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Connor Cruise: Chinawhite Nightclub Exit!

Connor Cruise: Chinawhite Nightclub Exit!

Connor Cruise leaves Chinawhite nightclub after serving as DJ for a set late Thursday evening (August 23) in London, England.

The 17-year-old son of Tom Cruise was joined by his sister Isabella and two gal pals as they left the club and hailed a cab.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Connor Cruise

“LONDON!!!! Couldn’t have had more fun with you!! What a night at #chinawhite,” Connor wrote on his Instagram account.

Earlier in the day, Connor and his buddies stopped at Warner Bros. Studios for the Harry Potter tour and tried Butterbeer!

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  • Carol

    Isabella and Connor sure support each other. Nice to see siblings tight and close each other.

  • Look it up!

    lol @ the guy behind him

  • Asha

    Is this kid not in school? I wonder if Suri has been in contact with her siblings. Katie probably told her she is an only child now lol.

  • dutty

    the two girls in the cab with bella are their cousins…
    i know the girl with the white shirt is cass kid, and the other one is one of tom older sister’s kid.

    and the two boys on the instagram pic are also his cousins(cass kids are well) the older boy is liam

    they travell most places with their cousins and have been doing so for years.

  • ivy

    Is there no legal drinking age in London? The kid is just 17…most kids that age are going into their senior year of high school and are not out DJing at nightclubs. These two lead such a strange lives…so out of the norm even for kids of wealthy parents. I wonder what Nichole thinks of how their lives have evolved.

  • belle

    Cool to do harmless things together. Unfortunately, some Hollywood siblings have no care in the world even for their siblings. I recently saw a picture of Kim K. little sister (the model) posting Kim-like pictures of herself on Twitter showing her booty — she is so young, it almost looks disturbing. Lindsay Lohan sure as hell does not seem to care what example she sets for her sister either who appears to have an eating disorder unfortunately.

  • dina

    Why do you assume that the kids are drinking? I’ve been to different parts of Europe. A few countries do not have a drinking age, only a purchase age. By large, Europe’s drinking age limit is 18 (at least the median age) is the most prominent and pervasive age.

    Connor is a dj. He landed the geeks and goes there to play including when he is in the States. I do not believe those children go there to drink.

  • —–

    Connor does a few gigs here and there. He is not there 24-7 or moping around aimlessly. Those children have a fine education likely a world-class that most people who are not part of the elite could not afford. Tom Cruise does not strike me as the type that would stand for his children not going to school. Just saying.

  • okay

    Is this the Scientology-evolution? The kid has the same grim expression on his face as his father often has. I hope he doesn’t follow his footsteps.

  • Helen

    Bella is getting cute and losing pounds..good for her!

  • http://cellphone lol

    @—–: Is Tom’s sister qualified to teach?
    A world class education about Scientology, why do you think Katie is sending her kid to a non-scientology school? Because she saw the kind of education Bella and Connor was getting.
    I think NICOLE did a dis-service to this two children when she abandoned them, and now Katie is doing the same.
    They’ll need psychiatry down the road to help with abandonment issues and brain washing.
    Notice Katie is looking out for her child, and don’t tell me Nicole could not have fought harder for those MINOR children, she was not on welfare, and could’ve affored the best lawyers.

  • lucy

    to Ivy

    the drinking age in England is 18. however, kids over the age 16 can have beer or wine with a meal if it is purchased by an adult. you happy now? although, i’m not sure why it’s any of your business that Conner is in a nightclub.

  • —–

    @lol: sorry, but I was stating that the kids go to and have access to great schools, the best in class, I was not implying that they teach themselves. It’s no secret that the rich often go to the best schools, even if they go to public schools.

  • Olive

    They were tutored their whole lives by Tom’s sister. So, they are only as smart as she is. Bella is looking alot better since Katie left and took her cupcakes and sweets with her. Bella looks like she might have spent some time recently with her mom Nicole. Her hair and everything is looking better. I hear Bella’s boyfriend has joined the Scientology Sea Org or whatever it’s called and if Bella doesn’t join, he wont be able to talk to her again. What kind of “religion” treats their members like that. I guess a c.u.l.t.

  • Jocelyn

    This is the best pic of Bella I have every seen. It’s weird, b/c Tom has discussed Suri in interviews, but I don’t think I’ve ever read an interview when he discusses his older kids.

  • joel

    Bella still doesn’t know about Roaccutane for her skin. Can someone please help her. Just get a prescription and stop drinking scientology juice.

  • Olive

    Katie only knew what to do from seeing what Nicole went through. Katie had to blindside Tom to escape Shared custody. Nicole didn’t know that Tom would used shared custody to brainwash her children. Katie knew that going into the marriage. So don’t compare the two situations!

  • Riley

    Refreshing to see brother and sister doing things together. Too often siblings do not get along. By the way, home-schooling is not something to look down on. Some of the smartest people I have met (having attended a few of the best schools in the nation/and studied abroad) have been home-schooled, by a parent, in-law, aunt etc… Don’t sleep on home-schooling. Also, please do not deduce that if a parent home-schools a child, then the child is as smart as that parent or whoever the home-schooler is for that reason.

  • http://compute LOL

    We are talking about Scientology kids, not home schooling in general.
    They only hang out with other member of the cult.

  • LeeSeol

    Ahh whaaaat the cruises hangin with their cousins in London
    they’re so lucky. keepin it in the fam. Love it.

  • Fiona

    I think they’ve pretty much broken off from Nicole.
    I don’t think they consider her their mother anymore or her consider them her kids.
    She is never ever with them whereas Tom always is.
    Before here Both Connor and Bella were in Finland when he was filming there too.
    I think Tom talks about Suri more because people ask about her but maintains the privacy of the older ones.
    Look at his actions more. He clearly loves them.

  • Olive

    Cult members stick together. Bella and Conor won’t have lives separate from the cult just like Tom’s mother and sisters. They all lived in the same house for years and probably still do. That is very odd for normal families to all live in one house. That’s probably why Katie escaped to NY every chance she got.