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Kristen Stewart: Saint Rocke Concert with Tamra Natisin!

Kristen Stewart: Saint Rocke Concert with Tamra Natisin!

Kristen Stewart makes a quick exit out of Saint Rocke after watching Marcus Foster‘s concert on Sunday night (March 3) in Hermosa Beach, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress was joined by her pal Tamra Natisin and some other pals for the fun night out.

Kristen seems to be walking better after hitting the red carpet at the 2013 Academy Awards on crutches last weekend. She used the aids after cutting her foot on glass just a couple days before.

“I just hope [the wound] doesn’t open up right now,” Kristen said backstage (via Us Weekly).

FYI: Kristen is wearing a Karen London ring.

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  • R

    She was nothing in her foot, come on, she would do anything for attention,! She finally cames out of the closet? great! her love dude is cute!

  • ashley

    hey i came to say that the foot was just bs and talking about her going out with her girlfriend for the first time but R did it for me =)

  • Emma

    they look like lesbos…i wouldn’t be surprised…with k stew you never know…

  • Santana

    This talentless tw@t.

  • Jimini

    @R: Let me just say: Before posting vile on this website, make sure your grammar is handsome. Your grammar sucks. “cames?”, “She was nothing in her foot?” Dear Lord. STUDY BEFORE BEING NASTY.

  • Zee

    That pal is her girlfriend.



  • woot

    Kstew finally out of the closet

  • pam

    That wasn’t Hotel Cafe. It was Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach. I was there. She was limping for reals still.

  • krista_

    i love how all the haters comment first. Interesting. anyway, glad she’s out having fun with friends.

  • Kylie

    I guess I’m just getting old, but I don’t get this style. The girls look dirty, those jeans are flattering on no one, and they look like they’re trying to pass for 15. I get that it’s a concert, but I’m not sure why they can’t wear flattering jeans and look clean and their age at the same time.

    Her emotional development seems stunted in every way.

  • id

    What a talentless loser. While Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar and Emma Stone has a Golden Globe nomination, this girl won the Razzie for WORST ACTRESS.

  • Bee

    They both look lesbians.

  • MEL

    JJ get your story right before posting. It was NOT Hotel Cafe. It was Saint Rocke. Geez.

  • shee

    @pam: Oh thank the Lord! You are a normal commenter. Seems there is one person losing her sh*t here.

  • Caro

    I may not be a girly girl but this dressing and hygiene is something I don’t understand. This girl shows up everywhere dirty greasy hair. I get that she wants to look “real” and “cool” but she just comes across dirty and disgusting and unhygienic. Same with her face, teeth, and dressing.

  • linda


  • pink

    Worst actress of our generation folks.

  • R

    @Jimini: she had nothing in her foot, and she came out of the closet, there, i’m in a hurry. but she’s a talentless and hypocrite famewhore anyway.

  • ninja

    Please someone teach her how to shower and wash her hair. Please for God’s sake do the poor girl and us a favor.

  • TamSten is Unbroken

    I’m so happy Kristen and Tamra are finally being open about their relationship. It’s about time. And Marcus Foster is turning into a famewhore just like the rest of Stews friends!!

  • yuck

    Can you imagine how bad she must smell? I can smell it from all the way here.

  • vVv

    This stupid fcking chick. Just go away

  • R

    @linda: coz Rob is still considered a catch?? he’s a lousy beard, my poor robstener!

  • Jenny

    Is that her girlfriend?

  • bing

    What about Rupert? How can you leave him for this girl?

  • pam

    @shee: yea, it’s funny how much the media can get stuff mixed up. but of course people who don’t know the whole story will believe anything. She was having a good time with friends.

  • shee

    @R: You’re in a hurry to spew the first piece of ugly here? Some kind of person you are. You must be all those things that you just posted.

  • Patricia

    Is she finally out of the closet? Good for her. She does look more comfortable.

  • LooseLipz


    took the words right out of my mouth. From day one I always suspected she was gay.

  • me

    @Kylie: many thanks, Lady Grantham, Dowager Countess

  • Gabby

    She’s having fun with her friends, that’s all. I don’t understand why some people have to write nasty comments. She is young and can do whatever she want.

  • ok

    Enough already with that tired turning the baseball cap’s not a fashion statement …’s so juvenile.

  • Anne

    Kristen on the show was one of the best friends of Rob, Marcus Foster. What is the days in LA and and has been seen with Kristen and her friends … probably even stayed at their house. So stop evil, ha few days saw JL looking much worse and still with a cigarette suspect and everyone just say she is human, and Kristen is not too?! Two weights two measures until when?!

  • Lillian

    All you people are sick with jealousy on this board.. LastI heard, a girl is allowed to have girlfriends without being gay and that this is a free country. Anyone can dress the way they feel comfortable in their off time. What is your problem with Kristen. OH, excuse me, Jennifer Lawrence does not dress in tight jeans and tshirt. How in the world would you know what Kristen’s hygene is all about. For all you know, she may shower 3 times a day and may be a total freak about hygene. All of you are such judgmental trolls that really need to get a life and pronto or your whole miserable lives will be spent judjing other people

  • Tamsten

    Buwhahaha Tamsten is a go! Rob can stop bearding and find a real girlfriend.

  • Anne

    funny that when Katy Perry appears with Tamra (and not a few times) no one misses with respect to do with KStew … I just wonder what Kristen did to ruin their lives and who have both made ​​people hate her. She did something to you?!

  • stephy

    WTF with kstew? she is lesbian? :O

  • Platy

    Leave it to Robert Pattinson’s fans to be the first to leave a comment on a story that has to do with Kristen Stewart. How pathetic that this is how you waste your time. Why don’t you go comment on a story that has to do with your idol? Why waste time here trying to start rumors?

    First of all, Tamra has a girlfriend – and it’s not Kristen. So stop right there. Second of all, Kristen was there with a group of friends, not just Tamra. So this wasn’t some random “date night.” I wouldn’t be surprised if one of you hags will eventually feed this story to HollywoodLife as an “exclusive scoop” about Kristen’s ~secret girlfriend.

  • @Platy

    How do you know she’s not her girlfriend? You don’t. There is nothing wrong with Kristin being gay. Get over yourself.

  • Marie

    Some girls hate her because she have a handsome boyfriend, it’s just jealousy because they want to be her..! I think is really stupid and immature hate a young woman because she’s famous, rich and beautiful. The haters are becoming really annoying, seriously, stop.

  • Sufficed

    Lies, lies, jealousy, slander, poison, assault, word aggression and lies again. You are one sick person full of envy. Do not pull out here hate on Kristen Stewart !! You were have written to on another articles, a lot of hateful comments.

  • gary

    Funny how haters are always the first with insults and slander this actress. Therefore, we will love and support Kristen Stewart more and more.

  • Jess

    She’s going barefoot in Chuck’s already? Yeah, she really cut her foot. She faked an injury so the press would ask her about it instead of about ruining a marriage. God, she’s insufferable.

  • mariah

    @Gabby: like COME OUT OF THE CLOSET! Seems YOU are the one who has a problem with that!

  • R

    There is nothing wrong with being a lesbian. but being a famewhore hipocryte talentlesss arrogant bitch, that’s all.

  • Guest

    Open your eyes folks. Tamra is ALWAYS out with Kristen, they’re inseparable. If you look at 90% of photos of Kristen out with Rob, Tamra is lurking in the background. I don’t believe that Rob and Kristen are together anymore (if they ever were), maybe just friends at best. It’s about time they all stopped playing games with their fans. Kristen is obviously bi-sexual. Rob needs to ditch the hangers on and famewhores in his life and move on to continue to make the great career choice movies he’s filming otherwise the media will never take him seriously with these clowns in tow.

  • talia

    haha all the comments about kristen being a lesbian are hilarious. gotta love when people attack a person they know nothing about, hope they don’t attack people the actually know like this

  • talia

    @talia: *they actually know

  • R

    who’s Farcus Moster???