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Ryan Phillippe Says He's Ready to 'Get Old,' Will Hold a Funeral for His Abs

Get ready to say goodbye to Ryan Phillippe‘s abs because he says he’s ready to let them go.

The 46-year-old actor took to Twitter on Friday night (February 12) to tweet about getting old and how he’s ready to have a “funeral” for his abs.

“Decided to start letting myself get old. Tired of fighting the inevitable and for what?” Ryan said. “Currently on couch, near sleep, watching a 9/11 doc I’ve already seen after finishing Casablanca… washed.”

He added, ‘Gonna grow a full grey beard and have a funeral for my abs… It is finished.🙏. Eyesight waning, shoulder shredded, rebuilt titanium leg, body cracks and creaks like a faulty floorboard…its a wrap, folks.”

A fan responded and told him he has “a few more good years in ya.” Ryan responded, “Debatable.”

Ryan also jokingly said, “In truth, I was only fighting aging to look good for the aliens when they scooped me, but alas…”

Since we have to say goodbye to Ryan‘s hot body, we gathered a gallery of photos of him going shirtless over the years. Click through the pics to take a look!

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Reese Witherspoon Reflects on Ex Ryan Phillippe's Comment About Money at 2002 Oscars

Reese Witherspoon is looking back at something that happened at the 2002 Oscars, where she presented on stage with then-husband Ryan Phillippe.

Just as Ryan was opening the envelope to announce the winner, he handed the envelope to Reese to reveal the winner. He said in the moment, “You make more money than I do.”

While speaking on the HFPA in Conversation podcast, Reese opened up about how she was caught off-guard in that moment.

“You’re reminding me of that! I forgot that ever happened,” Reese said (via E! News). “But you’re right, he did say that, and no, it wasn’t scripted, and he didn’t tell me he was going to say that before it happened on air. So I was a little bit flummoxed in the moment, too.”

Reese opened up about the pressure that women face when they achieve success.

She said, “There’s so few women that make a lot of money that sometimes they’re shamed for it, and sometimes they are expected to give more and do more and be more to others in the same position that, say, a male movie star would not be expected to. But I do think gender norms have changed quite a bit since that moment in 2000 or something.”

Keep reading to check out the story Reese told about her daughter finding out she makes a lot of money.

When Reese‘s daughter Ava was in the second grade, she came home in tears one day after other students told her that her mom is “one of the highest-paid actress in Hollywood.”

Ava was “so embarrassed” by what was said and Reese says she told her some good advice.

“I said, ‘Don’t ever feel ashamed of a woman making money. There are women all over this world who don’t have an opportunity or an education or the ability to make money. And the more women who make more money, will give more money away, will take care of their societies, will take care of their communities, will do more with that money. So don’t ever feel bad about your mom making money, and don’t ever feel bad if you make money, and don’t be embarrassed or ashamed if its more than your partner,’” she said.

See the family photos that Reese shared from Christmas in 2020!

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ABC's 'Big Sky' Premiere Recap: The Cast Reacts To That Shocking Ending!

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Do NOT Read If You Don’t Want To Know What Happened!

Big Sky just made a huge impact on ABC, with the premiere airing tonight, November 17.

The series kicks off by reuniting Detective Cody Hoyt (Ryan Phillippe), a former police officer turned private detective who gets wrapped up in the search for two young women who’ve gone missing in a remote part of Montana, with his new partner, Cassie (Kylie Bunbury) and his ex-wife Jenny (Katheryn Winnick) as they investigate the disappearance.

The three are joined by state trooper named Rick Legarski (John Carroll Lynch), and while digging into the strange circumstances, Cody discovers that something much more frightening might be going on around the area.

In the shocking final moments, something pretty huge happened and the entire cast was rocked by it.

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Ryan Phillippe Thought His 'Cruel Intentions' Role Would Make His Parents Disown Him

Ryan Phillippe is opening up about one of his most iconic roles – Sebastian Valmont in Cruel Intentions.

While speaking on the Barstool Sports “KFC Radio” podcast this week, the 46-year-old actor revealed that he was worried how the role would sit with his parents and family, who are very religious.

“I thought my parents were going to disown me,” he explained, and noted that they had not been on good terms before with a role he had played – gay teen Billy Douglas on One Life to Live.

Ryan adds, “I had grown up going to, like, Baptist school and Christian school. When I was a senior in high school, I played the first gay character on a soap opera — first gay teenager ever — and so I was shunned at that point. I mean this was 1992, and I was playing a gay teenager and I was in a Christian school. They weren’t happy about it.”

However, Ryan doesn’t regret taking the role at all.

“I’ve still never played a character like that since,” he says. “I want to get back to playing a character like Sebastian in Cruel Intentions. It was just so fun to be so flippant and sort of like, you know, the emotions are theatrical.”

Ryan also loves seeing the new fans that are popping up and that new iterations could happen.

“It’s cool that it holds up, man, you know, a lot of times to take a movie from a specific point in time that’s supposed to connect with a younger crowd and it just stays. This movie somehow finds new fans all the time,” he added. “You know, they were going to do a series about Cruel Intentions, a TV series a year or so ago. There’s, like, a musical out there that’s really good actually, they put it back in theaters for its 20th anniversary — that only happens [to], like, The Godfather.”

Ryan‘s new series, Big Sky, premieres tonight on ABC.

Last month, Ryan was one of the only celebrities to call out this talk show host.

Ryan Phillippe Throws Some Shade at Ellen DeGeneres

It appears as if Ryan Phillippe is taking a jab at Ellen DeGeneres!

The 46-year-old actor posted a selfie during a workout over the weekend and fans are talking about this burn!

He stopped in front of a mural for Ellen‘s show and captioned the photo, “And remember to be kind…. Wait.” The photo was posted on Saturday and has since disappeared from his Story, but a fan captured the image and it is embedded here. “Be Kind” has been Ellen‘s iconic catchphrase for years.

Ryan is not the only celebrity to call out Ellen DeGeneres after rumors about her on-set behavior and workplace toxicity at her show ran rampant over the summer. See which other celebrities have publicly called out Ellen‘s behavior.

Reese Witherspoon & Ryan Phillippe Reunite to Celebrate Their Son Deacon's 17th Birthday!

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe were together again on Friday night (October 23) to celebrate the birth of their son Deacon, who just turned 17!

The former couple reunited for an intimate birthday party with family in the backyard of one of their homes. In a clip shared to Ryan‘s Instagram Stories, Reese can be seen bringing a cake out while the family sang “Happy Birthday” to Deacon.

It appears that Ryan was the one filming the video.

Reese wrote on Instagram that day, “Happy Birthday to my wonderful son @deaconphillippe! 💫 My bright light/ hardworking / fun-loving / music making / deeply kind son, who always finds the good in everyone and everything. What a pleasure to watch you grow into an amazing young man who is always curious and endlessly creative. Can’t wait to celebrate! I love you so much 🥰🎈#17.”

Ryan wrote some messages on his stories. He said, “Happy birthday to my extraordinary [son].” He also wrote, “You’re the coolest. Happy 17th, my man!!”

Sitting next to Deacon in the video is his girlfriend Marine Degryse, who shared a sweet post on Instagram.

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Ryan Phillippe Stars in 'The 2nd' - Watch the Trailer! (Video)

Ryan Phillippe is battered and bruised in this new clip!

The 45-year-old actor stars in The 2nd, and a new trailer just arrived on Wednesday (July 15).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Ryan Phillippe

The movie also stars Casper Van Dien, Jack Griffo and Lexi Simonsen, and was directed by Brian Skiba.

Here’s a plot summary: “While picking his son up from college, Secret Service Agent Vic Davies finds himself in the middle of a high stakes terrorist operation and now must use his entire set of skills against the armed faction.”

The 2nd is available On Demand and digital on September 1.

Ryan‘s son recently debuted something impressive.

Watch the trailer…