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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Are Surrounded By Books on Her 28th Birthday!

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Are Surrounded By Books on Her 28th Birthday!

Johnny Depp and fiancee Amber Heard hold hands while celebrating her 28th birthday at the Bauman Rare Book shop on Tuesday (April 22) in New York City.

The 50-year-old actor was seen showing his romantic side while presenting his love with a rose on the way to their hotel.

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Earlier in the day, Johnny took the time to pose for a selfie with a fan while stepping out of his hotel.

10+ pictures inside of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard dropping by a book store on her birthday…

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johnny depp amber heard surrounded by books 01
johnny depp amber heard surrounded by books 02
johnny depp amber heard surrounded by books 03
johnny depp amber heard surrounded by books 04
johnny depp amber heard surrounded by books 05
johnny depp amber heard surrounded by books 06
johnny depp amber heard surrounded by books 07
johnny depp amber heard surrounded by books 08
johnny depp amber heard surrounded by books 09
johnny depp amber heard surrounded by books 10

Photos: FameFlynet
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  • Cele

    That’s so cute! And Amber is a self assumed NERD so it won’t be weird if her birthday gift is some rare treasure from a book store

  • Boo

    “The 50-year-old actor was seen showing his romantic side while presenting his love with a rose on the way to their hotel.”


  • Gus

    That rose is a gift of a fan ohhhh

  • mmmm

    this is the cutest thing ever

  • mmmm

    @Gus: And you know this better than the paparazzis taking the pictures, why?

  • commonsense

    We get your message Amber, you’re not just a piece of a$$, you’re an intellectual. ::Eye-roll::

    This is all so pathetic, he’s having a mid-life crisis and she’s desperately trying to make a name for herself any which way she can, although she can’t act for $hit.

    You can bet your a$$ if Brad Pitt showed any interest in her tomorrow, Amber would drop Depp’s a$$ in a New York minute.

  • kami

    i see amber’s trusty pr team has jumped on here as usual and is posting comments. and amber can read. imagine that.

  • Gus

    @mmmm: Oh how many passion hahahah

  • JDF

    @commonsense: What you are saying is all pathetic and not their relationship which you know nothing about.

    How is he having a mid-life crisis? What did he do? He’s been with her for 3 years now. They didn’t start dating last month. His kids, family and friends all love her.

    She’s not trying to make a name for herself. She’s just working and doing the kind of movies she did before she was with him.

    Why would she go for Brad Pitt if he showed interest in her? Do you think she’s a cheap gold digger? She would never leave Johnny for anyone.

  • JDF

    @kami: PR team? Hahahaahhaahahahaha! Do you think they’ve got time for losers like you? She’s got fans, deal with it.

  • Gus

    Show for the paparazzi . They are more public than Kim and West.

  • JDF

    @Gus: They are just getting photographed like any couple in Hollywood and just because they are getting pictured by the paps it doesn’t mean it’s a show for them. More public than Kim and West? Now that’s a good joke because we rarely get pictures of Amber and Johnny together.

    Johnny and Vanessa were getting pictured all the time. Was that a show for the paps too?

  • Mel



  • Poor Amber

    Poor Amber, on her birthday she has to work 24/7 and promote Johnny’s crappy movie.

  • JDF

    @Poor Amber: Yes because going out and about with her fiancee to celebrate her birthday and going to a book store and things that has nothing to do with his movie is obviously to promote it! How the hell are they promoting his “crappy” movie this way? Are people going to watch it after they see pictures of them walking out of their hotel or what? God you re so stupid. Do you know that these pictures are taken in a matter of seconds? Johnny is in NY to support the opening of Ralph Steadman’s art exhibit. Thursday is the NY premiere and party for FNGR which opens Friday in NY.

  • Patti


    Does it hurt to be that naive?

  • JDF

    @Patti: Does it hurt to be a hateful troll that doesn’t know what he’s talking about? Does it hurt being a judgmental toll that talks shi_t about people that you know nothing about?

  • @ Poor Amber

    Oh yeah poor Amber, look at how cozy they are

    they are always like that when there’s no strangers flashing their cameras at their faces.

  • cute

    Johnnyyyy is taking more advantage of her than Amber of him

  • DanaJ

    Damn this girl is pretty!
    But Johnny is so creepy. He used to be great but now he is so so creepy.((((

  • Jojo

    I like Johnny and his great talent but I found this affair with Amber pathethic and bad for his personal life and for his career. It is very strange to see them all the time now facing the paparazzis. We are not used with that with Johnny befor Amber Heard. It is finished with Vanessa, it is the life, but Amber does not seem the good person for him ! It will appear to him one day !

  • JDF

    @Jojo: Oh please, don’t talk about things that you know nothing about. There’s nothing pathethic about his relationship with Amber and it is very good for him. He’s never been happier before. He was miserable with Vanessa in their last years and so was she, they weren’t happy and the kids understood that and that’s why the broke up.

    Johnny and Vanessa were always photographed and followed by the paps. Go make a google search and you will see millions of pictures taken of them everywhere and even in their yacht.

  • Jojo

    And nevertheless all this circus Amber Heard is always and more than ever an opportunist destroyed family woman, home breaker and gold digger ! Johnny is pathethic !

  • JDF

    @Jojo: Lol wtf are you talking about. If she destroyed the family then how come the kids love her? How come Vanessa let her be around her kids? How come Vanessa let Johnny have the custody of the kids?

  • didi

    What is it on the photo 9 ? Amber walk on the Johnny foot ! Perhaps she is afraid that he’s falling down !

  • didi

    In the way Johnny carries the rose, she is going to fade quickly ! And where is Amber’s engagement ring ?

  • Holly

    Oh JDF, you are the one who is on here spouting stuff that you know nothing about just as much as everyone else. Do you know that their relationship is all that you are saying it is? How? Because you’ve seen the pictures? Because you’ve read the quotes? Because you know Johnny & Amber so well from all the stuff you’ve seen/read about them? You know as much as anyone else here. You are just seeing it how you want to see it.

  • Holly

    Personally I think they do love each other but I don’t see them going the distance. Johnny seems to lose interest once the initial ‘lust’ phase goes (which to be fair can last for quite some time). If he can’t make it work with a woman closer to his age, like Vanessa then how is he going to make it through the problems that such a large age gap brings? He is nearing retirement age and he career has barely even kicked off.

  • Rude

    PRs, we are you, is a separatist thinking. It’s gross, rude to say that.

  • Dumb

    Amber’s dumb, she can’t read

  • 1plus1

    Hmmmm soooo private staged pics

  • Kate

    @1plus1: All celebs gets photographed whenever they step out of any place. Get over it. They are a private couple and all what you see of them is pictures like this. Do you see anything from their private live? No, all what you see is pictures of them stepping out of places.

  • NN

    @didi: She’s coming from her set, they met at the book store and if you pay attention she’s even wearing the clothes of her movie character (the shirt and the jacket, etc) that’s why she isn’t using her own jewelry

  • 1plus1

    Johnny Depp giving a rose at the hotel entrance is private???

  • oliver

    agreed!!!! Agreed!!!!! Agreed!!!!

  • Wave

    Johnny, PLEASE don’t act out of anger! Act for love!
    People don’t care about the age gap between you and Amber or if Amber is bi. People care about you!!!!!!
    People care to see that someone homewrecker, selfish, manipulative, arrogant as Amber is trying to take advantage of your fame.

  • Wave

    Johnny you’re not living what Charles Chaplin lived.
    This case is different. There is no love in Amber.
    Amber doesn’t love anyone except herself.

  • Buzz

    @1plus1: Well, they can not escape the paprazzi can they? They know where they are staying at and they seem to be waiting for them there.

  • 1plus1

    Someone private wouldn’t deliver a rose to a woman in front of the paparazzi!!!!!!!!
    He could have given her the rose in their suite.

  • PS

    how good it is to find love. congratulations to them.

  • PS

    50 people who write here, 45 are lesbian, lesbians 5 fake, lol

  • dumb

    And PS is dumb and STOPBULLYING!

  • what

    You’re scaring me. I’m beginning to think that Amber wants to deliberately destroy the career of Johnny. So he retires soon and he will only give attention to her so she could take all his fortune

  • agree

    It makes sense! She can take all his fortune and make him dedicated to her (pseudo)-career

  • @43

    @what: She’s already taking his attention from where it should be… on his children!

  • Love?

    Johnny is a unique guy. He can be truly loved by many women. So, he doesn’t need to be with this gold digger Amber.
    Then, run Johnny!

  • PayAttention!

    Funny on the 21 she wore her ring. At the bookstore on the 22 she did not. Enough said.

  • Didy

    They are lovely! And I’m sure they don’t care about the haters and jealous people! I love this couple, they’re real and cute!

  • 3nickim

    @Didy: yes, they are beautiful and deserve happiness, the enemies that play bridge. lol

  • Gus

    I saw pics of gifts for Amber. The cake has a ticket of…..Walmart? hahahhaha Amber is cheap