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James Franco & Ashley Benson Lipsync to Selena Gomez!

James Franco & Ashley Benson Lipsync to Selena Gomez!

James Franco and Ashley Benson are at it again!

The Spring Breakers co-stars just released a video of themselves lipsyncing to their fellow cast mate Selena Gomez‘s song “Love You Like a Love Song”.

“Yo, here’s a song from one of my favorite young singers, my co-star, young Selena Gomez. Remix!” James says to introduce the video.

James and Ashley previously released a lipsync video to Justin Bieber‘s song “Boyfriend,” but it was taken down after they found out Justin was upset by it.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of James Franco and Ashley Benson’s new video?

James Franco & Ashley Benson Lipsync to Selena Gomez!
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  • Sam

    he gets odder every day, but is still interesting to watch.
    and he seems like he doesn’t give a sh*t about anything which makes me like him more.

  • Star

    what a creep. he is almost 40 and what a weirdo. imagine leo, ryan gosling or anyone else doing this.

  • lala

    i dont even know anymore if they’re jus taking the p!ss out of selena or out of adornment. and plus their relationship is weird, like its not quite dating but not quite just friends…

  • ash

    theyre weird and its kind of fun to watch. i feel like if vanessa didnt have a boyfriend she’d probably be hanging with these two as well since they all had such weird chemistry on screen :/

  • kayla

    I don’t know whether to be amused or scared…

  • sada

    dunno why everyone makes a big deal over him making these vids its not abnormal

  • nm

    James is definately doing her

  • Roman

    I’m sad that he’s schtooping her and not me… :(

  • Donna

    If I were Selena I would be really creeped out by this!

  • didi

    justin is a p*ssy…he was “upset” lol!

  • ash

    @nm: yeah i think so too, in the movie their “scene” seemed a little too realistic and they got really into it. same with her and vanessa. hollywoods weird

  • 4mimi

    Ty Selena. The song is catchy. I didnt know you had feeling for others rather than yourself.

  • samsam

    I’ve always thought that James was bisexual…never really sure if he is into girls or guys because he seems to like experimenting. now i just assume he’s into both *shrugs*

  • dont hit i’m belgium

    less good than their Bieber lipsync vid but still fun

  • 4mimi

    I love this song. It’s not the typical disco song they make these days.

  • lala

    no but seriously are they taking the mick out of selena im not even sure since this is the second song of hers that they have covered as a joke. i mean if i was selena i would not be amused. the first time maybe ok but this is just mockery. then again she outed bieber so it must be karma

  • Natasha

    I just don’t know what this is supposed to be. The Bieber video was actually funny because it was a pastiche of the original but this video clearly isn’t. Are they’re meant to be some kind of inditement on the banality of pop music/culture because if so that’s hypocritical for someone like ashley who is complicit in it. It’s weird that someone like James who is so educated & erudite should lower himself to making these things.

  • Steph

    Benson is getting really annoying she needs to go away

  • Stephen Walsh

    Almost 40? He’s 34.

    I think it’s hilarious. Wish more “hollywood” people didn’t give a sh*t what anyone thinks about him like James.

  • trent

    franco is a true genius. the man does different movie roles and he’s entertaining i don’t care about his sexual orientation because i more interested on the actor what he does with his butt its his business.

  • http://YellyEfron Yarelly

    awesome i love James & Ashley they should do the same but with Zac & Vanessa would be so funny

  • Fan

    Are they dating?

  • wonder

    It’s messed up how high they are each time they make one of these vids, as if everyone can’t tell.

  • Veronica

    ashley is anoying sometimes. This video scary me!

  • Julia

    @Star: he’s an actor/comedian. he is trying to have fun like he acts in his movies. It’s just a joke so loosen up please.

  • Julia

    Hey, everyone: He’s NOT gay and they are not dating…Look it up if you dont believe me.

  • Em

    I bet Selena laughed her ass of watching this, she probably loved it. They are all friends right? Its just a damn joke haha, people are so damn serious all the time.