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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Separate LAX Landings!

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Separate LAX Landings!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson make separate exits out of LAX Airport after arriving from international flights on Thursday (October 25) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old actress arrived on a flight from Japan while Rob, 26, arrived on a flight from Australia. They both were abroad doing promotional events for their new film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

Rob arrived at LAX just a couple hours before Kristen did, but they took separate transportation home.

20+ pictures inside of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart arriving at LAX Airport…

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kristen stewart robert pattinson separate lax landings 01
kristen stewart robert pattinson separate lax landings 02
kristen stewart robert pattinson separate lax landings 03
kristen stewart robert pattinson separate lax landings 04
kristen stewart robert pattinson separate lax landings 05
kristen stewart robert pattinson separate lax landings 06
kristen stewart robert pattinson separate lax landings 07
kristen stewart robert pattinson separate lax landings 08
kristen stewart robert pattinson separate lax landings 09
kristen stewart robert pattinson separate lax landings 10
kristen stewart robert pattinson separate lax landings 11
kristen stewart robert pattinson separate lax landings 12
kristen stewart robert pattinson separate lax landings 13
kristen stewart robert pattinson separate lax landings 14
kristen stewart robert pattinson separate lax landings 15
kristen stewart robert pattinson separate lax landings 16
kristen stewart robert pattinson separate lax landings 17
kristen stewart robert pattinson separate lax landings 18
kristen stewart robert pattinson separate lax landings 19
kristen stewart robert pattinson separate lax landings 20

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • RupertSanders

    Come to Daddy

  • Burp

    Both are back to looking miserable. These two really are so fake. They both have an internal negative vibe. They are no more happy about Twilight promoting that a man sitting on death row.

  • rosie

    @Burp: do you normally smile alone at airports after a long flight? probably not

  • home again

    Rob generously tipped his driver
    Kristen wildly banged her driver

  • liz

    i can’t stand either of them to be honest. very annoying. especially Kristen

  • amanda

    80′s rappers called…they want their hat back

  • twc

    Of course they took separate transportation home…you can’t honestly expect Rob to sit in LAX for two hours surrounded by pap sharks.

    Oh you haters…why waste your time coming on the board making hateful comments and bullying Rob and Kristen…they’re young, rich, succesful and very much in love so they really don’t give a sh!t what you think…ain’t it coooool?!! lol

  • Beantown Girl

    I’m sorry but either these two look so downright depressing or they are not happy with all the money they are raking in from the Twilight saga. At least show some happiness for life. People on Earth can’t get jobs or pay their bills.

  • http://yahoo Rita

    @Beantown Girl:do you smile all the time …rhink not ….Rob got back after 14 hr flight …dont thing any one feels like smiling after such a long flight ……so chill . he is looking so good even after the flight …it is amazing .

  • http://yahoo Rita

    Rob is looking so good …love the open neck shirt .

  • nepenthes

    Robert looks good! I love his casual style.

  • http://yahoo ashley

    welcome back Rob , just loved all the interviews and photocall in australia …looking forward to BD2 promos .!

  • http://yahoo seinna

    Rob looks hot …even love his sexy neck .

  • http://yahoo sam

    Rob is a great guy , love him but he should honestly leave her , she is bad news .

  • http://yahoo sexy rob

    Rob is looking so hot , after a 14 hour flight OMG !!!

  • http://yahoo Penny

    hey Rob is back in LA .great !! loved all the stuff he did in Austrailia . looking forward to more bd2 Promotions , just love Robs interviews .

  • http://yahoo pia

    Rob is great , ditch the girl !

  • http://yahoo Anne

    Rob has interesting movies lined up , looking forward to them all . just wish he would leave her and start a new chapter in his life .

  • http://yahoo wendy

    nice to have Rob back in LA , he is adorable and has a great sense of humour . Cant wait for rest of the bd2 promo stuff .

  • http://yahoo sexy rob

    Rob is hot !!

  • juli

    of course he went home, what did you spect? he sitting at a coffee shop in lax for three hours waiting for her? omg

  • Halie

    I hope he found his a back bone while he was away. Because a weak man do not look hot at all.

  • Beantown Girl


    In fact yes I do, because I’m thankful I made it off the plane alive and it didn’t crash after I left Afghanistan. Go rethink your life.

  • uh huh

    I can’t wait for this Twilight fad to be over. Everything about this movie sucks hard. The books, the movies, the fans…etc

  • uh huh

    about this series*

  • Jackie

    Oh look Trampire and Trampire’s doormat boyfriend.

  • sissi

    She may have millions in cash but zero millions in character.She could be friends with Lean Rhimes.

  • sissi



  • Burp

    Stop making excuses for these miserables. They are “stars” and they certainly didn’t fly coach. So why are they so sour face. They can sport a smile afterall if they were so cheery when they arrived in those countries where they promoted why look so glum here.


  • MegCH

    @twc: Why do you bother leaving messages too? Because you can and because you want to. Same goes with those that don’t share your opinions. If you can leave comments, so can they. Don’t engage them if their words bother you so much.

  • Mia

    Rob looks so serious because he probably doesn’t want to play “nice” with paparazzi who must have been screaming a million things at his face. That’s why the put those earphones on as well. The things the paps must be screaming at him now!

  • kingkayski

    Kristen got lots of goodies from Japan,love love her hand carry blue bag,it got her initial on it.Love the hat too,it must be for Rob ,her only love.Who cares if they don’t smile at the airport,only nitpicking old hags noticed this kinds of stuff.Don’t you think you would look silly if you grin from ear to ear without nothing to smile about,you’d look loco.

  • http://yahoo sally

    Rob is back in LA ….LA just got hotter ! he is a nice bloke ! i will support him hope he gets rid of the trash

  • http://yahoo daisy

    luv u Rob , looking forward to all your new projects !

  • http://yahoo ashley

    finally twilight series is ending , am ready to see Rob in new roles with new female leads !

  • http://yahoo new chapter

    Rob will be turning a new leaf in his life with twilight ending . after watching cosmopolis i know this guy can act . he has the talent and am excited about all his new projects . hope he finds a new girl friend soon .

  • http://yahoo ashley

    Rover sounds very interesting , all the best Rob !

  • http://yahoo avk

    looking forward to Rob’s new Roles , Rover , mission black list and queen of the desert .

  • R

    the two biggest hollywood’s jokes are back! these dumb scoundrels who worship them as the gods of mediocrity are delighted! yay!

  • live to tell

    Rob always wears headphones while walking through airports now a days.He is scared of hearing what those photographers say about his skank gf

  • eve


    They have never smiled in airports when surrounded by paps screaming insults at them.

  • http://yahoo Lena

    Rob is a great guy and i am routing for him . he looks hot ! loved him in cosmopolis . He was the best in the first twilight movie . his future projects look good .

  • http://yahoo bright

    yeah Rob has made interesting career choices and i believe he has the talent and am waiting to see him in these different roles .

  • KissThis

    umm yeah, they’re taking different transportation and not meeting up like they used to because he’s done with her. For good.

  • OTR

    Love these two. And honestly people…who wants to smile when they are trying to get out of an airport after a long flight only to be attacked by paps? I’m sure none of you would..unless you want attention.

  • Annoyed

    @Beantown Girl:
    Okay I don’t really care about these two but god
    Eave them alone already. Would you smile after a 14 or so hour flight with papz shoving cameras down your throat. They make movies to entertain us not so we can judge them because their not smiling and posing for photos at ungodly hours in the night so you can judge them for not being the way you think they should be. It’s mainly twilight and Robert and Kristen haters that always have the negative comments on these gossip sites.their normal people who make movies there personal life should not be of any interest to us as long as they keep making movies, thereareno celebs that I no of who have been as bashed by the general population as these two. Cut them some slack and stop being obsessed haters who think they have a right to judge them so harshly, I wonder how good of an actor you are for all the people who say they can’t act or that they don’t smile or they look miserable even though they make millions and are celebs. Well I said my two cents and I’m sure a lot of you will be thinking or saying nasty things about my opinion as well now. I think that if they are together than that’s good for them and if this is all a publicity sunt the that’s screwed up however I think that they are together and are not faking anything, I don’t care how much I’d be paid I wouldn’t pretend to be with someone just for a bigger pay check, but the reasoning think these two look so miserable is because they’ve got people always hating on then for even waking up let alone the other things. If their together than congrats, Roberts a really good guy if he can forgive Kristen for the public humiliation,and I hope Kristen’s learned her lesson and knows what she really wants in life meaning if she really wants Robert or not sloshed doesn’t do what she did before. I also don’t believe that saying once a cheater always a cheater, look at brad and angelina, they didn’t get as much shit as theses two most importantly Angelina did not get the same amount of judgement for breaking up a married couple for her affair with brad as Kristen did for her minor indiscretion, sure brad didn’t have any kids but come on Angelina still should have known better to have an affair with married man and she was thought to be more mature than Kirsten. If the saying was accurate then should brad and ang have already cheated on each other?

  • http://facebook bjsmith


  • http://facebook bjsmith

    I too am looking forward to Robs future movies. He seens to be a very nice young man. I also think that he needs to start a new chapter in his life. Since living in American Rob has not openly associated with anyone but Kristen. He needs to get to know other women. To learn Kristen is not the one. Stop settling. He is young with plenty of time to look for the one. I just don’t think its Kristen. Did anyone see what she did at the Cannes Festival in France? She broke away from her security and ran through them knocking one of them to the ground. One Security guy said man shes crazy. This was because she didn’t like the crowd. Go to youtube if don’t believe. This young woman has issues. Run Rob!