. I would assume that the contract would spell out those details.

    Perhaps, since VS doesn’t sell just bathing suits, there is a clause that allows her to represent both companies. Does she pose in Victoria’s Secret bathing suits? Or primarily the clothing and lingerie? Maybe that makes a difference.

  • unknown

    Did any of you see the lil article in US weekly. This is def a revenge relationship. Shame on Adam and his crew. I mean come on. When he was wirh Anne they had a article saying he met his soul mate and now aparently they say they are a much better couple. Not saying Adam is so happy he found love again or something to that effect. It was all an attack on Anne. How rude and pathetic. I can see why so many people lost respect for Adam. And so happy she is getting attention for her so called modeling career. If Adam wasn in the picture she wouldn’t be as popular or so many would even know her name. As a VS Angel she wasn’t featured as much now all the sudden she is starting to be every where. I always said Anne used Adam for fame, but to say she never supported him is unrealistic and a clear blow at Anne. I don’t know what’s worse that US Weekly sotooped so low into reporting it, or maybe they wanted people to see Adam for his true colors. I don’t care what one person does, even Anne doesn’t deserve the humiliation Adam and his crew are doing. And who the F cuddles at a press event. He better watch it The V oice can in fact replace him he isn’t that big of a need on the show. The other three would be missed but with Adams antics he better watch it. As they say what goes aroun comes around.
    Even Blake and Miranda knlw how fake he is and how full of it he is now. And who in a past life is a mermaid? She needs to get her head out of her ass and realise she is much better without Adam. I cannot believ e that he would stoop so low. If it was the Enquire, Star I would be like whatev e, but US Weekly usually doesn’t get things like this is in fact a sign that he wants Anne to know look at me and I’m happier with her than you will ever be. Regardless of Annes actions, for Adam to do that is childish and just plain stupid. It will come and bite him in the end. Between her c,hildish tantrum jealous ways, Adam may get his wish for attention with Behati and all I can say is Karma is a bitch!

  • unknown

    as far as being pathetic as some people would say on here, I think if you want to voice your opinion about something on a site like this then go ahead with it. However, I don’t like saying anyone is pathetic but I can honestly say esp from my sources Adam fits that one extremely well.
    Again I said it before can’t believe I am taking Annes side, but even she didn’t act like a whore in public at his events especially at a press event so the whole world can see. Behati and Adam are a joke even Blake has made jokes a out it. Not so much on twitter, but trust me he has and accordsing to my sources they are not wrong. Esp consider they have seen Adams behavior as a good reason to replace him. Even if he has talent, which some would disagree, he isn’t irreplaceable. In fact he was often thought of being replaced last season because of his antics. He needs to grow up and stop letting his ego get in the way.

  • Casey

    I don’t pay close attention to that stuff. I don’t, however, imagine that Behati will last any longer than the rest did.

  • unknown

    On a mythological note. If she was a mermaid in a previous life. Adam better run. They weren’t known as friendly creatures. They were known as man eaters. Mythology shows that they would hypnotise fishermen and pull them in and eat them. So basically she admitted to being a man eater. Poor Adam. Dating a cannibal! :-P

  • unknown

    Rthe VS models were so much better ten years ago.they actually were not only known for themselves instead of a stepping stone. They were VS Models. I would personally say only three of the VS Models and that’s if they actually eat are worthy to be on the catwalk. Other than that, none of them are worthy than more than runway models. And back then they didn’t look like carbon copies of eachother either. They were all unique and you could actually see the curves on the models. Its ashame they have gone down increasingly in taste and style. Which don’t get me started in their fashion shows. They are basically all the same now. I’ve noticed that they have used the same things as far back as five years and ade little to no attempt to make it unique. Even the ratings and sales are down increasingly. But however, Behatis relationship with Adam is just the controversary they needed. His ego won’t pass it up to not perform at the FS this year, and to have Anne and Behati on the same stage. You think they won’t milk that. Its the perfect marketing strategy. @brains:

  • unknown

    She won’t. Atleast by their bdays it will be over or before. @Casey:

  • Oh yes !!!


    Yeah… Imsider source a.k.a the same source that planted the blindsided item….. Adam is such a child !
    Why would anyone go to Voice set all the time anyway? we dont go to our boyfriends workplace everyday! Reeks of obsession, rarher than support.

    I know you have always said anne used adam, but looking at his antics , dont think she did anythijng wrong, if she did !

  • unknown

    I’m not hating, I’m not even a fan. However, things came out about Anne when everyone said I was hating came to be true in the end, and now this girl. However, I believe he needs to be single for a while, get his head out of his ego come back to planet earth. Realise he is human and not so perfect. When he can acomplish things in his own life he will be happier, and true to himself. And find the right girl. Not use someone to get revenge, or to keep his name in the papers or whatever. I simply speak the truth and at the end of the day, it will come out just like it did with Anne. I don’t wish none of them bad wishes or bad karma. Or am upset he is dating this girl, but his friends come on here and say wonderful things about Anne, which funny in the beginning they tried to talk him out of dating her. He of course bucked and so now on this relationship. None of them will oppose this because they know how he is. He has to learn the hard way. And this lesson will be a hard ass one to learn. Anne has learned her lesson, and she has moved on, and like every woman she is heart broken and for you that believe Adam saying Behatti and Anne were never friends. Get your head out of the clouds. Not saying which ones, but severla of Behatis friends aren’t exactly as friendly as once was, because of this relationship. Her exBF was a sweetheart, and perfectly amazingly a true male model at its finest. Tall, dark and sexy. Its sad that so many of his friends are actually happy thatBehati is withAdam. Why you would think? Because he doesn’t have to deal with her anymore.

    Sorry for the typos.

    I wish no one heart ache or grief, would love to see everyone happy, but sometimes someone has to speak up.
    Ironic tho, Annes career has taken off sky high now that Adam isn’t in the picture. Glad she woke up and realized she can do it on her own and has changed for the better. I wish her nothing but joy and happiness. @K r:

  • unknown

    Like I said shockingly before, I am actually on Annes side of this. I am sure if she wanted to put stuff out there on Adam and all his friends trust me she could. But she hasn’t so that shows she truely handles herself with respect now. Adam copies everything a woman does when he is dating her and then gets tired of not being in control and sits there and wonders what he does wrong. Anne has changed, actually for the better since she and Adam split. However, I think its interesting she has taken up on golf w Hank Hamey. Slap in Adams face in a way. But I figure if she is gonna get even why not show who she really is in a way. Maybe she will tell the world he cheated on her with Behati. I don’t know. I am glad she isn’t hitting the media, but like a few of my friends say. Don’t trust her or turn your back against Anne Vyalitsyna. But I am giving he thumbs up for not acting childish on twitter. Like a bully that has became Behati and Adam. And that’s all they are doing. @Oh yes !!!:

  • unknown

    Now I thouht it was amussing when he would basically be copying every tweet Anne would say almost exactly the same time or more than likely minutes or even a couple of hours afterwards

    Example. Brussle sprouts. Remember her love for them and he would keep on how he loved brussel sprouts.

    Apparently he thinks he is slick. Now he waits a week or two before copying his gfs tweets.

    Exampkle the Dr. Seuss one was obvious, but the latest one that was brought to my attention.
    The more trees less assholes please.

    See it originated about 2-3 weeks ago by a S African musician, which had a pic of a bunch of African men which one was holding the sign. The only reason I found out about adam tweeting this because it looked familiar to a friend of mine and she couldn’t remember where she saw this. I wasn’t aware at first that Behati followed the musician which is named Gazelle and goes by @yogazelle until he had posted a weird weet about a month ago refering to Behati, and sadly he deleted it. It read
    I don’t know if I should be flattered or worried that I’m being stalked by a Nambian winged model. Took me a minute and checked Behatis site and sure enough she tweeted him hard as some of Adams hard core fans do. I thought that was a funny thing that he posted. Well again he posted it and of course I RTd and after c,hecking it out apparently so did Behati. So now he is copying her, but now he atleast waits a week or two. Someone and I know his friends read this, James & Shawn, should inform him that he isn’t that slick.

    Which BTW you should all follow @yogazelle on twitter and check out his music. A great activist and a brilliant musician. Its in Afrikaan language mainly, some english but he is brilliant!! :-)

  • unknown

    Oh BTW if this site is number 1 why does it take this site sometimes 2-3 days to break the same info that’s on much smaller sites. Pics and info!! Just saying!

  • Marnie

    Fun to read indeed. I’ve grown tired of Adam, which makes me sad b/c I used to love him so much! I really do not like him with Behati at all b/c they just seem to act SO childish. I agree with the poster that said she seems more of a stalker than a girlfriend… I can’t believe she admitted to taking the month of August off of work – obviously to be with him on tour. Who does that at age 23? And there are some people that didn’t like Anne V. because they thought she was out for his fame? What? She’s always put her career first b/c the modeling world has such a small window. She seems to be the smart, independent one. This chick is just an immature, average looking tall girl who happened to be in the right place when a talent scout walked by. Wish he had kept walking so we don’t have to see her anymore.

  • Oh yes !!!


    August is the month all models are off work, its their vacation time before work starts again with NY fashion week. But you know counting hawaii from may, thic chick has been with adam touring europe, most of his concerts in the US,at the set of the movie in NY, then apparently voice set everyday in LA and now South america.! ?maybe she has lotsa free time since she does mostly only VS, but then… Why would anyone want to spend ALL their with their BF. I mean , i love my boyfriend but it would drive both of us mad if we spent all our free time only with each other.!

    WHat?? Wouldnt she want to visit family? Spend time with other gf? Maybe she plans to visit her family, but deosnt all this touring with adam cut into family time?? Its not a healthy relationship, sorry.

    Adam says ne needs constant attention, she seem to give it, so maybe it works for them ! Two clingy people clinging onto each other ! I am over him anyway. .give me mickey anyday, the genius in the band ! Hey JJ, how about some pics of Mickey or even james? The underrated ones in the band ..

  • Casey

    @Oh yes !!!:

    Ha! You beat me to the punch. I was going to mention that all models have off August as their vacation time. Also, in Europe, this is the month that many employees take their vacations. I would assume this means that opportunities to model, at least in Europe, wouldn’t be as abundant right now with so many on vacation. :-)

    And Marni, you’re right. Models have a short shelf life, so they ought to snag their opportunities when they can. Having a solid campaign like VS is a great thing for models, but you should also want to do other things. I’ve been aware of Behati, long before Adam, but I don’t see her as much as some of the other models close to her age. I know she’s done runway and all that, but she’s not as familiar of a face. Well, she will be now that she’s with Adam, which is perhaps the point.