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Bryan Singer Planning to Countersue Accuser Michael Egan

Bryan Singer Planning to Countersue Accuser Michael Egan

Bryan Singer‘s attorney has announced that he plans on filing a countersuit against Michael Egan, the man accusing him of sexual abuse fifteen years ago.

The 48-year-old director’s lawyer said they plan to bring “a claim for malicious prosecution against Mr. Egan and his attorney after we prevail,” according to Variety.

“The claims made today about Bryan Singer are completely fabricated,” Marty Singer said. “It is obvious that plaintiff’s attorney is not looking to litigate the case on the merits. This matter is nothing more than the attorney seeking to get his 15 minutes of fame by sending out a press release with his ‘media consultant’ yesterday following up with a press conference today. Attorneys who try cases don’t hold press conferences.”

Michael opened up about the accusations that he made earlier today at a press conference.

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    F-K U you piece of sh!t I hope you and all your sick deviant members of Hollywood with your twisted evil soulless action d*cks fall off burn in hell scum.

    He is a Lair they take and prey on your children and raped and assault them and distract you with crap CGI 3D sh!t. Hollywood needs to be destroyed.

  • Gabby

    Michael Egan said he was repeatedly raped at these parties (PLURAL). Why did he continue to go to the parties? His story makes no sense.

  • L

    This scumbag was accused of sexual assault in 1998. He abused brad renfro, who he would pass to Joel Schumacher another abomination of human being. HW is full with pedophiles, who cover eachother. Most in West H know exactly about the twinks parties he throws along with Roland Emmerich, were dozens of underage boys attend, that are given free drugs. You can guess the rest.

  • L

    Are you that dumb? these predators lure their victims offering them stuff and movie roles, and connections, giving them mickeys, blackmailing them etc.

  • LOL

    Ok so another smear and trial by the media against the target aka Singer. No proof just some dude saying he was abused.

    Regardless of the facts…This person Egan makes an accusation and there is not going to be any jail time without evidence. And so he’s looking for a settlement =$$$. Singer has no choice now but to countersue.

  • Nona

    Whether Egan was raped or not is not the story. This is about exploitation and the abuse of power between a 33 year old HW bigwig and a 17 or younger old boy!

  • L


    This is open secret in HW. He even walked around comic con with two under age twin boys who he was sleeping with, who lived with him.

    His assistant is18 yrs old.

  • Roberta

    @Gabby: My thoughts exactly.

  • My little brother was a victim

    My brother was victimized by the same method. Ran away at 13yrs old and lived with men who claim to help him. They pimped him in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, etc.


    @L: The devil in disguise comes a calling and promises “good things” and fun and entraps the young minds. Then after the dirty deeds take place, the young person feels shame, thinking he is to blame for what happened. After that, it’s easier for the devil to attack the person again and again. These sick crimes break people’s spirits and ruin their self-esteem. Even if sometimes young people get some enjoyment, they know right from wrong and feel bad inside about what they have done or are doing.

  • We just wonder…

    Who did this to Singer when he was young? Going after young boys is not normal. That’s not gay. It’s pedo. He needs to take his money and see a psychiatrist specializing in cognitive therapy to stop his sick behavior.

  • eternalozzie

    let’s wait and see if there is any facts to back up these accusations … there are some really unbalanced people commenting here.

    so far this is just someone waging a media campaign against Singer

  • carofrombelgium

    @Nona: because Egan was a poor naive baby?? Because he didn’t know he went to “pretty boy parties”? Because you can travel in flight with an older man without your consent?
    Please as long time that the boys are legal and consent ,there is no problem.
    Someone just wants a big check!

  • Lena


    Are you old enough to know who Patty Hearst is? If not Google her. And, would you be so lenient if instead of a Hollywood director it was a priest from the Catholic church in the hotseat being accused years later? The reports are that it began when he was 15 or so I read. I read allegations of guns to the head coupled with threats against his life, his family’s lives, COUPLED with drugs and COUPLED with promises of stardom. Which is why I mentioned Hearst. Brainwashing possibly at issue. And I read Hawaii was chosen because it suspended the statute of limitations for sex abuse and there were vacations to Hawaii. Why is it so hard to believe a 15 year old, (who has never been on his own) when faced with 2 options, one horrendous, death and the death of his family, and the other, the pot of gold and pleasure at the end of the rainbow, ie, numbing drugs and stardom, couldn’t go along with this, and rationalize this in his young mind just to mentally survive? And then try to forget it deep in his memory. And I don’t blame the LAWYER, who chose the timing probably. He’s maximizing press for his client and preparing the jury pool.

    That’s pretty serious mental control there if the allegations are true. If you Google Aptpupil you can read about how the boys said they were made to feel ashamed by Singer when they objected to getting naked and protested that they were only minors. Peer pressure is HUGE at those ages. Don’t you think a predatory adult mind knows how to capitalize on that fact? And, I read that they did go to the FBI in the 1990′s around when it happened but nothing was done. Someone else on another site was wondering whether this kid was one of the extras on the Aptpupil set. This was all around that same time period. And, on IMDB, posters have info on Singer and details of his reputation and have posted pictures of the twins he lives with, and other info. If Singer is a pig who violated GAY young boys, then he should pay. Gay people have rights too and can be raped too. Let’s hope that bias does not prevail here.

    And one more thing…about the timing. He’s being criticized for doing this at the biggest film of Singers career. Seriously? Does a forcible rape victim have a duty to wait for bankruptcy to sue? I think not. Or show respect to his assailant who stole a piece of his soul from him by waiting until his glory moment is over? I find that idea ridiculous.

  • hannahs mom

    It sounds a little odd. He was raped over and over , yet he kept going back the parties. HMMM sounds like he may see a big paycheck, or maybe felt that Mr. Singer would settle out of court rather than go thru all the publicity. If your going to sue or accuse someone why call a press conference, just do it. Why go thru all the negativity, and public scutiny. If justice is really what he is looking for, he would have done a whole lot better keeping it private. I wish all parties well, for those who need help, get it and those who want justice, find it.

  • Lena

    @hannahs mom:

    Why call a press conference if you’re going to sue? Well, maybe he is educating the jury pool 2 get his side of the story before he actually picks the jury. Maybe so he doesn’t have to spend all of his designated time, which is possiby limited in federal court, trying to get people up to speed on the facts of the case and trying to get over the hurdle of him trying to convince folks like you that it’s not just about money simply because the statute of limitations ran right before Bryan Singer has the movie success of his life. What was the guy supposed to do? Let the statute run so his client doesn’t look money hungry? Not to mention the fact that if he didn’t do it first, as a little guy plaintiff, Bryan Singer probably would have done it to cut this guy down in his tracks, especially given the fact that he has the entire press behind him and the x-men publicity tour. Should the attorney have sit back and let the defendant steer his case? It’s amazing to me how the little guy goes up against a big guy and then people accuse the little guy of being money hungry. Even though rumors abound of this guy’s creepy power oriented behavior for years with young guys. And unfortunately, the civil system cannot give a person his or her life back or dignity back or the little piece of his or her soul that was stolen. So the best the system can do is offer financial compensation. That’s the best system can do. So when people say it’s all about money? What is it supposed to be about? Giving the person their life back or their soul? We’re just human. We can’t do that. And why not get the word out there so possibly there can be some legal reform measures taken if this is a huge problem in Hollywood?

  • Nathan

    @DISGUSTING: youre an idiot

  • huh?

    @Nathan: Why would you call “DISGUSTING” an idiot? We know those rich, powerful, twisted creeps are indeed in Hollywood, and we know that they use and violate young people, males AND females.

  • Ida Known
  • Ida Known


  • Drmagic

    I was friends with Egan at the time this happened. He borrowed my video camera to video it being done to him. At his request I delivered then camera to the 16 million dollar mansion in encino. He had gate and alarm codes. He was on payroll of owner Rector Collins. He is a chronic liar. His mother had 3 lawsuits going at that time against past employers, their apt complex in Burbank and Egans acting coach

    I think this did happen to him but not by Singer. He told me David Geffen slept with him too at the billionaires carbon beach mansion in Malibu. I didn’t believe it and don’t now. Maybe I’ll be a witness for Singer

    Oh and my video camera was finally returned broken. He said he would fix it but never did.

  • Frank

    @My little brother was a victim:

    Really, “Gay agenda?” What about Linda Lovelace? I know that’s a whole other story, but it happens both in the straight, gay, of-age and underage world.

  • berlet98

    “X-Men” and America’s X-Rated Entertainment Industry–Part One

    Anyone associated in any way with the entertainment industry who expresses shock over accusations that famed “X-Men” director Bryan Singer, then 31, and other gay men regularly seduced and raped then-15 year old model Michael Egan III during drug-fueled, underaged sex trysts at an Encino mansion must either be terminally naïve, terminally hypocritical, terminally stupid, or all three since such activities and variations thereof have been hallmarks of Hollywood and Hollywood-types for as long as there has been a Hollywood.

    They must never have heard or have chosen to forget Tinsel Town’s lurid history involving such early luminaries as Fatty Arbuckle, Rudolph Valentino, Katherine Hepburn, Errol Flynn, Cary Grant, Cole Porter, and dozens of others whose sexual predilections ranged from pedophilia to pederasty, from lesbianism to homosexuality.

    Nor must those naïve, hypocritical, or stupid deniers recall the more recent Roman Polanski, Pee Wee Herman, John Travolta, and Woody Allen sex scandals, not all verified to be sure but in view of Hollywood’s rancid past, quite probably all as true as Polanski’s proven sexcapades with children.

    From its beginnings over a century ago, Hollywood has been synonymous with perverse people and perverse lifestyles founded on the misguided, egocentric principle that, since they were popular with the moviegoing public, they were therefore entitled to do anything they felt like doing no matter how repugnant their actions would be out in the real world.

    Bryan Singer and his fellow homosexuals allegedly plying young Michael Egan with booze, drugs, and promises of stardom so they could have their way with him was simply an extension of the infamous casting couches used by nefarious entertainment big wigs to “audition” wannabe starlets, including Norma Jean Mortenson who later became Marilyn Monroe.

    The only thing distinguishing Singer from more typical sex predators is that he–always allegedly until a court of law establishes otherwise–gained directorial stardom during and after the time that homosexuality, pederasty, and pedophilia became de rigueur in some segments of society and became acceptable to Hollywood’s free spirits.

    Singer is accused of threatening and forcibly sodomizing Egan in the late-1990s, promising the boy a movie role in order to make him more compliant in numerous sexual encounters when he was 15 and 16 and bringing Egan along with him to Hawaii as a still- underaged sex toy when he was 17.

    Michael Egan III is hardly the first young, acting hopeful to expose the rampant depravity in the film capital of the universe nor was Polanski’s victim, Samantha Geller.

    In 2011, 40 year old Corey Feldman, . . .

    (

  • Bionic2018

    Egan is clearly a liar becase his mom didnt know about it until. 2 years later. 15 years after when Brian Singers movie is about to debut Egan cries rape .That 15 year gap in memory speacks to me.