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Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev Hold Hands After Visiting Sick Fan

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev Hold Hands After Visiting Sick Fan

Ian Somerhalder holds hands with his girlfriend Nina Dobrev as they make their way through Pearson International Airport on Sunday (March 31) in Toronto, Canada.

The 34-year-old actor and 24-year-old actress were visiting a sick The Vampire Diaries fan in the area who was suffering in the hospital. So sweet of them!!!

“Happy Easter @kayla_0507 !!!! Thinking of you today – sending you positive vibes ! We had so much fun hanging out with you yesterday! :)” Nina wrote on her WhoSay account that day.

“HAPPY EASTER!” Ian tweeted that afternoon.

FYI: Nina is using a Longchamp tote.

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nina dobrev ian somerhalder holding hands in toronto 01
nina dobrev ian somerhalder holding hands in toronto 02
nina dobrev ian somerhalder holding hands in toronto 03
nina dobrev ian somerhalder holding hands in toronto 04
nina dobrev ian somerhalder holding hands in toronto 05

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  • Rupert Sanders

    Ian should date someone closer to his age

  • guest

    Damage controle
    We all know he dumped her sorry ass long ago, but as DE is downfalling on TVR fans as usually gets Nian insted or Nina will all her fans as well as CW will lose ratings

  • ricku

    @guest: STFU, just STFU.

  • Luli

    Lovely couple.

  • Luli

    Oh, it’s Nina’s mom behind them. I wish this couple all the best and have nothing but admiration for them.

  • Hmmm

    Jared, look closer at your own pictures via zoom. He IS NOT holding her hand, she is grabbing his fist in attempt to look couple. Nina, trying to hard again don’t you?

  • wemp
  • regina phalanggeee

    I cry bc of their relationship. Is it just me?

  • guest

    Lights, camera and…..cut! as soon as paps are of they stop pretending
    Poor Ian, he has to babysit that todler till the end of TVD
    i cry everytime i see them too, feel so sorry for him

  • Sam

    Yay!! They’re still together!! Love them. And @ricku is right… STFU haters!!

  • http://yahoo De

    I am not sure whats going on with them… but I wish them well. Maybe her parents hosted the young couple in an effort to work things out. It may have worked – holding hands in one shot, and Ian pulling both their luggage in the other. They are a beautiful couple.

  • Sasha

    As much as i want to say STFU to ppl who post here, the first time they do have a point. Bc either Ian lost few of his fingers either Nina is trying to make us believe they still together. And the pics when paps are not there, she is first to run from him.
    Guess rumors were true.

  • antonia

    @guest, how could they hold hands if he’s carrying her bag? you ppl are pathetic

  • guest

    WTF every time Delena has bumps on tv Nian will pop up with paps pics?
    That is annoying already
    Another CW showmance as it is with all their shows. Better get new writers, fake love is out of fashion already. Robsten 2.0

  • Guest

    YAY all fanforum habitants that obsessed with Nian got their Eastern present! I bet they are doing happy dance now. Though as haters are right this time, b/c even u crazy shippers can’t deny that IanÅ¡ fingers are not connected with Nina’s. She is holding his hand, he is clenching his jaw.
    Ohh since when Somerhalder do not grab or grop female beside him? It seems Nian will ends sooner than later.
    Nice PR move BTW split then male up rumors always work to make ppl talk about actors

  • Ashley
  • anonymous

    Yeah, I have to agree that it doesn’t seem like Ian is holding her hand..idk though. I don’t doubt that Nian was real at some point but i dont think they’re together anymore.

  • Ashley
  • Wonder

    Just how much Dobrev paid to Jared for this stunt?
    Ian run from her long ago and as we all saw recently he finally stopped play along for fans sake. She once sold her private pic from Instragram to Jared, so i wont be surprised if she paid for this article and called paps to airport to show off with ian and her mom for the cameras.
    Ian look pretty pissed and uncomfortable, while Nina too smug grabbing him infront of camera, but when the paps are not there any more…well thank you haters now we have proves that it was all an act and damage control

  • Gagirl

    FINALLY! we got pics where it is shown that it is all coming from Nina.
    They are already spotted back here, taking their separate ways as usual and fighting all the way out if airport.
    Nina is her usual self. But pretending to hold hands when he isn’t into it that is too much even for her.

  • JenniferH


    Seriously, what crack are you smoking? They are CLEARLY holding hands. There have been pictures of them visiting the fan at the hospital. In the video to the girl about the visit, they both looked adoringly at each other. And sure in the next pic they aren’t holding hands, but why? Oh, because Ian is pulling her luggage too, like the gentleman that he is.

    The split-rumors were a completely joke based on nothing beyond the fact that Ian had work comittments in NY while Nina was in LA. The haters are seriously so very, very, well, stupid. Cuz, honestly, folks, if these two were a PR couple, they are seriously THE worst PR couple ever.

  • Ashley

    @Wonder: @Gagirl: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk haters,if you hate them together, why you comment this article??

  • ;-)

    @Ashley: Peeps are bored.

    On a different subject, they’re not really hands in the pic. She’s holding his fist and his jaw is clenched. If they are still together there is trouble in paradise judging their body language.

  • Ashley

    @;-): please kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk their body language is love

  • Wonder

    Jared, why don’t you post this pic from JaredJr as well
    Look at this super nice bf moving fast through the security line not waiting for his girl to say Buy to her mom. And his face? Priceless!! He is so DONE with her.

  • Gagirl

    Their body language is:
    Nina is overacting so it looks very fake
    Ian has an irony and pity towards her in his smile. It is not real smile of a loving man. He is mocking her openly!

    Why don’t ur friend JeniferH from FF who spend her lifetime searching for non existing proves tell u what was happening that day here in Atl? And how they barely talk to each other in real life?!

  • anonymous

    Wow…Im never listening to the hater’s on this site EVER AGAIN. You guys seem way too desperate to prove that Nina and Ian’s relationship is fake…probably for some delusional reason like wanting Ian for yourself or being a Stelena shipper who can’t separate fiction from reality. pathetic

  • lee

    I do not know if you noticed, but Nina is holding the strap of Ian,that he ta holding his hand. so stop haters

  • passing buy

    Don’t care for “lovers” & for “haters” Just upset b/c of Ian. One half of his fans are dangerously obsessed with Nian and when he will start dating anyone else they will RIP him for not living up to their dream. The other half are to much poisoned and search for a stunt everywhere (or may be it is ex Robsten fans i dunno may be).
    Personally i think that the truth is somewhere in the middle. I think Ian care about Nina. They forced to work 24/7 together and knowing how protective he is, it is normal that he cares for her. I see it that he sees her as his younger sis, whom he peck on lips, hold her hand, take her to hang out e.t.c. but may be smth more i dunno I just don’t get that vibe of love from him as it was towards his ex. Anyways i think Ian and Nina are good. But fans and press make it look more romance or more showmance than it is. Of course press uses them to make better sales but not all pics should be counted as stunt. And also holding hand is not only love it is also friendship

  • So true

    Oh Jenny Jenny girl. Yes we are stupid haters. But u made a stupid move posting here, to many ppl can call u on ur BS. Now what will happen the day when the bubble will blow and all ur friends on FF will catch how many thing u didn’t tell them or how u twisted what was in reality to make it look more Nian than it is. Not all of FF ppl are delusional, they do know that Ian and Nina are real ppl and not imaginary characters. What would fans say if they knew that with one hand u wrote a timeline for Nian with a little PAhelp from ICM and with other hand u handed a wish list which was written on FF to CW folks. You can call as me hater and lier but even for fans it seems way to suspicious that they get their wish come true with sightings or smth else a day or few after they wrote in on FF

  • LMAO



  • JC

    Same old bitter people who ship Dobsley, Stelena etc. Same losers not getting their own way in other peoples personal relationships. So so jealous and so so pathetic. Get a life. Nina and Ian must be laughing. Your motives are so obvious.

    For god sake Just Jared, make it harder for people to leave a comment, like Facebook or Twitter login so they are accountable. These people are using you so they can stomp their feet like little children and dummy spat.

    Ian’s a busy man. He spent Easter with Nina’s family. They always vacation together. Hawaii, Bora Bora, Thailand, Paris. Just think about it. Idiots.

    Can’t wait for this toxic fandom who can’t tell the difference between real life and fiction to just disappear. Pure bullying.

  • LMAO

    passing buy

    are you crazy or what? lmao really you can’t be serious and for all you know most of ian’s fans respect him it’s not why people like him w/ nina that people wouldn’t support him

    PLUS you really have some problem in all pics of him and his exs he’s the same and it’s funny why he would end his relationship if wasn’t in love I really think you’re just a bunch of bitters and haters

  • guest

    says who?
    a DE lover who is happy to have Nian off screen while waiting for DE on the show?
    If we are sick and delusional then how to call you? Sick ppl who getting off on Nian stalking them off screen and make assumptions on their life, knowing their to do list for a day and to go list for a vac?
    what i find amusing that during hiatus DE fights with SE, and Nian shippers are throwing their theory on other throats.
    Why if someone do not see Nian as a couple in love is SE fan or Dobsley? Come on give some other explanation
    i do not see them more than just TVD faces which fans prefer to see off screen and guess why? B/c as was said here they always do what fans expect them to do. Fans want holding hands – here we go, fans wants fam time – here we go. Fans wanted Paris – here we go. I don’t see how this relationships can be real when they openly live up to fans speculations
    and please listen to what both actors say not hear what u want them to say

  • lee
  • NianReal

    @Gagirl: what happened in ATL??

  • LMAO

    Dobsley fans has most sick people really you like them and love them as friends ok but call it shipper? He’s well married and she’s w/ Ian I don’t ship nian I support them together there’s a big different and calling out FF posters here just show you how sick you all are bc following people you don’t even like or couple you don’t like wow it’s called brain problem …

  • guest

    yepp thank u! he is barely participating
    u can also send here a pic with mommy Dobrev and his sore expression with polite peck…french style not touching the cheek. Oh “happy Nina” on the back ground

    Nian fans got to much of imaginary things after a month of stress. Let them be.

  • caaaa
  • lee

    @guest: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk you are joke and please why you comment this article if you not a fan nian kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk goodbye

  • Gagirl

    I dunno sis if u’ll be able to hear me. Ur nickname is quite telling.
    But try this way. Why JeniferH is always the one who is saying that they are worst PR ever even BEFORE haters here or anywhere else will try to say it. Why she is trying so hard shortly before the shipper war will start as if she know when to expect the news which can be seen as PR
    She is a like a boy who is crying WOLF

  • Wonder

    does anyone notice that all Nian defenders are Nina’s fans. Really classy! as actress as fans!
    Nina needs Nian not to lose her scores! yup!
    fanny fans oh how will u cry in next season

  • LMAO

    for your information I’m a fan of Ian not a Nina fan but I support whatever make him happy I’m just not stupid as most you here who thinks I’ll meet him he’ll love me and we’ll get married

  • sarah

    I think what they did was really nice. Two things though. Why not just do it and if the KID or whoever decides to show pictures then it’s up to them. I hate it when “celeb’s” do this and brag or look for attention because of it. My son had a illness and his favorite actor visited him and there were NO camera’s nor did the actor scream it for attention. That’s the difference. As for the hand holding. There’s been ALOT of talk they’re not together. They’ve never held hands other then the Coachella. Seems odd, proving something?

  • OMG

    Some of the people insulting the haters. Please go back and re read what you are posting and see if what you are saying sounds delusional and practically insane. The obsessed fans are worse then the haters. I do not care for them nor do i hate them. I see this as it is, a short term show romance, that will probably not last past the show. Be real, think realistically. No one’s relationship is like a romantic movie, that includs celebrities.

  • passing buy

    First thing to say, opposite of Nian defenders i didn’t insult any person who posted here personally, i just politely wrote my opinion, naming to opposite teams on their behavior.
    Way to show that Nian are really rude and angry. Nowonder ppl who disagree with you prefer gossip sites or other places instead of boards for discussion
    Second. It is really weird to say that ppl who disagree on Nian topic want’s to marry Ian.
    Didn’t the though of a person who is an elder brother of a teenage girl checking the pages she looks thorough cross your mind? (foe example) doubt that. You act very angry as insecure teen who know that he is wrong but is eager to try to prove he is right
    Third. A lot of ppl who disagree woth you make sence and they stating facts as well as you are. How come both sides are right?

  • NianReal

    @Gagirl: LOL, you are insane!! Jennifer even know many things about nian, who knows about thats is 2424PeachGA, so please, take the right information and then tell me your lies.

  • OMG


  • Seriously

    Wesvitto is fake! Paul Wesley is gay! He should date Matt Bomer. Paul’s 31 this year, he’s too old to play a 17 year old vampire. Paul has a small wee wee, my friend told me, he saw it at a restaurant rest room.

    What? What? What’s wrong? I’m a bitter TVD fan that’s not getting my own way, so I can say whatever the hell I want. Right???? Right???
    Do you get it now? Not nice hey. These are real people with real lives, regardless of what you want.

  • Seriously


    But that’s what they want.