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Jake Gyllenhaal & Alyssa Miller Back Together: See His Valentine's Day Card to Her!

Jake Gyllenhaal & Alyssa Miller Back Together: See His Valentine's Day Card to Her!

Looks like Jake Gyllenhaal and Alyssa Miller are back together just a month after rumors were swirling that the couple split up!

In the hours leading up to Valentine’s Day on Thursday (February 13), Alyssa took to her Instagram account to post a photo of a card waiting to be opened.

“To be opened on Valentine’s Day,” was scrolled on the back of the envelope and it clearly was written in Jake‘s handwriting!

Sources tell that Alyssa accompanied her man to the Pussy Riot & The Voice Project party last week, where Jake was photographed with his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Click inside to see the full photo of Jake Gyllenhaal‘s Valentine’s Day card for his girlfriend…

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jake gyllenhaal alyssa miller back together see his valentines day card to her

Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, Instagram
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  • A

    so happy that they are back together! love them both :)

  • doctor who

    Oh my, I feel this will be one of those crazy jake gyllenhaal thread with a million comments pathologically insane

  • showmance

    Cheap wh**re Alyssa Miller did that before – posted fake presents and messages from her “boyfriend” – too bad gay Jake Gyllenhaal never gave sh**t about her.

  • lori

    Guess she didn’t like people thinking he had moved on (or back) to Minka Kelly.

  • roll eyes

    I knew the freaks would come right away, you crazy people obsessed with Jack Twist and brokeback M creap me out

  • ha!

    @lori: Yes that pic scream MINE !Go Alyssa!

  • prairiegirl

    She’s just the paid nanny looking after his and Austin’s six kids <3

  • ^^

    Jake writing is really bad! lol

  • beardsRus

    SURPRISE! Here’s your new bearding contract!

  • cap america

    When Jake is back with Minka Kelly?

  • LOL

    @cap america:

    Is that you Minka fangirrrrrrl?

  • happy Valentine’s Day!

    @beardsRus: SURPRISE, looks like you 1/2 * f * a * g * s * h*gs of WFT, partied too soon, Miss Miller is pretty much still here lmao

  • LOL

    @happy Valentine’s Day!:

    I see Minka troll still can’t speak English :)))))

  • happy Valentine’s Day!

    @LOL: hey f*ag H a*g I know in proper English the only words that make you melt, Jake Gyllenhaal f*ck Alyssa Miller! How precious lmao

  • LOL

    silly fangirl…been trying to ship Jake and Minka whore for two years

  • epic fail

    who is Minka @LOL: Oh come on don’t be sad and bitter, brings wrinkles , you can find another guy for your creepy slash fantasies, how about one of the one direction guys? lmao

  • LOL

    u da Italian f#g

  • Italians do it better!

    hey melting F+g H*ag maybe Alyssa is THE ONE!
    I wonder what ol’ Ted thinks lmao

  • LOL

    sorry pizza boi, you won’t be smoking Jake’s salami LOL!

  • Obama!

    @LOL: No, I guess Miss Miller it would not agree to share Jake’s salami, too bad!
    Also very lame sum of racist prejudices and clichés, how nice it is not surprising that you are so desperate and dumb lol

  • pickles

    Dang, jared! Who are these crazy people who act like they know Jake or Alyssa? Calling someone a wh*re is a disgusting, mean thing to do. It tells us more about you than the person you’re talking about.

    I am glad to see they are back together. Alyssa seems like a very sweet girl. I hope things work out for them. Nothing against Minka Kelly, but she ‘s not in the same league as Jake.


    With the death of this pretending faggo already set, it already knows it won’t be making any long-term plans for pretending to media. It knows its future will come to a close within time.

  • duddu

    Thank god he’s not with hollywood biggest wh+re. aka Minka kelly cankles

  • duddu

    and can JJ be sure that this is his handwriting. Unless this is a pr move

  • :)
  • Ouch!

    Minka kelly cankles ***LOL! She should never wear skirts

  • Rose

    LOL! Now if this doesn’t smell like a desperate PR bearding move then I don’t know what is.

  • Delilah

    I think they make a stunning, beautiful couple. I hope things work out for them.

    It’s not easy to be out in public for your job and have strangers slinging mud and telling lies for absolutely no reason. This habit of tearing other people down shows you are very ugly inside. And it is showing.

    Jake and Alyssa have done nothing to you. You don’t even know them. If you don’t like them why comment at all? These are just two people living their life not bothering anyone. If they had a falling out, and maybe they are trying to work things out, I am happy for them.

    Some of these comments are really disturbing. Some of you need help. Professional mental health help. You’re crazy. Very sick people.

    I can’t wait to see Jake’s new movie Enemy. It looks really good.

  • suckapuck

    Came on Rose your little gang “Jake is gay, married with 7 kids, no matter what” has already bored everyone to tears rested now

  • Enemy

    @Delilah: Deliliah That movie looks amazing

  • samantha

    Jared, you need to update your photos. Here is some stunning photos of Alyssa. I love it that her and Jake both have blue eyes!

  • ace11


    I saw this guy in a NYC restaurant eating with 2 smoking hot blondes last week

  • Gretel

    Well, I am happy for them. It is a nice Valentine Day news. Now, I hope she does not tell what is in the letter. Let it remain private for them.

  • * *

    @Gretel: LOL Now we’re all waiting to know what’s in the letter

    Alyssa Update us!

  • Gretel

    Yes, but by not knowing we can all imagine what it might be and we can be happy for them. But if we know then we might not like it or we will criticize it. It is enough to know it is something special. I don’t care to know it. This is only me. I know others want to know, but there is something satisfying about not knowing, too.

  • AlenaSaba

    she removed the photograph of her instagram account …

  • Ops

    Oops Jake is pissed off!

    he is a private guy Alyssa not so much! LOL!

  • Pickles

    Well one thing is for sure. Now Alyssa knows that the gossip bloggers monitor Instagram. Bet she won’t make that mistake again. Too bad. Jared you shouldn’t have posted the picture because now you have lost a gossip source! LOLOL!

  • Ops

    Now Alyssa knows that the gossip bloggers monitor Instagram.****Wow I had not thought about that, it’s pretty scary to live like that

  • CC


    What, she did not think that the press was going to look at it? Silly girl…

    Trouble in paradise I fear… And why would you post such a private thing anyway? To make us all jealous? Yep it worked!

  • jilli

    something about this seems fake to me

  • Don

    I don’t buy it. They haven’t been photo’d together since last Sept. How do we know that’s his writing? Dumb

  • ella

    Stupid Girl, Jake is a Player. He is f’ing lots of girls not just you.

  • Tom

    @AlenaSaba: Too Late, that stupid twit isn’t the brightest bulb on the tree is she? Like every gossip site is showing it now or maybe that was the PR plan all along?

  • Jane

    That is a REALLY OLD pic of them.

  • Gillian

    If they are back together for real I want to see some recent photos of them together. All this playing games with instagrams and then deleting it is silly immature childish behavior.

  • Barb

    She’s fat and ugly. (Sorry!! hate to be mean!!) But Minka’s got a large nose and no career.

  • social media era

    @Gillian: There have been several sightings of Jake and Alyssa together this week , a girl in NY saw them making out, another person on facebook saw them having dinner together, and another girl on tumblr report having seen them walking Alyssa’s dog , then the WSJ who has the same information as Jared about that Pussy Riot event

  • Mark

    @social media era: And yet no paps of them? Strange

  • social media era

    @Mark: It’s not so strange, when they started to date, this summer, people saw them making out all over NY and the first paps pics came after a month