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Miranda Kerr: Mango Winter 2013 Campaign Pics & Video!

Miranda Kerr: Mango Winter 2013 Campaign Pics & Video!

Miranda Kerr is stunning while posing in different outfits for Mango’s Winter 2013 Campaign!

The 30-year-old Australian supermodel shot the campaign in beautiful New York City. Watch the video from her shoot below!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

In case you missed it, check out Miranda modeling different outfits for Mango‘s Fall 2013 Campaign.

Not only is Miranda the face of Mango, she recently signed on to be the spokeswoman for Swarovski, which will feature her in it’s upcoming fall campaign.

Miranda Kerr – Mango Winter 2013 Campaign

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr modeling the Mango Winter Campaign…

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miranda kerr mango winter 2013 campaign pics video 01
miranda kerr mango winter 2013 campaign pics video 02
miranda kerr mango winter 2013 campaign pics video 03
miranda kerr mango winter 2013 campaign pics video 04
miranda kerr mango winter 2013 campaign pics video 05
miranda kerr mango winter 2013 campaign pics video 06
miranda kerr mango winter 2013 campaign pics video 07
miranda kerr mango winter 2013 campaign pics video 08
miranda kerr mango winter 2013 campaign pics video 09
miranda kerr mango winter 2013 campaign pics video 10
miranda kerr mango winter 2013 campaign pics video 11
miranda kerr mango winter 2013 campaign pics video 12
miranda kerr mango winter 2013 campaign pics video 13

Photos: Inez and Vinoodh
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    This one does have some very interesting lines.

  • Arianna

    Miranda is one of the most beautiful models out there. Am interested in getting some clothes from Mango.

  • freja

    Is there a daily quota of Miranda Kerr posts you’re contractually obliged to fill before you get paid? Because, honestly, it is starting to look like that.

  • Magriella

    Mango is aimed at a modern and relateable woman you’re supposed to identify with, and I don’t get that vibe from her at all. Not all office or business women look skinny like lampposts but like actual women in real life. I think Mango didn’t choose the right model according to the type of woman they want to portray.

  • Katniss

    @Magriella: Don’t worry. Larger corporate fashion brands rather turn to other models that better represent the woman that brand is seeking to potray–take Gisele Bundchen for H&M. Best, biggest and most well-paid supermodel in the world. She takes every fashion or product and makes it her own. Miranda doesn’t have the same je ne sais qui as Gisele, which is why she’ll never be as successful.

    Gisele = the last supermodel.

  • Katniss

    @freja: Sorry for commenting twice, but I just wanted to applaud this post. All this frequent posting of Miranda Kerr only works in the opposite intended direction: it makes people dislike her and lose interest in her, thinking she’s just another overexposed celebrity who’s chosen that kind of overexposed life.

    And before that one crazy fan starts jumping at me, Miranda has chosen a life of constant exploitation, including the paparazzi. How come she can’t get out of a car without there being papz there, but someone who is 10,000 more famous like Will Smith, people don’t even know where his house is? How can Matt Damon walk his kids to school everyday without 1000 pictures being shot of him?

    In the end it’s about privacy and choice. Miranda’s become a famewhore–by her own choice.

    And that’s what makes her the most unlikable of all models.

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: Miranda Kerrdashian reveals her 30+ beauty secret: intensive Photoshop! So intensive she is totally unrecognizable!! (Well…that and a bob job…which she will gladly show you if you ask her nicely. Or even not so nicely. Or even if you don’t ask at all. She is always ready to flash her tits!)

  • Amy

    @Katniss: Well said, Katniss!


    No.6; Give it up. Ms Kerr is a done deal. And so are you for that matter…

  • Reba

    Anyone want to comment on the actual fashion? I like the line- very chique!

  • @4

    Kate Moss was their model before. Would you say thing about her?

  • @6

    It’s not Miranda’s fault that these looney haters stalk her across the internet.
    She is getting more and more famous with multi-country lines like Mango.
    She has millions of fans already, and is getting Moore every day.
    Pretending that you aren’t a hater is laughable.

  • liz

    i know people don’t like her because she is snooty and acts like she knows everything… I totally get that and agree. but even despite the fact that she isn’t unique looking, she is great at modeling clothes and making people want to buy the stuff she models.

  • @12

    Is she scr*wing some guy named Moore now?? Next baby-daddy perhaps?? Hope he has brown eyes so y’all believe the kind s Orlando’s!!

  • @14

    You know, criticizing someone else’s typos only makes you idiots bigger targets.
    As if anyone needed another reason to target you haters.
    And it’s funny that you think that her fans use eye color as the only reason that we KNOW Orlando is Flynn’s father. Especially since eye color is the ONLY reason that you think that he is George’s.
    Our evidence also includes the fact that Flynn looks exactly like Orlando. What other evidence do you have? Besides eye color, I mean.
    We’ll be waiting.

  • Diliana von Bork

    Mango’s ads are so boring.

  • Lia

    I like Mango because is a brand affordable for everyone, Miranda Kerr is a good ambassador among with other women like Crown Princess Letizia of Spain for example.

  • @#5 & #6…

    I can’t decide if you haters are really that ignorant or just dumb.

    I’ll try to explain it very simply for you.

    Miranda gets papped a lot because she’s beautiful, a Supermodel, always looks effortlessly stylish, has a famous hot husband and a sweet happy little boy. So lots of different sorts of people like to look at her photos for various reasons.

    For instance I love to see what she’s wearing, her style is so natural yet very cool & chic. I also love to see her with Orlando as they make a truly gorgeous couple. Miranda & Flynn together are just so sweet, you can see how much Flynn loves his mummy & vice versa.

    Just because YOU hate her you assume everyone else feels the same way which is not true.

    Not everyone is an obsessed Orlando Bloom “fan” or has a favourite model & is jealous because Miranda gets more attention than them.

    You guys are in the minority and are irrational in your hatred for her, it’s not normal to feel so much hatred simply because you love Orlando or Gisel/Adriana.

    We don’t care in the least how many times JJ has articles on Gisel or Adriana, where not interested so we don’t bother reading the article!

    Miranda has 3.5 million followers on Social Media & is very popular that’s why newspapers, magazines & celebrity sites want her pics in order to get more hits on their sites, it’s called supply & demand.

    It’s simple if you dislike Miranda then don’t click on her pics too WHINGE & MOAN about her!!!

  • @18

    Oh, hahahaha! Then why we don’t see Liv Tyler’s photos 24/7? Who actually lives in NY, not like this two, who came in NY just for business! And i’m pretty sure that paparazzi know where her home is! Or Natalie Portman and her family? Because they don’t have 3.5 million followers on Social Media and not very popular? Or they are not beautiful, or supermodel, or don’t have hot husband? Is that REALLY reason why we always must see Miranda’s photos 24/7 every week? And certainly not days or weeks when we do not see Miranda’s photos! Monthly, that’s probably 15 or more times then we see Liv’s or Natalie’s photos! Or anyone else! So don’t talk stupids, it look’s like that is all what you can do! And no i’m not “that ignorant or just dumb” i just see the fact’s. But if i am “that ignorant or just dumb”, i will be. It’s better be dumb and ignorant than believe in everything what she say!

  • @18

    Oh, i’m forgot:
    P.S. I really hope you can decide what i am!

  • @19/20

    Ignorance and denial, all in one post.
    They DO live in NYC. They have for years. Miranda had a small apartment before they upgraded to a larger apartment about two years ago. They also have houses in LA and in England.
    We see pics of Natalie and her family out quite often. And we see a few pics of Liv once in a while. But you are once again ignoring the fact that more people want to see pics of Orlando, Miranda and Flynn than they want to see pics of either of those other two. Orlando has a huge fan following. And those fans are interested in his life and family. Miranda is a very successful model, and even Vogue US mentioned how popular her street style is. She has over 3.5 million people following her. And Flynn is just to die for. He makes people happy every time they see that precious face.
    This family is featured so often on all gossip sites because people want to see them. Their pictures bring hits to sites, so they will continue to be featured. If you don’t understand the basic premise of supply and demand, then I guess that you really are dumb. Just like you said.

  • @19

    I posted comment #18.

    Liv Tyler does NOT get as much interest from paps because celeb sites know they wouldn’t get as many hits from her pics, it’s all about the dollars.

    We do see pics of Natalie at least once or twice a month. She is very famous & a great actress but again she & her husband are not as interesting as a very stylish Supermodel AND a famous actor with a smiley happy child.

    The paps know where all the celebs live & they also know which pics of those celebs will garner them the most money.

    Your insistence that Miranda rings or pays the paps is beyond ignorant & is based on sour grapes & petty jealousy.

    Who do you think buys her skincare range Kora and her books???

    Why does she have 3.5 million followers on social media???

    Why is she the 2nd highest paid model in the world???

    Why do lifestyle tv programs & magazines feature her street style all the time & tell women “how to achieve her look”???

    Why does she keep getting hired to be the face of brands like Mango. Swavrovski & others???

    It’s because Miranda has a broad appeal to both men & women as she’s beautiful, successful, stylish and has a smiling positive attitude to life.

    But of course because you’re so jealous of her you simply IGNORE why other people like her & believe everyone else hates her like you which is NOT true!!!

  • nicetry

    The crazy adriana stan now likes to bring up gisele? Why? So miranda fans are tricked into believing they bash her here and will stop calling out panty queens mediocre success? Yes thats why on model forums, the only fan group constantly bashing miranda are LIMA stans. Not gisele,candice, doutzen etc fans. Lima stans are truly sick how they worry about other models lives, more then their panty queens own career.