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Duchess Kate & Prince William Win Topless Photos Case

Duchess Kate & Prince William Win Topless Photos Case

Kate Middleton and Prince William have reached a victory against French publication Closer in the topless photos scandal.

The 30-year-old Duchess of Cambridge was photographed without her top on during a private vacation with her husband at a chateau in France earlier this year.

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Closer has been ordered to “turn in all digital copies of the photos by noon Wednesday, must not print the photos further and will face a $12,000 fine each time it defies the ruling,” according to ABC News.

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcome the judge’s ruling,” a representative for St. James’s Palace said.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the decision in the Duchess Kate topless photos case?

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  • Olive

    Maybe Kate should keep her clothes on when she’s out in public. Stupid!! They know the paps are everywhere. If she wasn’t in her home, it was stupid to take her top off.

  • tSquared


    She was in a private home of one of William’s relatives and she had every expectation of privacy. And yes, maybe she should have realized that someone with a camera a half mile away would take her picture, but she did not. This was a gross invasion of privacy.

  • willanka

    Wow that was fast.

  • Olive

    The photos looked like she was outside and not inside a house.

  • Olive

    She looks to be outside on a balcony. I wouldn’t take my top off on a balcony with all the people walking around just with Cellphones. If she was inside a home with shades drawn and they put a camera to the window and took her picture, then i’d feel sympathy for her.

  • Val

    @Olive: It was NOT in public! That’s the point. The paparazzi were invading their privacy and deserve an even higher fine. This is way too creepy.

  • Olive

    What pictures are you seeing? Isn’t she standing outside on a balcony?

  • DakotaF

    As the future queen she should not be sunbathing topless! Where were the bodyguards and help while she paraded topless? She could be seen from a public road so there was no breach of privacy. She is a wealthy priviledged woman that gets the best of everything served up to her – she courts the press until they dare publish a picture of her that she does not approve of – the British press have no problem publishing photos of other famous nude celebrities. Are they so sainted and hallowed that nothing negative can be published. For heaven sakes it just boobs. But if you don’t want your bits shown to the world then for keep your clothes on ….. just saying

  • Adriana

    Of course, money ALWAYS wins. BTW, Kate, NOBODY gives a shit about your boobs; every woman’s got them. I really can not stand her. She loves to be looked at, but when she speaks it’s an entirely other story. Listen to her speeches, people. Boring and unemotional. She’s a great addition to the royal family, great for public appearances. Don’t expect her to be emotionally invested in any of these organizations she–fake–smiles for. Moreover, I HATE when they compare her to Diana. Kate is fake. Diana was real. THAT’S the difference.

  • lurkersville

    Good fro them And how funny that in the Solomon Islands the women showed solidarity by being topless.

  • sexy mama

    Glad to see everyone is on the side of Kate & William. What next? some sleazy photog getting a picture of soemone in the shower and idiots claiming well you should have closed the curtain.? Fuq outtahere

  • justsayin

    And that is how it’s DONE! Yay Royals! Great victory :)

  • tSquared

    She was outside at the pool and the pictures were taken from a half mile away. It was a tree-filled rural area.

  • Lily


    It took Diana a good 10 years for the public to know her. Kate is just on the scene. Being the girlfriend of a Royal is not the same as actually marrying one, getting a title and being thrust in the public. it’s like night and day. Thankfully William is the SON of the heir not the direct heir so all you Kate haters can go suck up to Camilla Parker Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwal, future Queen, instead, while Kate & Will start a family, hang with their generation and do low key engagements.

  • Finanas

    People, stop blaming her… she is a young woman from nowadays, she can be topless on the rooftop of a very remote house in the countryside of France. She was very far from the first house, she was alone with her hubby… who can blame her? And why all the fuss? She was just topless…and we don’t see very much.

  • um

    I’m glad for these two but I follow the Monaco royals more.They are constantly in the glossy tabs in Europe. Did anyone know that Grace Kelly’s grandson (Princess Caroline’s son) got engaged this summer and his heiress fiancee is rumored to be pregnant? They have been together for 7 years before he put a ring on her.

    Andrea Casiraghi And Tatiana Santo Domingo Celebrate Their Engagment

  • Olive

    I guess some of you would think it’s okay to sunbath topless in your back yard too. You’d think she’d save the naked body for the privacy of their bedroom. She’s the one fussing about it with the lawsuit even though she chose to expose herself.

  • Tommy

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  • Rebecca

    If they were on a PRIVATE vacation then the photogs should not have taken the pictures. I am darn sure most on here would not want to be in a supposed private area and then someone take pictures of you. Most on here would consider that an invasion of privacy. Just because someone is famous does not mean they have no private moments. I don’t care if she is the future queen. She was on a private vacation with her husband. She went on a private balcony topless. She assumed her privacy would be respected and I am sure most would also. The photog and the magazine are in the wrong.

  • Yolden


    She shouldn’t have taken her top off and they wouldn’t have had this “privacy violated.” Should the photographer have been taking those photos? No. But she was stupid and naive enough to think that no one would be there (despite the fact that photographers follow her around 24/7).

    As a princess, you really should not be taking your top off anywhere besides the bedroom or shower. I think a LOT less people will have respect or liking for her now-and I used to think she was the classiest girl ever, now that went straight out the window.

  • Rebecca

    @Adriana: What do you mean Diana was real? Seriously now?!! Diana was also commoner and not royality as is Kate. So what do you mean Diana is real and Kate is not. I am sure if Diana was alive she’d not want anyone referring ot her son’s wife in that way.

  • TOO Late

    Saw the royal titties already

  • maevy


    She was not in public dumb ass.She was at a private resort owned by their relative Lord Lindley. The Photographer basically invade that privacy and shot those pictures in hawk eyes view with a special lens. That is against the law. Especially when she was with her husband. Maybe you
    ll love a photographer to do the same thing to you on your private life.

  • Adriana

    @Lily: Low key?LMAO. Nuff said.

  • Adriana

    @Rebecca: Well if you want me to spell it out for you…… I meant that Diana did things GENUINELY in the way that Kate DOES NOT. That is why the Royal family loves Kate. That is also why the royal family hated Diana and wanted her dead.

  • believe

    Congratulations to this couple on this important win. They were on their honeymoon for heaven’s sake and that is what honeymooners do! They did believe they were in total privacy. The paps have the means to take pictures a half mile away and even more in certain circumstances. People should be able to have the expectation of privacy when they are on private property. I am so glad that French rag got what’s coming to them.

  • Jemma
  • laura

    I think it’s all the royal family who insisted on the case, for their global image, not Kate as a single.

  • laura

    Honestly guys, she’s just been stupid to take her top off.
    For me it wouldn’t be a problem and I would consider her just as a normal woman, but since she married the royal family she should know that if she does it it’s a scandal. And there’s really no need to sunbathe topless.. Really, it’s not like you’re giving up on a fundamental right.

    And maybe the house seemed isolated, but everybody know that with modern technology they have lenses that catch even very far away subjects.

  • Adriana

    @laura: Doesn’t matter. She has enough power to get out of it. It might as well be the same.

  • scallywag

    One might feel pride that the royal family can stop a media entity from running images of its private affairs but then one has to also wonder when it and other elite and powerful offices then start going after media entities also seeking criminal redress for what it perceives it to be offensive and a slight of hand.

    It’s one thing to preserve ones privacy but perhaps it’s even more important the media be allowed to express and examine ideas that entities such as the royal family from time to time may dislike. The royal house may be based on archaic feudalism but western society ought to be based on a free society‚Ķ.

  • chris

    Willie fug.