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Gerard Butler Talks Current Girlfriend on 'Tonight Show'!

Gerard Butler Talks Current Girlfriend on 'Tonight Show'!

Gerard Butler and Olivia Munn take on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday night (December 3) in Burbank, Calif.

On the show, the 43-year-old Scottish actor spoke about his new girlfriend, and got very coy when asked about her! The gal in question is rumored to be actress/model Madalina Ghenea, though nothing is confirmed.

“It’s been seven months now…it’s not a record,” Gerard joked.

Olivia, who rocked an Ani Lee dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Loren Stewart rings, chatted about the difference between photo shoots for a male and a female. Click inside to check out Olivia‘s imitations!

If you’ll remember, last year Olivia enjoyed Virgin America’s fleet-wide WiFi and moonlighting during the airline’s inaugural flight from San Francisco to Palm Springs. This December 22, Virgin America will be launching the only direct service from New York to Palm Springs!

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685 Responses to “Gerard Butler Talks Current Girlfriend on 'Tonight Show'!”

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  1. 126
    A dose of reality Says:

    @Seriously: Call it negativity if you want. Are you sure of when these were taken? Are you aware that she has posted pics that are months old, and sometimes even longer, and posted them in a new fb post, giving the impression they are new? She did this constantly while living with GB all summer. Do you see a logo or date, or anything to prove that she isn’t just having more pictures taken of herself for her book? You have to face who this person is, not who you want her to be.

  2. 127
    Over n Out Says:

    Fair play to him and her if that’s what he requires in a woman still shallow in my opinion but some men couldn’t care less about personality aslong they look good sad but true. They have a check list and will only stick to that. She’l prob be with him on his premier as shes prob been craving for this for months. I really do feel sorry for some of the girls he’s used and just took off without calling,2-3 timed, changed his number without explanation how can he expect to have a happy ever after i do wonder.

    I still think it wouldve been nice of him to say a nice thing about her or her name atleast. I do think he is his fathers son like he conned ppl and took off i think he is similar he played with the public and fans for so long that they were prob expecting something fantastic for him but hes shown what hes made off just plain shallow. He gave off this lost soul story for years im sorry but i doubt fans will fund his and his Juliet lifestyle i certainly wont for sure.

  3. 128
    Strands of Garland Says:

    I think Gerry did a great job as usual on Jay’s show. I think he is slowly putting the gf idea out there to see what the fans think of him no longer being available and also being careful because of some of the crazy fans. He has already mentioned that some fans even stalk him all the way to Scotland. Has anyone noticed the security guards around him lately? There is evidently some threats that he is taking very seriously. Also people have posted some very nasty things on her fb pages. I have no doubt that she is probably getting threats.
    So does anyone think that MG is here posing for a US Magazine?

    Gerry’s career is not over. Men in HW have a longer shelf life than female actresses. The whole movie industry is suffering because of the economy and people are being very selective as to where they spend their movie money.
    I think he didn’t go into detail about his gf is because he was there to promote his movie. He also added to it with a funny story about DQ as it related to the cast of PFK
    When he mentioned he had a gf he got a very positive reaction from the audience. He threw just enough info out there to peak peoples interest that they will go online and research for themselves which keeps people interested in him. It’s a sales technique that is called a teaser.
    Does he need to have more practice at being public with a gf? Absolulutely!!

    Some of the posts here are very depressing and very negative.IMO

  4. 129
    jealous phannies Says:

    i don’t.
    but their food is better than irish, english or scottish food.

  5. 130
    candy Says:

    LMAO…. Firstly which self obsessed person takes pics of the camera snippets and that arent even published if ppl wana see u they’l buy the magazine she seems so insecure that she has to post every pic of her woman that are naturally beautiful ooze confidence and you can see it….He’s as fake as plastic and she is well errmmm plastic perfect combo and match made in heaven i say… Trash meets trash you never hear trash meeting class.

    didnt bother watching the chat shows but from what i hear same old bullsh!t on his great adventures and fidgety and embarrassing cringe worthy moments when asked straight forward question get over yourself mate your days are numbered

  6. 131
    DocP Says:

    @jealous phannies:
    Posters like LOL love to throw around the word jealous and lump anyone who says something she doesn’t like (even when it’s the truth) into one large pot of jealousy. But the fact is there are many posters here that aren’t jealous at all. They just don’t like being played with and insulted. She has insulted every female that she has told her bizarre lies to. Quantum physics is her greatest passion?? Really, I too physics in college and I can tell you very few students could say they liked it or even cared at all for it. She wants to make herself look smart but she comes off as insulting. As far as paying piano, I can’t tell from the few notes she played, I can tell you that I’m taking piano at the local community college and after only 8 weeks we are playing whole chords not single notes. I grant you our teacher comes from the Russian Conservatory of Music in Moscow so she’s tough but still? You should be insulted because she’s lying to you to. Gerry should feel insulted because she is undoubtedly lying to him. However he’s thinking with ” little” Gerry which is why so many woman can pull the wool over a mans eyes. Either way jealousy has nothing to do with why the majority of women don’t like her. He!l, leven Olivia Munn was making fun of her. It’s bad enough so many men lie to women , the very least woman should stick together and be honest with each other. I will give you this, there are some woman here who are jealous of her because she has Gerry but not the majority . That’s where you have it wrong.

  7. 132
    SouthernBelle Says:

    Just saw GB on Ellen show. Nice appearance – he seemed relaxed, comfortable. Did promo for PFK – no girlfriend talk. Talked about roadtrip after OHF wrapped (with Freddie, btw).

  8. 133
    jealous phannies Says:

    @Strands of Garland:
    please, the general audience is not going to google his love life. only those who are sexually attracted to him would look into it. small percentage of the actual viewing audience. very slim chance. maybe 100-500 people and 500 is being generous.
    he is more hopeful people go to see the movie than do a google search on his love life.

  9. 134
    candy Says:

    @Strands of Garland:

    I dont think ppl have prob with him having a gf or romancing but they way he has played ppl….From the very start if had been upfront about his gf’s and not hidden then ppl wouldve been more accepting like other stars but he’s always been so strong about privacy and suddenly done a massive U-turn thats left ppl and fans thinking ‘what the hell is that all about’??? So hes his own worst enemy if you ask me

  10. 135
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    he did fine @ 12/04/2012 at 2:42 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down -2

    he seemed like a really sweet man, its no wonder mg is attracted to him, as are all of you.
    he will be a great daddy some day. you can tell by his sweet demeanor and she will be a daddy’s little girl.

    He is already practicing being daddy. He has a daddy’s little girl hanging off his arm now so your point is laughable. I

  11. 136
    Strands of Garland Says:

    As another poster put it he is done if he does, and done it he does’t.

  12. 137
    jealous phannies Says:


    their are so many malicious liars here and those are the ones playing you.
    blame them.
    physics and quantum physics are different courses.
    quantum physics is advanced physics. physics is an introductory course. but pbs teaches the general public about quantum physics if they bother to tune in. maybe she wants to be a bond girl. wasn’t there a quantum of solace movie or something in the recent years?
    based on the pic i saw of them together at cannes, i like her.
    and i like the way they are together. that’s what i am relying on. you are getting played into hating her, then that’s your problem for believing malicious gossip.

  13. 138
    whatshedonenow Says:

    @ Strands of Garlands

    He will be a laughingstock if he stays with the Romanian. Even Munn is taking the pisss out him, and that’s only the beginning. He needs to get a better faux girlfriend. Or better still a real girlfriend.

    @ Over and Out

    So agree with you about all those other women, most probably much nicer than the Romanian, who he’s humiliated by hiding or cheating on.

  14. 139
    nimi Says:

    @jealous phannies:

    Image plays a huge part im afraid hes just not got that type of power at the box office and so far he had a lot of backing from his fans. I just dont think he has anything new to offer at this stage how long can he stretch a 300, and now that he’s off the market i doubt ladies will be drooling at him or over him, he cant flirt anymore as wont be acceptable so i think he doesnt have many options

  15. 140
    MoggyMe Says:

    @he did fine: @he did fine:

    if you don’t know who vanessa redgrave is then you are the nobody.

    Um… I never said that I didn’t know who Vanessa Redgrave is. Apart
    from her films, i have seen her on the stage many times.
    I think you must have misread what I wrote: I was not referring to Miss Regrave in the post at all, but to the casting of GB by RF.

  16. 141
    A dose of reality Says:

    I agree with DocP and others on this so-called “jealousy” issue. I think the majority here don’t care if he dates at all. It’s “who” he’s dating that is distasteful at the moment. There may be one or two who are jealous, but I’m not even convinced of that. His choice is stomach churning, and there are many, many reasons why that’s so. My guess is the main reason behind the distress it’s causing the posters is that it reveals a very negative and shallow side to him, which fans don’t want to face, especially the phannies. Most wanted to hold him above the usual HW types, and believe he was a humble Scottish lad, but he’s not. Not anymore. Oh, and this “stalking” garbage is silly, also. No one’s stalking anyone. It’s all just more HW nonsense, to make him look important. He isn’t being stalked, and he doesn’t need bodyguards.

  17. 142
    jealous phannies Says:

    olivia munn was promoting olivia munn and how she got her job. as far as the walk she demonstrated she demonstrated TALL models with NO BOOBS. she demonstrated how she trained herself to walk to make it look like she was TALL TOO. she was comparing flat ballet style shoes to high heels and the difference in the walk. mg does not wear flat ballet shoe styles and mg does not do fashion shows. and she has BOOBS. and she walks good not slouchy like what olivia demonstrated.

  18. 143
    jealous phannies Says:


    you forget there are tons of crappy scripts in hw right now. its been a problem for awhile. superhero flicks get boring after awhile. people grow up.

  19. 144
    Devil's Advocate Says:

    I was disappointed in this interview because, like some others, I felt that the awkward injection of “girlfriend” was out of context, felt forced and was staged – maybe even as a PR move in response to these fan posts. Frankly, celebrities need to satisfy fans by doing good work and not pissing them off … not by trying to follow the small population of vocal posters.

    Someone mentioned Coriolanus and I agree he should do more decent work that challenges him, rather than just the physical training he did for 300. Yes, he’s versatile but he’s in no danger of winning any Oscars anytime soon. He doesn’t seem to be growing as an actor (like he’s always playing himself as the role instead of the character of the role) which is what keeps other actors’ fans growing in numbers and coming back.

    Also, his interviews are personal, awkward and boring because without any professional growth to discuss or any personal causes of substance, it’s always the same thing – wow you’re handsome, wow women love you, wow you bang models, wow you’re traveling, hey you’re Scottish. He did a great thing lending his celebrity to his co-star’s cause to help children with cancer. Why not use his platform on the Tonight show to raise awareness about that? His friend Jen Aniston is on tv lending her celebrity to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital … If he really cares sbout kids, why not make more public appearances at events for places like that, where both he and the cause can shine, instead of us enduring articles about how he mentioned a “girlfriend” twice on Leno? Then, JJ at least can post pics of him linked to something worthy that might generate some charitable support from fans, and it would give GB something that is actually interesting and substantive to talk about. And then he won’t have to dance around questions about his relationship status and leaving poor interviewers grasping for something new to ask him.
    I am a fan and like him, but it’s really kind of getting old – and girlfriend or not, his relationship status and looks are just not enough for the majority of fans to keep coming back and supporting him (HW has new hot guys coming up every minute). He made it on looks and charm, and earned a place in HW … but it won’t keep him there forever. Quality, transformative acting and a substantive personality with causes and conviction that fans will admire and respect will keep him relevant in HW for the long haul.

  20. 145
    jealous phannies Says:

    also movie industry is interested in young audiences from ages 16 up to age 35-40 because those are the ones with the spending power. this is a media FACT.

  21. 146
    DocP Says:

    @jealous phannies:
    Well first of all physics II gives an introduction to quantum physics, the only way you would take quantum physics is if you are actually going to make physics your major. From her bibliography on several sites hat many here have posted, she isn’t go to college. In fact shr dropped out of high school to pursue a career in modeling. I believe she may have done private tutoring to get her HS diploma but I’m not 100% sure on that . From the interview she gave bing translation stated her words were she dropped out of HS and sought private tutoring. Either way believe what you want it won’t change the truth, and I can’t make you see our point of view. Just know that not all woman are jealous of one another, it goes a lot deeper as to why one woman doesn’t always like another. Either way by break is ove and I need to get back to work. See ya when I gt off:)))

  22. 147
    whatshedonenow Says:

    Jealous phannies

    Most here will not be jealous if he had a half decent real or fake girlfriend. In fact they’d be relieved. They are just commenting on his BS faker attitude, and the apalling choices he makes in scripts and people.

  23. 148
    DocP Says:

    @jealous phannies:
    BTW, I don’t hate her, I can’t hate someone I don’t know. Further more hate is such a negative emotion. I don’t hate any of my fellow mankind. Disappointed is a much better description for my feelings. Not just in her or Gerry but in alot of my fellow mankind. I feel we treat each other poorly and bring out the worst in each other. That’s not why we were created, it was to support each other, not bring each other down.

  24. 149
    Hello Says:

    @Strands of Garland: Good post. I noticed that too about the security. Read one tweet that security went to starbucks with him and paps remarked. Does make you wonder what is going on behind the scenes and yes perhaps that might be good reason to keep MG away from him at this time. Who knows but gives pause for thought.

  25. 150
    jealous phannies Says:

    olivia munn was there to promote olivia munn. she was not there on gb’s behalf. but maybe leno thought it was a good matchmaking set up since they are both into motorcycles.

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