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Hayden Christensen Looks Like a Million Bucks in His Tuxedo!

Hayden Christensen Looks Like a Million Bucks in His Tuxedo!

Hayden Christensen looks so suave in a tuxedo as he arrives on the red carpet of the 2014 Beijing International Film Festival ceremony held at China’s National Grand Theater on Wednesday (April 16) in Beijing, China.

The 32-year-old actor was joined at the big event by Ziyi Zhang, Fan Bingbing, and Lea Seydoux.

Over 260 Chinese and foreign films from 79 countries will be screened at the week long festival, the LA Times reports. Winners will be announced on April 23.

10+ pictures inside of Hayden Christensen and more at the Beijing Film Festival ceremony…

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  • Sweetness

    Agreed he looks good…but why is he there?

  • Gemma

    Hayden looked really good for the opening ceremonies where he and the cast of his new movie Outcast were introduced.

  • Lewis

    He looks great. I am looking forward to see him again on the big screen. Why is his girlfriend not with him?
    Are they still together?

  • Joanna

    Nice to see him on a red carpet. It’s been a long time.

  • Pregnant?

    New pics of Rachel over the weekend here

    She looks pregnant to me, congrats to her and Hayden

  • sloane

    Fact is… he’s like the Lord Of The Rings’ Orlando Bloom, both were long-been-has-been-washed-up-f*ucked-up-no-talentards!

  • drewlard

    He’s still acting and had a movie?!
    Ha ha ha ha!!!
    I must’ve sneezed so damn hard right then!!!

  • PW


    Yeah, and to blow what little brains you have left after that sneeze, you should also know that a sequel to that movie (Outcast) is already in development and he has another movie coming this year called American Heist.

  • Jessie

    The tux doesn’t even fit properly.

  • Observation

    I hate the way people are mean to him. he is a such a good and decent man. He has a line of clothing and has been completely faithful to a woman for nearly a decade and is only 32. He owns a farm and a sports team and is very quietly wealthy. He blame for Star Wars when it was poor writing and dialogue is wrong as well. Even an oscar winner like Natalie Portman sounded terrible and he was a newbie out of high school. A teenager literally.

    The way idiot fanboys have been so cruel to him and severely harmed his self esteem is deplorable, but they do it to everyone to the point where even George Lucas walked on the franchise.

    If anyone ever went to The Force net with allthese socalled self assigned afficionados, you’d see how bad it is and this is nothing compared to how the flame wars used to be.

    I’m jst a fan and I was turned off the whole thing. i can’t imagine how Hayden feels. I liked him as Anakin and he did fine in Revene of the Sith.

  • aria

    @ observation

    Wow, what a lovely comment about Hayden, and so very true! George Lucas directed the actors the way he wanted them to “act”, so all the actors acted the way he wanted them to. Lucas has made changes to the movies to get them to be the way he wanted them. He wanted the actors to “act” the characters according to his direction, so that is what they did. The acting in Star Wars is not Oscar worthy for anyone. I liked Hayden as Anakin, especially the duel with Obi Wan. I am looking forward to Outcast and American Heist.

    Hayden’s sister got married last weekend in Cancun, Mexico, Hayden and Rachel were in the wedding party. Photos on Hayden Fan News website. Now he is in Beijing, he must have jet lag.

  • antwacky

    He must try BOLLYwood instead. H’Wood had already condemned his acting career cos of his atrocious acting.

  • Letisha

    Hayden is look good and he still handsome, I wish he was with Natalie Portman and not with Rachel Bilson

  • periwinkle

    Looking or more like getting preggy?! So why not! It might even tweak even a bit of their sagging careers. In these sign of times that from ALister- Dlister; even if just recently hooked-up, engaged or married were all getting knocked up so why not them?! Whereas their so-called togetherness is already nearing a decade yet they’re still in the stage of ‘escorting’ each other in the press; even if the very-long-time escort girl had always been giving free press about being a wife and/or getting preggy since time immemorial…
    … see… just spot on – so wishfully hoping that HER latest hype would help her TV show already can get over its ZerO point average rating while George Lucas would increase HIS Star Wars Residuals so that he could still be an actor by way of producing his own little movies for him to have an acting job.

  • verity

    Well… Natalie Portman is married to an ‘accomplished’ ballet choreographer and now currently resides & jet-setting between HW and just one of her top favorite destination, Paris, France due to his husband’s high-end job…
    … while her SW leading man had hooked up w/ a homely, talentless, un-accomplished & still struggling TV starlet who just couldn’t get out to live anywhere-else but in the paparazzi haven & media-whoring celebrity ‘infested’ El-Lay LOL!!!

  • katie

    Wow Hayden looks amazing! Rachel is sooo lucky! Rachel and Hayden are so cute together!

  • roselie

    @verity: LOL. Natalie Portman’s husband is a loser. What are you talking about? Are we talking about the same guy who dumped his longtime girlfriend for Natalie on Black Swan? He was a no-name dancer who became famous for basically hooking up with Natalie. He even got the Paris Opera job because of who he is married to. He is a ugly no-name, balding loser who struck gold with a an Actress. Atleast Hayden seems like a nice and humble guy. One who doesn’t sleep his way to the top like Natalie husband did. He would not have gotten that director job, all this publicity, perfume deals if not for Natalie.

  • just me

    @aria: It she went it happen two weeks ago. And she came back home unnoticed from paps. She was on daily mail site. She left early so no one would see the lied she told about not going anywhere. And being faithful hayden has not. Not since the beginning are this so called relationship to promote jumper. Hayden was dating il other people beside Rachel. And she was doing the same. She didn’t have anything going for her after jumper movie so she decide to use hayden since she dumped adam. Like the engagement that was never was and this back together is a lie. Cause Hayden wasn’t doing anything at the time. And wasted being around being around her. Until he decided to find something to do. Then he moved away from la and she still want to be around him. Which her rep gave people a story about him moving that he and was still together. Which Hayden denied that he is with in a relationship with Rachel and she still follow him around. She lied that she don’t go anywhere and she does. If she date other guys she wouldn’t have to lied about going off with hayden. She goes off with hayden to say she don’t be with nobody with anyone else. But she said she didn’t go anywhere.Maybe Hayden should date other people. Hayden is not going to lie for Rachel that he is dating only her. But Rachel will lie to keep it going. Instead are being honest about what she does. Going off with hayden is not going keep Hayden or her from seeing other people. Instead are doing that she should go for an audition for herself.If adam ‘s career didn’t take off right . Hayden career not either and he can’t get her in a movie.Rachel wasting her time running around hayden dumped hayden like she did adam. So she can stop telling lies about not going anywhere.And stop escorting everywhere that’s what she does now. She never be with family and her friends anymore.And start going out to parties like she use to. I’m sure hayden wouldn’t have mind her doing that! Its don’t make sense to stop going out when you go off with hayden to places. So that’s the reason he didn’t go the beach this year. It should be cut out anyway.Rachel stolen Hayden from another lady anyway.When she already had someone. She can’t make nobody like her and hayden as a couple anyway. So she don’t want to mention she still follow him when he go off. Start making news about a new guy instead are pretending that everything is fine when its not. Going off and hiding it not ok. Why she hiding that anyway? Just leave hayden alone anyway and let him be.Cause it just like they are just friends only.

  • @just me

    You still live in denial-it’s what caused you to be banned from numerous areas, you rant and make NO sense at all.

    For the record Hayden and Rachel attended his younger sister(Kaylen) wedding-so both are very much a couple, in fact both were part of the wedding party.

    Rachel stayed with his family at Mexico, while Hayden had to go to China for PR for Outcast-which meant he could not spend his birthday with her. But guess what just me–he flew back to Canada where Rachel was waiting, so much for your thoughts. They are very much together.

    Get over your denial and just leave them be-nobody really cares for your rants anyway. Your rants and attitude just annoy people-wake up smell the roses and understand that Hayden and Rachel are very much together, they live together and do everything together.