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Johnny Depp Attends 'Transcendence' Premiere Sans Fiancee Amber Heard

Johnny Depp Attends 'Transcendence' Premiere Sans Fiancee Amber Heard

Johnny Depp hits the red carpet at the premiere of his new movie Transcendence on Thursday evening (April 10) at the Regency Village Theatre in Los Angeles.

The 50-year-old actor went without his fiancee Amber Heard, who is currently in New York working on her upcoming movie When I Live My Life Over Again.

In much of the film, Johnny appears as a hologram and director Wally Pfister recently chatted with THR about how filming worked.

Rebecca [Hall] would act on set with an projected image of Johnny, and Johnny was in a dark booth with a camera on him, on the same set,” he said. “So the actors were able to perform together and we captured that live, in camera.”

“We wanted him to have dimension, more like a hologram, which is why it became a visual effect,” he added.

FYI: Johnny is wearing a Rona Pfeiffer chain.

15+ pictures inside of Johnny Depp on the red carpet…

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  • Kate

    He looks gorgeous!!!

  • Amanda

    Of course she’s not with him at the premiere, she’s filming in NY. Are you dumb or something? He’s there to promote the movie and not his personal life and relationship which are none of our business.

  • Amanda

    Because she have to be with him everywhere right? He looks really great and the movie looks really great too!

  • JDF

    He is the best looking 50 years old man in the history! Suck it haters!

  • Mel

    OMG, he is so gross!

  • really ??

    LOL… i can never get these gossip people . it seems to be a big deal if a couple does things seperately // it’s like if they are married/engaged or dating they need to be attached at the hips to each other ..LOL. if they are not together even when they go the friggin gas station or getting coffee they feel the need to inform the public they are doing stuff everyday people do without their partners … Oh No !! That’s terrible .. they are having problems … Blah … Blah… Blah… !!! give me a break .. please .

  • Me

    He looks amazing!
    This man is impossible gorgeous…
    Can’t wait to watch the movie, seems pretty interesting
    And about Amber, I saw pictures of her at DM today and it looks like she’s trying really hard to cover her body. hmmmm suspicious, with all those rumors around…
    Maybe it’s true that inside of that womb already has been impregnated the human being with the most perfect genes on the history of the world. way to TRANSCENDENCE Mr. Depp!! ;)

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  • Carla

    @Mel: OMG, you are such a pathetic hater! He is gorgeous and is looking rather dapper and elegant in this gorgeous suit that you could never ever afford to pay. Admit it.

    Can you post a picture of yourself? Because I wanna see how gross you look!

  • Lily

    Hottt and sexyy

  • Mel

    I may not have millions and no island but I certainly don’t look like an old nasty drunk! I also don’t have a fake accent and I don’t date for publicity.

  • tl81

    @Me: It’s in the 50′s this week in L.I.I’m not sure if she’s covering up to hide anything.

  • Carla

    @Mel: Yeah you certainly don’t and you certainly don’t look as gorgeous and handsome as he does you redneck! You wish.

    Who the hell cares about accents? And if he was dating for publicity then how come his “PR girlfriend” isn’t with him!!? Aren’t PR couples supposed to be together everywhere at these kind of events? And are PR girlfriends supposed to refuse to talk about their PR boyfriends? Lol, you are so delusional!

    He is a legend, rich, good looking, desired by all women and is dating a beauty queen and you are just a pathetic nobody. All you can do is writing nasty comments behind a screen.

    Whose the old nasty drunk? Are you looking in the mirror?

  • Me

    @tl81: naaaah! she wasn’t that covered because she was chilly…she put a towel on her front, c’mon. we aren’t stupid
    okay, maybe she was trying to cover another thing, the costumes of her character or whatever, but it wasn’t normal and nor because the cold, also because her assistant looked rather normal

  • XXL

    Yeah, the National Enquirer believers again.

    Yes of course-he only wants ot marry her because of PR.

    That’s why the ceremony takes place on his island and he keeps the date a secret.

    And he only wants children for PR as well.
    That makes sense when he wants to put his acting career on hold and concentrate on music in the near future.

  • Donna

    Johnny isn’t drunk.

    I don’t know if Amber is pregnant. But if Johnny would confirm it now Amber wouldn’t have a quiet moment and get hunted relentlessly by paparazzis. So even if she was Johnny wouldn’t confirm it.

    In the past Johnny kept quiet about pregnancies until it was obvious.

  • Jojo

    He dyed everything Johnny : hair, goatee, mustaches, even eyebrows ! Gorgeous again but not young anymore !

  • Amanda

    I dye my hair too. Where’s the problem.

    He looks gorgeous for a man in his fifties.

  • mmmm

    He didn’t dye his goatee, he shows visibly his gray hair on the hq pictures. He only dyed his hair because he was with that horrible blonde

  • JDF

    @Jojo: He didn’t dye his goatee, just see closeups of his face and you can lots of grey hair. He dyed his hair because he had blonde hair for a movie a few months ago. Is he supposed to dye it grey or something?

  • sincos

    Johnny looks gorgeous.
    I can not say about his relationship. I can say about his words and they were extremely sad, I felt sorry for the way he spoke of Amber, and about to have more children. I was very sorry for him. He seems to not believe in love anymore.
    Watching Amber, she seems to be very egocentric and not caring what she needs to do to get what she wants.
    She doesn’t care what, nor with whom.
    Johnny is now mature to endure a disappointment, but his children are still very young.
    I hope that in the end everything will be fine

  • sincos

    Transcendence seems to be a great movie

  • Catweazle

    It is.
    It’s the debut of Wally Pfister as a director. A lot of people are looking forward to seeing the movie. Including me-I’m going to see it soon.

    It didn’t get what you mean-why are you sad that Johnny wants more children? He’s probably waiting for the right moment to have children with Amber.
    He’s quite busy at the moment and he usually wants to be at home when he becomes a father again.

  • brenda

    OMG..Johnny Depp looks GORGEOUS again .God bless him!!! So happy for him he deserves only the best..and good luck with the movie my love!

  • brenda

    And @Carla N15..your sooo right but people here and you have to see the ALL nasty comments about him in Daily Mail from UK..they are really bad with Him..poor my baby!

  • teresa

    I can’t wait to see Transcendence, but I won’t see London Fields.
    I will never see a movie with Johnny and Amber together. Ugh!

  • Peter

    @teresa: On the topic of London Fields in Johnny’s fansites, there are zero comments I believe none or rare fans of Johnny will see this movie.
    this film has already tanked in the post production.

  • kk

    Fiancée had a good time on her own !

  • Catweazle

    @Peter: What a conspiracy theory!
    It doesn’t mean anything if there aren’t many comments on Johnny’s fansites about London Fields. Many fans (including me) don’t bother to leave comments for a 5 minute appearance of Johnny.

    Johnny’s fans are neither idiots nor a flock of sheep with only one unisono opinion.
    Those who think the movie plot is interesting will see London Fields, those who don’t won’t see it. By the way: that’s the way they deal with Johnny’s movies as well. Nothing wrong with that.

    Just for the record-Martin Ami’s novel was a bestseller in England.

  • love

    @teresa: Why not? They were great and hot together in The Rum Diary.