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Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Split?

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Split?

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have reportedly ended their short romance, according to multiple reports.

The 23-year-old country singer and the 18-year-old One Direction heartthrob were spending a post-New Year’s holiday vacation together in the British Virgin Islands when they reportedly had a big fight, which ended in Taylor leaving the topical locale a day before Harry, according to Page Six.

Taylor and Harry debuted their romance at a taping of The X Factor in November and were spotted together in Central Park in early December. They have since flown all over the world together and even shared a kiss in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

Pictured inside: Harry landing at Heathrow Airport on Monday (January 7) in London, England following the reported split.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have reportedly split?

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173 Responses to “Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Split?”

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  1. 101
    ugh Says:

    @souless wanderer: leave the lesbian community alone, we’re going through enough. :)

  2. 102
    ellie Says:

    OMG TAYLOR SWIFT IS SO ANNOYING. I liked her during her first year, now I hate her. It’s like she has no creativity to write songs so she dates and dumps all these guys because that’s the only way she can write a song..what a HORRIBLE rolemodel. Wow.

  3. 103
    beat slap Says:

    Taylor is a good musician but a horrible girlfriend. #justsaying

  4. 104
    Gorda Says:

    ****! take a break, she is becoming the female version of John Meyer.

  5. 105
    AL from brisbane Says:

    @beat slap: good musician? LOL wut? correction: good songwriter. horrible vocalist. decent guitarist. but not godo at piano or banjo (but she tries).

  6. 106
    Janise Grubber Says:

    She got what she wanted for a new song

  7. 107
    billiam billiamson Says:


  8. 108
    Kim Says:

    Harry dodged a bullet, thats for sure.

  9. 109
    gee Says:

    Saw the head line and an immediate HAH came out of me…
    Though this is probably rumor if you look at how it was reported but still, HAHHHH

  10. 110
    sam Says:

    You’re all a bunch of jealous haters. Taylor is beautiful and talented. Hopefully she finds her prince soon.

  11. 111
    ugh Says:

    @sam: lolllllllll thanks for the laugh

  12. 112
    Vince Says:

    Why am I not surprised?

  13. 113
    pops Smuck Says:

    She should try Niggers now, right? isn’t that the next natural step?

  14. 114
    Lory B Says:

    I guess it lasted long enough for a lot of people who had never heard of Harry Styles to come to know his name which is good marketing for the solo career he wants to launch.
    As for Taylor, she will again play the victim even though he is a known player (as were most of the dudes she dated). She’s got serious issues.

  15. 115
    glambabe Says:

    Omgosh no ! I thought they were going to last forever ! lol

  16. 116
    Charlie Harper Says:


  17. 117
    nika Says:

    this girl must be crazy or something because she has a new boyfriend like every month!!!

  18. 118
    iLoveZE Says:

    i guess she was going in the wrong direction! ahahahahahah!!

  19. 119
    hillbilly Says:

    typical taylor. at first i looked up to you and wanted to be just like you but then after all these break-ups i thought i don’t want to be a playa.! geez gurl! i wont be buying your next album about your sad split. no offence..

  20. 120
    lucky star Says:

    what a shocker!LMAO!Come on this chick has serious issues for real.She can have as many relationships as she wants but please stop acting like this naive innocent girl…….then writes about her breaks ups and acts like she’s a victim……

  21. 121
    Sara Says:

    Taylor is rapidly becoming the ***** of celebrities – she will soon take the crown as “the ultimate *****” away from Jennifer Aniston.

  22. 122
    AK Says:

    yes she’s 23 !
    but she have a 16yrs mind !!!

  23. 123
    aquarius64 Says:

    Swift looks like she’s trying to take the title of “trampire” away from Kristen Stewart. To those who are defending her saying you don’t know she’s had sex with these guys – well, you don’t know with absolute certainty that she DIDN’T. But when you allow yourself to be papped coming out of a hotel in the wee hours of the morning with your guy of the moment, there’s a reasonable assumption that it’s a sexual relationship. You’re simply believing the public image of America’s Virgin, and she well may not be. It’s an image used to sell CDs, perfume and any other product that has her name slapped on it.

  24. 124
    Anna Says:

    Oh…soooo unexpected!! haha

    Next stop: Justin Bieber…

  25. 125
    Lisa Says:

    I guess a new breakup song is gonna be released soon… This girl is mental, seriously !!!

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