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Jennifer Aniston: 'Friends' Reunion on 'Ellen'!

Jennifer Aniston: 'Friends' Reunion on 'Ellen'!

Jennifer Aniston reunites with Friends co-stars Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox for a segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing on Wednesday (May 22)!

The 44-year-old actress chatted with Ellen DeGeneres about what happened when she unexpectedly dropped by Matthew‘s house for some advice on co-hosting the show. Check out the funny video below!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Aniston

Matthew co-hosted The Ellen DeGeneres Show last month.

Jennifer was last spotted doing some furniture shopping with her fiance Justin Theroux in the Big Apple.

Jennifer Aniston – ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

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Photos: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.
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  • rachel

    what is this loser trying to sell. Angelina is a true actress and everybody wants to see her. enough of this old ugly hoe

  • Love The Shoes

    Wish the whole gang was there.

  • Love The Shoes

    @rachel: We really need to grow that one up. They all probably think we’re pathetic still going on about imaginary rivals and such “if they even know we exist.” Let it go as I’m sure they have. It’s so silly anymore all this junior high bs.


    ANISTON still whoring as usual
    leaving lots superstinky FAP
    many vile rotting soiled undergarment
    horrible stench
    LOLA no help
    ANISTON biggest ***** ever
    FAWP thick on ground
    all over BAMPZSKVille
    all over LAX
    all over las vegas
    all over LA that is
    all over furniture store
    all over FAWP Schwartz
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    all over chelsea FACE
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  • jimmy

    mayer effed up bad!

  • Julia123

    Really proving this month that all she will be remembered for is Friends and her hair!

  • 2 Friends trotted out for PR

    So she trots out her Friends co-stars for Ellen’s audience, the 2 whom she still communicates with, to push her hair line which she has invested a lot of money in. Got to sell her straw hair which is mostly extensions (words of her BFF hair man ChrisMc).

    MatthewP needs the PR as his show has been cancelled and CCox’s show is hanging on by a thread. The people she won’t retreat to TV for as she is now an err “movie celeb”.

    Oh how the faux mighty have fallen LOL.

    Her paid man is probably rather expensive, he has not worked in at least a year. Make those $$$$$ Sugah Momma!

  • Barren Old Cow

    sure this barren old cow is pregnant. NOT!!!!

  • Jen

    @*FILTY|ANISTON|WHORE|PANTIES*: The fact that you took all that time typing all of that shows you need to get a life. Like for real, though.

  • Bony Angie

    They look good.
    But Jennifer looks GREAT!

  • what??

    This is a perfect example of why there does not need to be a friends reunion. Come on.. I liked Friends, but that was just terrible and not funny by any stretch of the imagination. That acting if you call it that made me just cringe.

    terrible and not funny at all. but her fans will eat it up. Sad really.

    who wrote that crap???

  • Ooo

    Aw ww – the dramatic music and the “don’t say go on” bit cracked me up. Ahhh memories… Going to be a fun show

  • 2 Friends trotted out for PR

    @Love The Shoes:

    3 of the whole “gang” do not communicate with RGreen. Don’t you know that?

  • Blair

    Aniston cannot act to save her life!

    The stupid facial expressions, the whiny voice….she would would be a pain to live with.

  • Luke

    It’s not until you see what things would be like without something that you really begin to appreciate it. This made me really, really appreciate the writers on FRIENDS.

  • RoseWood

    owell heaps of negative comments but i found it a little bit funny

  • JustinWantsAFrontlaceWig


    That is Sick but so FUNNY!!

  • Bony Angie

    @2 Friends trotted out for PR:
    Oh tell us please!
    We need the details!
    I hope you don’t lie…

  • claire

    OMG!!!!!! I love Jen and Ellen, and of course I love all Friends who doesn’t. I can’t wait to see the show


    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that was hilarious
    I love jen and friends <3

  • winter

    I am excited about that. I love friends, and when I saw this Ellenshow, I said wow, big news, and good luck, Jen, for your co-host.

  • 2 Friends trotted out for PR


    The majority of people do not and have never liked Friends.

    What was to like about a TV show set in NYC that had no diversity whatsoever? How unreal is that?

    But you are welcome to your made up fantasy world as shown on those old cra*py re-runs.

  • Leens

    Jen looks so pretty in that clip… But it’s weird how sometimes she’s always hiding out, and then all of a sudden she’s out there, every where. It’s good to to see her now a days ;)

  • Jasmine

    Wow a whole lot of psychos post on this site. Grow the F up.

  • lolly

    @2 Friends trotted out for PR: Yeah right.. the raiting at their times went through the roof. and the 6 of them were everywhere: talk show, awards stuff and etc…

    miss friends so muchhhh!!! :(

  • Rachel

    Jennifer Aniston is the true actress . She is the only one that we want to see.

  • ola

    Its so funny how the Jolie fans try to bring Jennifer Anniston down. Saying she cannot act, what can you do? LOL. If you don’t like her, others do and she’s getting her money. The same people that make fun of her, are the same people that will be at the front of the line, trying to watch her movies. Why bully someone you don’t even know?. Many of you don’t know, that writing nasty comments about someone, is definately a type of bullying. STOP WITH THE HATE.

  • ola

    @Barren Old Cow: You are a mean person. if you don’t like her, ignore her. Why do you have to be so hateful?. People like you make me so scared. How you can be so hateful with your comments. Imagine someone saying exactly what you said about Jennifer Aniston to you. SAD!!!!

  • 2 Friends trotted out for PR


    LOL. The TV land in the US is not the world. Ratings of an old US TV show do not equate to an old US TV show that the majority of people in the world liked. Maybe the people you associated with were fans BUT most people were not in any way engaged with this show’s fantasy world. And ratings are just reflections of those who are surveyed for their preferences. My single time trying to see what anyone found enjoyable about this old TV show or its actors completely validated my feelings and the channel was swiftly changed after 10 minutes.

    I must admit that RGreen is still RGreen to this day, a mediocre one shot actor who can’t seem to stop nervously twirling her hair no matter the project. I have seen LisaK in other projects and she is a good actor.

    I say it again, the majority of people cared zero for this US TV show which had no diversity in a city which is total max diversity. There was no one on that show for many people to find watchable. The humor was geared to one type of people and the writers made sure to feed those fans and ignored everyone else. There was not one character on that show of whiners that anyone I know would or could identify with.

    Just my truth.

    But hey keep living in your delusional world where you are comfortable.

  • old

    friends is like 30 yrs ago! they are now a bunch of old farts.

  • justsaying

    she is a terrible actress…god, terrible!

  • So true



    Can’t relate to any of them in any way.

  • true fax


  • lol

    Not funny at all. Jennifer has this irritating high pitched voice all the time, with stupid facial reactions and hair touching antics.

  • Guest

    Lol, Brad talks how bad his marriage to Jennifer was. Not only did Brad leave her so did many men who could not stomach her. Her relationships are like her movies, failures!

  • Eee

    Jennifer uses Lady O or Ellen, such a media whore with no real cause to talk about except her stupid old self.

    Years gone by and still no love for her mother, no husband or child in her life. With all that money she lives in fake empty loveless world. What a waste she is!

  • Courteney cocks

    What happened to my face? Too much injections I guess…

  • Greg

    In the words of Chandler, “It’s [10] years ago. My time machine works!” Haha, this little reunion was brilliant! I miss this show.

  • Elsie

    My my my! Who would ever want to see these fu8g*s these days! Botox, hair extensions, false lashes and fake tan, ugh! They don’t matter anymore. Now, let’s get help to Oklahoma.

  • Vince

    I bet he regretted making a fool of himself with Jenho!. What about Mayer, he did not have one nice thing to say about her. Bradley denied viciously ever dating her and only claimed it was dinner only. How could she not ever manage to hold a man, period? The tiny man driving her around looks like a bus boy seems to fit her level since she can boss him to no end. Something is off with Jenho ever since friends.

  • Hot Rain

    They look awful and Jennifer has an annoying voice! Paleez, your glory days in the 80′s is so not appealing, quit fooling yourself.

  • Ellen & ill fitting guests

    Ellen is beginning to be distasteful especially with continued guests appearances of people like hateful Jennifer Aniston who along with her disgusting baby hater Chelsea Handler who with Jennifer, never cease to spew hate comments about Angelina and her family. I lost respect for Ellen. Anderson is way better to watch so goodbye forever Ellen 0=0

  • TheDudeAbides

    Nice looking sandwich…

  • Bony Angie

    where is your Ferrari bed?
    I want the same one.

  • Bony Angie

    I hope David Schwimmer feels good.
    And his lesbian wife too. :)
    And his students. :)

  • Bony Angie

    “What a waste she is!” –
    REALLY ?
    Do you think Oprah or Ellen will invite a “waste”?

  • Regina Phalange

    Laughing at all the hate.

    Luls, bitches she’s still more famous and richer than you’ll ever be. Please, continue

  • Bony Angie

    the left philange is still a very important part of every jet plane.
    Checking and control ! :)

  • Bony Angie

    Lisa changed her image sharply.
    Almost like Miley Cyrus.
    Looks good.

  • http://Justjarde Amanda

    Love jen