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Kate Bosworth: NYC Stroll with Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth: NYC Stroll with Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth looks stunning while out and about on Friday (September 7) in New York City.

The 29-year-old actress held hands with her fiance Michael Polish as they enjoyed their afternoon stroll.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

The cute couple is in town for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

That same day, Kate and Michael attended the Cushnie et Ochs Spring 2013 Fashion Show at Milk Studios.

Earlier in the week, the Kate attended the opening of the Proenza Schouler store in the Big Apple.

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Credit: Felipe Ramales; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • sinca

    They get creepier looking every day.

  • Cheap

    Both are a couple of cheap tack

  • yes


  • WTMF

    Seriously, again? Yes Kate, we see your ring. No Kate, we still don’t care.

  • danielik

    This awkward couple again? Why?

  • Din

    Does she even “work” anymore?

  • No kate

    As soon as Alexander gets a post related to actual WORK for WMK u show your boney body with that midget flashing off some second hand sparkle that is probably his ex wifes engagement ring and NO ONE STILL GIVES A SHIT ABOUT YOUR MAKE BELIEVE WEDDING

  • landa

    have you ever wondered who this kind of artist buy space in these gossip sites, they are irrelevant, don’t have none important job to publicize , but are always on these sites

  • Nina

    I love her style. The dress is so beutiful.

  • Blackcat9

    Wow!! 4 out of 5 photos of Kate showing off her RING! She is just DESPERATE for attention isn’t she?

  • Macy

    Right on cue with the new post. Yes we get it, you have a ring and you’re strolling “carefree” in NYC. Oh look, another beige dress combined with ratty hair. How groundbreaking. LOL

  • Lois

    Kbola and Manorexic need to stop.

  • chelle

    @Blackcat9: don’t you love the nightgown thing she has on?? Damn!!!! She looks awful in whatever the hell that is!

    As for her ordinary ring she keeps flashing…. really?? Now if she had a stunner like Kloe Kardashian I could see the constant flashing but that??? We all know you are engaged and no one cares now stop famewho*ing it out you freak!

  • Macy

    Dear MP: You’re not supposed to look right at the camera if you don’t want people to think you already knew they were coming. Pffff!

  • chelle

    BTW – what in the hell in he wearing??? Seriously dude quit with the slicked back hair thing!!!

  • ladybug

    @chelle: It’s like the earlier papwalk, she forget to take off her negligee and just threw on her shoes.
    At least it almost covers her knees. OTOH, she appears to be not wearing a bra, and really, she needs to wear a bra.

    And she still looks puffy in the face.

  • Claire Mélusine

    The way she’s putting her hand in the air so that people can see her ring is painfully embarrassing…tacky, tacky…

  • bailee

    her face is weird, like it’s been pulled tight.
    she used to be so cute (blue crush, win a date with tad hamilton), what happened?

  • LeeSeol

    i like her purse.

  • Jeannie

    A lot of people walk around NY daily. I fail to see how this is worthy of a post. Oh right, this is her attempt to fight to stay relevant. My mistake, carry on,

  • ladybug

    @LeeSeol: I’m surprised that JJ hasn’t told us the brand-is it from her TackyMint collection? What about the nightgown, who made that?

    @Macy, yes it’s beige, but remember, she’s a fashionista, ‘She gets fashion and who the new exciting designers are! ” We’re just jealous because we don’t have have fashion foresight like she does!

  • Texas Swede

    I find it interesting this walk happened before the previous post on the event at Milk Studios. Zoom in on her face and it should answer the questions about whether she had something done (chemical or other) to her face before the event. You can see the sags around the mouth and chin in these.

    And these are not the faces of a happy couple at all.For PR purposes this thread should never have made the light of day. But it sure reinforces the ‘work’ theories and the ‘something is rotten’ in the KaMo world.

  • Macy

    It’s a hideous purse, and that dress…if you can call it that, just looks like a slip or night gown. She doesn’t look good in that color, it washes her out. Too bad she never seems to understand that.

  • Lois

    Seriously, who the h*ll stands around like this?

    Her opened mouth, silly puddy looking face is just too….ick.

  • Lois

    She’s really not trying to show the ring? Okay.

  • freya

    I usually don’t comment on her threads, because a) i don’t want to give more than she already gets (maybe if we stop commenting JJ will stop posting on her, but that’s only if he doesn’t get paid for it, which I doubt so maybe that’s just wishfull thinking anyway) and b) if you don’t have anything nice to say, just skip the post and move on…
    but today I will comment:
    -someone should tell her to wear a bra, her peas are sagging
    -someone should tell her not to wear beige, it doesn’t suit her
    -she should wash her hair, it looks dirty/greasy. and maybe she should cut it to freshen it up a bit, it looks lifeless (eating right would help too)
    -she should stop messing with her face, once upon a time (long long ago) she was pretty

    I think I’m done now…

  • Whoa.

    I can usually get on board with a lot of her outfits but I hate this dress. The material looks cheap and it’s not cinched around her waist in a flattering way. The purse is a horrible accompaniment (sp?) and the shoes are too heavy/casual to go with a delicate dress like that. Plus the dangly jewelry with the heavy purse chain is not good. Outfit fail.

  • Whoa.

    BTW, check out these hella dilated pupils: — Needed some happy pills before the event, did you? Man… I am feeling mean today. *claw hand*

  • Blackcat9

    @chelle: I can see it now! Kate was up again all night crying and pulling her tantrums. “WHY? Oh! WHY! am I not getting the ATTENTION I DESERVE!! After all night of trying to PLACATE her MP grabs Kate’s phone and hits the PAPS she has on SPEED DIAL! Honey! BOO! BOO! just grab your shoes and don’t forget the “ENGAGEMENT RING” and let’s go make a Spectacle of ourselves and get you that attention! No time to spend hours picking out an outfit. Just wear that lovely(YUCK) nightie you have been wearing all night!

  • Lily

    Love her!

  • blackbird

    Her face is starting to look sunken in. Jared, you should be ashamed of calling her stunning. This girl is sick and you’re just fueling her illness.

  • Lilla

    @Jeannie: I was going to say that I see a lot of celebs walking around here daily & very rarely do I see the cameras following them.

  • Toni

    @blackbird: Wow…I agree! Intervention someone! Not being mean, I am serious.

  • chelle

    Ok really not a fan of Kartrashians but if that ring looked like this then totally worth the papwalk famewho*ing flashy crap….

  • ladybug

    @Din: “Does she even “work” anymore?” This is her work, getting papped and showing up for fashion shows.

    And hey, Black Rock is showing at the London film festival, so she’s got another red carpet event to look forward to:

  • Jeannie

    @Macy: He almost looks annoyed, which is laughable. Come on MP, you knew what you signed up for when you started dating this one.

    @Lilla, exactly!

  • DailyNightly

    I don’t like her shoes with this dress but at least she’s not wearing those f**king ugly ankle boots. She and Molish look like they are lost. Anyone notice that there are never pictures of people asking for her autograph??

  • Trouble

    If these were taken before the show and they look unhappy, it could explain MP not going to the show with her. Despite JJ saying he was there, I didn’t see any pictures of him there with her.

  • ladybug

    @Trouble: She didn’t look happy during the show, did she? And when he goes isn’t he usually in the front row with her?

    @Jeannie, if he didn’t know when they started dating, I hope he’s figured it out by now. Usually he seems to enjoy it, or at least be bemused by it.

  • Make it stop!
  • ladybug

    @Make it stop!: As already mentioned, when the only film they mention is one that is now over 10 years old, you have a problem.

    And this: “We’re talking about doing something. It’s just you know for me, obviously I understand how much work goes into [designing a line] and the kind of team that needs to come together to make something really great. So that’s really where my focus is right now, kind of looking into that.”

    Who’s ‘we’? Cher? MP? Jasper?

    Maybe they can call it Beige.

  • Jeannie

    @ladybug: Exactly! He doesn’t seem so amused in these shots. At the same time, I hardly feel sorry for him.

  • ladybug

    @Jeannie: I don’t feel sorry for him at all. It’s one thing to not like it, but he’s seemed to support and encourage her famewhoring, so if it annoys when it happens, well, too bad.

  • Whoa.

    @ladybug: That quote sounds like how I talk about things when I don’t want to talk about things. Perhaps she’s in the process of acknowledging to herself that she’s done acting and is finding a way to move on to something more fulfilling and where she might be more welcome. From personal experience, I know any kind of career/dream transition is rough so I’m willing to forgive this awful outfit. In general, I think Kate has a lot of admiration in the fashion community and might feel more at home there. More power to her. I hope she finds her niche and begins to recover from her Attention Addiction Disorder.

  • Jeannie

    @ladybug: That’s how I feel too. Give her an inch…

  • chelle

    @Whoa.: She might get much more admiration if she were more original. To me the straight off the runway look is boring and that’s her go to…copycat. Mix it up a little and quit trying to dress like a 13 -17 year old kid…. just an opinion but then again I am sooo not into fashion never have been. I wear what I like and what’s comfy.

  • ladybug

    @Whoa.: I understand what you’re saying, but she should have been going through this transition for several years, frankly. She’s not worked on acting on a regular basis for several years, and she’s had JewelMint for almost two. If I’m reading it as a transition, I’m reading it as a transition from JM, not from acting.

  • giuseppe lentini

    Have you ever been mad at someone? I have, check it out:

  • ladybug

    @chelle: I’m not sure how widespread the ‘admiration’ is. I know she still has supporters in the fashion world, obviously, but it seems to be a core group, and hasn’t really expanded over the years. When was her last major fashion cover? Or well-known endorsement?
    And when she does dress well, isn’t it usually because Cher styled her? Take Cher out of the picture, and what does she have? I know she really likes fashion, and her father was in retail, but it’s sort of like her acting, there’s just not enough there there to really put her in the upper echelon of either acting or fashion.

  • Whoa.

    Well I personally hope fashion works out for her otherwise she might start thinking she can write. *side eye at Hilary Duff*