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Jennifer Aniston: 'The Campaign' Showing!

Jennifer Aniston: 'The Campaign' Showing!

Jennifer Aniston heads to a nearby movie theater to watch
the Will Ferrell-Zach Galifianakis comedy The Campaign on Friday (August 17) in Wilmington, North Carolina.

The 43-year-old actress hid her left hand and engagement ring in her pocket as she left the set of her latest movie, We’re the Millers.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Aniston

News of Jennifer and Justin Theroux‘s engagement was confirmed this past Sunday by their reps.

FYI: Jennifer and Will Ferrell starred together in the 1998 comedy, The Thin Pink Line.

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  • http://Justjarde Bit**angie

    Jen is a strong woman because she did not allow the crush of negativity

  • Belle

    Man that bich is homely. Her lips are so thin they look like a butt hole. Is that why they call her Anustain?

  • Kim

    The only thing she is famous for is being Brad Pitt’s ex-wife. The woman can’t act. When was the last time she made a successful movie? She just needs to go away.

  • Team Jolie

    To the Hens (especially the idiot posting as Bit**angie) – The only jealousy towards JennyPoo may be her wealth, not her looks, oh God no, or her lack of talent. Jen has portrayed and banked on playing the victim. If that’s what a strong woman is to you then you’re a twit. She’s consistently displayed her jealousy of Angelina. Announcing her engagement the same week media reports of a Brangelina wedding, was lame, laughable, and down right predictable. Her game is becoming transparent and has been written about by some media outlets. She knows that she’s getting old and wrinkly and even though she has a great bod, at 50, who cares? She can’t compete with the current crop of rom com actresses. Who do you think men want to see in a skimpy outfit, Aniston or Malin Akerman? Even her hard nipples can’t compete with Malin.

  • pea

    LMAO. ALL the pressed bitter people who still live in 2005 and live for this aniston posts. I’d ask u to move on, but I know it will never happen. Most of you must be man snatchers, because in a perfect world, no one would hate on a woman who did nothing wrong. 70% of her movies are successful but I understand the negative idiots would concentrate on the 30%.
    And lol at u guys trying to force the notion that she snatched her fiance so she could look half as bad as Angie. #ItWillNeverHappen.
    I trust this woman, she’ll still be receiving money in the millions and front important campaigns and covers, and there’ll always be a new movie, and doing what ever the hell she likes while, Your fat asses wish u had her life. All u fools calling her old and haggard, I’d like to see if you’d look like her when you get to her age.
    Never stop hating K. and live in your make-believe world.

  • pea

    The silliest part is the speculating that she only got engaged to beat brangelina to the altar. Are u guys 10 year olds? U have lots of free time. I don’t know where your parents went wrong raising u up.
    I don’t even like this woman that much, but the BS about her is just crazy

  • goopiness


    LOl!! Angie didn’t do anything wrong and she has never hit back at Jen either. JA has gone to the press time and time again. The first time less than 9 months after her marriage ended. That mess JA started was the whole basis for this 7 year “triangle” nonsense. Anyone can see since Brad & AJ confirmed their engagement that JA’s “popularity” has gone in the toilet. So AGAIN she has to remind everyone that she was married to Brad Pitt. She has burned all her bridges in Hollywood …. what else is there for her but a “tell-all” book? She can’t do that because she KNOWS Brad didn’t cheat on her and she also KNOWS he has his limits and he isn’t going to let her lies go unchallenged if she takes that route. Can’t risk that now can we Jen?

  • pea

    Angelina Jolie, is that you?

    Jolie is nobody’s fool. she’h never hit back at Jen because the sl*ut shaming she’ll get from it will kill her.

    9months after a marriage is too little? Time must speed fast at where you live.

    She isn’t popular, yet she’s everywhere on twitter facebook and all the relevant sites since after friends, and the averafe person is familiar with her name and face. If you google her, you’d see her see search results is off the hook.

    Why must you guys pretend this hard?

  • Team Jolie

    @ pea … funny how you call Angelina a “man snatcher” but then give the Chin a pass at breaking up a 14 year old relationship. Jennifer knew Justin was in a long term commitment, but dammit, she had to get that skinny pant hipster fraud even if it means hurting another woman. Team Heidi Bivens! Remember her?

  • Team Jolie

    Jen’s fans must be stuck in the 90′s. Guessing pea and the other hens must be her age group. Old and non relevant in 2012.

  • we love you Jen and Justin

    lol loons are dying, all these negative comment wont do yall shittttt
    the woman is engaged and is her ring. you all want to see it and she aint showing it. she will do that in her own time so back off

    you said they willbreak up after wanderlust now yall are showing crying since your ho and duh havent been since for almost 4months now


  • Zoe

    As a Brange fan, I’m glad Jen got engaged. Want her to get married so she can stop riding on Brad’s coattails. Enough of that already.

  • pea

    @Team Jolie: It will never never happen. Give it a rest.

    Old and not relevant, but you’re here talking about her. U idiots need to start over if u think your little hating group here in just jared in any way defines how people feel about her

  • lammu

    pea… u are the only one making sense here. thanks for your common sense.

  • Team Jolie

    @we love you Jen and Justin … whoa, girl. Now you’re writing in caps. Mad much? I can picture you banging on your keyboard and frothing at the mouth. Take your fiber. Will make you feel better.

    @pea, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Ok if you hens spew nasty things about AJ, but you cry about anything negative written about your idol. Not everyone is in love with her. Got that? Good!

  • pea

    @Team Jolie: stop trying. BYE

  • Team Jolie

    @pea, bye hon, it’s been fun. Now go pray to your Chinniston alter.

  • Hekku

    Jen, happy at last.
    Husband number two is here
    Will Angie steal him?

  • Crabby Patty

    Even if it IS a ploy for PR attention, Jen and Justin’s wedding is going to happen, at least.

    They didn’t put any false conditions on it (“we will only marry when everyone can” *snort*) or cave to pressure from their illegitimate and boughten children.

  • Carris

    Nah, doubt Angelina will be attracted to Justin. I think she likes her man more manly, not over tanned, or plucked. As for Justin, didn’t he have a crush on Angelina?

  • Carris

    HA! Jen’s fans always resort to insulting the JP kids when they have NOTHING else to fire back with. Disgusting pigs.

  • Gemma

    @Crabby Patty, “boughten” children? WTF? Dumb azz.

  • Brown-EyedGirl


    Yes, more manly like that hot piece Billy Bob Thornton.

  • m

    Does she wear fake nipples?

  • Blue-Eyed Girl

    @Brown-Eyed Girl – Billy Bob is ugly, but at least he doesn’t wear foundation or plucks his eyebrows. No man should.

  • village idiot

    Jenhens help me out here.

    Justin and Jennifer are supposively engaged.
    1. Why is there not a single CURRENT photo of the happy couple?
    2. Why isn’t Justin spending time with Jennifer in North Carolina?
    3. Why is a photo of the engagement ring not available?

  • Diana

    No photo of the engagement ring because Jen hasn’t bought it yet.

  • Brown-EyedGirl

    So you expect Justin to sit in her trailer all day while she works ?

    That’s so bizarre.

    Do you bring your man to work with you every day?

    Well, if any of you have either a man or a job.

  • Danielle

    There are long distance pap pictures out there and you can see the ring, she’s just not flaunting it. Im so happy for her and Justin anyway.

  • http://! Liverwurst

    Loons are so disgusting. First you claim her engagement is a pr stunt but if she pulls back from the media and doesn’t want press for her ring or relationship, she’s still doing it for pr? No wonder you worship aj…she’s nuts too.

  • yep

    lol! Why do haters even care! Jen is my #1 star and I say when THEY are ready they will show us her ring!!!!!!!!!!!! GEEEEEEEEEE

  • yep

    @Zoe: i feel the same way about brangelina please get married and stop riding on jen’s coat tail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • besane

    I guess “don’t forget your roots” after all, the nipples have made their appearance again LOL!

  • me

    i think she is pregnant, because there is just something about her body in recent pictures

  • M

    You’d think with all her money she could afford a good bra!!

  • haha

    Geezus Jennifer, stop wearing those dated bras with the built in nipples…what do you shop, Fredricks of Hollyweird? Grow up, no one wants to see that on a middle aged woman who surrounds herself with “yes” people.
    Is that a ring in your pocket? Nope. Better get one bought or find out that date for the Pitt wedding, the Huvane Brothers and Aniston get more pathetic each passing day. Does Aniston even have much money left after paying off Justin, Heidi and especially letting that Huvane family drain her dry over the years. What a narcissistic fool of a stunted emotional growth girl-woman.

  • Ring Alert!! See the 8 carats

    BBBBWWWWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Her fans said “oh that’s the ring for the movie” yet she’s off the set wearing a simple gold band!!! Where’s the 8 carat, huh, huh!! No wonder she was hiding her hand she is embarrassed about the ring. Why Jenny Poo it’s all Justin can afford, soory Jen fans no 8 carats for her! I guess next week once the news hit she will display the rock she quickly ordered for herself, or hey maybe she isn’t as shallow as we thought!!??? NAW!!!

  • yep

    Jennifer Aniston ‘s Net Worth is about
    $125 Million
    Also known as: Rachel Green

  • O2canplay

    Angelina Jolie ‘s Net Worth is about
    $135 Million
    Also known as: Angelina Jolie Voight

    hahahaha! Angelina Jolie-Pitt

  • Ghost

    This is nothing more than a pr stunt to counteract the speculation about B&A getting married this weekend. Even if it wasn’t true anyone with class would have waited until the weekend was over before saying anything . The Hobag of Hollywood and her side kick zippy are truly classless individuals. A relationship like theirs that is born out of infidelity is doomed from the start. This is a proven statistical fact. When a couple comes together while one of them is still actively involved in another relationship 93% of the time it fails. If you are too stupid to understand why then look it up ,as I’m certainly not going to do it for you. Last but not least , Jennifer is a T.V. sitcom hack at best. She tried to make the transition to the big screen but failed completely. I’m sure if she sleeps with a few producers they will let her be someones mom on a second rate t.v. show. …………………………..Love, The Ghost.

  • anch

    I always said if it wasnt for all the weed Brad smoke while he was with Maniston I think Brad would of put a bullet through his head.From 1998-2004 6 years Brad wasted his life away. See kids dont do drugs

  • Benjamin

    What did Jennifer Aniston ever do to you? How can you heartlessly rip apart someone who you’ve never even met. No wonder she looks upset all the time, she has to deal with being bombarded with negativity like this on a daily basis; give her a break.
    Jennifer Aniston, if you actually follow her interviews, doesn’t do stunts for publicity. If her rep and Justin’s confirmed their engagement, it will be true. In my opinion, Angelina and Brad’s wedding date is a publicity stunt, because Angie’s obviously jealous over all the publicity Jen’s getting.

  • JL

    Jennifer’s transition to the big screen is a fact.
    Not all the movies are successful like “Marlie And Me”,
    but she makes stable 80-10 M per movie.
    The result – $ 120 M for today,
    good health, perfect look and a freedom of choice.

  • JL

    sorry: 8 – 10 M per movie. :)
    80 millions per movie will be later.

  • AGA

    FYI–to the poster above me..Angelina does NOT employ a PR agent,but JA has a pit-bull agent who will do anything to keep his client relevant. She must of paid him millions over the years!! I would bet anything that Huvane has told her to keep the ring under wraps so the paps will keep after her OR she can get paid for an exclusive engagement story with “exclusive” shots. LOL

    I can diss JA on a website if I want to. She started this BS “triangle” with her many interviews and passive-aggressive swipes while BP&AJ have said next to nothing. What other HW couple’s divorce gets so much attention after 7 long YEARS!! And Jen fans are cruel and often rasict. Worst of all they attack the innocent kids–I’ve seen the Hens post the most horrible things about the kids,while poor ol JA is a grown 43yr old woman who can protect herself—while one day the kids will see the awful thins written about them when they were under 5.

    Finaaly I’m glad JA is engaged,maybe noe that JA has finally gotten a man the Hens will leave the JP family alone!!

  • JL

    Jolie had created this triangle.
    She thinks man stealing is an entertainment…
    No matter what Jennifer does – Jolie is a home wrecker FOREVER.
    Jolie must be responsible for the things she does.
    And we can see her:
    no health, no family, no reputation,
    mess with children SHE MUST CARE ABUT ,
    ridiculous PR promises to marry,
    and lots of rings she hates.

  • JL

    Jolie thinks she can repeal the laws by which the Universe was created. These laws work regardless of what she believes.
    The Universe does not care how much money she has, or something.

  • Jennifer+Justin the Creepy !

    Dolly’s friend JL it is WRONG 1000 %
    Hor Jen is always be Ms.Easy Poosey got men by Setup !
    Jen is a HOMEWREKER & A Bitter B!tch Barren Cow Forever, used her ££$$€€ buy D.I.C.K.E.S

  • Jennifer+Justin the Creepy !

    Jen used ££$$€€ feeds her Dogs for their loves and used ££$$€€ buy D.I.C.K.E.S for keeps her Empty Womb !!!

  • Jennifer+Justin the Creepy !

    Rachel Green star ended up buy D.I.C.K.E.S.hahahahahahaaaaa