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Gerard Butler & Madalina Ghenea: New Year's Eve Kiss!

Gerard Butler & Madalina Ghenea: New Year's Eve Kiss!

Gerard Butler and his girlfriend Madalina Ghenea share a romantic kiss to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2013 on Monday (December 31) in Capri, Italy.

The 43-year-old actor and his gal brought in the new year with friends at Villa Verde Restaurant.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Earlier in the day, Gerard and Madalina were spotted walking around town together and visiting some shops.

The couple were in town to attend the 2012 Capri Hollywood Film Festival, where Gerard presented an award to his Olympus Has Fallen director Antoine Fuqua.

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gerard butler madalina ghenea new years eve kiss 04

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  • Leenah

    I’m romanian,like Madalina..I just wish a romanian girl could be famous for her talent,not for who she’s dating,we have good actors here,and some have the potential to make it in Hollywood,Madalina could be one of them but now she’s already targeted herself as a fame seeker by dating Leo DiCaprio and now Gerard..

  • Krista

    Considering he is looking at something/one else while he is kissing her I don’t think this is very serious lol. Shock!

  • GoodTimeGloria

    He does have his eyes open and appears to be looking at something/someone else. Also in the pictures of them shopping, no hand holding, no touching or arm in arm, nothing romantic about any of it in my opinion. It was New Year’s Eve, naturally they would share a kiss, but look at the way they are kissing. It looks “strange” at best, like she’s just got the lower part of his mouth. It’s not a full on kiss. No pictures that have come out of this Capri trip have shown a romantic or loving couple. These pictures are just way off the mark for that.

  • Ohboy

    One of the biggest signs that a guy isn’t all that into you, is when he’s looking at something/someone else while kissing, which is what Gerard is doing in this pic. One of the biggest tell-tale signs. And she looks very into the kiss, and very passionate about it, while he doesn’t. So many of these Hollywood men find women that look like models, and that look very sexually appealing, yet they have little to no chemistry with them. Leonardo Di Caprio comes to mind as well. However if they put their ego/pride aside, and took up with someone who’s not a supermodel but with whom they have great chemistry, they would be happier.

  • beautiful

    That guy is a walking std

  • SaidItSo

    I bet Brandi is jealous.

  • Ella

    She wants fame and he a thick account of bucks.That’s all.

  • Aquarius

    Just a freak. ((((((

  • Cassie

    And obviuously they shared their NYE kiss with the photographer LOL
    And she didn’t even dated DiCaprio for real, they were together like 2 days. She was just there to be photographed with him and she became “famous” for that.

  • SunnyAutumn

    I hope she is not invested in this relationship because he sure isn’t. He looks pissed and annoyed with his eyes wide open.

  • too bad

    They must be the shallowest couple ever… Too bad. He had so many of us fooled.

  • missjude

    lol!!!! gerry manages to look completely uninterested AGAIN. it’s now hilarious! she is way more into him…

  • Jessie

    He doesn’t seem to be into it.

  • Rosa

    Ewwww….I could have done without this on my lunch break. She looks rode hard and put away wet and he has always looked like a total dou/che/bag to me. He definitely does NOT seem into her. And she is an obvious camera w/hore. Quite a superficial pair….MFEO. Lmao.

  • stupid

    she looks like a he.

  • sad

    They both miserable during their walk!!! And not clean!!!

  • B

    ♪ Should’ve known you was trouble
    From the first kiss
    Had your eyes wide open
    Why were they open? ♫

    hahahhahah, He’s just bad. always. I don’t like this guy.

  • Sweet Tea

    Perfect for each other. Wish them all the best.

  • siennagold

    She’s more into the kiss than he is. lol.

  • beautiful

    Google the Chasing Mavericks movie filming photos for Gerard

    What a beautiful man!

    …..this was before madalina ghenea. 2 days ago he looked 50 now he looks 60

    ….little girl you are not “healthy” for him

    (could not post link here)

  • beautiful

    2011 – Before Madalina Ghenea:

    Google : 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards – Winner’s Walk (Gerard Butler)

    ….see a difference

    ….now who is going to come on the board now and lie to persuade she is good for him.

    ….game over madalina (persuading us. we’ve got your number…now take a backseat with every other famewh***). You are below standards for Hollywood honey.

  • Autumn

    Afternoon JJers! Happy new year – hope everyone had a lovely beginning to 2013.

    Interesting photo – kiss with your eyes open! Ugh, excuse me! There’s an acting job being overdone here. Oh well.

    Have a great day all!

  • beautiful
  • Truth

    I agree with all those who say that he really doesn’t seem into it.

  • @
  • Holly

    He’s back to looking like a drunk, homeless guy! She can have him. He looks like he smells….YUCK!

  • JC

    @beautiful: Such a great pic, that´s how he SHOULD look like.

  • The Noise In The Walls

    Sorry…. I an’t seeing it either..I agree with poster #4..I’ve seen Gerry kiss his co stars better than this..LOL!

    Arm candy….and bragging rights to say..Look Leo and Adrian..look what I have!….right…Gerry…you are only hurting yourself…sad…..very sad….oh the ego!!…let it go!!

  • Sassita

    It was one snapshot in less than a second of time. Should the pap have waited one more second till Gerry closed his eyes? I’m just astounded that all of you can “know for sure” by one snapshot in a fraction of a second EXACTLY what it means.

    You’re all equipped with super Xray vision and ESP and telepathic powers even more than Superman!

    Some of you are so desperate to slam them no matter what. JMO but he’s spending NYE with his love and I don’t see it as anything more than that.

    Thanks for giving me another great laugh today! The CIA and Mossad and M16 should give you a ring and hire you right away!

  • gems from last thread

    Gerry rinse your mouth, put down your plaything, zip up your pants and get the hel.l out of Capri….alone!

    A pharmacists’ wet dream………..gak
    Dementor that’s a good analogy! Of course did Gerry have a soul left to suck out
    AND FINALLY this posted just prior to this new thread….hmmmm?……….coinkydink?

    love some of the names the gals have come up with for ms maddy

    barnacle… some liked carbancle better


    peel and stick

    saran (wrap)

    soul sucker


    loose moral poorly knitted together trollup


    tranny giraffe



    coked out h/o

    flavor of the day

    romanian pro

    decatcho’s cast off

    brody’s lost baggage

    gypsy h/o

    gold digger

    deal of the day

    price is right- my azz is tight

    Ronnie M’s pass over or pass around sweet shop

    Silicone junkie

    silicone filled puffer fish

    plastic not so fantastic

    ….yeah she is resonating really well with people Gertard..good pick

  • Sunshine Daydream

    Very sad attempt at acting like you’re in love Mr. Butler. Wonder who he’s really looking at?


  • TeaCakes

    @Holly: He doesn’t look good at all. Both of them look like they just rolled out of bed and I bet he smells like rotting mushrooms and New York subways. I agree with Sassi that they look like they’re in love lately.

  • Okay…

    Seriously…I don’t know much about this Ghenea chick and I know this might be a rude question, but was she born a male? She looks like a transsexual:

  • Rotten Tomatoes

    The review is on Gerard Butler’s latest performance called the New Year’s Eve kiss. Just no chemistry between the leads. The female lead is a Romanian lingerie model who claims to be a supermodel who we’ve never heard of, Madalina Ghenea. She is overly eager and really needs to take some acting lessons. Butler is going through the motions, much like his last few films. Maybe better casting would have created some romance and excitement. Butler is better than this. We’ve seen more chemistry kissing the red headed woman in The Bounty Hunter. Heck even more chemistry kissing Jennifer Aniston. More chemistry hugging Craig Ferguson. What is the next project for Butler. The romantic Roman Holiday? Skipping hand in hand up the Spanish steps. A deep kiss in front of the Trevi Fountain. Please spare us and don’t hire any photographers to ” capture” these private moments. Bad enough we will get the shopping photos.
    Review rating 13%

  • A nice present for the fans

    Thank you, Gerry! New Year is brighter now because these photos prove you are not in love with this silicone junkie!

  • not before breakfast

    I heard not just his movies flop

    guess I now know why *snort*

  • Hahahaha

    Mr. Floppy and his soul suucking Trampire

  • ugh

    she’s a model folks, she’s hungry

  • TeaCakes

    @Rotten Tomatoes: Ok, if he’s not in love why is he still with her? What is he trying to prove? Why not hang out in clubs and try to pick up 20 year olds like he normally does?

    I don’t know any male friends or relatives of mine who spend New Years Eve with someone they don’t like.

  • Off to somewhere

    Sassita is almost a very bad word if you say it in Russian, so pls do not call her Sassy either – sounds the same -(

  • Oh Brother, Where Art Thou!

    @Sassita: You can continue to defend this farse all you want to but even a professional pap knows to click off several photos in a row and pick the best one. If this is the best of the lot, he had his eyes open most of the time! And if that’s suppose to be at the stroke of midnight, why isn’t everyone else around kissing and celebrating? Myself, I think his is another performance by MG. The photog was on the scene, most likely preplanned, and she grabbed her chance and G was taken by surprise. HE CAN’T BE THIS DUMB!

  • Gerry’s second Eurotrash tour

    starts in Capri this year

  • Terrible truth

    Who knows what Gerry was singing during NY night? There is a photo on gettyimages of him singing there.


    @TeaCakes: again, it’s like high school/college dating…until the next better looking, better flirt, better in bed person etc comes along. Also, no one likes to be alone during the holidays…family and friends can only do so much or too much in some cases…

  • so…………..

    Does that mean Mr. Floppy’s New Year started with a fizz and not a bang or the other way around

    a bang that became a fizz?

    Happy New Year JJ’rs


    @Oh Brother, Where Art Thou!: you’re right…no one else is kissing/celebrating in the photo…these 2 are getting boring.

  • Inna

    Are all romanian girls this fake???

  • Oh Brother, Where Art Thou!

    Rumor mill had it that she wanted him to go to Romania for New Years Eve. She’s obviously planning a “meet the parents” outing. Seems he may have avoided this by opting to go elsewhere, for now anyway. Sadly, however, she managed to pull him away from Scotland where he seemed to be wanting to be. A spector of things to come, Gerry!


    @Oh Brother, Where Art Thou!: and now, he’s on his way to Rome – great…wonder what she promised…? of course, maybe her family won’t like him…hmmmm