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Taylor Swift Covers 'Elle' March 2013

Taylor Swift Covers 'Elle' March 2013

Taylor Swift rocks the cover of Elle‘s March 2013 issue, on newsstands February 19.

Here is what the 23-year-old Grammy-winning singer had to share with the mag:

On ex-boyfriends: “I don’t think I’ve ever yelled at an ex-boyfriend. Ever. I’m not a yeller. I’m not a fit thrower. If something is done, it’s done.”

On her insecurity: “Middle school was what programmed me be to be semi-insecure, like, all of the time. I didn’t fit in….I’d stand on the outside of the circle but I was never really in. That’s when I started to realize there’s this thing called rejection.”

On the speculation surrounding her songs and famous exes: “To me it’s just writing songs the way I always have. It’s me sitting on my bed feeling pain I didn’t understand, writing a song, and understanding it better. If people want to dissect the lyrics, that’s their right, but it’s all coming from the exact same place as where I started. It’s just something I do to feel better.”

On dealing with rumors: “I’m sure if I looked up the latest Google Alerts rumor it would say I’m chasing somebody who doesn’t like me as much as I like him – people love that angle on me. They’re like ‘Oh Taylor, coming on too strong again, chasing boys. I never chase boys. They don’t like it!’”

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  • Toni

    She sounds sensible, I like the pink flowery dress :)

  • Toni

    @Toni: Or possibly “pink flowery top and shorts look thing” :P Thought it was a dress at first.

  • oic

    fap fap fap

  • Lina

    ohh so beautiful:)

  • J. V.

    “I don’t think I’ve ever yelled at an ex-boyfriend. Ever.”

    She forgot to mention she’s not human. Get real Taylor!


  • Dave

    Horrible singer and a trashy tease.

  • Gerard Butthole


  • Toni

    @J. V.: Is it common to yell at ex boyfriends?

  • johnlooksGOOD

    She dated soo many good looking guys and nothing matched. She needs a BIG BREAK. And her performence yesterday was just awkward. I just thought how many boys she’s never ever getting back 2gether.

  • Jennay

    lmao i feel like she is mentally still in middle school

  • DB

    GO AWAY little mad woman

  • Fff

    “I’m not a fit thrower.” Funny because she had a little temper tantrum when Ellen was showing pictures of her ex boyfriends. Just because you don’t yell doesn’t mean you don’t give attitude and throw fits. Crying is included.

    And just because you don’t “chase” boys doesn’t mean you’re not clingy, which is what most of the boy press is about; her over attachments, victimizing breakups, and songs. It’s obvious from bitterness of every ex she’s stil clinging to them even when it’s over including trashing their (former) current girlfriends. From videos I’ve seen of her with men, she’s clingy. To the extreme. And awkward.

    I find her so fake. She just says whatever makes her look good and what people want to hear.

  • buh bye

    her whole bratty act has worn thin

  • Carter

    I like Taylor, she seems funny and like she’d be nice to be around and sweet! She really doesn’t deserve the hate she gets, she’s only been with like 6 guys for the past, what, 5 years or so! People like to make her look bad intentionally because they don’t like her music and that’s fine. But don’t sit around and make all these fake speculations just to judge her when you’re not correct. It’s not right. Now, I do agree she needs to take a break from dating because her relationships haven’t lasted very long but, I’m sure she’s figuring it out. People should stop judging when they don’t know the full story!

  • kat

    Still don’t understand why the haters bother wasting their time reading up on someone they dislike. Taylor is awesome and talented, she is a well accomplished artist at the young age of 23. She has been in the business since she was 16 and is one of the most well adjusted artist in the the spotlight. And she manages her career in every way! Artists twice her age can’t even say the same.

    Its sad that the general public is so ignorant and guilable to believe every little thing that the media and tabloid spews out. Just because she’s on TV screens and magazines doesn’t mean you know her. People are so quick to judge and talk trash I doubt anyone would be able to handle themselves better than her in the spotlight. She is a kind and nice girl through and through, and people expect her to be a perfect person and complain when her image is clean cut.

  • Perrie

    Taylor should date as many guys as she wants. She is young and doesn’t need to be in a serious relationship. She is the busiest woman in the world and making a whole lot of money living her dream. She can wait to be in a serious relationship and start a family. Why should she be focused on a guy when she has a whole career to plan and micromanage. The problem with Hollywood is they jump into relationships and settle down too fast and end up divorcing. Taylor is taking it slow and doing it right by putting herself first and casually dating while living her life until the right one comes along in due time. She is much smarter and in control than people given her credit for.

  • Lena

    Taylor, No one wants to get back together with you anyway. Never ever!

  • kara

    There must be haters trolling giving thumbs down for any positive posts. Lol really??!! Must have a lot of spare time to be spreading negativity. Go to perezhilton. Jared is an awesome positive blogger spread your negativity elsewhere.

  • Ana

    She was amazing last night at the grammys

  • Nacy

    Carrie Underwood hates her because she knows that Taylor is a fake singer and a hypocrite.

  • martha

    Awkward….same dress and styling that Cosmo did this month…Featuring the fabulous Anne V. Who wore best? ANNE V.

  • Young

    Oh please. Taylor must have a very warped idea of who she really is. She’s not the polite, mature woman she’s trying to make herself out to be here. She’s mentally still 15 and constantly bashes people. Most people can see right through her bullsh!t. Which is exactly what this interview is.

  • Phillip

    “I never chase boys. They don’t like it” No, what they don’t like is YOU!!!!!

  • Effy

    …Is she really that stupid? I can’t even take her seriously.

  • Jessica

    She’s too sensitive. She uses BEDROOM Toys to excite the senses from AthenaToysdotcom

  • robbie

    Dissect the lyrics? What, does she think she’s some poet with hidden meanings in her words? Cause she’s not. She’s a brat who tries to come off as the victim and slut-shames.

  • AJ

    Love the cover, very retro. She looks great. As far as what comes out of her mouth. I just cant take her seriously anymore. She’s lost it. As Tina Fey and Amy Poehler pointed out @ the Globes. She needs some serious “ME” time.

  • dude

    What I find funny is all the fake storys about her here’s a few (1) Carrie Underwood just said in a interview no feud its tabloids making up storys from so called “sources” to sell gossip & she loves Taylors new song Trouble. (2) Bradly Cooper said in a interview its a lie Taylor tryed to date him compleatly made up gossip. (3) Taylor has never purchased a house next to a guy the gossips thinks she likes. (4) John Mayer just said in a interview he was a jerk to Taylor. (5) Eddie Redmayne just said in a interview he never dated Taylor for 3months like the gossips said he talked to her once for 5min. 90% of what the rags say came from an inside source is later proven to be a lie , but its still printed by other gossip as the gospel. Lies become the truth and the truth is a lie to the gossips. An actual quote from a person is the lie but a source at the STAR or ENQUIRER or OK is the truth. I will now sit back and wait for the hate and thumbs down!

  • josh

    She actually looks good here.Too bad her brain doesn’t match… it’s still stuck in 12 yo mode.

  • sookie

    why this immature hag is still famous?

  • Ana

    Does she even recognize herself anymore? I remember when she was first getting started, curly hair, cowboy boots and a humble attitude. She’s let her fame go to her head.

  • Lucy

    Everybody always hated Taylor? Or it’s because Harry Styles? I kind of like her, but I don’t know if she is nice like she seems, I hope so. About
    her many failed relationships, it’s really weird and I try to understand why. Maybe she doesn’t want have meaningless s*x and is saving her herself for marriage, I don’t know. That would explain a lot.

  • Zoey


    So you’re saying that being a total slut is smart now? Because I don’t see that as being smart. The smart thing to do is to try to take some time for yourself after a relationship fails no jump right into 5 or 6 more and then bitch about it after those work out. I used to love Taylor Swift and started listening to her when I was 14, but now i’m nineteen and it feels like i’ve matured and her lyrics and songs haven’t at all. Moreover her as person, it’s like she’s stuck at 16. She’s so petty and I swear I’ve heard her sing We are never getting back together to three guys, at least. She says she’s not a fit thrower, yet in her 22 video she is obviously getting her “revenge” on harry styles. I think she’s has just reached a point her career where the whole “boys are out to get me and they’re total jerks” is getting old fast. She should consider wondering why so many of her relationships failed, because i’m really sure that it wasn’t they guys fault.