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Miley Cyrus Unfollows Liam Hemsworth on Twitter

Miley Cyrus Unfollows Liam Hemsworth on Twitter

Miley Cyrus has unfollowed her fiance Liam Hemsworth on the social networking site Twitter.

It was discovered by fans on Saturday afternoon (September 14) that the 20-year-old entertainer had pulled the plug on following Liam, who stills follows his fiancee though he is not an active user of the service.

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Miley and Liam‘s relationship has been the subject of much media scrutiny since their red carpet appearance at the premiere of his movie Paranoia and then her controversial performance at the VMAs last month.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Miley Cyrus unfollowed Liam Hemsworth?

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  • lemoi


  • Sammy

    Who cares?

  • Mrs. Gaston

    regardless, they’re too young to be getting married anyway…miley’s behavior is obvious proof of that


    breaking news no one cares

  • Yves

    no fuqs to give ……..

  • roxxien

    @PRESIDENT-ELECT-ROMNEY: you do care, sir..

  • Summer

    So what? I do alot of things to my boyfriend whenever we fight just to tick him off…and we’re older than this doesn’t mean that they are finishined she just might seeking his attention somehow😜 ..idk

  • fug urself


    summer, you sound as stupid and immature as viley virus…not an easy task…congrats, dumb bitch.

  • Kelly

    She’s just embarrassing him more and more, he needs a more stable woman.

  • Amy

    They’re done. She’s no longer useful to him publicity wise. He’s in the Hunger Games and after her recent behavior it’s over.

  • fug urself


  • okay

    who cares? why is every little thing this girl does considered newsworthy?

  • Guyley Cyrus

    Good! No matter who he ends up with next, it will be a step up from Miley! She’s humiliating, stupid, trashy, ugly, and a try hard.

  • Erika

    Doesn’t Jennifer’s baby look like Liam …. Just saying!!!

  • wow

    You just admitted what a douch Liam is by saying she is no longer useful to him publicityy wise. And as far as behaviour – he hides it – he is sneaky & shifty eyed. Liam has always been a cheater & now he has confirmed what some think of him – that he used Miley & now he thinks he’s something – Hungar games is a success because of Jennifer & the whole cast – not Liam & the real proof of his less than stellar career is his movie Paranoia that is the worst bomb. So he may need Miley & her populadrity in the future & I hope she kicks his arse to the curb .

  • leelee

    Good. Now he can go take care of his baby with January Jones.

  • Neil

    Yeah, who cares. Its not even news worthy. Millionaires needing constant attention because their little world is “crumbling” and the slightest change in wind direction.

  • amy


    Did it ever occur to you that Liam cannot stand when Miley’s career is back on in a big way. He was very happy when she was home & not in the limelight career wise. Maybe like many men his ego can’t take a women that is much much more successful than him. It’s not the first time hollywood couples have broken up due to their careers & especially if the woman is more successful than the man. And btw Miley has always been fun loving and a little wild & that IS the person that Liam fell in love with (or maybe he pretended to fall in love with idk).

  • Cate

    A whole post about someone unfollowing someone on Twitter. Really?

  • A

    I’ll bet Chris Hemsworth is thrilled to be associated with Miley in any way. She will curse careers.

  • Soho

    They are done. Nothing left to do but have their reps make a statement. She should just give the ring back but at this point it doesn’t matter. Stick a fork in this relationship. Done.

  • Squeegie

    Best news ever! She talks like she comes from trash, she now acts and looks like she comes from trash. Heard that Vogue removed her from their cover in November. Trash doesn’t sell.

  • aquarius64

    @Soho: Agreed. It’s over. I think all the stories about January Jones and a random are coming from Miley’s camp, making her look like the victim of a fiancé who is can’t handle her “fame”. This way she comes out looking good. Remember, there is no independent proof Liam cheated on her, just stories. Kristen Stewart’s cheating set the bar for hard evidence for such scandals. And if Miley is the one pulling the plug she needs to give the ring back.

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  • Squeegie

    @aquarius64: You know it has to be Mileys party thats trying to trash Liam. He’s the one who probably broke it off, and she is seeking revenge to keep up her image. It would probably be too embarrassing for her team to admit that the relationships demise was mostly her fault. I don’t think too many people are buying the January Jones story either.

  • Red Head

    Run, Liam, RUN!

  • Gina


    He dumped Miley cause of her behavior she has gone Bat shit crazy she tries to blame him but thats what all unstable people do they blame every one else for their own failures. His WHOLE family hates her and has since the beginning after she cut off her hair and doing all this trashy bizarre shit Luke, Chris and their parents and said we don’t want her in out family get rid of her shes trash…He didn’t use her to get popular he loved her once then she started partying to much and when he started to drift she was so obsessed with him that she went off the deep end and cut off her hair and bleached it started doing shit that was embarrassing to not only him but his whole family…Getting rid of her nasty ass was the best thing he could do for himself..

  • 55vineyard

    please give us a flag button so we can report people like :Asians Can Read Minds who is spamming all over the Internet. Thanks.

  • Brooke

    Why do we spend so much time worrying about stupid things like this, needless to say they are a young couple moving way too fast… 99.9% of young couples who are getting engaged and worrying about getting married that young, their relationship is bound to fail… but honestly it doesnt help that we as a society has to pry into their relationship instead of leaving them alone and letting them live their lives.

  • Jimmy

    She will date a black rapper- duh.

    Read her past articles where she gushes on Liam. She BLEW IT, big time.


  • Veep

    She’s a liability and an embarrassment. There are lots of ways to throw off your childhood image; her VMA performance and general style was one of the worst. She’s embarrassing for him.

  • hmmm

    Miley is way more interesting NOW than this B or C list actor. If anything her dating him gave his name a bump. Hollywood tried making him an it man but he can’t carry a film. He is not his brother. He’s lucky he’s in the Hunger Games, but there are way better actors in that film, he is easily replaceable.
    Guarantee he will try to be seen dating another B or C list in order to keep his name in the media because of course the media wants to play up who he is dating and do a comparison thing against Miley.
    I like the new Miley..and Liam is a dead weight for her.

  • Jessie

    Not surprising. Seems like the relationship was over months ago. The fact is, the Miley he fell in love with is not the Miley of today. If he had met her today, they probably would have never hooked up. They were kids and both of them has grown up in different ways. The new Miley has a fame and being noticed is everything attitude. Being apart so long isn’t good for even a strong relationship and theirs was never that, they had broken up a few times before they got engaged. The engagement should have never happened, they were too young. Wanna guess whose idea that was? I’d say that Liam is more embarrassed than jealous that her career is back on in ‘big’ way.
    wow @ 09/14/2013 at 10:11 pm

    How is Liam a douche because a POSTER said he no longer has any use for Miley. He didn’t say that.

  • Devynn

    Go ahead and throw a little lightning bolt between these two and thank God that Liam finally saw the light.

  • MartinMoyes

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  • vivien


    Back in a big way?????? LMAO If she has to twerk married men and take off her clothes and generally act like a slut then this BIG WAY of your is going to fast and temporary

  • Greg

    She is fuuuuuuuck and the least attractive I have ever seen any woman look naked. he’s better off pretending he never even knew her, let alone dated her. she’s a tramp twerking slut.

  • Greg

    @Greg: ed*

  • India

    Maybe all those stories of him cheating on her gave her reason to move on.

    And, all those saying who cares, obviously you do since you’re here commenting.

  • blahblah

    She and her family (minus trish) unfollowed him and his friends. Pretty childish.

  • Halie

    He’s dumped her cos she is a slut, just like her mom Trish.

  • mellow

    She’s an idiot.

  • Rachel

    she’s trash just like her momma tish

  • Chris

    It was not even Liam’s twitter. He said it himself. Get a life fools xD

  • wake up

    She unfollowed his team and NOT Liam!

  • biker mike

    why wasn’t miley arrested for doing lewd acts in front of children in the audience of the VMA’s?

  • wow

    you do know that Liam smokes & not only cigarettes & that they used to party all the time with friends. He changed after he proposed – maybe got cold feet & he started cheating again – that is part of why they went back & forth pior to the engagement. As soon as his movie career looked like it was taking off he started backing away. He never supported her emotionally or monetarily. And to those who think she should give the ring b ack – NO just NO – she was his meal ticket for a long tim e & she deserves to keep that diamond – she can turn it ino a necklace.

  • cam


    I totally agree with you!

  • jeanie

    biker mike @ 09/15/2013 at 8:53 am

    why wasn’t miley arrested for doing lewd acts in front of children in the audience of the VMA’s?
    You’ve got a point there. A black, especially a black rapper would have been arrested for.

  • jeanie

    @wow: #47

    Stop trying to make accuses for Miley. She is the one who effed up the relationship. I would not want my son marrying someone who behaves like her. That performance was downright VULGAR.

    If he parties SO WHAT, he is only 23 years old.