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Zoe Saldana Covers 'Glam Belleza Latina' October 2013

Zoe Saldana Covers 'Glam Belleza Latina' October 2013

Zoe Saldana looks glamorous on the cover of Glam Belleza Latina‘s October 2013 issue, on newsstands now.

Here is what the 35-year-old actress had to share with the mag, which is a sister publication of Glamour.

On the controversy surrounding her portrayal of Nina Simone: “You know, I do wish that people made their own judgment after they watch the movie because right now, it isn’t even edited yet, and there’s been so much uproar. I can’t say that I’m not affected by it or that it’s not valid. But the one thing that we all have in common is an unconditional love and admiration and respect for Nina Simone. Something that’s done out of love, in my mind, can’t be right or wrong.”

On her headline-making comments about potentially ending up in a relationship with a woman: “Honestly, as women, we have to teach the world to back up. I don’t know where I’m going to be in a year or five years, and so yeah, that [raising a family with another woman] can happen….”

On being a black Latina: “I am proud to be Latina. I will not accept [anyone] telling me that I’m less or whatever, because to me, that is just hysterical. But I don’t like to break and divide myself into all these small little categories like, ‘I’m an American, a woman, a Latina, a black Latina.’ No. I am ZoĆ«.”

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  • Kickstarter Project

    The controversy has to do with the fact that Nina Simone was a dark-skinned woman, whose image was a major part of her life. She was often made fun of and mocked because of her afrocentric look. Zoe is light-skinned/ethnically ambiguous–a more “acceptable” black–the opposite of Nina.

    Many people don’t appreciate Zoe’s “blackening” makeup either.

  • Tanya

    Zoe looks gorgeous!

  • Nightwish

    Why so HOT zoe?

  • Amy

    Over photoshopped!
    Now she is assuming that she is black? funny… she is always avoiding it! I bet she is just saying that to promote this movie after everyone hated her being choose to play Nina!
    @Kickstarter Project: That’s right! they should choose a dark-skinned actress instead of Zoe, who besides being light-skinned (and latina), is a terrible actress!
    Viola Davis or Jennifer Hudson should be cast instead, or especially Sophie Okonedo who looks like Nina and is a great actress! but filmmakers only look for famous names when they make biopics, not good actors, that’s sad!

  • Ella

    @Kickstarter Project: But Zoe had the right emotional touches to pull the role off, which was why they chose her. I think people should appreciate the actors ability to deliver the part over looking perfect for the part. Its a small sacrifice, i think. She’s the bomb!

  • C

    She needs to pair up with KNIGHTLEY and do a Star Wars film

  • Anne

    @Ella: What “right emotional touches” Zoe has? I’ve never seen that on her performances that are always bad!
    They chose her because she was in Avatar and Star Trek, not because of her talent, which is a thing that she doesn’t have. Deal with it!

  • Ella

    @Amy: Nonsense

  • Ella

    Viola Davis is great. Hudson is not a professional actress. Nobody knows Okonedo. You want people to see the movie, dont you? Go casting anyone you listed above, and the film will open to little fanfare and slip quickly into obscurity. Then you say Zoe can’t act? She is one of the rare breeds that communicate every emotion with her eyes alone. Your analysis is the complete opposite of what pros in the industry who actually know what they are doing would do. The controversy itself is bringing exposure to the film, do you realize that?

  • Amy

    @Ella: What is nonsense in my comment? can’t you elaborate a contrapoint? LOL
    Nonsense is you believing that Zoe can act!

  • Ella

    @Amy: You made the statement first. The burden is on you to validate it. She has a long list of credits, along with nominations and awards that say otherwise. Yes she cant act, thats why James Cameron would cast her right? lmao

  • C

    Guys, maybe Amy is involved in that kickstarter project linked in the first comment. She is concerned about racial purity here. Let’s wish that project luck and not argue.

  • Amy

    @Ella: If you don’t know Sophie Okonedo speak for yourself! she is an Oscar nominated actress who can actually act, unlike Zoe!
    People watch a biopic because of the person who is biographed, not because of a famous cast, Nina Simone doesn’t need someone like Zoe playing her to people watch the movie! the boycott after her cast explains for itself!
    Marion Cotillard wasn’t so famous in France when she was cast to play Edith Piaf, another director probably would choose someone like Audrey Tautou who was very popular at the time, but Olivier Dahan chose Marion, the movie was a international hit and she won an Oscar and many other awards, and she was just an unknown actress outside France, the movie didn’t need a famous name to have sucess. So why Nina Simone would need a famous name to make people watch her biopic?

  • Reba

    I agree. I think Viola Davis would have been a much better choice to play Nina. And I wouldn’t call Zoe ‘light’. She is brown. she just has straighter hair but that doesn’t make her ‘light’.

  • Amy

    @Ella: “thats why James Cameron would cast her right?”
    Great joke!
    James Cameron casted her to wear green clothes which he filled with CGI! based on that, Sam Worthington is a great actor as well! LOL
    Anyway, have fun repeating to yourself that Zoe can act! some people are too blind to see the truth!

  • Julie

    @Reba: Her straighter hair is fake! did you never notice it? it’s pretty obvious and she admitted that in an interview!

  • Jessie

    I don’t particularly like this actress, but I don’t dislike her either. I think some people object to her because she has made a point of not wanting to be categorized as black. It’s not usual for darker skinned people born in foreign ( other than U.S.) lands to not to want to be called black. They don’t want the association with American blacks. I don’t think all of the labels she gave are offensive to her, but it looks nicer to decry any label rather than say she doesn’t want to be considered black. Even in Latin countries darker skinned people are considered less than their white or fair skinned counter parts.

  • Claire

    Zoe just put a heavy make up to look darker and wore a terrible wig:
    And do you people really believe that this movie will be good? The same thing happened last year when Naomi Watts was shooting the movie about Princess Diana, everyone knew that she didn’t look nothing like Diana, the pics of the set were awful and what happened next? she is receiving terrible reviews for her performance!
    This movie is disrespectful to Nina Simone and her struggle against racism! there’s anything more racist than put make up on an actress to make her look darker instead of cast another actress from Nina’s color? I guess no!

  • Ella

    I can tell you guys just have it out for Zoe because you were disappointed she was cast in the role. You may not agree with it but that doesnt mean you have to be so hateful towards her.

  • Issie

    Zoe is a beautiful woman and a great actress.

  • Sheesh

    I’m sorry, but the interviews of Zoe that I’ve read indicate that she categorisees herself as black AND latin….she’s like Paula Patton; they both are at pains to call themselves black.

  • wewe

    to who say she is not a good actress….What movies of her have you seen??????? Because in none of them she is a bad actress. NONE!

  • Mary

    @Sheesh: Besides being a terrible actress, Zoe is also dumb! Latin is not a race neither a nationality! it would make more sense if she says: “I’m black and Domenican/American” but she doesn’t accept that she is just black, she sounds like ignorant people that think that judaism is a race.
    Like other people mentioned, Viola Davis, Sophie Okonedo and Danai Gurira (Michonne from The Walking Dead) are much betters choices to play Nina and wouldn’t need to paint their skin, but Hollywood is all about the young ethnic actor of the moment, is not about talent. By the way, Nina was overweight and Zoe is anorexic and didn’t gain weight to play her. This movie is a BIG JOKE!

  • xyz


  • xyz



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  • xyz


  • WhiteLatina

    There is no such thing as a BLACK LATINA she is just black and she is ugly. She has also lightened her skin because when she first appeared she was 3 shades darker. Latins are white people period.

  • Rodriguez

    @Sheesh: Paula Patton is beautiful and calls herself black. No Latino person looks like Zoe.

  • Marisol

    Photoshopped! They narrowed her wide nose and bleached her skin and straightened her hair.

  • Colombia

    Political Correctness run amok. She doesn’t look the least bit Latin Sofia Vergara looks Latin. Having a Spanish last name means nothing since Spain imported more slaves from Africa then named their property after them. The Real Latino have to use her or the dark ones will scream racism as usual.

  • cARMEN

    @Colombia: TOTALLY CORRECT.

  • Diana

    Wow, you guys baffle me with your ignorance. If you even attended school there is a term known as Black Latina. Latins come in all colors, some are white like Sofia Vergara some are Black like Lauren Velez, Celia Cruz and many others that have pioneered the way for many Latinos of all shades.

    If you don’t like her as an actress that is fine but what your saying about her skin color is simply wrong. Take a course in Latin American studies and learn your history please.

  • Isabella

    She doesn’t look Latina.

  • Diana

    And neither did Celia Cruz….

  • CastilianGurl

    Because like Celia Cruz Zoe is not Latin. Latin people are descendants from Europeans.

  • Roberto

    @Rodriguez: Paula is a whole lot better looking than Zoe Saldana that’s for sure!

  • Rosales

    This cover shoot looks nothing like her anyway. She was never this light skin and her nose was never this small and pointy.

  • Teresa

    So much racism and color hate against Black latinos in the Spanish speaking world. White Latinos will always be superior and have it all because they treated black latinos like human chattel for so long as they still do today. White rules in these societies.

  • Sheesh


    ” large and distinct populations or groups by anatomical, cultural, ethnic, genetic, geographical, historical, linguistic, religious, or social affiliation”

    Maybe Zoe isn’t so dumb after all? perhaps the critic needs to brush up on basic definitions?

  • TRR


    “Latin” doesn’t have a look. lol