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Joshua Jackson Attends the Toscars, an Oscars Parody Night!

Joshua Jackson Attends the Toscars, an Oscars Parody Night!

Joshua Jackson looks handsome as can be while attending the 2014 Toscars Awards held at the Egyptian Theater on Wednesday (February 26) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old actor was on hand to help celebrate at the Oscars parody event. Leading up to the event, ten teams each had three weeks in which to produce a five minute short parody of a nominated film up for best feature.

At the awards show, the short films were screened and a celebrity judging panel decided upon who won in all categories, including Best Whactor, Whactress, Best Director, Cinematographer, music and a few more. Sounds so fun!

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  • Ty

    I looked at their website to find out more about it, because it sounds like it was a fun night. It said Josh Jackson was one of the judges and also a presenter. The event is put on by the brits.

  • naomi

    handsome man

  • tayli



    Joshua Jackson Interview 7th Annual TOSCARS Awards Show Red Carpet

  • flair

    what a cutie!

  • re


  • julia

    Don’t like the hair, but Josh is hot!

  • coco

    looks so hot

  • vanessa

    Now that he’s single, I wonder who he’s gonna hook up with next. He’s so hot.

  • huh

    @vanessa: He is single?

  • vanessa

    @huh: yes, him and Diane broke up, but they have a deal they will only be seen at events now, you won’t see candids of them anymore.

  • huh

    @vanessa: you have this from an insider? Any idea how long he and Diane will do this, with the events ?

  • vanessa

    @huh: Yes, from an insider, I can’t reveal much information but the split is 100% confirmed. I’m not sure exactly how long they will do this but i don’t think more than 1 month.

  • quinton

    Luv Joshua!

  • huh

    Yes, from an insider, I can’t reveal much information but the split is 100% confirmed. I’m not sure exactly how long they will do this but i don’t think more than 1 month.

    @vanessa: Thanks, good to know.

  • aaa

    Joshua Jackson will never win an Oscar, that’s for sure

  • CF98

    Interesting if the break up is true I hope nobody pins it on Katie Holmes though.

  • Maria2

    @huh I’m pretty surprised. They look happy at the Berlin airport and Josh’s tweets seem pretty up beat.

  • jade86

    He would never tweet “life is awesome” if he really broke up with Diane.
    They’re still together.

  • huh

    @jade86: maybe he is happy that they broke up.

  • CF98


    You act as if celebs never put up a front to the public even on Twitter. I mean even Robin Thicke and Paula Patton appeared happy and now they’ve split.

  • flora

    Except Robin Thicke was long rumored to have been cheating on Paula
    Patton for like years and years even before Blurred Lines brought him into a new level fame. But if that’s your definition of happy then that’s cool. Even if this new breakup rumor between Josh and Diane wasn’t totally random and unsupported by all evidence to the contrary, why would they pretend to stay together for an undetermined amount of time? Josh supposedly hates going to Hollywood parties, but he’s gonna agree to escort Diane after they break up because… why? And Diane would still get invited to fashion shows and industry events as a single person so she would agree to keep pretending to be in a relationship because…? And if they’re only gonna do it for a couple of months, why bother? Why not just announce the breakup now, let it get lost in the sea of Oscar coverage so that they can deal with the fallout in semi-privacy, and then emerge from it with new projects on the horizon for both of them? It serves no logical or emotional purpose to draw it out and it also does not merge with either of their personalities as they have presented themselves over the past 7.5 years.

  • CF98


    You raise good points but my point was just because someone appears a certain way on Twitter doesn’t mean anything.

    However I’ll believe it when it actually happens their breakup that is.

  • flora

    Actually, Twitter is a decent gauge for the status of celebrity relationships. It’s not always accurate, but for the most part, if there’s an impending breakup between a couple, that couple usually goes Twitter silent in the days leading up to an announcement. See Miley/Liam, Demi/Ashton just for a couple of really high profile examples. Josh’s Twitter patterns are harder to map simply because he doesn’t tweet with any sort of regularity and he hardly ever mentions Diane at all, but he’s been retweeting a few people this week. It was really surprising to me when he used a picture of Diane for his profile pic since he usually keeps her off of his timeline, but I’d be even more surprised if he kept that pic in light of a recent breakup.

    If/when they do break up, I’m more inclined to think things will fall out like 2 years ago when the last big breakup rumor about them came out. They hadn’t been seen together in public in over 2 months, Josh was seen without his ring, Diane hadn’t been spotted in Vancouver since before the holidays, and they hadn’t been sighted together by anyone on Twitter for weeks. I was on the fence back then, but thought it was likely that they’d broken up. That situation seemed more legit because their actions matched the rumors surrounding them. This rumor? Seems like total bs no matter what angle you approach it from.

  • vanessa

    I’m hearing the reason for the breakup is children… she doesnt wanna have babies and he does. so it’s a dealbreaker.
    no other people involved though.

  • CF98

    Interesting info

    But the ring thing doesn’t mean anything Katie wore her ring in public when she filed for divorce.

    Sometimes people do that to throw the public off.

  • CF98


    That rumor has been around for years ranks right up there with Suri being Josh’s child.

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • flora

    @vanessa: Again, there’s absolutely no evidence to point to the fact that they have even broken up so speculating on the reason for their supposed split seems ridiculous at this point.

  • vanessa

    @flora: I’m not speculating, i’m saying it’s a fact, cause I have my sources. Just think about it, when was the last time they were seen together out and about? And i mean in candid pictures, like going grocery shopping, etc. Long time ago, right? And don’t say the airport pics at Berlin because that was a set up too, it was part of the event they attended.

  • flora

    I’m glad you have your “sources”, but I don’t know you from Adam so until one or both of them makes an announcement about a break up or until their actual behavior is indicative of a break up, I’m gonna continue to believe that they’re together.

    Besides, these days even candid pictures can be set up with paparazzi and Josh and Diane have been accused of doing just that plenty of times on this very site. Every time they go to the grocery store, someone on here complains about them calling the paps. It would be just as easy for someone to say, “Well, all of the candid pictures they take from now on are set ups just like Berlin” and no one, not you or me or anyone would be able to verify that because the only people who really know what’s going on are Josh, Diane, and the possible photographers they deal with.

    I’ve been following Josh’s career since the beginning of Dawson’s Creek and while I’m the first to admit that I don’t him personally and could be way off about his personality, nothing about him has ever suggested that he would continue to play up a fake relationship after breaking up with the woman he’s spent the last eight years with.

    Also, like I said earlier, there is nothing about this situation that benefits either of them if they are faking it. If they’re doing it for famewhore reasons, they would get just as much publicity from a break up (if not more, actually) than they would by pretending to stay together at this point. Emotionally, it would be horrible and difficult to pretend like you were still into each other when you’ve already decided to part ways. Are they gonna keep travelling together like they did for Sundance and Berlin just to keep up the charade? What a headache that would be. Again, I don’t know them, but neither of their personalities as they have presented themselves over several years suggests that they would set up an arrangement like this when there is no upside for either of them and whole a boatload of inconvenience as a downside. It just doesn’t make sense.

  • flora

    And for the record, you are speculating because your information is 3rd hand at best and unless you are Josh or Diane, any information you can offer about the intimacies of their relationship will necessarily be speculative as the only people who really ever know about what’s going on in any given relationship are the people who are in it.

  • vanessa

    @flora: If you compare their pictures from recently to their pics from past years you can tell they’re not as into each as they used to be. They’re way less romantic and you know they used to be into PDA a lot. Not anymore. They’re cold towards each other now. Diane especially seems to love her cellphone more than her partner.

  • flora

    I don’t see coldness between them. They still look at each other with a great deal of affection. For example, in the Dalai Lama pictures at Getty there’s one of Diane looking at him with the same face she always looks at him with. Photo assumptions and interpretations are always going to vary depending on the viewer. Besides, after 8 years relationships change and evolve. For over half of their relationship, Josh and Diane maintained a long-distance thing which would change how they interacted with each other in public vs. now where they live together and have been steadily in each other’s company for over a year. Even when they take jobs these days, the other one comes along so they’re rarely apart. Sure, there’s not the same sense of romantic urgency that they used to convey in pictures, but there’s also not the looming knowledge between them that they’ll have to part ways soon. I don’t feel the need to hug it out with my husband at the grocery store either. Why would I when I could do that in my house? But when they’re seen walking around, Josh and Diane still hold hands and he still touches her all the time. It feels the same to me, but your mileage obviously varies.

  • vanessa

    @flora: Well, I hope you are right and they’re not broken up and my sources are wrong. I guess time will tell. I hope they still love and care for each other as much as they have always have. For the record, I do like them as a couple. I hope they pull a Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, and stay together for a looong time.

  • huh

    I’m hearing the reason for the breakup is children… she doesnt wanna have babies and he does. so it’s a dealbreaker.
    no other people involved though.

    @vanessa: but she always says in interviews that she wants children. Was she lying about that, too?

    Do they have a contract ab the going to events deal?

  • cute!

    Diane & Joshua pose with the Dalai Lama at the Lourdes Foundation Leadership in the 21st Century Event.

  • InStyle magazine

    Are Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson the coolest couple ever? The duo co-ordinated their chic styles as they attended a Q&A with the Dalai Lama at the California Science Center in LA. Kruger wore a Thakoon dress, suede ankle boots and Chanel bag, with Jackson complementing her look in a textured blazer, open shirt and gunmetal trousers. While they rock the red carpet, the pair seem to nail off-duty and smart-casual dressing better than most. Consider it your lesson in “couples dressing”

  • Marie

    I think the whole “breakup” conversation is happening on here because @vanessa looked at some pictures and made some random decision that they had broken up,and posted a comment. Insiders wouldn’t be posting on here people, they’d be taking their story somewhere they could get paid. lol. But I guess we’ll find out, our insider @vanessa has told us they’ll be announcing the break-up in a month. :)

  • tara

    Josh has gotten really old, he hasn’t aged well. Poor guy, he needs to get a job and quit being a joke.

  • flora

    @tara: Yeah, poor Josh who owns more than 1 home that costs upward of a million bucks and spends half the year traveling to super fun places doing super fun things. Let’s all feel bad for him ’cause his life obviously sucks way more than ours.

  • heh!

    @Marie: People do that every time. They look at people’s expressions in pictures, make up a story in their minds and that’s enough confirmation for them. It’s not like Vanessa is the first one, who has made this kind of predictions about this couple. They have been photographed separately and gone to events or shopping separately on other occasions and in each one of those, there have always been “insiders” confirming their break up.

  • Marie

    @heh..there haven’t been breakup rumours about J/D in ages. The last one was about 2 years ago. But yes, no one knows what’s happening in their relationship but them. Definitely not some random poster on Just Jared. ;)