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Halle Berry Dances at Concert with Large Baby Bump!

Halle Berry Dances at Concert with Large Baby Bump!

Halle Berry shakes her groove thing alongside her husband Olivier Martinez at the Earth, Wind, and Fire concert at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday evening (September 15) in Hollywood.

The 47-year-old pregnant actress showed off her large baby bump in a form-fitting shirt while attending the show that night.

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Earlier in the day, Olivier was seen going to the Bristol Farms grocery store in Beverly Hills to pick up his signature item – a baguette!

FYI: Halle is wearing a Riller & Fount top, an ASTARS jacket, and a Hat Attack hat. Olivier is wearing Levi‘s jeans while shopping.

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez out and about this weekend…

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halle berry dances at concert with large baby bump 01
halle berry dances at concert with large baby bump 02
halle berry dances at concert with large baby bump 03
halle berry dances at concert with large baby bump 04
halle berry dances at concert with large baby bump 05
halle berry dances at concert with large baby bump 06
halle berry dances at concert with large baby bump 07
halle berry dances at concert with large baby bump 08
halle berry dances at concert with large baby bump 09
halle berry dances at concert with large baby bump 10
halle berry dances at concert with large baby bump 11
halle berry dances at concert with large baby bump 12

Photos: National Photo Group, FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Mandy

    Halle Berry and her husband are so cute. Oh JJ Olivier is french, just stop acting as if its news everytime when he buys a baguette. Wish the happy couple all the best.

  • Lisa

    Awww so cute

  • heather

    I see the paps their

  • French douche

    How long before he starts smacking her around? That guy is a beast and she cried wolf one time too many.

  • yolo

    F*cking baguettes!

  • slowpoke

    omg. she really that in again? lol. halle yo… this is what happens when you have a lot of “that”… … baguettes. :D

  • lari

    this couple is so uncomfortable to look at. both crazy.

  • disgusting pig

    Always wearing the same pair of jeans. Yuck.

  • #awkward

    Worst parents ever. A violent, drunk dirty sleazebag and a psycho old bitch.

  • lol

    This proves my theory: white people can’t dance! How embarrassing.

  • Keri

    They won’t last. He’s violent and she’s nuts, this poor baby is already doomed.
    How Do You Say “Good Luck With That” in French?

  • This won’t end well !

    This should be fun to watch. Olivier’s crazy seems to actually match hers. The inevitable bust up will be epic. She is completely unstable, and doesn’t seem to allow Olivier to own more than one pair of pants. She’ll make the move for dual citizenship soon after the baby is born…and it will all start up again. Titanic, meet iceberg.

  • Anna


    That’s funny haha :D

  • jada

    Mama can get her groove on too. You go Halle.

  • marthe

    It is sad to see some of the comments out here. They are obviousy coordinated by a group of people who believe what they are saying or just don’t realize that the majority of society doesn’t seem to agree with their assessment of this couple. Mr. Martinez’s parents have been married for near 50 years and based on his past girlfriends most of whom seemed interested in marrying him, he is not the guy you are describing and/or portraying. His wife had a man who admitted to cheating regularly and one who has never denied having struck her. So which one of these two would you be interested in marrying? Oh, wait, both have moved on. The Nov incident is at the heart of your issues, but don’t recall them even speaking about it lately. Maybe you should try to move on, too!

  • mh

    @lari: stalker stop watching them.

  • stella

    What a beautiful couple!! I can’t wait to see the baby. Haters need to fall back.

  • mh

    @This won’t end well !: Gold Digging Aubrey is that you? Halle has moved on loser get a job.

  • stella

    Keri, your broke arse is doomed!!

  • kasia

    Are some of you really making a big deal about someone wearing the same pair of jeans a bunch of times? LOL WHO CARES? Jeans are meant to be worn a lot.
    They are having a good time at a concert. That’s what concerts are for, dancing, enjoying yourself and the music.

  • Paula

    OMG! They are so cute and Halle is getting down with her bump and all. Love it

  • huggybear


  • Verity

    Sorry but I’m going to sound real wicked right now; I MISS her drama! Please, please let this be the calm before the storm.

  • LMAO

    I can’t even begin to imagine what their relationship must be like. They have enough crazy between them for a whole wing in an asylum. They probably beat the shit out of each other as foreplay.

  • tbh

    Just clicked to see if he’s wearing the same jeans again and voila…

  • Shelbethegreat

    Halle and Olivier are getting down! They have so much fun together and there love is apparent. Every time the haters see how much they love each other it just cuts them to their black hearts. No amount of hate from the trolls can stop them. It didn’t stop Brad and Angelina and it wont stop Mr. and Mrs. Martinez. They have moved on and I bet the baby is singing along.

  • April

    As I recall Gabriel is the only one who got the hell beat out of him by Olivier. I’ll bet he won’t be so quick to try jumping on somebody who handed him his @$$ on a platter again. Team Olivier! Hope he and Halle have many joyous times together with the new baby and Nahla.

    Losers never win and winners never lose. Enough said.

  • lool

    @tbh: Different day. same pants. He’s like a dirty version of Superman, he has a wardrobe filled with the same jeans, shirt, jacket, belt and shoes.

  • That crotch area must stink

    He owns one pair of boots and one pair of jeans. This nucca never wears anything else!

  • Shelbethegreat

    @April, team Olivier all the way. They have a poster on here that goes under many different names to try and make out a lot of people dislike them, don’t be fooled she does this all the time.

  • just saying

    poor Halle she trying to groom him but it so hard, you can’t teach an old dog new thick

  • huggybear

    New Dry hair job on Olivier

  • huggybear

    New Dry hair job on Olivier

  • Stella

    Looks like Halle’s life has come full circle.

  • toaahh

    I love them together!!!

  • Leediazx25

    Halle , both you and your man look dirty… invest in a washer & dryer.
    No wonder Gabriel left you a$$. You getting dirty… it a French thing not to use bath water?

  • Donna

    Die of AIDS

  • Leediaz25x


  • Leediaz25

    I see Olivier is getting him @ minutes of fame. How many photo solo??

  • Tracy

    Awkward pic. They look pathetic. Which one called the paps this time? I can’t believe people forgave them after what they did to Nahla’s dad’s face as payback for not letting this crazy b*tch take her to France.
    And seriously how times is he gonna wear those jeans? Never took them off since 2010. Dirty old man.

  • jules

    The mean drunk/failed actor has found his new Sugar Mama. He’s set for life. Like always with Halle, this fairy tale will soon turn out to be another cautionary tale.

  • Shelbethegreat

    Eat your heart out haters, they are rich, in love and having a good time. Beautiful couple who have it all. I doubt they care what any low lives thinks of them. Still making movies and money, living high in the mansion on the hill. Life goes on and it is good! That loser Gabriel can sit in his dark apartment and collect his child support check cause that’s all he has going for him. Goldilocks won’t be jumping anyone ever again after getting his face caved in. Rock on!

  • xyz


  • xyz

    How long til she starts accusing him of whatever imaginary things and drag him thru a nasty breakup?

  • Wurry

    Haha! French men can’t groove. But they can buy liquor and a baguette every single day.

  • Wurry

    Why do people keep assuming that guys must be with Halle for money? How silly. Gabriel has his own silver pots to pee in and has for years before he got with her, and I don’t think Olivier is poor or anything.

  • Shelbethegreat

    Olivier ain’t poor, he’s rich.

  • just saying

    @Shelbethegreat how do you know are you his accountant

  • hhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  • kayla

    I’m happy for them:)