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Michael Fassbender & Madalina Ghenea: New Couple Alert!

Michael Fassbender & Madalina Ghenea: New Couple Alert!

Looks like things are heating up between Michael Fassbender and Madalina Ghenea!

The 36-year-old actor was spotted holding hands with Madalina, 25, on Wednesday (January 15) while walking around Italy together.

If you didn’t know, Madalina was linked to Gerard Butler last year. They were last seen spotted out together while taking a romantic sightseeing tour around Rome back in June.

Michael and Madalina were both in attendance at the 2013 Toronto Film Festival in September, where he promoted his movie 12 Years a Slave and she premiered her movie Dom Hemingway. The pair were both at the Fox Searchlight Party during the festival, so perhaps that is where they first met?!

DO YOU THINK Michael Fassbender and Madalina Ghenea make a cute couple?

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Credit: Michael Buckner, Gabriel Olsen; Photos: Getty
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  • Lori

    Or perhaps he just called an escort service and she is who they sent?

  • Shamu

    I bet she gets pregnant. I’m sure she tried it with Butler. She’s as low as they come.

  • Fercat

    He has a type.

  • Nicole

    And she was with Leo DiCaprio in 2011. Sure gets around…

  • Yeah

    So… I bégin to prefer bradley and Leonardo… And gerard has run away…

  • Blue

    Congratulation Michael, your girlfrend is well known a
    pros.ti.tute and Es.cort :)) her name was in yatch girls list who is giving free s.e.x and fun to richest guys in Cannes :)

    #Lori, I think fassie only called pascal vicedomini who is her pim.p.

  • poor Fassy

    search ghenea and look at Milan pics…poor Fassy

  • Paola

    girls if she really is a prostitute, looking for more evidence! Poor Fassbender? this guy plays, you’ll see that when he wants a wife, the lady will be someone like Lupita…

  • Paola
  • Yeah

    This is why je cancells his présence on Norton show… To Be with her…

  • Blue

    ahahahaha:) this pros.ti.tue was so in love an other man in July and august. I mean 5 months ago:) Fassie are you id.iot?

    So I said Gerard Butler…:))))))#madalina #madalinaghenea #madalinadianaghenea #follow #followers #instagood #instagram #instamood #gbgals #mrsgerardbutler

    From London with love#alina #madalina #live#love #life #madalinaghenea #madalinadianaghenea #instagram #instamood #instagood

  • Shamu

    Fassbender and Ghenea seen in a pediatric hospital in Milan. Could be a charity thing or a personal visit. Could be total bollocks also, but this lady claims she saw them in the clinic and Ghenea looked “sad” after her tests came through. Yea right. Kaching!

  • Confused

    I am confused by the out out pouring of hate towards this woman. Where is the actual evidence (and I don’t mean dodgy internet sites). Seriously, who cares if she has dated more than one famous actor. People date people in their same field if work all the time – why does this make her a prostitute or escort? Lucky woman – she’s bagged some hot men, wish I had half her luck. I hope she doesn’t read the press surrounding herself as it’s truly cruel.

  • jamie

    He sure doesn’t like white women. lol

  • girl has a history

    2011 – Leonardo DiCaprio
    2012 – Adrien Brody
    2012-2013 – Gerard Butler
    2013-2014 – Michael Fassbender

  • FYI

    Madalina Ghena is white. She’s Romanian.

  • Funny

    I begin to like the game of Mdalina… Please more posts on Facebook! We follow!

  • sdf

    @FYI: actually she was born in romania but she is of berber origin. they have african roots.

  • news

    Fassbender was with Madalina in Romania when she was there visiting her family in early January.

  • LOL

    Madalina Ghenea @GHENEAMADALINA

    Michael Fassbender is new victim of Romanian pros/titu/te? #MadalinaGhenea #pr #for #RomanianSlut #madalinaghenea

  • Strange

    looks like Fassy likes her a lot, interesting. Also are news that he went to Romania but no pic

  • Photo
  • Paola


    No crees que si fuera en serio la hubiese llevado a la fiesta de los Globos de Oro como si lo hizo con su respectiva novia Bradley Cooper?? a ella se nota que le gusta la notiredad publica y loa provecha, por parte de el al parecer no dura mucho con sus novias pues busca diversion…el no es ningun incauto jajaja creo que menosprecias la inteligencia de Fassbender ellos al igual que Leo toman a cada “modelo” del momento para usarlas y dejarlas, si al final llegan a casarse lo hacen con mujeres como Lupita, J-Law, entre otras. No gastes esfuerzos jaja

  • Cally

    True. But there are some pictures on Madalina’s FB and IG taken in Romania that look an awful lot like Fassbender.

  • Adelaide


    She’s not caucasian, she has African ancestry. His previous girlfriend is black too, Nicole beharie.

  • Photo
  • Curious

    @Paola: translation?

  • You forgot

    @girl has a history: Paul Haggis.

  • Actually

    @Adelaide: “She’s not caucasian, she has African ancestry.”

    She is of Roma Gypsy stock.

  • Cally

    Madalina looks TERRIBLE in those hand-holding photos from Italy. She looks like she hasn’t slept in days.

  • Hahahaha

    Announced the day before the Academy nominations, too. Same old tricks, different dude. ROFLMAO!!

  • FYI

    Madalina Ghenea is Caucasian. Both of her parents are white and so is her brother.

  • Whatever

    @Cally: probably because she has been happily banging the hotness that is Michaek Fassbender. Good on her. Wish it was me under him, on top of him, whatever. I wouldn’t be sleeping either ;-)

  • Good time girl

    @Paola:”girls if she really is a prostitute, looking for more evidence!”

    This is not proof but when she was in Rome with Gerard Butler he siting at the side of a fountain and she was standing beside him wearing a dress that left nothing to the imagination, hem line up past the knees and jugs hanging out, and a policeman came up and started to question her because he thought she was a prostitute touting for trade. The pictures are on the web somewhere.

  • No

    @Whatever: Stay away from him as she’s probably given him a std.

  • Reputation

    I’am sur MF is aware of all that and he has a PR team so… Maybe he doesn’t care…. But now, it will be hard for him because fans will stay on that love affair… welcome in the media frenzy :-)))

  • Really

    @Good time girl: The same thing probably happens to girls out on the town and going to clubs with their mates. A short skirt does not a prositute make. What has she done to piss off so many people other than date some famous dudes??

  • GB Fans

    I haven’t followed but Gerard Butler’s fans have a lot to say…. I let them explain if they want…

  • Fan tips

    Sorry Fassy fans. Do yourself a favor and don’t read her fb page unless you enjoy being a human cat toy. Also, any minute now at least one foreign troll will show up and claim they are getting married just about every day, so you have that to look forward to. Good luck to you!

  • Whatever

    @No: I’d take that risk :-P

  • Anna

    @Good time girl: yes because GB behaved like an idiot. look at the pic you have the link in the art above

  • Bey

    White, black who cares? Acting like you guys know him or even stand a change of getting to know him. Get a life! Let him date who he wants, if he likes black girls so be it. And by the way this girl is white as she can be! Because she’s a “gipsy” she’s black? For real people?? Smh

  • Poor man…

    I love the lack of feminism here. It’s always the woman to blame isn’t it? Can’t two people of either gender like dating around? You feel sorry for him,? Why – he has a brain and is a big boy who can look after himself. Have you read his recent comments about his track record dating as he is so committed to work? Maybe he is out for fun, maybe she is, and maybe, just maybe they actually like eachother. All these men she has dated – maybe they have treated HER badly and she is the one who people need to worry about? Or maybe she likes having fun? Any scenario – I can’t see how these men are the victims.

  • clay

    Madelina is absolutely beautiful. Why are you posting such horrible comments about this beautiful woman. Even if what is said is true, I bet she did a superb job at it. Positively gorgeous.

  • plastic

    For anyone trying to guess MG’s ethnicity, you need to base it on her real face and body. Her lips and b’oobs are fake.

  • Jesse Owens Syndrome

    If she’s brown he’ll go to town. It’s odd how many German’s have a dark skin fetish, is it because of the rarity of Africans in their population mix or is it some kind of reverse status symbol?

    Honestly I’m surprised Diane Kruger didn’t marry Taye Diggs or a Wayans brother.

  • Anna

    @Bey: She is not a gipsy she has a decent family: mother is a vet, father – foreman and her brother completed his studies in the U.S.

  • So what?

    @plastic: So what? Just like half of Hollywood, famous or not famous. Who cares?

  • Doctor Know

    She’s gorgeous. I can’t believe he’s not dating an African American/UK lady though! She dated Leo and Gerard…so what?

  • Yuck

    She looks horrible in those pics. Those are some major black bags under her eyes. Imo she needs photoshop to look good, otherwise not so much.