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Miranda Kerr: No Time Like Supporter!

Miranda Kerr: No Time Like Supporter!

Miranda Kerr rocks an updo while arriving on a flight at LAX Airport on Friday (January 18) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old supermodel was greeted by a swarm of autograph seekers upon arrival.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Earlier in the day, Miranda donned a different top while arriving at JFK Airport.

The day before, Miranda posted a link to No Time Like on her Facebook and said, “One of my dear friends has been gifted with the ability to help people gain a positive, clear sense of direction in their lives and in turn heal themselves. Miranda xxx.”

FYI: Miranda is wearing THVM-This Here Very Moment jeans.

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  • ..

    So how much did Miranda’s publicist pay these “autograph seekers” *cough*actors*cough*?

    You really want me to believe that all of these “autograph seekers” knew her flight itinerary, went to buy photographs of Miranda beforehand and waited at the airport for this…z lister?


    Nice try.

  • cute


  • Fran


  • Who?


  • Kenneth brown

    up to I looked at the check which said $4505, I have faith that my father in law truly bringing home money part-time on their apple labtop.. there moms best frend has done this 4 only about fourteen months and just now paid for the mortgage on there villa and purchased a new Mercedes. we looked here,

  • @liz

    Check twitter and facebook and see.

  • Karen

    put my comment up jared, an opinion is an opinion , if you allow every other comment here that is an insult to miranda then allow one for yourself and your readers.

  • alice

    Pretty face, not a great body despite the gym. Short legs, crankles. No idea in what movies she played.

  • ????

    This is a Miranda Kerr article. Someone who is known for having really long legs and who doesn’t appear in movies as she’s a model and all that….

  • Karen

    Why are people so cruel to Miranda? I’d like to know how every single individual that posts sh*t as such as “how much did she pay these people this time?” “wonder who called the paps again” “orlando this orlando that” “Miranda is so up her self, oh look at me everyone” ACTUALLY KNOW HER? DID THE F*KIN PAPS SEND YOU ALL AN ALERT WHEN SHE CALLED THEM? are you any how relevant to this earth? what success have you gained in your time? I see no one here who knows her or the paps on a personal level? And you all talk to JARED like you know him from the last time you had tea together???? No one knows what is right and wrong about a person until you have known them other then through a bunch of lenses. You don’t have any right to constantly trash her and if this is all you do then i suggest you see a therapist because its getting f*kin sick to come here and read such SH*T load of comments. And good one “Jared” listen to these whiny pussycats and bring back the thumbs up/down option, so that they can go to sleep easy.

  • alice

    Was meant for minka kelly, sorry.

  • Rihanna

    soo cute

  • alice

    Shell is beautiful, great legs. Would love to have her figure.

  • Char


  • Kate wrthls

    @Char: then don’t bother taking time out of your life to comment. simple?

  • @1

    She’s Z list only in your imagination. And if anyone got paid to ask for autographs the queues to apply for that job would be 3 miles long hahaha

  • Jennifer
  • Demi Lovato stinks


  • sabby

    @????: Really long legs? LMAO. That was a good laugh.
    Lol if Miranda is famous, them Kate Upton, Adriana, Heidi and Gisele are known by even unborn babies

  • ????

    What a weird reply! What does that have to do with the length of her legs?
    Geez, given that Miranda is such a ‘nobody’ I’ll never understand why the fans of the queen bees are SO focused on her.

  • sabby

    @????: She’s not tall. A good pair of eyes will tell your brain that.
    secondly, I’m wouldn’t call myself a fan of any model. The models I named are the ones normal people who don’t visit celeb sites know.
    Do I have to be a fan in order to say the truth? I don’t understand

  • ????

    Height doesn’t matter. Length of legs is based on a proportional measurement AKA leg-length to height ratio.

    You can say whatever you want but I nevet mentioned those models nor started a fame competition. Your replied as if I had.

  • geeza louisa

    I must admit I don’t understand the fascination with her. She has great legs and a great sense of dress, but as far as her face–well, not to be cruel, but I think she is one of the plainer models out there. Not at all beautiful. Guess she is being hired for her fashion sense and ability to model the clothes instead of her looks–so that is good at least!

  • @sabby….. #22

    Oh please the ONLY person that EVER brings up Miranda’s height is YOU, the crazy Adriana Lima fan. You’re not fooling anyone.

    Miranda IS 5ft 9, what in the world is your problem with her height???

    Orlando is 5ft 11 and Miranda is just a tiny bit shorter than him.

  • @geeza louisa. #25

    You need to get yor eyes checked because Miranda Kerr is stunningly beautiful.

    Bright blue eyes, glowing skin and gorgeous dimples.

    A lot of models look very average in everyday pics without all the makeup & airbrushing. But Miranda is a natural beauty, she always looks gorgeous even in papparazzi pics.

    The reason she’s on the cover of so many magazines is because of her beauty, her Italian Vogue cover was just stunning.

    You should go & watch some of her vids on YouTube. Just recently she did an interview with Bruno Mars she looks absolutely gorgeous & was so charismatic, he was mesmerized by her, so funny & sweet.

  • sabby

    Never mind. Oh God. You guys know that people have opinions right? I have to be a fan of another model to have a different opinion? Are you people children? Anyway, like I said, never mind.

  • dealio

    @@geeza louisa. #25: YOUR opinion. she has a big chipmunk face to many people and not everyone finds that ‘beautiful” She has nothing on Christy Turlington and the rest of the 1990s models. looks or career wise.

  • Chica

    Remember how Miranda & Orlando looked so “in love” at the Golden Globes?? It’s all set up!

  • @1

    No dear. Professional autograph seekers hang out at LAX just like the paps do. They don’y really care who the celeb is, they just want the signature. They carry big bags with them with photographs of a lot of celebs. You can sometimes see them in pap pics. That’s why they always seem to have a photo ready. They aren’t fans, they are just working.
    And “z-lister”?
    You just outed yourself as an idiot hater.

  • @6

    1.5 million twitter followers is not a fandom? Hmmm

  • @29

    LOL! That’s the latest line of agenda from the idiots at delphi.
    Everyone who is a fan of Orlando knows that is their manager, Aileen (sp?) and everyone knows that she often accompanies them to events.
    These idiots alwys send in ‘info’ to modelling confession sites. They usually don’t even bother changing the wording from their site, to when they send it in to MC. It’s hilarious, really.

  • tisch

    So Aileen (I don’t know how she spells her name, either), opens her mouth, and the idiots talk themselves into thinking that the only word that she could possibly have said is “hands”. Then she turns her head back to the front, and they claim that she is “shaking her head in disgust”, as one of them stated.
    That would be pathetic if it wasn’t so darned funny. No wiat. It’s still pathetic.

  • ok

    What I see in that video is that he tries to hold her hand BEFORE that other woman opens her mouth -no idea what she says- but MK is holding her bag with that hand so she can’t hold his until she grabs the bag with the other hand. My interpretation.

  • @29

    OK, I actually went looking for FACTS. Have you haters ever heard of that word? Or have any idea of its meaning?
    No, didn’t think so.
    Here’s the video of arrivals that this conveniently edited gif is from..
    They show up around 12:45.
    As you can see fron the video, not only is Orlando reaching for her hand before Aleen even opens her mouth. And when she does speak, it looks like a word that starts with a ‘sh’. or ‘ch’ sound, not an ‘ha’ sound.
    FACTS people.
    A totally alien concept to idiot hater/stalkers.

  • OMG

    Girl, we know you’re obsessed with Miranda, but can you stop attacking everyone? I read all the Miranda threads on here because she’s stylish, and I see u claiming everyone criticizing her behavior has to be an Orlando Bloom, or an Adriana Lima fan. Are you fine? She does seek attention and she isn’t tall even though she has great legs. She’s also beautiful and successful and has the most beautiful family.
    Can we just take things as they are and act like logical people. You don’t need to respond to every comment, even if you disagree with it.

  • @36

    Why not?
    I guess that you think that people should get away with lying about her?
    And that they should get away with pushing their hater agenda?
    Not gonna happen.
    They chose to post here. We have a right to dispute their lies.
    If that bothers you, then no one is forcing you to stay.

  • ok

    May I ask, why are you fine with one side expressing their opinion but not the other? I’ve seen “attacks” coming from both sides.

  • LOL!

    That edited gif, laughable interpretation, and blatant desperation to spread it around the net, REEKS OF DESPERATION!!
    Smells like KERRAZY-BEALZE is up to her old, pathetic tricks.
    What’s the matter Bealze?
    Your hater blogs/fake twitters dead in the water?
    Still loneley?
    Still hateful?
    Still a loser?
    Still covered with the stink of jealousy of a life that you will never know?
    Mad that you got proved wrong?

  • OMG

    I don’t know why I even bothered. I’ve been reading her threads for a while enough to know that you can’t hold a logical conversation. And spot patronizing us, you’re the same person responding at least two time to any one comment.

  • ok

    Actually the only thing that video reveals is that MK was NOT smiling at cameras in those pics, but smiling and waving at the people calling them.

  • ok

    Well, I was willing to give you the benefit of doubt asking you politely, but repeating the same dogma as always you made completely obvious that you aren’t just a random lurker. Now it’s me the one who won’t bother. Ta!

  • OMG

    I don’t know why I even bothered. I’ve been reading her threads for a while enough to know that you can’t hold a logical conversation. And stop patronizing us, you’re the same person responding at least two times to any one comment.

  • @OMG

    You seem fine with haters spouting lies, but object to fans (note the plueral) responding?
    You think that there is only ONE Miranda fan?
    She’s an attention seeker?
    She’s not tall?
    yep, you’re a hater.
    Don’t even try to hide it.

  • @OMG

    Dammit. I hate it when my anatomy classes kick in.

  • @43

    Uhm, you expect her fanS to sit by and let the haters lie, yet you claim to be “logical”?

  • ha

    Confronting the idiot hater/stalkers with facts is like shining a light into a box full of cockroaches.
    Just watch them scatter!

  • yes!

    Haters are so fun when they are on the run.
    Love Miranda!

  • wow

    Just saw a video of her arrival at LAX.
    Those professional autograph seekers are pretty scary. The way that they were crowding her was insane. Her driver of security person, or whatever he was was useless.
    It’s pretty bad when the paps are actually telling them to “let her walk!”
    Especially scary when she was going down the stairs. I expected the ones behind her to crown her close enough to actually push her. That may be the last time that she is so accomodating to the pros.
    There were a few fans at the end, and there was one lady with an actual autograph book, and not a photo, but they took their lives in their own hands when they tried to get between the “autographers”, as the paps called them.

  • oiuyt

    @wow: LOL. Miranda #1 fan acting like Miranda didn’t inform the paps to get there cameras ready at the airport. Please you aint fooling people, no paparazzi is disturbing her… She probably feels like she’s in paradise when she sees the paps.
    Oh and what lies are talking about? I’ve seen at least a million posts in this threads about lies. What is this lie you are making up in you poor lilttle head? BECAUSE MIRANDA BEING A FAMEWHORE IS NOT A LIE. SHE’S AN ATTENTION WHO*RE
    You can delulde yourself into thinking she’s famous that’s why paps easily follow her. Models with self respect that are 5 thousand time more famous than her are taking care of their business most of the time without a single pic taken of them. This second-class, low project model gets a pap magnet, and it her phone. LMAO. Dream on, honey, dream on #AnyThingForFame

  • @50

    Calm down hater.
    I know that facts disturd you, but you really need to get a handle on yourself.
    Fact = Professional autograph hounds hang out at LAX all of the time, and they have cases FULL of celeb photos. Just look at any video of celebs arriving at LAX and you will see them.
    Fact = Paps also hang out at LAX 24/7. Why do you think that there are so many pics of celebs at the airport? DOH!
    She didn’t need to call anyone. They were already there. Just like they are there for everyone else.
    And where are the lies, you ask? If a hater’s posting, a hater’s lying. Simple as that. My favorite lie is the recent gif posted of them arriving at the Globes, and the idiots trying to convince themselves that they can read lips as well as minds. Manipulating a video is a lie. Got it?
    And now you are going to claim that she isn’t famous? After being featured in magazines, talk shows and gossip sites around the globe, you are still claiming that she isn’t famous? LOL! idiot.