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Jennifer Garner: Celebrity Culture is So Silly!

Jennifer Garner: Celebrity Culture is So Silly!

Jennifer Garner is pretty in pink while exiting Brentwood Country Mart on Saturday (April 6) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The day before, the 40-year-old actress donned plaid while picking up her two adorable daughters Seraphina and Violet, who was spotted carrying a “Harry Potter” book, from karate practice.

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The day before, Jennifer and Violet were spotted grabbing a bite to eat from McDonald’s.

“Why does everyone think they need to be a star? It’s ridiculous. The celebrity culture is so silly and the fact that people grow up thinking that it’s something to aspire to just seems wrong,” Jennifer recently shared about her kids’ future in showbiz.

Jennifer added, “I don’t mean to bash my life, I love my life, I just think it’s not the only way to go. Why don’t we celebrate teachers and doctors – people who actually do something?”

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner picking up her daughters from karate practice….

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  • h012

    wow jared you picked an unflattering photo of violet for the main pic..btw, is that a harry potter book she`s holding?….if it is, i commend her reading and comprehending skills at an early stage…

  • mo

    However, there she is right.

  • see

    because teachers and doctors are not attention ho’s, they PAY attention, as opposed to movie and music star and all the famous for nothing ”celebs” who DEMAND your attention and are trying to sell you something,
    be it a empty lifestyle like the Kartrashians, currently famous for being pregnant and fat, really, what else deos she contribute to the world other than the empty ”look at me” ”i’m famous”
    - FOR WHAT? HO

  • Hunk

    She’s right.. Most of the so-called ‘celebs’ aren’t worthy of the spotlight they are in..

  • Mimignyc

    And what does she call herself, then?

  • gthtr

    I think there are legit “real” celebs. Who do actually work hard, they had doors slammed in their faces many times before they got their break. and then there is this new celeb culture, these…pseudo celebs. who are just horrible. they will do anything for fame. they usually just had a silver spoon in their mouth or they slept their way up…ie: most reality “stars”. I will never undestand the fascination with reality stars! why they are on magazine covers,tv interviews etc. they are just normal people whom are the worst,thinking they are movie stars all of the sudden. lmao. They probably walk around their town thinking they are Meryl Streep. they’re pathetic. I believe the US is the only place obsessed with reality people (hate calling them reality “stars” because stars they are not.)

  • ann

    She’s not wrong, but it’s also funny and rather hypocritical that she, of all people, would be the one to say it.

  • Lea




  • maria

    She is so right. And for those idiots who think she’s being hypocritical, she’s not. She is downplaying what she has and what she has achieved professionally, because she knows there are people in the world who do more worthwhile things. The paps running around snapping their pics are not her doing, it’s the “silly celebrity culture” she’s talking about. Grow up.

  • just a thought

    Blah Blah Blah. These two said they were going to live on the East Coast because they wanted to raise their first child in privacy. Then they realized their careers were dying because no one cared about the movies they were acting in. They moved to LA. Stated their almost daily march in front of paps and low and behold they are considered big time celebs. This is not to discount Ben Affleck directing career just to show they used that celebrity culture.

  • faze

    To all those who put out the hypocrisy flag: she did say that she loved her life. At least she’s aware that there are “celebrities” not worth people’s time. I still like her and her family but I wish those paps take it easy on the kids.

  • just sayin

    Yes Benifer you know you love the celebrity culture, otherwise you wouldn’t be living a reality show everyday with your kids in the market full of paparazzi. Btw I am not buying the I’m such a great mom, which other celebrity parades her kids on a daily basis..who does? the paparazzi would not dare do that the Julia Roberts, now she really is a great mom..she protects her kids from the prying eyes. She doesn’t use her kids as props.

  • Hyp

    She really puts the H in Hypocrite…she loves the paparazzi. Funny how the husband hated the paparazzi but she was determined for them to follow her even though she knew he hated them. Whenever she was pimping her kids she would be smiling and when she was with the husband she would have a serious face pretending that it wasn’t her fault they were following them. She gave them the green light a long time ago because she wanted to stay relevant. She and Ben seem like such a mismatch…I don’t see why people think they are such a great couple.

  • Poor kids

    Yes Jennifer your right, they should celebrate people who do something, rather than someone going everyday to the market with their kids to get attention. Poor kids when they see all those pictures of themselves when they become teenagers they are going to be pissed off at mom for allowing the paparazzi to follow them.

  • Alaia

    Says the woman that calls the paparazzi.

  • Ohh La La

    I adore this family and the way that Jennifer is raising her children. She seems to be instilling great values and the haters need to step aside.

  • DULC€

    She is a hypocrite!! She and Ben Affleck are two of the biggest famewh0res in hollywood and yet… she is trying to put down the very “Silly” celebrity culture that she clearly loves and give her money and fame!! OH PLEASE!!

  • Rachel

    Why would she need to call the paparazzi? She lives in the small area of LA called Brentwood and goes to the same damn places everyday- brentwood country mart, santa monica, etc. She doesn’t need to call them. Shes probably as sh*t to find! Esp if they camp outside her house and follow her wherever she goes.

    I really doubt she calls them. She simply doesnt need to!

  • Mattie

    Careful Jennifer, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. If you and your husband weren’t celebrities, you wouldn’t be living in a mansion in Brentwood. You chose the lifestyle.

  • Daniel F.

    I don’t think your bank account agrees with that statement, Jennifer.

  • Geneva

    paparazzi culture exists because people who are not famous and considered ‘common’ and ‘typical’ take amusement by watching people who by all parts are genetically more perfect than us and have an inproportionate amount of success – fail. It makes us realize that people we think are perfect fail and fail hard all the time. Also, that fact that there are 20+ comments on this post thaat is a post on a paparazzi photo blog shows that dissing the paparazzi isn’t going to make them go away. Actually if people like us stopped looking at the photos and there was no demand then it would go away.

  • ….

    @see: Apparently, you’ve never been in a surgical room with a doctor. Yeah, completely different than being in the office. No matter how minor the surgery, the doctor is more important than the patient. For anyone who knows their medical ethics, the patient is supposed to be the center of attention.

  • TC

    gthtr @ 04/07/2013 at 7:38 am

    Completely agree with your comments. The “old school” celeb came up the hard way and may have done a few or all of the following – waiting tables, acting classes, off-off-broadway roles, TV commercials, guest spots on TV shows, movie bit parts and ensembles and finally, lead roles in films (or a lead role on a successful TV show). In the “old school” tradition, you were trained to learn a skill and develop your talent (acting, singing, dancing, etc.) The “new school” celeb culture is a result of reality TV. They’re not really interested in developing a skill or “working.” They just want fame and all the big money that comes with it. They want to be noticed and talked about no matter how outrageous or ridiculous they are. It’s a real downgrade in my opinion. But people keep watching their shows and buying the tabs, so I don’t think they’re going anywhere anytime soon.

  • KYt

    What has she ever achieved outside marrying an actor/director (with mediocre talent) and having the paps on call 24/7 to take pictures of herself and her kids. She is no better than Kardshian.

  • k

    most of you people are terrible with your comments.their children always seem too be well adjusted unlike a lot of other actors children .even his so call best friends children always look unhappy when they are out. l think its great they dont hide their children.