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Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles - Critics' Choice Awards 2014

Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles - Critics' Choice Awards 2014

Jared Padalecki hits the red carpet at the 2014 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards held at Barker Hanger on Thursday (January 16) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 31-year-old actor was joined at the show by his Supernatural co-star Jensen Ackles and his wife Danneel.

During the show, Jared and Jensen hit the stage together to present the award for Best Animated Feature to Frozen.

“ok all: its daddy time now :) love you all and thanks or watching and tweeting with us!! #Supernatural,” Jared tweeted the night before after live-tweeting his show’s new episode. We still have yet to find out what his newborn son’s name is!

Jared & Jensen Present Award for Best Animated Feature

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  • Emily

    OMG Jensen is so handsome <3333
    Danneel looks great too

  • viccky1319

    Jensen and Jared looks hot. So wonderful to see them here tonight…. Could I just say Jensen Ackles is SMOKING! And his wife Danneel is so gorgeous in that blue dress.

  • Yasmin

    Jensen and Jared rock, so much love and respect for them
    And Jensen, why you’re not doing movies?
    You have so much talented, you (and Jared too) shouldn’t wasting your career in a Tv show (I really think you guys should let SPN be ended in season 10).

  • Shimarith Wallace

    HOMOPHOBIC TWIT D-LIST ACTOR . . . . and so forth and so on.

  • baby

    At shim / not very tolerant

  • Gloria

    Jensen Ackles, I LOVE you!!!!

  • Isa

    @Shimarith Wallace: Justin Bieber fan? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • CJ

    Hey Just Jared why the focus on just Jared. They are equal leads.

    Jared “has the better PR team so we’ll make it about him ” Padalecki AND Jensen “majestic mofo” Ackles hit the red carpet…..

    fixed it for you.

  • LeLe Longsocking

    i still keep up with jensen (duh, i’m here, okay) but i do think it’s sad that he’s not more liberal and stuff. i like the show and i REALLY love jared, but i feel like i just lost something for jensen when it came out that he had been a republican for a long time. then there was all those comments he made about gay people. i don’t agree with Shimareth and name calling, and want to be accepting and tolerant but i kinda feel like it’s hard because jensen and i are soooo different. I can say that I AM happy for them getting some attention tonight! It is deserved.

  • lacy-red-gloves

    Eh, I just concentrate on the show. If it’s true that Jensen Ackles is homophobic, then that’s a shame; however, we are all entitled to our own beliefs. I just watch the show and forget about everything else. Jensen doesn’t have to vote like me for me to enjoy his work product! I do think it’s a real shame IF if is indeed as homophobic as some claim.

  • Amanda

    Why are you saying Jensen is homophobic???

  • Carly18

    Jensen’s tuxedo doesn’t look like it fit right. It looked funny on tv to. He is still purrrrfect! All you haters bettah stop trying to beat Jensen down. Just cuz he isn’t for gay marriage don’t mean anything!!!!

  • Vamp

    Hell, Jensen Ackles, still ridiculously good looking I see.

  • carrie971

    The crazies are afoot, someone’s stans undoubtedly.

  • Hana

    Love Jensen and Jared, both guys look awesome! Standing up to one’s believes is what real man do, Jensen rocks!

  • Joseph

    Jensen never gave a homophobic statement he never even talked about this kind of subject, he never said anything that would disrespect the gay community, quite the contrary, in the cons, he always makes jokes about Jared being his boyfriend, like months ago where he said that Jared was his Thor.
    This idiot @Shimarith Wallace: that are is saying that he is homophobic, (he/she) going everywhere always saying the same damn thing, trying to make people turn against Jensen.
    Seriously dude, you need to treat yourself, this is so sick!!!

  • sarah

    Jared looks so sexy in his tux ! Such a talented, beautiful man ! Missed Genevieve :(

  • Lituch

    J2 is fantastic! Love them!!

  • CJ

    Those people calling Jensen homophobic and spreading hate are pi$$ed off Destiel fans (Dean/Cas shippers). Jensen has never said or done anything to deserve that label. He doesn’t think Dean and Cas have a romantic relationship and doesn’t like questions about it because it polarizes fans at conventions – end of.

  • Kate

    Just Jared clearly prefers Jared. All the Supernatural articles are mostly about Jared. I wish someone would write about them as equals. They both looked amazing.

  • Clare

    Jensen homophobe is a LIE. He never said or did anything to deserve this kind of comment false and evil of these people above. They should be ashamed to post something like this.

  • Shellie

    Jensen looks gorgeous! He is so talented and a sweetheart based on all reports. He and Danneel look so happy!

  • frozen

    happy to see frozen winning !
    it was a great movie
    you can download it for free right here !!

  • Mrs Winchester

    Jensen is 35, Jared is the one whose 31. Get your facts straight, justjared.


    I ah-dore Supernatural. I love Jensen, Jared, their wives, and off-spring. They are all ah-dorable. I love watching Supernatural on Netflix, even the older epis. As for Jensen: “not liberal enough” to like? Or “homophobic?” I always get the feeling he is private and takes acting very seriously. He has no twitter, no facebook, etc. He doesn’t put pics of his family all over the internet. He doesn’t tell any of us his opinions on anything, other than his TV show. It is so silly to label and judge him.

  • Terry Christensen

    Both boys look really nice Danneel is really skinny looks pretty in that dress love she does not have loads of makeup on natural beauty miss Gen she is probably with the new baby love them both terry