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Katie Holmes: Morning Stroll with Suri!

Katie Holmes: Morning Stroll with Suri!

Katie Holmes smiles down at her adorable daughter Suri while on a morning stroll on Sunday (January 6) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actress and her little girl kept warm by wearing similar winter hats – cute!

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Later that day, Katie was spotted in a different outfit arriving solo at the Music Box Theater for her final day of Dead Accounts performances.

Congrats to Katie and the rest of the cast of Dead Accounts on their Broadway run!

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    LOLZ! – HI-larious! (& too obvious) – Brand new hats?
    BWR (her PR peeps) monitoring the post eh?

  • ck

    They are going to have to rip that bunny away from Suri when she turns 19.

  • tom
  • Rae

    Is it an optical illusion, or is that hat’s pompom as big as Suri’s head?

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  • WOW!

    I can’t believe my eyes! All these years we finally see Suri properly dressed for the cold weather.

  • Tammy

    Dressed for the cold…and WALKING. Shocking!!

  • Rachel

    Finally Katie dressed the girl properly to go out in the winter…and she’s walking again,miracle!I think her PR team read gossip sites,and gave her some “advices”.Unfortunately,it’s still a fake photo op to keep Katie in the media again…but a t least Suri seems to be more confortable,and not in pain again.

  • Mary

    at last!! The child properly dressed for the winter! No skirst with bare legs, no balerinas…Fingers crossed for them!

  • Emmeline

    Finally dressed properly … so all those years it really must have been Tom and his “religion’s” influence on Suri’s dressing habits. How it must have pained Katie to allow Suri to go out like that …

  • rubyz

    Now that the play has flopped and closed, Suri will be paraded DAILY to keep Holmes in the press. Holmes should do a reality show … good option for nitwits who can’t act, have no education, and nothing interesting to say.


    Katie CAN’T …
    - Dress herself or her daughter properly – TC’s FAULT
    - Act herself out of a box – TC’s FAULT
    - Complete a sentence, let alone a cohesive thought – TC’s FAULT
    - Hang with adult friends (does she have any?) – TC’s FAULT
    - Avoid the papz by using alternate entrances, allowing a nanny or body guard to take Suri – TC’s FAULT
    - Give an interesting interview – TC’s FAULT
    - Make good business decisions – H&Y = FLOP and DA should have stayed off broadway (successful run would have been more likely) – TC’s FAULT.

    Every wrong or mis-step Katie has made, is making or will make, will ALWAYS be TC’s FAULT!

    Lucky Katie most adults are responsible for their own actions (or non-action) – Must be great to have that eternal OUT.

  • Frozoid

    @Mary: Actually it was FIFTY DEGREES in NYC today. They are overdressed for the weather.

    What a perverse pair they are.

  • She Works Hard For The Money

    That is one hard working kid. Hope no child labor laws are violated by such a heavy schedule.

  • annie

    Nothing is Toms fault, it’s her mistake for falling for Tom and naively accepting whatever came with Tom.
    I do not know what Tom Cruise was like before 2005, but in 2005 , his actions came across as very arrogant, and very aggressive.
    So yes it’s all Katies fault, not Toms, happy K- FLOP.
    How many of you are the same person anyway , I wonder?

  • annie

    They were overdressed- it was 50 degrees
    What a perverse pair…..yeah and the people behind them as well , all rugged up, are they perverse too.
    What a truly miserable lot you all are.
    Can’t even get your comments right to fit the pics.

  • sandra hauz

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  • SunnyAutumn

    Her daddy probably gave her that bunny and it keeps her close to him. She looks so cute, having the bunny wrapped up, too lol.

  • Who Is She Anyway?

    I didn’t watch Dawson’s Creek so I’m part of the majority of Americans who don’t know who she is. She’s had minor roles in major movies and major roles in minor Katie Holmes is. Nothing notable like Michelle Williams or Nicole Kidman. Although I’m not their biggest fan, I know who they are. But seriously, Katie who?

  • @Who Is She Anyway?

    Exactly!!! I’ve watched some of her “acting” gigs since the Tomkat thing. She sucks. She’s either over pronoucing diphthongs or nodding her head quickly from left to right IN EVERY ROLE. Her eyes shift too.

  • liz


    You seemed to forget they divorced over half of a year, until today she make her daughter dress normal clothing, and you say this is TC’s fault? Jesus!
    Do you think other people are as stupid as you?

  • liz

    Gossip criticize kh paps made her daughter cry and unhappy, so she let paps take photo from a little far away place so that her daughter can’t see the paps.
    Gossip criticize kh that she made her daughter cold, she should her daughter dress , she add a hat.
    And now, kh’s fans can say this is all TC’s fault.
    You seemed to forget kh was always with her daughter most time in recent 2 years, but her ex was working in another place.
    You seemed forget TC had two other children, they are growing up with TC, they dressed right in right time, they did right thing in right time.

  • Imdb

    Why does she have so many incompletes? Responsible Adults, Christian What’s-his-face Project, Molly… Was Tom funding all of them and now they’ve been cut? Did he keep Dead Accounts open for longer then others would with such low sales. Think Kathie Lee’s Scandalous.

  • Question

    Is this really how a responsible mother wants her daughter to spend her life?

  • KFLOP Projects?

    Christian Camargo Project – funded by Slated Group – co-founded by William Mapother (TC’s Cousin) –

    Responsible Adutls – Night & Day pictures production company (Eh? yeah, never heard of them either) – famous for producing the movie “Waitress” – N&D film listing shows that they usually pair with other production companies for funding. RA has no date and most likely will never see a theatre and will be lucky to go to DVD.

    DA – opened in Cincinnati Jan. 19 at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park after previews that began Jan. 14, and then ran through Feb 11, 2012. So, somewhere between Feb – mid-July (announced KFLOP will star on Broadway in the play) this project developed. Most likely this was a rush job by KFLOPs management/pr team – an attempt to redefine/reinvent/reintroduce (whatever) KFLOP as an independent “talent” (designer, stage and film actress) after her divorce. Now we see how well that worked out.

    Bobbi Brown is probably a part of the DA re-invention effort and will probably run it’s course (like K-FLOPs Anne Klein deal) without fanfare or any further traction in attempt to attain A-list status sans TC (LOLZ)

    H & Y we already know it’s back story – Yang,previously TC stylist, became partner’s with KFLOP as a pet project to allow KFLOP’s dreams of being a “designer’ an outlet. (again LOLZ)

  • KFLOP or J Chastain?

    If Jessica wins either a SAG or Golden Globe (or both) BWR will probably reduce it’s JJ grease palming efforts for KFLOP and funnel more money towards J Chastain projects.

    30′s is a precarious age for women in Hollywood/Entertainment (mid-30′s even more so) and if your not already A-List status (Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, Marion Cottilard, Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis, etc) then the writing is pretty much on the wall.

    Like others have said KFLOP should re-direct her efforts back to TV – like Keri Russell (Felicity), Clare Danes (MSCL – had a pretty good run in film) and Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy) – All 3 actresses started out in TV like KFLOP and have had modest success in film, but ultimately returned to TV (and except for Clare Danes, stayed away from stage – as far as I know).

    Either TV or return to the Buckeye state for the Win!

  • Kate

    SURI’S WEARING PANTS???!!!! ive been waiting years for this moment. lol.

  • Question

    What about the movie she wrote, Molly?

  • Hamlet

    Don’t be idiots, #8 and #10.

    Plenty of actors have in development projects, #23. Way more than Holmes does even.

  • Mels

    @Tammy: Yes, really clever comment since all Katie and Suri do is walk. And as soon as I see Suri has been in hospital for Katie’s shocking inability to dress her child you can come back with comments like yours. Call me when the shuttle lands.

  • KLOP the writer

    Written while she was with TC, KFLOP was suppose to be filming this “indie” film in NY mid-July 2012 thru Aug 2012 (all internet sources reference People as the source for this info).
    There is no financing or distributing company listed, so most likely another K-FLOP that will never see a theatre or a DVD.
    No pictures of her going to or leaving the set of said film either during that time (unlike the daily pics of her coming and going to DA).
    Mollly —-???? *****crickets*****

  • Mels

    @KLOP the writer: You seriously need to find something else to do. Scary comments that make me question your mental health to have this much hate for someone you simply do not know. Sad.


    Hate? Nah, but what to expect from analysis from a “mental health” expert (i.e., fellow commenter) on a celebrity blogs.


    Sad is that you reply to my comments eventhough you find my mental health “questionable” and “scary”.

    You could easily just thumb me down and keep it movin… to hard?

    Anywhoop! reply-comment-reply-comment……

  • half

    she just seems lazy to me
    everything she does is just so half a$$ed

    her collection – she wasn’t serious about
    this play – she just seems like she doesn’t care
    her movies – no real effort

    shes not serious about work – she should just forget about it

  • Mels

    @KFLOP: Yawn

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Emmeline: She doesn’t pay attention, until someone knocks her upside the head with, “oh, I’m a mom parenting this child”.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @@Who Is She Anyway?: For this reason, I hope she takes this time to capitalize on her/his star power and gets some good coaching. Honestly! Amanda Sey fried was OK in mean girls, Hatheway came out of no where with princess diaries, Lohann SUCKS NOW. Witherspoon has had her share of gossip. It’s not like she’s a party girl or floozy -that’s why I think that yes there are Katie “haters and lovers”. Very strange. Personally, I think she needs to find a good movie that capitalizes on those eyes. …after more time on stage (to develop more stage presence)

  • Geeza Louisa


    It is going to be more and more difficult for Katie to find funding for any of her ventures if she doesn’t get a hit. Banks and other lending sources don’t like lending money to things (plays, movies, business ventures) that have a high probability of failure. Katie has had very little success over the last five years with anything she has done. Almost all of her projects have been in the red. This is a huge issue for finding lending sources and resources. When she was married to Tom banks, lenders etc. knew there was money behind her. Now, not so much!

  • K-Flop – Bobbi Brown 1st Look

    “Katie Holmes is a Smokeshow in the Bobbi Brown’s new Makeup Ad’s

    “I really like her philosophy that makeup makes you feel beautiful,” says Holmes. And she’s apparently been a longtime wearer of the brand. “I’ve always been a fan of her makeup, because it’s so easy to apply. Her color palettes aren’t extreme, so when I first started wearing makeup it felt comfortable and I didn’t feel like I had too much on, which can happen.”

    Smokeshow? Why not, “K-Flop is SMOLDERING….”

    BB site – Meet Our Newest Face

    Prediction – Anne Klein campaign redux

    This was suppose to be the icing; not the cake, right?

    For an A-list actress it would have been.. i.e. Natalie Portman/ Dior, but c’est la vie.


    standing ovation for this

  • Valentina

    Her PR made a big deal out of “Molly”. Obviously just to make it look like she was a writer now. It would have been one more thing for Katie to fail at.

  • Guest

    Thank goodness that child is finally wearing appropriate attire for the weather!!!! Instinct would tell a mother to protect her child not expose her. I sure hope the mother will continue to keep the child warm!

  • susan kuby stassi

    tom, hope everything went well for you. and that the movie is big, big big, susan kuby stassi,

  • susan kuby stassi

    oh by the way you look good! susan kuby stassi,