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Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish Head to Lunch After Meeting

Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish Head to Lunch After Meeting

Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish hold hands while leaving the CAA building following a meeting with their talent agents on Wednesday (May 22) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old actress and her fiance later headed out for lunch together.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

“In the perfect soft summer cotton… @Ragdoll_LA Rose T-Shirt #imaragdoll,” Kate tweeted about her fashion choice that day.

BLACK ROCK is the #1 Indie film rented on @iTunesMovies this weekend! So awesome. THANK YOU,” Kate wrote the other day. Go watch the film!

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  • James

    Love her style!!

  • lydia

    They probably go #2 in the bathroom together too.

  • sloane

    heads to lunch?! do they even eat?! Both looks like skeleton!

  • James

    Doesn’t take long for the haters to arrive!!

  • Asha

    I was watching Blue Crush the other day and was thinking Kate use to be freaking gorgeous. She needs to get back to the weight she was in the movie and she would be perfect.

  • Looselipz

    I don’t like her taste in fashion or men.
    Agree that she was far more beautiful with more weight..

  • Keiko

    She has awful style. I can’t understand the odd, random, shapeless pieces she has in her closet. And you know she doesn’t each lunch.

  • Alicia hayek
  • ladybug

    Some of her TopShop items are selling:

    “Hot off the heels of the debut of the blond beauty’s festival collection with Topshop, Grazia Daily reports that certain items sold out in a matter of hours. The pretty scalloped shorts and matching top the actress wore in the campaign video—and on the polo fields of Coachella—are no longer available, and the eye-catching tribal print vest and grunge girl cool plaid shirt are also gone.
    So, is Bosworth replacing the duchess as the gal with the most covetable style?

    Not necessarily.”

  • Macy

    Ha! I told you there were enough boho hispters that would go and buy this stuff. That vest was hideous!

  • ladybug

    @Macy: The vest is pretty bad. And I don’t how much the plaid shirt was, but you could probably find better quality for less money at your local thrift shop.
    And dear fashion people, wearing plaid does not make you grunge.

  • Macy

    I suspect that some people just wanted to buy those things because a “famous” person “designed” them.

  • Hype

    You forgot to add this bit.

    And while it probably didn’t hurt to have the beautiful Bosworth modeling the Topshop collection, we’d say the festival fashion wave is probably also at play here. After all, this isn’t the first time she’s teamed up with a brand to sell her designs. Last summer she created an accessories collection along with her stylist Cher Coulter for JewelMint, and the pieces didn’t sell out within hours.

    So, we’d say Bosworth hasn’t hit the level of the other Kate effect just quite yet.


  • ladybug

    @Hype: I didn’t forget to add, that’s why I included the link.

    I did like they weren’t fashion journalisty, which would have been all very bootlicky about how great the line was doing, etc. Which is how the Grazia article is:–bosworth–effect–which-of-topshops-festival-pieces-sold-out-first

    Of course, we also don’t know how many piece were actually available.

  • Fashionista

    I’m not surprised the pieces sold out so quickly. I tried to purchase the orange suede dress and it was sold out. A few years ago Kate wore a T-shirt with a flag on it to Coachella and it, too, sold out immediately. She has a great sense of style. Kate wears boho chic to classic glamorous and every look in between to perfection. She rarely makes a fashion misstep.
    I thought she was lovely on Chelsea Lately and it was so sweet that while introducing Kate, Chelsea said she loves Kate. Chelsea’s pretty straight up. You know when she likes someone and when she doesn’t.

  • ladybug

    @Fashionista: Bless you, you’re always a source of regurgitated, breathless fashion writing.

    “A few years ago Kate wore a T-shirt with a flag on it to Coachella and it, too, sold out immediately”

    The boring outfit from Coachella 2011? Do you have a link on its sales?

  • Macy

    That’s because there are people who will buy something just because a celebrity wears it. Apparently you’re one of those people. I’m not, and I’ve never purchased a single thing that a celeb has endorsed or said that they’ve designed, be it Jessica Simpson, or Bosworth. I can get things that look better for cheaper and I don’t need some underweight vapid “actress” to tell me how to dress. Most of the time she looks terrible, save for a few occasions. Besides, flag shirts are hardly new, nor were they when Bosworth wore hers, but I’m guessing you already knew that. My mother brought me a flag shirt when she came back from England, in the early 2000′s. So I guess Bosworth just copied me then?

  • Abe

    It’s so odd that people will rush to follow the “fashion choices” of a celebrity who depends on a stylist. Save your money and cultivate your own sense of style.

  • Lois

    I wonder if she has a stake in Ragdoll since she doesn’t really seem the sort to promote something unless something is in it for her. She didn’t even promote While We Were Here considering she got semi decent reviews for it, which leads one to believe she and Kat C had a falling out.

  • Margarita

    Her photo is now on the Ragdoll page. She must be tight with Lisa Larson. I hope she does not worm her way back in.

  • Keiko


    Wow. You’re pitiful.

  • see

    i think they are both anorexic

  • Suze

    Shouldn’t she be plugging her Topshop collection? Unless she wants to “design” for Ragdoll too.

  • CleverNameHere

    Watched Black Rock yesterday … and it´s uneventful. Bland. I hate that her last characters can´t stop saying “man” or “dude”.

    I have no problem with her jumping from movie to fashion – it suits her better and there is no doubt that she lives for fashion, so in my opinion that makes sense. Don´t think she will quit the films, but maybe if the fashion thing happens later on.
    I actually really wanted that white leather top, but was wayyyyy to late in the game for that. I did however buy their small embossed suede crossbody bag. Yes, I admit it ! :p Everything else in that line is way to “designed” – like trying too hard. Those wings and hairband. A festival is about the social aspect and the music, but it does seem like Coachella is more of a fashion festival. Please correct me if I´m wrong.

    I am however surprised by JJ and what he decides to publish about her. We get the pap outings, but for me … it should be like the Topshop images or her other project – like SKII and that new movie. There are indeed things to choose from apart from the pap shots. That is so much more relevant for me.

    But then again, her posts don´t generate the same line of traffic anymore – maybe that´s why it´s limited feature.

  • ladybug

    @CleverNameHere: Black Rock’s now at 33% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes, even less than the critics:

    I think fashion will be the main focus for her, both by choice, because she likes it, and because she’s really not getting hired for movies. She may not want to quit movies, but movies seem ready to quit her, with the exception of the life partner.

    As for Coachella, I think most non-celebs do go for the music. But for a lot of celebs, it’s a fashion/pap hot spot.

    And she isn’t getting the posts or the comments this year that she used to.

  • Whycantipost

    I think the problem is that she went way overboard with the fashion thing, like she is really living it (as CleverNameHere posted above). She wears anything as long as it is ‘in’ at the moment, there is not really a personal style it seems. Everytime I see her outfits she comes off as a second Kate Moss/Sienne Miller.
    I think she wants to be admired for being original and an icon of some sort, and when she figured out she couldn’t really do that with acting, she decided to go the fashion route with an anorexic body to match because on the runway that is ‘in’.

  • Keiko


    I think she does see herself in that caliber. However, she lacks the charisma of Sienna and the mystique of Moss. Bosworth is just sooooo vanilla.

  • CleverNameHere


    “Black Rock’s now at 33% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes, even less than the critics.”

    Well, I don´t base a movie by that :) … it´s still better than Life Happens, Beyond the Sea, 43, Another Happy Day and Win a Date(…). Probably her best work so far (my opinion – based on what´s available for viewing right now) and I do want to watch Big Sur, WWWH and Rememory to create a full perspective. The movie just came across better than I expected – her character is more likeable this time.
    Probably Big Sur because I can´t help but get curious after seeing the massive promotion they did for it.

  • ladybug

    @CleverNameHere: I don’t base my entire viewing decision based on RT fan’s views, but with numbers like that, it’s not a good thing. Also means there really isn’t good word of mouth. Once again, I don’t like Kerouac, so even though BS looks nice, I have no intention of seeing it, even if I had cable and it came on. I simply don’t like her as an actress, so I’m not going to seek out AWWWH and Rememory/Unconscious (which is its new title).

    As for her fashion, I think she does see herself in the Moss/Miller vein. Which is laughable.

    And MP and KB, please do not use Nirvana to sell TopShop:

    come as you are…
    “@michael_polish: nevermind @katebosworth @topshop”

  • CleverNameHere


    And that´s a fair choice … I just need to form a full opinion based on her “new” work. However I don´t feel the need to support anything else she endorse. Looking is fine, but her beauty and jewelry thing is not available here either. Only Topshop and nothing good is left to purchase, so that´s already over.
    Free view and I will see her movies, but I can safely say that they will never reach my country’s cinemas. It could be years before I get to see the rest, so I might forget it due to the long wait. :p

  • Tulip

    The actresses in BR have been getting good reviews. Some critics don’t like the script. Kate’s been getting wonderful reviews the past few years. I think she’s really coming into her own and she’s very talented.

  • Lois


    Why do you never post links to back up what you say?

  • CleverNameHere

    By the LA Times 17 May: “One Sundance review declared Black Rock to be “like a movie made by people who have never seen stalk-and-kill horror films”, while another headline asked whether the film set out to “insult the institution of horror”.,0,891256.story

    They did try not to go all traditional horror with it, but it still don´t sound very positive. No matter how we twist it.

  • Macy

    I watched Movie 43 last night, and it was perhaps one of the WORST movies I’ve ever seen. How they got all those people to do that godawful movie is a mystery to me. Bosworth’s part was only like 2 minutes long and her skin looked really weird in it for some reason. Maybe it was my friend’s HD tv, but her skin looked awful in it.

  • ladybug

    @Tulip: “getting wonderful reviews the past few years”

    You make it sound as if she’s been getting nothing but wonderful reviews for her last few movies. If this were true she’d probably be getting more roles.
    Has she, on occasion, received favorable reviews in her last few movies? Yes (though I can’t think of one for Warrior’s Way, though I’m sure there’s probably one floating around somewhere), but the reality is, those types of reviews for her aren’t that common.

    @CleverNameHere: They weren’t going for horror with BR, thought it’s been labeled as such, I get the impression that Duplass/Asleton consider it more of a thriller. I’d been hoping that they’d do an interesting twist on the ‘females in trouble’ genre, but it appears they weren’t able to really pull it off.

  • Macy

    Apparently Levi’s made a jacket for Big Sur. At least that’s what the tweet says. It’s hideous!

  • ladybug

    @Macy: Well, that explains why Levi’s has been tweeting that MP has been wearing their stuff.
    And that looks like a 3rd grade crafts project.

  • Macy

    Right? It’s absurd! Like puff paints or something. LOL

  • Keiko


    I saw Warrior’s Way because I’m a fan of Jang Dong-Gun. I can never forget when she was on some late-night show and mentioned it as one of her upcoming movies and she sounded so angry and embarrassed to have to talk about this movie. At that time it was still being called The Laundry Warrior, and there was understandably A LOT of negative feedback about that title. That was actually the first time I saw her in an interview or really knew who she was and I was struck by her arrogant attitude. She had the arrogance of a person who believes everyone in the room is snickering about her. That’s how she came across to me knowing nothing about her, that she was incredibly self-conscious and insecure.

  • Keiko


    Oh, I forgot to say — which is why I really was posting about Warriors Way — was how terrible she was in that. Again, I didn’t know about her until then. I was so taken aback with how thin she was. And she was using this weird southern accent that was just terrible. She was very, very try-hard and over-acting. She’s not the worst actress I’ve ever seen, but she’s not special at all. I bet there are actresses waiting tables waiting for a big break that can act her out of a room. She got lucky in Hollywood with that face. That is a very pretty face. I still haven’t seen Straw Dogs.

  • Belle

    @Keiko – correction: it WAS an ok face. KB has mucked around with her looks and done all sorts of “jobs” with botox, fillers, peels and so forth that her face now looks bloated, shiny and weirdly motionless. She looks decades older than she should and still dresses like a child (did you see the wings she sported on the Topshop advert?) That was bad, but Straw Dogs and everything she touches on an acting scale, is far worse…Be gone boho witch. Don’t bother watching her crap. She is just nauseating and fake.

  • Blackcat9

    @Belle: I agree with Belle! Exactly what I was thinking!

  • Keiko


    Look, I can’t stand the girl. I think she’s pretentious, pompous, a fraud, and sets a horrible example for young women re: her body weight. HOWEVER, it’s patently ridiculous to say her face looks “decades older”. You do realize that one decade is 10 years, right? She looks her age. She has clearly had fillers, likely botox, and has something weird going on with the way she smiles close-lipped. But her face DOES move, as clearly evidenced in the (few) photos where she is smiling broadly like a normal human. I am not defending her face work. I would never, ever defend any woman under 40 getting face work, and especially women under 30 getting work done is unconscionable to me (hello, Megan Fox of the 25-year old facelift!). But Kate Bosworth doesn’t have an ugly face and she doesn’t look “decades older” than she is. No amount of disdain I have for her is ever going to make me agree with something so patently not true.

  • ladybug

    Oh Daily Fail, you are so amusing:

    “They have to plan their relationship around their busy careers in the film industry.

    But Kate Bosworth and her fiance, Michael Polish, cleared some space in their schedule to enjoy a low-key day together on Saturday.

    The couple appeared to be planning a romantic night in, and were spotted stocking up on groceries at the Bristol Farms store in West Hollywood, California…”

  • mforman

    @ladybug—–How funny is this, I just read that artilcle from the DM and haven’t stopped laughing.
    What the heck are they talking about, what careers, have we all missed something.
    I also cannot believe how the creature hasn’t stopped saying over and over again that the moment they met on set she didn’t want to leave his side and how she fell for him right away and didn’t want to leave him.
    What really amazes me is we all knew the creature would start talking about her 6 month relationship with AS (if it was even that long), and of course make it look like she just couldn’t help her true love story, because she was dumped and dumped big time.
    This creature is nothing but a who*e who cannot be without a man to cling to for even a day.
    Since this thing cannot get any attention any other way, she goes about this disgusting business.
    Topshop made sure to say her “collection” was a limited one, which meant they didn’t make many pcs, so of course it sold out, let us not forget she did nothing but put her name on this, she did nothing else.
    @Fashionista——I do enjoy reading your interesting take on the creature, she has made a number of fashion mistakes just look at this years Met Gala, but it is also easy when you have a stylist that dresses you to go to even a grocery store, please never forget KB does not dress herself and when she does boy oh boy can you tell.
    The disgusting Chelsea Lately is also represented by the famewhore Robin B, so of course she will say nothing ever against the creature, famewhore or the hobbit, you have to keep that in mind.
    KB doesn’t know how to speak during interviews, after all these years it is embrassing to watch her and very uncomfortable, once again she sounded like the idiot she is and will always be. Oh, sorry that is right, she reads books and was an honor roll student, how sad.
    I cannot believe you didn’t see right through that whole interview, it was so uncomfortable to watch.

  • ladybug


    I do enjoy the DM’s attempts to make it seem as if they are some sort of busy, A-List power couple.

    And Robin B’s not Handler’s PR person, Stephen Huvane is (same as Handler’s BFF Anniston). Though they are the same firm, Slate PR.

  • Keiko

    Doesn’t Alex have the same PR person as Kate??

  • ladybug

    @Keiko: Yes. She’s got an impressive client list-per this ranking she’s the 3rd most powerful PR person in HW.

  • ladybug

    Kate Bosworth @katebosworth 19h

    Coolio. “@michael_polish: Gangsta’s Paradise @katebosworth”

  • Macy

    OMG, seriously?! That’s offensive to actual gangsters.