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Discover Hollywood's Sober Celebrities: A List of Stars Who Don't Drink

Hollywood is often associated with parties and drinking, but not all celebrities follow this lifestyle. Many famous individuals have chosen to lead sober lives for various reasons. Whether they came to sobriety later in life, have never consumed alcohol, or are taking a temporary break from drinking, these stars have chosen a different path.

For example, one rising rapper decided to give up alcohol because they were tired of waking up with a dry throat, feeling bloated, and making poor decisions while under the influence. Meanwhile, an A-list actor stopped consuming any mind-altering substances at the age of 19. Another celebrity simply doesn’t have a desire to drink or try drugs.

If you’re curious about which celebrities have discussed their sobriety, we’ve compiled a list of some of the biggest names in Hollywood who have chosen to lead a sober lifestyle.

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Kerry Condon Will Share the Screen With Brad Pitt in New F1 Movie

Kerry Condon is racing into her new role, and she’ll do so alongside Brad Pitt.

The 40-year-old The Banshees of Inisherin actress is set to share the screen with Brad in his forthcoming Formula One racing movie, which is being produced by Apple Studios.

She’ll join the cast, which also already features Damson Idris.

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Will Brad Pitt Race Compete in F1 Races While Filming His Formula One Movie?

New details are emerging about Brad Pitt‘s F1 movie for Apple Studios and whether or not he will actually be competing in any races.

Reports last month suggested that the 59-year-old star was going to compete against the likes of Lewis Hamilton while completing a lap at the British Grand Prix this summer.

The movie’s director Joseph Kosinski and producer Jerry Bruckheimer provided more details about the project, leading to questions about if he was actually going to be competing on the tracks.

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Gwyneth Paltrow Explains Who Is Better in Bed: Brad Pitt or Ben Affleck, Plays 'F-k, Marry, Kill' with Her Famous Exes, Reveals Which A-Lister Tried to Make Out with Her & More on 'Call Her Daddy'

Gwyneth Paltrow did not hold back during her latest interview!

The Goop founder played “f-k, marry, kill” with her three famous exes: Chris Martin, Brad Pitt, and Ben Affleck. She was also asked a series of questions in a game of “Brad or Ben,” in which she was asked who was better at sex, who is a better actor, and more.

In addition, she spoke about her relationship with Chris Martin, how they met, and their split. Plus, how she met Brad Pitt and why they broke up.

We’ve rounded up all of Gwyneth‘s “Call Her Daddy” podcast revelations here!

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25 Couples Who Met on Set & Are Still Together Today (& The Longest Have Been Together For 40 Years!)

We all like to dream about our favorite on-screen couples becoming real life couples off the screen, and for some, that’s actually happened.

For many, the attraction between certain actors have extended beyond just the screen, and some went on to become major power couples like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, or Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks, and even Julia Roberts and Danny Moder.

Just Jared has gathered up a handful of couples who met and fell in love on their movie sets, and are still going strong many years later – the longest is 40 years!

Head inside the slideshow to take a look at all the couples who met and fell in love while working together on set, and are still together today!

8 Celebrity Headlines That Are Absolutely Not True - A-List Stars Reveal the Biggest Fake News About Themselves

It’s amazing just how much a headline can really make a difference in one’s life, no
matter how crazy or untrue they may be.

While plenty of news stories have proven to be true, others have been called out as lies by either the celebrities themselves or close sources. Either way, a particularly strange or scandalous headline always has the ability to grab attention – no matter how true the stories might actually be.

We’re going back to headlines we or other celebrities have seen over the years that while initially were reported as true, were proven differently…even if it took many years for that to happen.

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7 Stars Turned Down 'Ocean's 11' Roles & the Movie Would Have Been So Different with These Alternates!

George Clooney recently revealed a few big stars turned down roles in his hit movie franchise Ocean’s 11.

The movie was a smash-hit at the box office and spurned multiple sequels and and an all-female reboot.

The 2001 movie ended up starring Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Casey Affleck, Scott Caan, Elliott Gould, Bernie Mac, and more.

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