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Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel - MTV VMAs 2013 After Party!

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel - MTV VMAs 2013 After Party!

Justin Timberlake and his wife Jessica Biel arrive at PH-D at the Dream Downtown after the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday (August 24) in New York City.

The 32-year-old entertainer and Jessica, 31, were joined by Justin‘s ‘NSYNC band mates Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick at the big bash.

“I think I just caught my breath… That was an unforgettable night for me,” Justin tweeted shortly after the award show. “Thank you forever, @MTV. And thank you to my brother, @jimmyfallon for being there to present that award. It was perfect.”

In case you missed it, check out Justin performing a medley of his greatest hits while accepting the Video Vanguard Award.

FYI: Jessica is wearing Dolce&Gabbana.

10+ pictures inside of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel at PH-D…

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  • Chloe

    Jessica looks awful, this dress doesn’t fit her… And btw, Britney wore a dress very similar to this one back in 2001, for the VMAs (search for pics and you will see it) LOL

  • ace11

    Guess he was forced to bring her….With all those young women around he looks upset that she showed up

    Loved how he didn’t thank her in his speech

  • kel

    She has nothing else to do.

  • Kim

    Justin didn’t even thank Jessica last night, he didn’t even take pics with her… I mean, when he was with Britney he always talked about her. He thanked her at one speech saying “I love u”, he thanked her on Nsync’s Celebrity album, he used to dress T-shirts with the saying “JT loves BS” at Nsync’s tours, etc… Comparing to this, he doesn’t seems to love Jessica…

  • CK

    Jessica is a pretty woman, but she looks terrible with this dress. To wear something like this, you must be confident, sexy. And Jessica looks insecure/ashamed. Her hair doesn’t help… And I’ve noticed too that Justin didn’t thank her. And why does he keeps singing Cry Me A River? He has another successful songs… Everybody remembers Britney when he sings it, Jimmy even made a joke about it.

  • ewa

    she looks like she was crying all night before! stupid b*tch – famewh*re she deserves that.. what a fake bi*tch she is.. I can not stand her… because she is soooo FAKE!!!

  • Summer

    Get over britney and justin already! As much as I love Brit but it’s over and he wants jessica and who says Brit wants him in the first place? THEY BOTH ARE OVER IT AND SO SHOULD U

  • angela

    He totally disregards her. I hate to bring up Britney but @CK brings up a good point. The things he says about Jessica, the few times he does talk about her, are so generic and interchangeable.

  • Leslie

    @Kim: it was mainly a marketing strategy, he was dating the biggest (and worst) popstar of the moment, talking all about her was the only way for him to make a name outside of the nsync boysband.

    @CK: because he was doing a medley of all his hits and CMR is also one of his hit!

  • cass

    Did anybody notice what Justin say during his performance last night? He said “I still own this, b!tch” or something like that… I mean, the moment he said this, I remembered Britney lol He once tweeted that he loves to say “It’s Britney, b!tch!”. And he often says the word b!tch, while singing “Cry me a river”. It’s a fact that Justin is always bringing up Britney. I just don’t get it if he does it for publicity (but he doesn’t need it… so?) or if he still hates Britney because she cheated on him… I don’t know, it’s weird tbh

  • Tanna

    the best thing is the fact that his bodyguard doesn’t care about her at all and never ever did.. i mean he should protect his wife even a bit… what a strange couple!!! jesus

  • lol

    @Leslie: writing “JT loves BS” on his own shirts (shirts that he only used on stage during some shows, because at the recorded show he didn’t use) was a “marketing strategy”? I don’t see how… If he wanted attention, he would use the T-shirt at the recorded show lol And btw, Nsync was more famous than Britney back on those days! She opened their shows. lol I don’t see your point. Of course after the breakup Justin acted like a complete idiot, sick for attention. But during the relationship, he was very sweet and never used her for publicity.

  • Oli

    Please somebody explain me why they arrived 2gether but they entered to the building solo???

  • alan

    Jessica where are you going?? FUNERAL?

  • Vivaldi

    Britney is a good girl. Not Jessica

  • Teddy’s Cousin

    @lol..i’m pretty sure it was Nysnc who opened for Britney.
    I never like what she wears as a rule but i’m digging Jessica’s look here.

  • stan

    LMAOO at all this comments. I agree, Justin used to praise Britney all the time when he was with her. I mean, look at the Celebrity thanks… He declares his love to her. He wrote so many songs about her, he sang to her at one concert (she even cried), that tattoo at his arm (a cross tattoo) is dedicated to Britney. He gave her a necklace with a cross, she told something about it on a radio interview, I remember… And now, what does he says about Jessica? Not even “thanks to my wife, too”. lol it’s kind of funny, but sad at the same time. And watch him singing “Holy Grail” live, when he sings “I got it tatooted on my sleeve forever in ink with guess who’s name” he points the cross at his arm.

  • Vivaldi

    @Teddy’s Cousin: You are so obvious you are a Britney fan girl

  • stan

    @Teddy’s Cousin: no, it wasn’t LOL Britney opened for Nsync, do a research please.

  • http://yahoo anna

    you would think justin would have gone for some1 so much better than jessica she looked so ugly last night no wonder he never talks about her

  • Teddy’s Cousin

    ok i stand corrected, she did open for them.
    and yes iam a huge Britney fan, i’m not surprised she’s being name checked everywhere today, from Lainey’s intro to E! “Last night was the 2013 MTV VMAs. Then again, maybe it wasn’t—if they throw a Video Music Awards and Britney Spears isn’t in attendance, did a Video Music Awards ever really happen at all?”

  • Leslie

    @stan: @lol:
    People knew Nsync but not JT, non fans don’t know the name of boysband members. And Nsync was big only in USA, no one know them outside.
    LOL 90% of what you said are made up stories by Shitney fans. Anyway now he is just more private about his life.

    Funny thing is all the people who commented here are Shitney pressed fans. Time to move on guys… don’t you have enough to deal with your fav messes…

  • Pane

    Is it too much to expect some basic understanding how things work in show business or simply,just in life between two adults? Some common knowledge about psychology and some mileage in someone’s relationships should tell us that comparison between puppy,teen love in pop stardom period and later,adult dating is ludicrous and bears no relevance in comparison whatsoever. Justin personally and his team have made conscious effort after starting his solo career to establish finesse in his public persona. His personal live is no exception to that and his handling of personal live in public eye has gradually become more and more reserved,together with maturing as a person.

  • kylie

    I feel sorry for her. He should have more respect for her as his wife. She should have been sitting with his parents when he received this award. He obviously didn’t want her there for whatever reason.

  • cris

    Oh please, I’m not a Justin fan, neither a Britney fan, but even I can see all the things he does. He always find a way to mention Britney, directly or not. He’s very imature, still nowadays he didn’t overcome the fact that Britney cheated on him. And he got married right before he anounced a new CD. It’s clear that he just got marriage because of pression and because he wanted to clear his image, to comeback to music as a romantic, married, sweet guy. Wake up guys, his marriage is totally fake. Look at all the rumours about he cheating on Jessica, none was proved, but there’s always a new rumour. Where there is smoke, there is fire…

  • arika

    He mixed Jessica with shi*t, like he always does… where she was during the performances? i saw his parents but where was she???

  • arik

    he mixed her with s*T like he always does… i saw his parents, but where was she???

  • arik

    sorry i’m drunk :) wrote twice :)

  • BebeLush

    Never did understand all the hype about Jessica. She’s never been nothing more than hair and teeth. Evans should be grateful he’s not with her anymore.

  • Oli

    all these comments are fantastic!! hahaha

  • Me

    I like Jessica…not sure what all the mess is about. If you are his fan and know he is happy…that should be good enough for you.

    Only thought was that he tweeted thank you to his “brother” Jimmy Fallon (who I adore) but no love for his other “brothers” from Nysnc. Meanwhile they tweeted at least something. Would have been nice.

  • MEL

    What you said is stupid and ridiculous, my father was promoted. and won an homage the company where he works, and when he came on stage the first person he thanked was my mom, so mean that adults do not love, can not declare his feelings, I feel for you must be a miserable person.

  • xoxoxo

    @cris: @cris:

    I agree with you! Just as it is.

  • Emily

    If you do not follow from the start surely will not remember everything. you said is true stan, I’m a fan of Justin (since 1999). I do not like Britney, but the truth must be told. I’m sorry for Jess is an amazing woman, but JT did not overcome the loss, and may never overcome. You have no idea what he did to promote his solo career. But I love him. He is pure talent.

  • kayleigh

    okay there’s doubt jessica is a pretty woman BUT in my heart there will always be justin&britney . it is my dream to see justin&britney getting back together as a couple. Dear lord, please make my dream a reality i really need to see it before i die. And jessica u can go happy elsewhere idc .

  • angela

    @lol: Britney opened up for them in 1998 yes, but she became huge in her own right in 2000. When they came out that they were together publicly late that year is when he started to get more press.

  • angela

    @cass: This is one of the most delusional comments I’ve ever seen. Ever heard of “I’m Rick James, bitch!”? Its got nothing to do with Britney.

  • angela

    @stan: His cross tattoo has nothing to do with Britney. Holy Grail is about fame, not a woman.

  • xoxoxo


    She is not amazing woman. Your career is down the drain, they Payroll and she uses it.

  • Laura

    JT has learned to keep his private life separate.. Call bit wisdom and maturity. He is an awesome person, gundi elf liked and respected in the industry, charitable and sincere. This is his great music and Britney is history. Everyone grow up..

  • Loly

    Justin is not in love with her … he is so cold, does not show feelings for her…at the VMAs not even bothered to take her with him and to thank her.
    @Laura The fact that it has become reserved is not true, he brought his parents, the manager and even the bodyguard was sitting with him, but his wife was not there, was in the dressing room…seems normal to you? Not it is not.

  • Question

    Jessica is so fine and ultrasexyfine. You all must be jealous females like what Britney used to have. With that incredibly sexy classic vintage underwear Jessica is wearing under that JT probably couldn’t wait to get off that award show and rip all those things off her incredibly beautiful body. I know I sure would. She doesn’t dress like a ho because she’s a woman who’s his wife, that’s why.

  • Mandy

    Ok Holy grail is about fame, the part of Jay z yes, but JT, my love, go back to school. I follow the JT since 1998, so I know what you’re talking @stan, JT 2013 fans will never know.

  • Mel

    Are the comments on this thread from 1998? Seriously, doubt JT give Britney a second glance now. Britney looks like miss piggy now, has zero personality and acts stupid. Anything from Britney is an upgrade.

  • Megg

    Doubt Britney give JT a second glance now, she did not talk about he, but he does not miss an opportunity to bring it right back. Analyze best. And do not get stuck with 2007.

  • Loly


    What? ahahahahahahaha so funny XD lol

  • mo


    Un you’re a psycho!

  • sonia

    I never liked his post Britney breakup attitude…She was much more private than him…he even commented on her later boyfriends, especially Kevin( almost mocking), she never mention any of his girlfriends or now Jessica, can you imagine scandal if she did… And every time his record is coming out he finds the way to talk about her, by “exicident” of course..I like Britney more, and to think that he is scarred by thet relationship and no women will be treated like Britney when they were together…

  • Viv

    @Mel: A

    Actually the Britney and Justin story started in 1993 when they were sweet on each other since as kids during the Mickey Mouse Club. As Christina Aguilera even mentioned, Britney loved Justin before he was “Justin the star” and vise versa.That kind of shizz simply can’t be ignored – I don’t care if Britney looks like ass or if Justin gets old and wrinkly. Their love story is something people will always be interested in. When people see real love they are drawn to it. Even if Justin ends up having 4 wives and a buncha non-Britney kids, people will always mention Britney as the one who got away. Accept it! Nothing against Jessica but come on now…