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Katie Holmes & Jason Segel Dating Rumors Are Not True

Katie Holmes & Jason Segel Dating Rumors Are Not True

Katie Holmes hangs out with a gal pal while strolling around the city on Wednesday afternoon (April 9) in New York City.

A new report said that the 35-year-old actress is dating Jason Segel, but her rep is shooting down that rumor as not true.

“The story is completely untrue,” her rep told Us Weekly. “The two have not spoken since she appeared on How I Met Your Mother.”

Jason previously was in a yearlong relationship with Katie‘s Dawson’s Creek co-star Michelle Williams until splitting back in February 2013.

FYI: Katie is wearing a Madewell jacket.

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  • sabrina

    What the heck is she wearing now? Please someone get her a stylist.

  • DTBH

    Near camel toe!

  • Katie Homely

    Of course it’s true she is not dating him. Everyone knows now she is toxic.
    I bet she will never marry again.

  • Kepp

    Watch Johnny Depp kissing Jimmy Kimmel!

  • DTBH

    Anyone know what’s up with Chris Klein?

  • Nathan

    God her legs look good in them Jeans. Katie is so sexy without even trying.

  • who’s the other chic

    is this her paid friend again?

  • anne

    During the “wedding,” Katie wore very chic seemed ma’am. I thought artificial, always wearing high heels, even at the beach. Said it was imposing Tom Cruise. I prefer her like this, jeans, hair pulled back. Seem more normal and ordinary woman. The photos of TomKat phase are very staged, theatrical. I get to laugh.
    Hi Annie.

  • anne

    @Katie Homely:

    Toxic? Why? She is beautiful. There is many a man wanting to marry her. I hope it’s not a religious fanatic.

  • Katie Homely

    besides a few fanboys from DC days thinking she is Joey Potter who they use to jack off to in High School- I seriously doubt it.
    Oh and Nathan.
    Other then those I don’t see “many a man” lining up to get with her.

  • KHo the train wreck

    Jason Segel? Now, there’s a troop of guys couldn’t wait to deny that he’s dating her.
    From what I can gather:
    Jake GylL SOMEHTING, maggie’s brother.
    Luke K-something
    Jamie Fox
    Jason Segel
    Did I skip anybody?

  • anne

    @Katie Homely:

    I never watched DC. I met KH post divorce.
    List of women of TC, pós Tom Kat:
    Cameron Diaz – Denied
    Olga Kurilenko
    Jessica White
    Cinthia Jorge
    Laura Prepon
    Elizabeth Moss

    He earns Katie Holmes in number.
    I think the two are not with anyone. They should go on a romantic dinner, drink good wine, sit, talk, stop the hurt and get together again. The fans would love it.
    Bjs Annie.

  • Katie Homely

    wow, you really do believe every tabloid you read don’t you? I doubt Tom dated any of those women.
    You do know that tabloids make stuff up, right?
    Latest one: Elizabeth Moss comes out talking about her ex and she is a church member. So next you thing you know tabs are putting her with Cruise. It’s how it works.
    Diaz even came out and talked about how she is friends with Tom and had dinner with him and a group of random people and the next thing you know tabloids are saying “he is after her”.
    Do you see a pattern?? Tabloids pull stuff out of their butttts. Don’t take it seriously.
    KH and TC again ? You must be joking or live in fantasy idk which.

  • anne

    @Katie Homely:

    A man to be alone for almost 02 years? Strange. Or Tom hires prostitutes. Or, is waiting for me. lol
    Have a good night.

  • rubyz

    #9 Many men wanting to marry Holmes? I seriously doubt that. And I serious doubt this rumour about her and Segal. Holmes is NOT Michelle Williams, not even close.

  • joke

    @KHo the train wreck:
    i think Jake dont deny something, maybe It is not worth denying nobody like kho.
    i still remembered George Clooney deneid in People, three women’s pr created romance story with him included kho :)))

  • surprised

    the people at JJ always seem too hurtful. what is wrong with some of you here? if you don’t like her, fine but why come here to say such mean things? i really do not get it. what is the motivation behind it?

    i really like her. i hope she continues this happy, wish her the best.
    as for the men really, i find it funny.those comments. she is beautiful, seems like a warm, good person.

  • Nolan

    her rep has denied it! love her! screw haters, they life must be miserable to be needing to bring somebody down to feel better about themselves. not one post, but multiples back and forth for an actress they dislike? get a life! and in the meantime, keep Katie and her persona alive because you.know, as long as people keep talking about you, you could care.less if.its all negative.

    go Katie!

  • Tom

    You wear those jeans so well!

  • Meg

    @Tom: So you like the no room for imagination? I too see the beginnings of a camel toe.

  • anne


    I do not understand what you mean. Can be more clear and objective?

  • anne

    @Katie Homely:

    read it on the Net. Cut my heart. Katie, please come back to Tom

    “TOM Cruise is piling on the pounds!

    The Hollywood actor’s plump appearance stunned his industry colleagues at the Jameson Empire Awards in London on March 30, and insiders have revealed why the former heartthrob is looking bigger than ever.
    “He looked bizarre, like he was wearing a fat mask on his face,” said an eyewitness.
    Sources say Tom, 51, is still miserable since his divorce from Katie Holmes in 2012 – and he’s been “pigging out” to cope with the pain of the split.
    “Tom Cruise might still be a Top Gun at the box office, but since Katie dumped him, I hear he remains deeply devastated and heartbroken,” said Andrew Mor­ton, who penned the best-selling book Tom Cruise: An Unauthor­ized Biography.
    “Tom was madly in love with her and she gave him an ador­able daughter. Two years since the split, he’s still tormented and in agony because he realizes what he lost in Katie,” said a source.
    “While he remains a great dad to Suri and works hard at memo­rable father-daughter trips, he knows he can never duplicate the experiences the three of them shared together as a family.
    “He sees Katie moving on with her life and that hurts even more. But the fact is, he has not gone on a serious date since his breakup with Katie and has shown no interest in moving on with that part of his life.
    “He’s gained 20 pounds, and it shows in his face.
    “Whatever the reason, it’s pretty clear Tom is depressed over Katie. He needs to either pur­sue Katie again or move on before he ruins his looks.”

    Tom is obsessed with his public image. More, even fat, he still handsome, to kill any woman. Like wine, older … better.

  • Katie Homely

    Now I know you are joking.
    I think that was in the enquirer and I think you know its is bullcrap but posting it as a joke.
    That is how tabloids work. Tom showed up to the award show and had bangs and so the tabloids make up a story to go with it.
    Same thing with so called “blind items” most of them are made up and most are so obvious who it is suppose to be but they do it as a way to plant things in your mind. Not saying there was never a true Blind Item but most are not.about anyone but just a way to legally make stuff up about people.

  • teli

    love heeeer!

  • anne

    @Katie Homely:

    I know how things work in the world of celebrities. When they want to further their careers, their PR people plant things in the media and then deny. But Tom exaggerates the arrangements. Require that wives should be converted to Scientology, deciding clothing, hair, etc.. control nonsense image. The TomKat divorce caused damage to the public image of Tom Cruise. Most people do not care about their religion and private life (gay, sterile, father of Suri, etc.). More after the noise, it is with a picture of crazy.

  • Katie Homely

    Sometimes they plant stories but often its made up.
    I think since its a negative story about him I doubt he planted it to say he was aging and other stuff.

  • I just can’t with her

    I just can’t with her.
    You can buy a pretty good teeth whitener over the counter these days.
    Why does she not like to take care of herself? Her teeth, her hair, the sloppy clothes. I don’t get it.
    It’s not even “Hollywood standards”. That is basic human hygiene these days.

  • Arroyo

    Well, you’re entitled to your opinion, I guess. Personally, I don’t see anything sloppy about her appearance. Her hair looks healthy and shiny. Clothing is casual, but neat and tidy. Most importantly she seems genuinely happy and comfortable in own skin these days, which is always a plus.

  • anne

    @I just can’t with her:

    I did not like the dressing style of Katie, in the TomKat. I felt artificial, very doll, wearing high heels and black leather belt on the beach? Now, I also think she is very sloppy, after all she is the Alterna, had a fashion line. Katie, let’s stay in the middle ground. For Tom Cruise: no more weddings, only in dating right now. It is cheaper and less messy. Example Leo, Clooney, etc.

  • Meg

    @Nolan: Can’t affor a massage or facial so,,,,Bash Katie. Did u ever wonder why “we” do???? Because she is a walking contradiction and people pick up on it. Those that don’t, enjoy your bliss:)

  • Meg

    @anne: #21 – this is one you should ask Annie.

  • @nolan

    Because these aren’t celebrity fan sites they are gossip sites. Some you like and some you don’t.
    People comment as they see it at the sites they frequent. Katie is featured on this site alot so she is commented on. Not everyone here likes her.

  • annie

    I like her casual gear. I think she looks great. I didn’t like her VB friends time either, that was not Katie, but she figured that out after a while.
    Always think that she looks nicer than most, see it all the time.
    There seems to be 2 types of celebs, the ones that dress to the hilt just to be seen and have their pic taken, and the other lot who are comfy and casual like most people doing ordinary stuff.
    As for Tom, Cancerians don’t let go that easily. Other times, in relationships, he ended it for whatever reason, this time it was very different for him, maybe they were having problems, but maybe he didn’t want to end it, for her it was the time to go and not look back.

    Hi Anne ,how you going?

    @ Meg, I don’t understand either.

  • Celeb Spy

    He’s dating Bojana Nokovavic.

  • @ #34

    He’s dating WHO?? Where’d you hear that? He hasn’t been seen with anybody. You musta pulled that outta thin air.

  • @33

    the relationship was over long before she filed for divorce. Even she said it had been at least 6 months.
    Here goes Annie again thinking she has some inside scoop on how they really are or what he/she thinks. *eye roll*
    doubt it but if so she is pretty but 5foot ten. I think even taller than Nicole or Penny. Would be a nice change since this girl Bojana is at least back in their league unlike his brief stop over with dowdyville with Holmes.

  • @@#34

    @@ #34:

    Tom was supposedly dating that Nazanin person too for a short while, but there are no media pics of them either.

    Yet she was able to be source for the slam piece against Tom Cruise in Vanity Fair.

    Hollywood dating can happen on the down-low or can be a reality show.

  • @37

    No doubt anything is possible and he could be dating someone. Just surprised. He has been in London for a long time now working. Maybe she is there?
    I hope he is with someone that would be great but I don’t want to assume anything since this poster might have made it up. Only saying it would be awesome the sooner the Holmes chapter(worst part of his life and biggest mistake) is behind him.

  • @37

    I hope the next one is more sincere and doesn’t fake join his church to please him.
    Tom was looking for a wife no doubt but Holmes mis-represented herself and said “oh it’s awesome of course I will join it. Anything to be the next Mrs Tom Cruise”.
    He dated Penny for 3 years and she was not a member. She herself said it was not why they split besides stupid gossip rumors.
    Nicole he was married to for ten years and although she may have ‘dabbled’ in it she never fully joined either. At least Tom and those two were sincere about who they are. I hope the next one is more like Nicole or Penny in that way. Tom did act like an idiot because he was looking for someone and she pretended to be that person and did whatever he wanted. He thought she was sincere about it. He would do better with a stronger type women like in the past.
    Even though I don’t think he is really dating Bojana funny enough in this video from only Feb. of this year around the 7plus minute Craig jokes about Tom Cruise and she sounds like she knows him by her reply on him being her height. Maybe they are just friends and rumors floated they dated too.

  • Missy

    Their marriage may very well have been over for 6 months, but in order to get a divorce in NY, you have to say that the marriage was broken for at least 6 months, so that was the main reason she said that. Tom’s camp were the ones who insisted that he was blindsided

    As far as dating goes, after the media circus surrounding Tomkat, I get the sense that they are both trying to keep their personal lives more private. They might both have secret lovers. who knows? Nothing wrong with be single, in any case.

  • Meg

    @anne: #29 – google “Alan Shaw and Funny Camel Toe Song on Daily Motion.

  • @40

    Both pr’s lied in the press. He was probably only blind sighted by the idea that he didn’t know when she would do it or that she beat him to it. We all saw the signs and lack of time in same zip code. So if you are saying that is the main reason she said that you are admitting she lies in the press or court too. So it’s a non-issue.

  • Missy

    What are you talking about? I never stated their marriage wasn’t over for 6 months or more. Just saying that I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she said that. I’m not trying to argue that they were still together. I’d actually prefer to believe that they had been over for a while. Although, I don’t care for Tom much, I’d actually feel sorry for him if he and Katie were still very much together and he was dumped with no warning.

  • Missy

    That said, I do think it’s funny how his fans are desperate to believe that he couldn’t care less about the divorce and wasn’t upset at all. I know y’all don’t care for Katie, but she was his wife and mother of his child. Unless he’s a cold robot with no feelings, I would imagine that he was at least a bit sad.

  • @44

    Then same would go for her. He is the father of her child so surely she must have been upset things didn’t work out ;)
    I don’t think anyone said he couldn’t care less more just didn’t buy into the idea he was home crying about it and she wasn’t.
    They both knew it was coming for a long time. They probably both moved on emotionally long before summer 2012.

  • annie

    Actually I read Nicole reached quite a high level. I read it over at T Ortega, so she more than dabbled in it. Don’t want everything your way.
    And he became more fanatical as time went on, unless the whole world is blind and you’r not.
    What makes you think she lied, it’s different when you have to live something.
    Maybe he thought she didn’t have it in her to leave, or maybe she was scared to just pack up and go , considering all the security he has.
    Doubt he’ll be jumping up and down on a couch for anyone soon, that’s for sure.
    She didn’t like Scie as we know, and she didn’t like her life as Mrs Tom Cruise, that’s obvious, but hey a lot of women would date him, but it’s a totally different ball game when you are married and have a child and you both have a completely different view on life.
    Your version of things are slightly biased.

  • @@@

    Nicole was in and out– off and on. Even Tom wasn’t that into it when he was with her or especially at the end and its even said by the ex cult people that is when they tried to drag him in tighter to the fold. The point was that the divorce was not about the cult. Depending on which version you believe even one or both of them was looking elsewhere by that point.
    Funny you bring up couch jumping-and think it might provoke people. we all know they BOTH acted like fools in the beginning and BOTH probably cringe when they look back on that. Sure he won’t do it again- Even he said on Oprah(2008 not 2005) that she egged him on for that and he was going with it. He got bad press for it- but it was just him having fun. Of course he won’t do it again but that does not mean the next person he is in a relationship with he does not love- only means at that point in his life he (AND SHE) acted very public and silly in their relationship and won’t make that mistake again. We all know they tried to sell it to the public and it made people even more suspect of them. Then we have several years of well documented embarrassing photo ops and they both look silly.
    No one really wants to go tit for tat about the things he or she said/done in those few years– because she would be just as bad as him with things that she probably thinks much different on now- and that now make her cringe.
    Your view indeed in biased as well- don’t think you are the holder of the One True Truth about all things Holmes/Kidman/Cruise. You are not.

  • about tom

    Who was saying he seemed sad or not letting go?? I don’t see that at all.
    Have you watched interviews with him since the split? He seemed happier then ever to me.
    He is keeping busy working and in some recent interviews I think from his last appearance he seemed to be joking and flirting with some female interviewer.
    When he is with Olga, Emily etc he is always happy and having fun with them . A couple of pictures out of context don’t mean he is sad.
    There is also a great clip of him with Emma Thompson at the latest award ceremony he went to. Other stars still flip out when they meet Tom so the gossip that he isn’t respected in Hollywood is just another lie. Hollywood types are the last people to care about someone’s personal life.