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Brad Pitt & Pax Land in Sydney for 'World War Z' Promo!

Brad Pitt & Pax Land in Sydney for 'World War Z' Promo!

Brad Pitt hops off a private jet with his son Pax after landing down under on Sunday (June 9) in Sydney, Australia.

The 49-year-old actor carried one of his bags off the plane while Pax, 9, held onto a large purple teddy bear.

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Brad is in Sydney with his son to attend the Australian premiere of his new film World War Z, which opens in that country on June 20.

15+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt and Pax landing in Australia…

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brad pitt lands in sydney with pax 01
brad pitt lands in sydney with pax 02
brad pitt lands in sydney with pax 03
brad pitt lands in sydney with pax 04
brad pitt lands in sydney with pax 05
brad pitt lands in sydney with pax 06
brad pitt lands in sydney with pax 07
brad pitt lands in sydney with pax 08
brad pitt lands in sydney with pax 09
brad pitt lands in sydney with pax 10
brad pitt lands in sydney with pax 11
brad pitt lands in sydney with pax 12
brad pitt lands in sydney with pax 13
brad pitt lands in sydney with pax 14
brad pitt lands in sydney with pax 15
brad pitt lands in sydney with pax 16
brad pitt lands in sydney with pax 17

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  • busted

    I was wondering if he would bring the boys. Maddox could be there too. Cute. and Pax has had that bear forever.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    I am so thankful for Brad and Pax’s safe landing in Australia…. and sooo happy that Pax is accompanying his dad on this trip.
    Blessings Brad. You and Pax will wow the crowds in Australia.
    I know Angelina is missing both her boys right now.
    Come home soon.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Busted I am thinking the same thing. Maybe Maddox is there as well and the paps just did not get a picture of him.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Brad looks wonderful for having traveled all over the East Coast and Southern portions of the US in the last few days delighting the fans in so many Cities.
    I am loving his hair and the sideburns.
    Can this man be any more gorgeous than he already is?
    I think not.

  • Nina

    GAG. When is he going to take a shower. He’s been pimping this soon to be BOMB forever

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Fairly decent article from DM re: the JP wines.

    Brad and Angelina produce vintage hit: Wine from Pitt-Jolie vineyard sell out in UK
    Brangelina’s wine is produced at the couple’s £35million estate
    First batch of Chateau Miraval has already sold out in the UK

    If Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie ever tire of making movies, a career in wine-making looms.
    The glamorous showbiz couple have just released their rosé wine, Chateau Miraval, made from grapes grown at their £35 million estate in the South of France – and it has already sold out in the UK.
    The wine – priced at £18.95 a bottle – was sold by Berry Bros & Rudd, which counts the Queen and Prince Charles among its clients. The company has requested more stock.

    Berry Bros buyer Simon Field told Harpers Wine & Spirits Trade Review: ‘The couple have, by all accounts, been fairly hands-on and are extremely pleased with the results – as are we.’
    Pitt, 49, and Jolie, 38, are planning more wines, with a white to be released this summer and a red next year.
    Their 1,000-acre estate near the village of Correns has 150 acres planted in grapes.

  • lurker

    when will you get a life loser? never you fools need to give it up

  • jmho

    Pax’s bear doubles as a cuddle friend on airplanes and a paparazzi shield! Looking good papa Pitt.

  • Love the JoliePitts


    The JoliePitts are so beautiful and loved by so many people all over this world. And WWZ is getting fantastic reviews by people on twitter and in the media……the troll is dying of hate. Sadly it will not rest in peace.
    Feel sorry for it.

  • Dc

    He has to be tired from all the traveling he has done, but he still looks sooo good. I am so impressed but then I am never anything but impressed and filled with admiration for both Brad and Angelina. Pax is so cute, he’s hanging with Dad, so cool. <3

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Pax seems to enjoy traveling with poppa bear Brad. Pax also accompanied Angelina to that first WITW seminar. And Max went with her to the G8 meeting.
    I can’t wait for Knox to be old enough to travel with Poppa Pitt and momma Pitt. It will be great to see all three of Brad’s boys traveling with him as he takes care of business and family business.

  • Jones

    Love that the older boys are there in Sydney with Brad. They’ve got to be having so much fun!

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Just a little reminder of the past few days.
    Angelina Jolie wears Brad Pitt-designed bracelet at ‘World War Z’ premiere
    The actress proudly displayed the quartz bracelet her fiancé designed especially for her along with diamond earrings matching her engagement ring.

    olie wore a gift from Pitt, a five-row white quartz bracelet that he gave her for Christmas in 2011.
    Brad Pitt’s love for Angelina Jolie is out of this world.
    The 38-year-old actress wore a five-row, sparkling white quartz bracelet to the Berlin “World War Z” premiere Tuesday, which Pitt helped design especially for her, reports E! News.
    Pitt got input from Jolie’s personal jeweler, Robert Procop, when getting the bracelet designed.

    Although he gifted her with the special symbol of his affection for Christmas in 2011, it was the first time Jolie wore it publically.
    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt attend the ‘World War Z’ Germany premiere at Sony Centre on Tuesday.
    Pitt, 49, composed the piece alongside her personal jeweler, Robert Procop, in order to get it just right.
    Jolie was also adorned with diamond earrings her fiancé gave her, which were designed to match her engagement ring.
    Pitt’s design will be added to the Style of Jolie jewelry collection, which will be available in China and select U.S. locations this fall.

    But his architectural debut didn’t come out of nowhere. Pitt was inspired by his lady’s previous creations – - a pendant she had made for him.

    Now, she takes her loving display of admiration for his generosity one step further by adding Pitt’s bracelet design to her Style of Jolie jewelry collection, which will become available this fall in China and select locations throughout the U.S.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Hi Jones,
    So far we have only seen the picture of Pax. Did you see any pictures elsewhere that indicates Maddox is there too? I hope he is. What a great experience for the boys.
    Brad is taking all of us fans all around the world with him. I am enjoying the rides and the experiences. :)

  • Craigypants

    I thought they were huge environmentalists? Why can’t they catch a commercial flight like everyone ele? So phoney. Anyone who thinks that Brad looks good here is either in need of a pair or glasses or seriously mentally ill.

  • lylian

    I think it’s just Pax with Brad. Didn’t they say that they like to spend one on one time with each of their children? Like all kids close of age, I’d bet Mad and Pax are both best friends and best enemies! LOL! So it’s great for Brad to have Pax all to himself and vice versa for a time.
    This also brings back memories of tablies and losies who posted way back in 2007 that Brad could not bond with Pax and didn’t want Pax to be adopted etc etc. Now we know those to be LIES of the most vicious sort. Brad and Pax are well and truly bonded as father and son.
    It warms the cockles of my heart to see a family-less little boy, the only one in the orphanage who did not have family visit him, grow up now, in the hearts of Brad and Angie and his brothers and sisters.

  • bbkar

    Myabe Mad is there too or maybe he is ill or didn’t want to go

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Angelina Jolie Tops The Best-Dressed List This Week In Stunning Saint Laurent (PHOTOS)
    The Huffington Post | By Michelle Persad
    Posted: 06/07/2013 8:38 am EDT | Updated: 06/08/2013 7:07 am EDT
    The CFDA awards were this past week and many of the stars on our best-dressed list brought their A-game to this fashionable event.

    Though there was no shortage of awe-inspiring looks, Angelina Jolie stole the prize for most elegant, in a black Saint Laurent dress that highlighted all her best assets.
    “Nothing can hold Angelina Jolie back”….said the commentator in the video….She looks stunning….

    Entire post and video at Huff Post. I only posted what pertains to Beautiful Angelina JoliePitt.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    And Brad and Pax are both saggitarians Lylian and I think they are a bit alike in several ways.
    Pax seems to love to dress like Brad. And Pax is as “Bad Ass” as Brad is at times. :) And Pax seems to have a loving heart despite his great dislike of the Paps when they come near his family.

  • carol Lee

    Desperate, sad, pathetic little person…go away!!

  • Chicken lips service

    Nina, GAG all you want … Who give a SHIIT !!!
    Welcome to Sydney Brad, so happy to see that Pax is with you, you are the yummiest Daddy in the world, can’t wait for WWZed… OMG…
    I will take my whole Family to see it… Love you Brad Jolie Pitt <3
    Waving to all the JPS around the world… <3 <3

  • http://iPad Susan

    Pax haircut is cute, not by Angie for sure. I don’t know if he pick up his dislike of the Paps from Zahara, the other kids ignored them except Knox, Mr Cool just smiles.

  • vickifromtexas

    pax is so cute and he is growing up so fast.

  • so funny


    If you don’t like brad JJ has post on many other celebs. Why are you hear and why do you care if the FANS find him attractive. Don’t agree fine. Just go whine somewhere else.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    @Chicken lips service:
    Nice to know you are sharing your helloes from the beautiful Australia.
    Can’t wait to start getting the vids of the WWZ RC turnouts with the people of your great country.
    Brad is welcomed with loving arms wherever he goes just as Angelina is because they are such loving and giving people.
    God bless our beautiful couple and make everything that they do extremely successful.
    So happy for you you will get to spend time with our Beautiful Bradley. Let us know all about the Red Carpet, or Black Carpet and the movie. Thanks in Advance. :)

  • $$

    @craigypants yeah I completely agree with you, there’s only the two of them, its unnecessary to take a private jet for a 12hr flight. Surely first class would suffice?

  • well

    Yea, Paxy! It’s so cute that he has his purple teddy. I’ll bet he’s got a cool name and everything…going to be hard to stay awake-getting droopy. May take a nap & come back later.

  • Amazing JPs

    Ha- my Teddy Bear’s name was “Teddy”. Not very original. I’ll bet Pax’s bear has a much better name! And, yes, he has had that bear for a long time. I like how the JP kids repeat outfits and wear hand-me-downs, too.

  • Todd

    Welcome brand Brad to our beautiful harbour city, hope you don;t get asked too many times…’ how much do you love Sydney?’

  • passing the time

    Isnt Pax 9? A little too old for a stuffed Teddy, dont you think?

  • LooseLipz

    @passing the time:

    Totally agree. And Brad needs a good shower and wardrobe change.
    If this film had any hope of doing well, no way would Brad be needing to show up all over the globe. It’s going to tank.

  • http://iPad Susan

    Keep dreaming, and leave the thinking to people with brains.

  • lurker

    wow what happened to the trolls ,what a bunch of silly whiners

  • 55vineyard

    He looks good now that he got rid of the beard (cannot tell if he cut his hair or just tied in back, but he also needed a haircut IMO).
    His son looks really cute.

  • a lurker

    I guess Pax will go with Brad to South Korea premiere too.

  • purple teddy

    One of those JP fans that is good with pictures could make a fabulous collage with all the places teddy has been! Brad & Angie are such great parents!

  • reeven

    Owwww , love Brad in is father mode, he is so gorgeous

  • Media Wh@re MANiston
  • fyi

    X17 has a vid of Brad at LA screening yesterday, he looked really good, one female pap was drooling over Brad. She was like ” omg, Brad, you are gorgeuos”

  • Rose

    @passing the time: #30, aren’t you 90 a little too old to be picking on a 9 year old.

  • Rose

    Hi Phool is you’re lurking, missing you for a few days now. Hope to see you soon.

  • lurker

    omg ticky looks fat and thick those arms can kill she needs that yoga ASAP

  • an opinion
  • lurker

    ha ha ha ha lol i have nevet seen fat tick this bad,just wow

  • Rose

    You can tell when the trolls are in pain with jealousy. First they talk about Brad’s look, then the talk about what he wears, then they talk about brad needing a shower , then they talk about his kids then they go to the ocean screaming, ” why am I not married to Brad Pitt. I can’t get him out of my mind”, .. It sucks to be a troll.

  • Bea

    How dare he use a private jet to go across the US and the world in one week! He should have spent the same amount of money flying commercial because those jets use no fuel whatsoever.

    He should really do better, like vacationing in Me-hee-coe with a party of leeches and has beens, flashing an old cooch and a paid midget in jorts while using a private jet to transport 6 wealthy people around like it’s a taxi.

    And that carbon footprint. It’s not he’s spending $30 million on a house for 2 and a collection of petrified rat turds (and no I’m not talking about Handjob – but she will visit I’m sure).

    That Brad, always ruining the environment by rebuilding cities using green materials.

  • funny

    Didn’t BC go to great lengths on multiple occasions to deny dating fat tick old manny? He all but screamed, “Ew, cooties!!! I would NEVER date such an old leathery cougar!” Even though he brought his 20-something GF, old manny has to cling on to him like the gross leech that she is- at least she’s consistent.

  • an opinion

    @fyi: Brad was really nice to all those people. Just watching it I wanted to say stop saying Brad’s name. I can only guess how he felt.

  • Rose

    @an opinion: An opinion, omg, why did you post that link to ? . My eyes, my eyes, I looked for about a minute and did not recognized her. And what the he’ll is she wearing? What kind of a weave is that. On opinion, that’s so wrong in so many ways. After seeing Angie earlier this week, Ticky looked extra fugally tonight, omg.

  • Passing Through

    Awwww…Paxie gets special daddy-time. I think it’s cute that Pax took his teddy bear with him. I think that’s the one he got last year when he went with Angie to NYC for the WITW conference and then they went to NOLA for Brad’s MIR fundraiser.