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Gerard Butler: 'How to Train Your Dragon 2' Teaser Trailer!

Gerard Butler: 'How to Train Your Dragon 2' Teaser Trailer!

Check out the teaser trailer for the upcoming animated film How to Train Your Dragon 2!

The film features the voices of Gerard Butler, Jay Baruchel, Kristen Wiig, America Ferrera, Craig Ferguson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and Jonah Hill, who were all featured in the first film. Kit Harington joins the crew this time around as the villainous Dragon Prince.

While the teaser trailer doesn’t divulge any plot details, it features dragons Hiccup and Toothless in an action sequence.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 hits theaters on June 20, 2014.

‘How to Train Your Dragon 2′ Teaser Trailer
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  • gossipguy

    well the first was exceptional but idk about a second one it’ll be cool but unnecessary i guess

  • eHarmony GB Style

    Good for Gerard Butler. Doing a film to get in good with his next crop of barely legal/recently illegal girlfriend pool. His current sugar princess Madalina Ghenea was only 20-21 when the first How to Train Your Dragon movie came out, just barely out of her teen years. Now she’s almost 25 – an old lady in 43-year-old Gerard Butler years. Smart move to start endearing himself to them younger. God forbid that Gerard Butler be in a relationship with someone older than an Olsen Twin some day!

  • eeeeew

    dude HTTYD came out in 2010. a top model cast off said in an interview recently that gerard butler asked for her phone number in 2009 when she was 16.
    he was probs making HTTYD in 2009. so when he was making an aminated kiddie movie he was asking young kiddie girls for their phone numbers.
    this dude is mr. creepy when it comes to the young ladies. he has to know that the only reason he doesn’t get flamed for it is because he’s a famous actor. when men his age approach teenagers and girls in their early 20s when they don’t have fame and money, they get laughed at and if they do it as often as gerard butler does it, they get a flag in their police file. it’s sorta super crazy weird that he’s in a movie made for ‘em. when he’s out there getting with and partying with such young girls him being in movies like this looks like the weird guy who goes to the playground with candy.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    Wondering why it will be a year less a month when it is released and already a trailer out? Perhaps an earlier release date?
    Would like to see Gerry on Craig Ferguson show once again for shared promotional. It’s been a long time, but have to say that I am glad that GB is spending so much time in Scotland. Bet he has his accent back and no longer taking abuse from his fellow Scotsmen.
    Unusual to be gone so long, different, wondering what’s cooking.
    Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

  • Dragonfly

    I love his voice and his accent in HTTYD1, specially when he is saying your are nor a viking …. you are not my son!!! …. Very passionate performance.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    @Dragonfly: I did too, and surprised myself how much I liked it.

  • FYI

    @gossipguy: Good animated film sequels never unnecessary – Monster University beat out Superman and White House Down and a few other expensive movies……

  • FYI

    @Lord Love a Duck: Why Gerry was not on Craig’s show to promote the first HTTYD?

    Seems Gerry’s PR team thinks he is too good for CF’s show.

  • ad nauseum

    @eeeeew: so what is your agenda that you need to bring this up in every thread, call a tabloid, try Radar Online they seem to love this kind of thing, no one here cares and your audience is a handful of people

  • Lord Love a Duck

    @FYI: Gerry was on Craig’s show and they did talk about HTTYD, but it was more relaxed and not a “formal” promo.
    Did something happen to Craig and Gerry’s relationship? I have no idea.
    But, why would you think that gb was to good to be on cf show? He was on letterman, but then isn’t letterman is cf’s boss. So, guess who gets who he wants.
    Personally I like gerry on craigs show a lot more than letterman. On letterman he seems on his guard, as well he should be. Leno is another host I like to see gerry, must be the scottish connection as well.

  • FYI

    @Lord Love a Duck: He did not appear on Craig’s show when the movie came out. The last time he was on Craig’s show was before HTTYD came out. How long ago was that?

  • Morons

    @ad nauseum: It’s a gossip site you moron. The agenda is gossip so people gossip about whatever topics they want to. If you can’t handle that go to a safe moderated fansite. Gerard Bieber’s fans are such hypocrites. They make unprofitable gossip sites and tabloids possible by searching the internet for every clue about GB like they’re the CIA on a manhunt, clicking on ever link, and then they complain about what people post on the sites. Suchy whiney irrational babies. You don’t like what people post on sites like this – don’t come to sites like this. It’s that simple. You don’t like the theories that people come up about GB – stop clicking on photos and links that make the websites exist. idiots.

  • PR BS

    He and Ferguson spoke in brief about “HTTYD” when Butler was there for “The Ugly Truth” junket.
    The last time he was on Ferguson was for MGP, when he looked like Barry Gibb and told a Jesus joke that was not appropriate for airing.

  • nr007

    Gerry was in Late Late Show 4 times:
    23rd of March 2005
    21st of July 2009
    9th of October 2009
    23rd of September 2011
    He talked about HTTYD two times in 2009.

  • ad nauseum

    @Morons: Keep your pants on, I can handle the gossip but why are you posting the exact same crap every thread. If you got an agenda, you are wasting your talent here. You do seem to have some anger management issues, is this a personal vendetta?

  • saturday night’s all right

    @ad nauseum: Pretty obvious it is personal. Love to hear that story!

  • Lord Love a Duck

    @nr007: Ahh 007, good you are living up to your name lol. Wow, that isn’t as many as I thought.

  • hmmmm

    @Morons: Are you
    Mariska Hargitay or Detective Olivia Benson?

  • nr007

    @Lord Love a Duck: 😊😊😊

  • Lord Love a Duck

    @ad nauseum: I have to agree with you. It is boring, old, worn out news that keeps cropping up. If it were interesting or something we haven’t heard before, then….only so many times you can repeat the same old swill like the last fiasco.

  • Heathrow
    He shaved his whiskers off!!!!! and mg steps away from camera. I like the look.


    Great preview of HTTYD2 but I can’t believe it won’t be released for an entire year. What?! :) Well at least that gives me time to get press credentials in order so that maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to have a convo with GB.

  • RUSSIAN GO GERRY and Rihanna IN comry

  • WTF!!!! Use Some Common Sense

    I’m back what did I miss???

  • GO
  • juvenile or what

    @Heathrow: get new glasses

  • juvenile or what

    @BEAUTIFUL: Spammer or spreader of malware, stop it already


    Madalina is not in Britain.

  • News

    @ROMANIA CALLING: Neither is Gerry

  • truth calling

    @News: Scotland is not Britain? I guess some Scots would agree.

  • News

    @truth calling: Oops, was thinking London.

  • What the hell

    @News: Where is he then?

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Just met Gerard Butler! Sweet He’s a magician at T in the Park

  • GFW

    I really liked that trailer. I love that dragon, Toothless. He’s black like a black cat so is up against a lot just by looks alone. I relate to him, who doesn’t? Different, got a bad deal but has what it takes within. He’s got a fixed tail, after a mishap, and a true good friend till the end who gave it to him. And when you save a life you’re responsible for it.
    Hiccup has grown and is more daring now. This might land him in trouble? Can Toothless save him?
    It seems they have another on the table due out in 2016. Don’t see Craig F in this next one but a lot of the original cast is still there. which includes Gerry!
    Trailer quote made me think of this place, “I’m scared I’m not myself in here. And I’m scared that I am.” W.O.W.

  • Alina

    Tony CurranVerified account

    “@AndyArches: Met big Gerard B in VIP tonight at @Tinthepark Playing T-Break” my nephew with my pal @GerardButler

  • Alina

    So tonight we met @GerardButler at @Tinthepark and tomorrow we play the T break stage! Come check us out at 12:50! #TITP2013

  • Alina

    Bumped into Gerard Butler in the VIP area at TITP – quality but wouldn’t do a pic…

  • Alina

    Jennifer Harold

    Gutted @GerardButler didn’t stop to get his picture taken at #TITP tonight…huge fan and was sorely disappointed 👎

  • GFW

    Love, love, love my lug in his fedoras. He’s a hat guy. Who’d've figured? Oh, wait, it started in France with the madras one, remember? I do. It is kind of cool he travels with them now. Tony is an old friend. Way before all these newbies.

  • Lord Love a Duck
  • @GFW

    @GFW: You’re right, Gerry and Tony have been friends since they were teens. The story of their meeting is quite amusing. Tony is one of the sweetest guys who hasn’t gone H’wood in the least.

  • Lord Love a Duck
  • Can’tGetEnough

    Grand sat night, 2 of the ‘worlds sexiest stars’ in one night, Gerard Butler standing next to me earlier ” Gerry pal gonnae move on, yer cramping my style pal” and then standing on the main stage watching Rihanna shake her lovely butt about 4 ft infront of me, = happy days

  • Alina
  • Alina
  • Alina
  • Alina

    Ewen and Cat

    Having a blast a #TITP Great tunes, banter, friends and sunshine! Even meet Gerard Butler tonight as well. @Tinthepark

  • Alina

    Matt Comley

    Just fist pumped gerrad butler at T in the park cause Im a VIP badass! #hangingWithGezza #ThisIsSparta

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Just fist pumped gerrad butler at T in the park cause Im a VIP badass! #hangingWithGezza #ThisIsSparta