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Nina Dobrev Goes Topless to Support Obamacare (Photo)

Nina Dobrev Goes Topless to Support Obamacare (Photo)

Nina Dobrev loses her top and poses in front of a sign to show her support for Obamacare and the new Affordable Care Act.

The 24-year-old The Vampire Diaries actress posed with a cardboard sign that read “#GetCovered” inside her trailer in a new photo posted to her WhoSay account.

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“I’m Canadian. We have healthcare for all. If you don’t have insurance go to and #GetCovered. Because w/o it, you’re naked.” Nina captioned the clever photo. Go sign up now if you’re not insured!

Click inside to see Nina Dobrev‘s topless photo supporting Obamacare…

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • topless obama

    Go back to Canada

  • River

    Seriously? Nina, GO BACK TO CANADA


    Kudos Nina! Free healthcare should be a human right worldwide.

  • CDNA

    Go Nina…gorgeous!!! Go Canada…where we actually care about our people & one another!!!

  • Joymc

    Nina, I love you but you really need to read the Affordable Care Act before you promote it. It is the worst thing to come out of Washington since America was first founded. That is the problem, E1 passed it without reading it. There is so much in this, that people do not know. It is really sad that this is being forced on the American people.

  • Danielle

    It’s great to have a cause you’re passionate about, but the nudity is kind of ridiculous. Ever since ads like PETA’s “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” campaign started popping up everywhere, celebrities seem to have the misguided impression that getting naked in front of the camera is some sign of bravery or only way of standing up for a cause. It doesn’t make them look passionate – it just makes them look like attention seekers. There are ways to support universal healthcare that do not involve taking your top off Girls Gone Wild style.

  • Roman

    Show us what’s behind the sign or GTFO!

  • free…. lol

    - this is another greedy corporate scam and all these little niceties are nothing but lies to sucker the uninformed in
    - politicians have ben paid and rewarded to push this nightmare which is just another shot at the middle class who will pay for this

  • Sandy


    Free? Obamacare is NOT free! It is going to be the largest tax in the history of the US and put on the backs of the young people and middle class… and enforced by the Internal Revenue Service. Perhaps it would be best to educate yourself before proclaiming Obamacare is “free” healthcare because that is simply NOT true…

  • Terri

    Nina Dobrev = Another mindless celebrity that has no idea what they are talking about….

  • tick

    Terrible actress. She is not even American.
    What an attention horr.

  • paola

    Her bf must be proud

  • biker mike

    she’s a commie? who knew, I dont want to wait 6 months to see a doctor like they do in canada,, no thanks

  • xyz


  • Niche

    I bet Ian will tweet something about this latest Nina thing and support her, as lately he does nothing but to comment on each other actions on Tweeter, thangking each other and supporting each other for things. I hope Ian does not go that far.

  • AMY


  • wow

    @topless obama:

    AMEN! What are these non American’s doing butting into the laws and politics of America. We would be dragged for doing that if we as Americans did that in any other country. If you become a citizen of the country & vote then you have the right.

  • Sam

    The reason Obama and media are pushing Hollywood to promote Obamacare and to sign up is because for the whole scam to work they did young people to buy coverage to pay for the sick people who will sign up and the illegals who will sign up because most work for cash and don’t have coverage so thanks to Obama they get the American middle class who 95% already had health insurance to pay for people from other nations who suck in illegally into the US.. Obamacare is a big FU to the middle class of America, and that’s before the real cost of Obamacare , they will have to get a federal sales tax like in Canada to pay for it.

  • jane

    Wo, Nina needs to get educated about Obamacare, as do a few of the other posters here. Don’t people understand that our government has hit its debt ceiling, that we are beyond bankrupted already by wars, welfare fraud, etc. etc. The money is NOT there, and TAXPAYERS WILL HAVE TO PAY BILLIONS FOR THIS DEBACLE! Yes, that means you. To make matters worse, there are nowhere near the # of doctors or hospital beds in the US to accommodate the dramatic increase of people attempting to get medical care. Are you prepared to wait 6 months or more to see a doctor if you get a lump in your breast or elsewhere? Be ready for that.

  • bojimuncher


    You’re right. How dare she have an opinion and a cause to fight for.

  • jane

    Oh, and Nina Dobrev is Canadian. She needs to STFU, unless it’s about her own country. She is a GUEST here in the US.

  • Rayla

    OMG, JJ #3, are you on crack? How exactly can everyone in the world be entitled to free healthcare? Someone has to pay for it.

  • ononina

    Nina, unlike Canada, the US is in way over its head in debt. We simply can’t afford to keep racking up more of it. If we weren’t in such deep sh*t economically, of course we could have a healthcare plan. It’s very simplistic of you to compare your country to ours, and clearly you don’t understand what you’re talking about. Having a cause is great and admirable, but I think you should stay out of US politics, which doesn’t concern you, anyway.

  • StevenErnest

    The more celebrities who get naked, the better.

  • jon

    most celebs have no idea of what obama stands for, they just think it’s cool to do so

  • vince


    Most obama haters have no idea what obama stands for. They’re simply repeating tea-party propaganda, uneducated paranoia and hysterical bullshit – that has nothing to do with reality.
    Every western country on this planet has healthcare for all. It’s called being a civilization. And no, the US is not more in debts than countries like germany. We just have more radicals who still can’t accept a black man as president. The funniest thing about republicans is that they call themselves christians yet helping the poor getting healthy – which is about as christian as you can get – ois something they fight against like it was the devil. Crazy and sad.

  • val

    To vince, I don’t hate Obama, I am not a Rep. or Democrat, I couldn’t care less about tea-party propaganda, I have no problem with a black man or woman being pres., and I agree with everything the above people are saying about Obamacare being a mistake. So quit making blanket statements about people that you don’t even know. And how about not pulling the race/racist card every time someone doesn’t agree with the president.

  • risa

    Puhleease!!! She didn’t do this strictly for PSA sake! She totally did it for attention! She did it to be talked about. It worked cause we’re discussing it, and this pic was featured on E! Can you say famewhore?

  • souless wanderer

    republicans would rather see a male topless

  • B

    Go Neens!! And good message. US citizen or not everyone deserves the right to healthcare.

  • yep

    @Van, I have read and I work in the healthcare industry. People that have this coverage are not covered like they should be and the cost is not cheap around 300 per month. That is why it is important to call and find out the real facts! Call the insurance phone number and be 30 and see how much your coverage is. Most people have to live on a balance budget and yet Obama doesn’t want a balance budget? Why! What kind of leadership is that? We need to stop spending what we don’t have for our children. However, if people continue to follow without checking out facts they will be the ones paying along with their children. These issues are not related to parties but to EVERYDAY life. I am praying for us all.

  • Rega

    A free health care system should be installed all over the world. Every human beeing should have access to free health care without people necessary giving a charitiy ball.

  • Mike Ellis

    @JJ THE EXPAT: That’s just the thing you idiot. It’s not free! You are forced to pay for it or get a fine. How is that free? Unless of course you are a welfare case which them means I am forced to pay for mine, and yours or I get a fine. Loser…

  • maria

    Obviously she doesn’t know how Obamacare works. lol.

  • Lore

    What is this f*ckery? Congratulations, Nina. You just took your top off for something that you know nothing about! Your fans must be so proud of you.

  • Derp

    @jane: You think that a) someone is going to walk into a hospital and request a bed just because they got insurance, and b) that the hospital will give it to them?

    It still has to be medically necessary. Or are you suggesting people who actually need care shouldn’t receive it?

    I love it, in the same day I saw someone suggest that nobody would be allowed to get screen for breast cancer under the law, and that everybody would not only want to be screened but get to be screened. Which is it?

  • Derp

    @Sam: #1 Illegals are excluded. #2 They have no incentive to sign up because they already GET free healthcare, including elective procedures.

    Common cold?

    Call an ambulance, get a free ride to the ER and free cold meds, and the hospital won’t bother attempting to collect because they are illegal and the legal expenses would be to great.

    This law doesn’t seem to help with that, but it ain’t making things any worse either.

  • Ella

    @jane: yeah, censor everybody that doesn’t share your opinion and call them idiots. There’s no real freedom of speak in America. Just the same bullies shoving there anti-democratic fears around. America, a gun-toting nation where might is right and only conservative, right wingers are encouraged to speak.

  • potvin

    Another ignorant trollop talking through her t*ts.

  • potvin

    Probably, but it’s still better than yours.

  • potvin

    Wrong, and I’m Canadian.

  • Bertram Jones

    Now that takes guts….to pose topless inside her trailer. What’s next twerking in the closet. Another brainless Hollywood loser with an opinion and an asshole. Just like everybody else.

  • Mushroom Head

    An actress. From Canada. I’ll be over shortly for a BJ…… besides that shut the pie hole.

  • Delphinus13

    @JJ THE EXPAT: Healthcare is a service, a commodity that’s paid for. Doctors and nurses pay for years of schooling and endure years of hard work. They should get paid. Healthcare is NOT a right. You have a right to purchase it, but also a corresponding responsibility to pay for it.

  • Delphinus13

    Obamacare was the worst “business plan” in history, and we’re going to experience the largest case of Buyers’ Remorse since the Stalinist Purges. It produced 0 new doctors, 0 new nurses, supposedly added millions to an already strained health care “system, but HEY!! At least we’ll have 16,500 more IRS agents breathing down our necks and enforcing arbitrary and capricious standards to who they audit based on political leanings.

  • dillweed

    Oh look at all these butthurt americans hating on her and telling her to go back to canada and how she is just a guest and some more crap. i bet you she would if it wasnt for her acting career because i know i would not wanna live in a such a dump of a country they call USA. you americans are all a bunch of f****ng lunatics with a third world mentality. a country run by rednecks with guns and they wonder why there f****ng country is going to shit. good job you dumbasses

  • Laer Carroll

    CHEAT! We can’t see her tits so it’s not really nude.

  • Kevin Stowell

    Only if you are able and willing to pay for it.

  • DB

    Call her an ‘attention whore’ and you’d be half right.

  • DB

    Obamacare is a complete mess and a week in they have what…500 people signed up? And that’s probably 50 people who signed up 10 times each, just like Obama’s voters.