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'NSYNC: VMAs 2013 Reunion Performance - WATCH NOW!

'NSYNC: VMAs 2013 Reunion Performance - WATCH NOW!

It officially happened: ‘NSYNC took the stage to reunite with Justin Timberlake at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards held at the Barclays Center on Sunday (August 25) in Brooklyn, N.Y.!

The 32-year-old entertainer invited the guys – J.C. Chasez, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, and Chris Kirkpatrick – on stage to sing “Girlfriend” and “Bye Bye Bye,” to which they performed their iconic dance moves.

“Half of the Moonman I ever won has been with those four guys,” Justin said about his former band mates during his acceptance speech for the Video Vanguard Award. “I’ll keep it at my house, but I share it with those guys.”

‘NSYNC: VMAs 2013 Reunion Performance – WATCH NOW!
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  • seeaaaa

    He OWNED the night and that entire stadium. Pure talent and iconic entertainer….bravo JT, bravo!

  • Lovely

    The only reason I stayed tuned to the crap vma’s was for NSYNC and Justin.

    They were great even for the seconds they were on stage together! Justin killed it! Best performance of the night, brought back memories.

  • Sayer

    Justin Destiny Childed them. Ouch, We expected a real reunion. He kept them in the background, just teasing 2 songs.

    We wanted more, but JT is a douche.

  • Dana

    Disappointing. Plus I could barely see them with all the lights. They did look very out of shape. JT was great though, as was Drake, Macklemore with JHudson and Bruno Mars. Kanye was surprisingly ok too.

  • Asha

    Boooo they could have sang more than that little tidbit of “bye bye bye”. That is not even Nsync’s best song.

  • David

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  • Verity

    Joey Fatone still got it

  • holly

    JT rock star!!!

  • Remy

    Congrats, Justin, on impressively dancing along to a stereo playing your greatest hits, and the four background dancers that appeared for a few seconds during snippets of “Girlfriend” and “Bye Bye Bye” weren’t bad, either.

  • cari

    Does anyone know WHY Justin thanked everyone but his wife?? And where was she?? One of the biggest nights of his life to date and not there??

  • effy

    URGHH, why oh why show Taylor freaking swift all the time? Plus she annoyed the hell out of me, trying so hard to be sexy and showing off to the camera, instead of just ejoying the amazing perfomance.

  • @Cari

    I was wondering about that too! No sighting or mention of her on a huge night for him. Mirrors wasn’t even written about her. I’m beginning to think their relationship is an arrangement. Let’s face it, he’s the only thing she’s got going for her. She lucked out landing him, how she did it, I don’t know.

  • effy

    you see lady gaga, rihanna, selena gomez, everyone watching it and enjoying… and then you have taylor with her “moves”. i mean, i’m not a hater but i see why its so easy to be… i’m so annoyed, that’s why i don’t watch anything related to her, but then there’s this video and they show her more then any other celebrity

  • essie

    lol they called that a reunion? it took longer just to dim the lights

  • cari

    Where was Jessica Biel and why didn’t Justin include her in his thanks?
    One of the biggest nights of his life to date and she was nowhere to be seen. He also thanked everyone possible, even his “folks” and didn’t mention her. What is up??

  • Last of the generations of boybands who could sing AND dance….at the same time! They’re what? 35+ 40? And still better than 1D….that’s no shade, that’s the truth and you know it.

  • angela

    They were so good and they probably had less than a week of rehearsal. Still the best boy band of all time!

  • justin timberlake concert

    there was an award show at the justin timberlake concert… lol!

    i don’t know where Jessica Biel was but she did tweet a pic of an MTV pillow ( and the moonman ( maybe she was backstage.

  • Rosalie

    This was the best performance at the VMAs in my opinion. They should have performed more songs though. NSYNC is amazing and they should absolutely do a reunion tour. I’m an NSYNC fan forever. Yeah, One Direction, Big Time Rush, and The Wanted are cool, but NSYNC will always be #1.

  • lexy hates bilson

    What the hell MTV?? Who cares what One Direction is doing???

  • Jaydeebabeh

    hahaha taylor swift looks incredibly funny while trying to portray sexy or whatever she defines it

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    Justin is Boring and the dance routine was out of Sync!!! No Pun intended!

  • Passenger

    POS that was ridiculous, JT hogged airtime n sync was back for like 10 sec and that’s it??? Screw you Justin timberlake, what do people see in you

  • Passenger

    Great my comment wasnt posted so ill just say

    Thumbs down Justin timberlake! Booo

  • Summer

    That was a true and pure entertainment..they were great genration ..christina,justin,britney,backstreetboys,destiny’s child..

  • hmmm…

    These boys were so fat and out of shape. Awful performance. Please DON’T ever reunite NSYNC. And Justin is looking like an old fart right now.

  • Nan

    I love the out of shape comments…Of course they are out of performance shape. They don’t tour anymore. Give them a break. My goodness.

    It was just supposed to be fun anyway. I just wish they were on for longer. Could they have finished at least one song?

    Personally I could have done without 20 minutes of Justin Timberlake. Or if he’s going to be on for 20 minutes, can he sing more? It suddenly turn into an episode of So You Think You Can Dance….

  • CMW

    Justin is the one still making music! Face it people, the rest of them had the opportunity to be up there because JT is still relevant. He could have just performed solo had he chosen to since he is the one with a new album/receiving an award. It only makes sense that the performance revolve around him.

  • Ashlee

    justin is so self centered! he wants all the atention for himself and doesnt care about his group mates what a shame! thats not a reunion its just a dmb rtrd trying to keep his fame…

  • Nini

    Ya know…..the award was about him so why shouldn’t he get some attention and could the NSYNC performance have been a bit longer? Ya, but it was great seeing them together again anyways (even if they’ a tad out of shape, its been years what do ya expect?) , so stop complaining already that they didn’t get enough time or that he’s self centered. The performance was great in my opinion and worth watching. You don’t make hit songs for 2 decades by sucking.


    That was awesome! Free JT concert on TV! BTW we dont need to see Taylor trying to be sexy, aint gonna happen little farm girl!