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Katie Holmes: My Values Guide Me in An Instinctual Way!

Katie Holmes: My Values Guide Me in An Instinctual Way!

Katie Holmes holds hands with her adorable daughter Suri Cruise while taking a stroll with friends on Friday (November 9) in New York City.

The day before, the 34-year-old actress was spotted donning ear muffs while arriving for a preview performance of her upcoming play Dead Accounts.

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Katie recently talked with the NY Times about how similar she is to her character Lorna in the play.

“I’m like Lorna in that my values guide me in an instinctual way, like, ‘That feels weird’ or ‘I better send a thank you,’” Katie shared. “Also, the Midwestern work ethic: You do what you do, and you don’t talk about it. You don’t say, ‘Oh, I’m a doctor.’ You won’t have many friends if you do that. And when you’re in the entertainment business where you’re applauded for so many things – — ”

15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes taking a stroll with Suri

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Credit: JT/Watts; Photos: INF Daily
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  • Lainey nails it

    From Lainey Gossip–she nails it!

    The New York Times was granted an interview, sort of, with Katie Holmes in service of her new play Dead Accounts. It’s hilarious, the article. Because the writer is quite obviously working with…nothing. He manages in the end to grind out a piece about her and her co-stars but oh my God, I can practically hear him yawning through the process. Jesus Katie Holmes is dull.

    She likes ice cream and boxed wine (a reference to something to a detail in the play), these are the only two maybe interesting items she offers in the interview. See? Dull. And now we can’t blame it on him anymore. Katie was dull before, ostensibly because Tom Cruise and Xenu had lobotomised her. Is she dull now because she does not want to fuel the intrigue around her personal life? You can avoid discussing your personal life without losing your personality, can’t you?

  • Ana

    She is not with friends, she is with her sisters and the little girl is her niece

  • no

    Well you can see who the was behind the kid not wearing winter coats and mitts…and it was not Katie it was Tommy Boy…nice to see her wearing winter coats…

  • JC

    Hey look at that six year old walking all by herself without mommy carrying her. They grow up so fast. Next thing you know she won’t need diapers anymore.

  • Green

    I don’t think she cares to be interesting to anyone. I think she just enjoys acting, not the spotlight for its own sake. Dull or not, she seems genuine.

  • annie

    she doesn’t strike me as a person with a lot of values — she entered into a sham marriage and had the nerve to bring the kid into it. which values were driving that decision — greed??

  • Delana

    Banana fana bobana……..yawaaannnnnnn

  • alec

    ana- The girl in the pink jacket is her niece?

  • lindsay

    Suri is the most adorable. She looks so much happier with more structure then before when she was homeschooled.

  • see

    a science fiction writers so called religion
    that feels weird indeed
    at least she got a daughter out of it, the only real thing in the world

  • annie

    Katie has never given anything away in interviews. She was with Chris K for over 4 yrs, and never talked about him, or very , very little, and same with him.
    Even in DC interviews, and movie interviews.
    But in a way, this has worked against her, because Hollywood likes over the top, not quiet, although I don’t think quiet is the right word She’s more a listener, than a talker.
    I agree she likes the the acting , but not the spotlight, it’s there and it’s tolerated , but no more than that
    Doubt she’ll be raving about TC in years to come, or even mentioning him. And I also think that she is a very genuine person, who maybe got involved in a not so genuine lifestyle, and people.
    People do appreciate , genuine….has anybody noticed that her friends are unassuming as well. they seem regular. The poser friends of before are gone.
    I’ve read a lot about certain things, and certain people, since her divorce, things I never knew before, and it’s really opened my eyes.
    Still think that it was more than just Scie that got her to file for divorce, I got the feeling she was angry , big time.

  • annie

    I think that is her sister in law, and niece.

  • dani

    Annie, you obviously are a huge fan of hers. I never read any of her interviews pre-Cruise, but since meeting him every interview she has done – she comes off sounding vapid, idiotic, and often just plain stupid. Since you know her better than most of us that post–she supposedly has a high IQ. Is this true? If so, one would never know. Even when talking about Dizzy Feet she sounds like brainless and clueless. Surely as an actress she could be more articulate? And I’m sure she will never talk about Cruise as he probably has her locked up a hundred ways in a confidentiality agreement. I’ve read that Kidman hates him, yet if you notice, she is always very polite about him when every interviewer asks about him. Talks about past love, his place in her life etc. She has a script for it. Katie will get one most likely as people are never going to stop asking. And Tom will sue either woman big time if they say anything negative about him, his household, or Xenu. But it doesn’t stop anyone from asking. You criticize Kidman all the time for talking about him, but it has been ten years and interviews always ask about him and are always trying to trip her up. Same will go for Katie.

  • Gresham

    Ms Holmes is the world’s most boring bimbo I have ever seen/heard on the talk shows she is on. She needs to shut her trap. It’s hilarious to hear what comes out of her mouth.

    What did TC see in her????????????????

  • Ana


    Yes, she is

  • annie

    really, i don’t get it, she was asked a question …she answered it, and more.
    what do you want her to do, go on and on until it doesn’t make sense.
    danni have you read the article in ny times, there’s nothing wrong with it.
    you get the impression that the writer wanted a bit more from her personal life….like tom cruise , and divorce, but didn’t get it.
    she actually comes across as a very nice person, and the wine bit was a joke.
    and danni about kidman….please
    for 10yrs , tom was magnifecent, we were so much in love, i became a celebrity for love, we were so tight, and on and on.
    this is a woman whose husband dumped her for another woman, made sure she didn’t get 1/2 his money, didn’t care she was in hospital miscarrying, and found the opportunity to keep the kids on a permanent basis, because she was so apparently depressed , she left them with him so she could make movie after movie.
    sorry , but i don’t doesn’t make sense
    all she has to do is avoid it, or don’t talk about it, that’s it, but the truth is honestly i believe she still carries a torch for him, truly that’s what i believe, or that’s the only way she can get attention to herself, talking about tom cruise…….listen to it danni ….talking about tom cruise, over and over, surely that doesn’t make sense to you does it, no matter how much you like her
    sorry i can’t agree on both counts.
    unlike a lot of people here I am honest about katie, if i like something i say it, if not i say it.
    but you just stick up for nk because you like her no matter what.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: BET YA, it was Bella the teenage witch giving her a run for her money. No pun intended!!! If not the reason, the tipping point!!!!

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Gresham: Young and dumb. That was Charlie Sheen’s motto. Too bad she couldn’t see it. All he had to do is put put her up on a pedestal and she fell for it. Other, more sensible stars, Scarlet Johansen turned around and ran. I say, give her a chance and let her act , and for God’s sake, get those teeth capped. Bet ya she would blossom!!!

  • Sincerely concerned

    At the risk of being brutally honest. She is so full of s***. She boasts about being humble but reeks of my dad the lawyer, my brother from Harvard, private catholic school. I would rather hear, “to whom much is given, much is expected”. I keep trying to give her a chance because I know she honestly is trying but, …..cut the crap!!!!

  • Sincerely concerned

    Is this the sister whose husband got it for embezzlement with a funeral home $$$$$$$$$$$$$$???$?$??? ….humble Midwestern values my a**!!!!

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: you’re either getting paid or you are a fool.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Katie reminds me of a friend of my dtr’s. this girl honestly could not keep her yap shut….. One day she came over. (She was around 16 at the time) and she told us how her dad had told her, “”Claire, it’s better to keep your mouth shut than to open it and show people how stup you really are.” Some people Never grow up.

  • Sincerely concerned

    How STUPID you really are.

  • Lily

    I noticed ever since Tom isn’t in the picture, Suri dresses according to the weather. Remember those cold NYC days in the winter when Suri only had on a sleeveless princess dress and bare legs ? Scietntologists believe in not saying NO to their kids, so Suri did what Suri wanted to do. Now that it’s just Katie and Suri, it looks like Suri now wears what her Mom tells her to wear. Good for you Katie !