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Angelina Jolie Supports Brad Pitt at the Make It Right Gala!

Angelina Jolie Supports Brad Pitt at the Make It Right Gala!

Angelina Jolie heads into the Sugar Mill to attend her fiance Brad Pitt‘s 2014 Make It Right Foundation Gala on Saturday evening (May 17) in New Orleans, La.

The 38-year-old actress looked stunning in a one-shoulder black dress. After leaving her house, Angie rolled down her car window to sign autographs for fans before heading to the gala.

Angelina recently talked to the Daily Mail about her life as a mother.

“My children come first and Brad and I pick projects that are a priority because the balance of our home life takes precedence. We sit down and work out the next few years,” Angelina said. “With them I’m a kid again and I’m soft and loving because that’s what they bring to my life… I still get very emotional when I watch Brad play with the children – he’s so naturally devoted and joyful around them.”

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie heading to the gala…

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angelina jolie supports brad pitt make it right gala 02
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angelina jolie supports brad pitt make it right gala 05
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Photos: AKM-GSI, GC Images
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  • So Gorgeous

    A vision of beauty! That’s one spectacular smile.


    Real pretty woman!! I love her,she is so especial lady!I hope the couple was a especial night,because I can see many vídeos and funny photos in others sites!You are may favorite,lady!!

  • She hates marriage

    She ruins her movie promotion talking about brad pitt. The interview should be about HER AND HER movie, not the loser user. But this is what jolie has turned into, A spokesperson for Brad Pitt. Disney should be angry because the more she talks about him the more of a target she puts on her movies for his loonattic fans to attack. Disney never hire her again unless you want her to promote Brad Pitt.

    The only good thing about maleficent promotion is how obvious she hates the idea of Marriage.

  • a fan

    Angie looks beautiful and happy. I knew she would support Brad. They support each other unconditionally. True love.

  • Registered Nurse

    As always Angelina Jolie is beautiful, what a lady and classy 👍

  • seriously

    Lately Angie smiles bigger than ever, she is happier than ever. I feel the wedding is near.

  • She hates marriage

    @a fan: the support is one way. Angie is Brad pitt spokesperson. She lost her own identity years ago, what a sad sight from one of the most unique women to ……….what she is now. A shell of what she used to be. What do I care, I’m not a fan anymore anyway. She is a loser just like the user lose brad pitt. Any woman who allows a man to use her the way Brad Pitt has is not someone to be admired. He used her as a scapegoat the way Clinton used Monica and she loves it I guess.

  • Shamu

    She’s nothing but a big jaw these days. Wind could blow her down. Fanbots clearly are delusional. You can be a fan, but don’t try to avoid the issue of her being clearly anorexic.

  • a fan

    It seems a big success for MIR gala. I hope there is a pic of Brad, Angie and Sandra Bullock together.

  • fardous

    Im sorry we all know she is beautiful lady but she need to putt some weight there , after she is tall lady

  • Lily

    Reading last thread, Brad threw one hell of party. Looks like Brad and Angie had great time, every one there had a great time. Brad and Bruno Mars together was amazing. kings of Leon was great too. Angie looked gorgeous on the way to her man’s gala.


    Angelina looks soooo happy and just stunning! Saw her hours ago on another site. I bet she and Brad had the best time…heard Bruno tore it UP!! Lmao at Sandra B. doing the MIR gala and hanging out at Brangelina’s table…wonder if Manny ever envisioned that she would be like a total effing stranger to Brad while her nemesis Sandra Bullock would be at his event? Hmmmm. Also…hadn’t heard about trashy can-dler being there…but if so, I hope it’s hitting her hard just what a pariah she is…if she were not a pitbull for a mediocre tv sh iyt-com hack on orders of their shared PR flack, she might be partying with the Brange and sandy too. As is, she will always be in the shadows and dragged out for group dinners, no bish worth her salt who wants a decent job in H’wood will be claiming horse-ler and going to events that matter with her. Sandy on this one level is a disappointment…I overlooked the ex hub who liked to play nazi…but half nazi attack dog handler? Sorry, no can do. Although she’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for speed, and of course being all that Maniston was so desperate for, and yet never able to attain. Bahahaha.

  • http://justjared Felinelilly

    She’s so radiant and gorgeous. Stunning.

  • lucy

    The hater Troll is taking the success of the MIR Gala really hard. I can only imagine how it’s going to react when the Maleficent premiere rolls around in less than 2 weeks. It will be ugly, but so hilarious for us to witness.

  • АААА


  • lyric

    Angie looks beautiful as always. Love her for the person she is, kind and generous. She looks so happy and so does Brad. They make a great couple. So happy they found each other. Looking forward to Maleficent, Unbroken and Fury. Love being a Jolie-Pitt fan. Take care everyone!

  • tweet

    Brad joining Bruno Mars on stage in another angle.

    Bruno News ‏@brunosnews now

    Video: brandoncreed: Brad Pitt joins the band In New Orleans for Make It Right

  • g

    who is prettier angelina jolie or diane kruger?

  • nola

    Brad & Angie are simply amazing- they do so much for others and are so inspirational. Plus, it looked like a heck of a party!!

  • annie

    her shows weigh more than her. she really needs to put on weight. the face is beautiful but that body could use some meat. those legs dont look like legs.

  • http://TravelnLiving GingerBread

    Beautiful…. Love her 😘😘😘

  • JJt
  • Jho hates #2 set up marriage

    Jho is still thinking thoughts of #2 set up marrige…..DeadEnd # 2

  • tweet

    Another video of Brad performing on stage with Bruno Mars

  • Ugh

    Damn. Jared and Jolie fans even have to make Brad’s charity gala about her.
    How boring…


  • Jho hates #2 set up marriage

    Jho paying for TamRoiddogs barking for her Broken Life !!!

  • Jho hates #2 set up marriage

    Jho is still thinking thoughts,How she could lost # 1 set up marrige ???

  • Jho hates #2 set up marriage

    Jho lost her #1 set up husband because of her Ca Ca Gals !!!

  • Ako si Gladys

    BraNgelina is the real deal!!! :DDD

  • http://justjared zce

    Angelina you look ASOLUTELY STUNNING as usual; you grew up with substance and grace haters hate when you grow up and did not ask there permission, but things changed and I am very happy that you are happy. Angelina when you talk about Brad it’s if though a light comes on you actually GLOW and that’s a good thing you both have each other’s back coming and going. That SMILE, that SMILE is PRICELESS, LOVE IT, to the HATERS I love them to you help make the world a better place. Have a wonderful evening and keep SMILING, GOD BLESS THE JOLIE- PITTS.

  • Jen the Hag

    I bet the JENHAGS are screaming at the ocean right now.. 10 years writing fanfictions and wishlist and not one thing ever come true bwahahhahahahha!! Meanwhile FAT TICK and her goddess circle are getting the KARMA they deserved.. bad career and bad relationship.. being dumped left and right… right TICKY, FISHTICK and HANDJOB ,…bwahahahhahahh!! JP fans don’t even had to write fanfictions and wishlist for TICKY and her minions .. it just come TRUE ..bwahahahahha! The Loser JENHAGS are not gonna like it and i’m sure tamwhore will again post a virus bwahahahhah!!

  • Phool.

    Thanks Jared for the new thread you could have afforded to buy 1 photo of Brad from the Gala, but I guess JP fans will do that so no need to worry your bank book.

  • Phool.

    #Love the JoliePitts @ 05/17/2014 at 6:36 pm(reply to post from previous thread please skip along other posters)
    Good Morning Love The JoliePitts.
    How are you my dear sister, hope the weather has eased up in your parts and the water situation is ok, stock up on those water drums fill em up girl.
    First and foremost I have to say Sorry last evening didn’t reply back to you as I was fuming with Jared, I am utterly disappointed & incensed in Jared and his staff for still having kept the vile despicable posts up, and failing to acknowledge when anyone flags up abuse in this case towards minors. Why does he have the flagging system if it’s not even acknowledged? Is that some kind of prop that’s only for show? There is a fine line to cross and the trolls have crossed it mean time, but when a site owner is turning a blind eye that makes him no better or all the same as the person posting paedophilic language? Shame on Jared & his administrators, if this carries on I assure you this will be made attention to authorities that not only have the power but also can expose & convict these culprits, hiding behind their computers.

    I had even put up the warning for fans in the moniker ‘Flag this poster’s post’, also flagged it up in my name for Jared’s attention, but alas, it seems it has not made one iota of a difference, its still there even after 12 hours. I would be taking this issue further mark my word. That’s how incensed I feel about this when a site owner is turning a blind eye. Love, I saw the only person that encouraged the post was Tampon, who replied back to my fagging post moniker, and instead of condoning such behaviour he made excuses for having it posted which goes to show it WAS posted by Tampon, if not, then he has similar minded person who has sickening interests in minors. If this sort of encouragement by Jared continues then I have to stop posting at site that has no morals or standards. I’m sorry Love, for my uncalled rant in your post but I truly feel very strongly when I see minors exposed to vulgarity and sickening fanaticises by adults, bearing in mind this site is read by children too. Already noticing differences on this site there are side bars of archive news with salacious headlines?, I guess if Jared is trying to attract adult audience with X-Rated views then maybe it’s time to move on elsewhere, where there is a little thing called respectability .

  • Phool.

    This post is for LTJP so please skip along i haven’t got the time nor patience today for Maniston Trolls.

    Good Morning Love The Jolie Pitts
    I’m splitting my post in two halves, as rant over, now my love fest for the Brad & Angie begins lol. You know Love, when you have headlines like ‘All hail the queen! Angelina Jolie, she supports partner Brad Pitt’s charity, Make It Right’, does contribute towards Aniston fans to have a major meltdown, hence the name stealing & virus’s plant begins. Yes I’ve just come across some which have been posted in your stolen name, I guess it’s safe to say Love; you have a ‘stalker of your own’ congratulation sister, you have now officially arrived please join our elite club, where members names have been stolen by the trolls to post vile , let me introduce to our other members Rose, Passing Through, Observer2, Cliniqua, etc yes the list is long and I’m tired, so Love, my sister you are amongst the finest of the fine, so lift your glass of Miraval, Cheers!. PS to keep hold of this ‘privileged membership’ you have to keep on posting positive JP Posts ok see we don’t ask much.

    Love, Angie was effortlessly chic in a black one shouldered short shift dress, I loved it, and also Brad looked handsome as ever in his all black suite. I do wish from next year they do a live stream of the Gala, which be so much fun and counterproductive. I loved seeing Brad get his grove on with Bruno lol, great to see him having a great time and enjoying a great night himself too, which he put out for everyone. I hope we get to hear soon of how much they needed up raising fund wise, I pray they have broken last year’s record. Keep up the good work Brad we are so proud of you and your dedication to this worthy project, wishing him the very best of health & wealth may you keep on prospering in your endeavours.
    I see Sandra Bullock was there, like Passing Through I have my reservation when it comes to SB, mainly due to her loyalty and her continuous relationship with Chelsea Handler that’s the only thing that puts me off her, she’s a nice woman, but the company she keeps is not good, she’s an out and out Racist Comic interacting with your son whose colour & back ground (adoption) is being ridiculed, ok it might not may not be your own child that’s the target but another woman (Angie’s) children’s are.
    Yes like others SB she has the right to see and be friends with whomever she likes, but I think seeing a BFF whose not only a public enemy of partner of the host whose gala you are attending, yet there you are breaking bread at the same table with them as if butter wouldn’t melt, what does that tell you off SB’s morals hmm? I will leave it at that. All I will say not for the first time and nor the last, Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie are much bigger and better people than most people out there, who not only rise above it, but shows their integrity and what type of people they are, they let bygones be bygones, alas they are still surrounded by snakes (Aniston, Huvane, Handler and many more) in the garden of Eden. Remember couple of days ago Kati Curic another JenHen latching on to Angie for a Selfie how disloyal of her considering she is a BFF of Aniston LOL. It’s highly magnanimous of Brad & Angie they don’t hold grudges, unlike some and rise above the tide of hatred and ignore them.
    But will also add, I bet SB was live feeding Handler of the whole nights events, then Handler was skypeing hers to her other BFF Ticky of what Brad is doing, what Angie is wearing, what were they talking about, how they acting towards each other is it love or is it hatred, because we know Ticky has to be kept in the loop all time high alert as her life depends upon it, it’s taken her 10 years trolling them she isn’t stopping yet, even if Justin Theroux has put a ring on it.
    We know Aniston Trolls all the JP’s work schedules, their private commitments, their promotion’s, their interviews, their wardrobes , their LIFE etc etc. So I guess today while she is having her Sunday ‘bagel and eggs’ reading the Newspaper for JP sightings, she is gorging on every minute detail of the night before event ‘MIR Gala’. At this very minute Handler would be probing Sandra AGAIN for information of the night before, because she needs firsthand account gossip for her next attack, ops I meant comedy routine, after all she is another sick Angie stalker.

    As for Chelsea Handler taking time out, my dearest sister haven’t you heard that old chestnut before? Remember when work dries up Huvana’s puts out statements on behalf of his old unemployed HAG’s that they are taking time out, just like Ticky did pre ‘Cake & Life of Crime’, wasn’t she on the verge of taking a year off to do travelling and threaten to tread the boards in NYC theatres, as we see neither happen thanks for small mercies, it was just same old tried and tested hearsay that’s being rolled out from the bag of Huvane Tricks for his other client Handler. So Handler whose been sacked from her current job, begged other studios to give her a job via daily instragrame, twitter, radio shows, but still has no one biting her rabies infested hand off, so is it any wonder the ugly dog has nothing else but to hide her ugly Hyde for a couple of months, don’t worry you still will have her continuously latching on to SB while she’s in Nola, she will attend any Goop pity party or have a selfie’s with her. Of all fails CH will do what she does best re-educate& re trained herself on her ‘sucking skills’ after all that’s her trump card its worked in the past it will work again now all we need is a another gullible sugar daddy to ‘suck on’ for her next gig, remember she is part of the esteemed pity party group of ‘girly girls ‘and we know the girly girls may fail on looks but they damn sure are good at sucking just ask Aniston & Goop.
    See how the mighty hag has fallen Love, I love the Karma every JP or should I say every Angelina Jolie hater is getting , first Aniston scrapping for work from Chinese gangsters with no name directors, second Goop getting divorced due to her numerous infidelities being exposed by magazine editors, exposing her true nature of she wasn’t the domestic goddess she portrayed at her goop site, third Handler getting sacked and no big studio wants to touch her even with a barge pole after what is it 4-5 months of announcement she hasn’t got a job. CH thought humiliating another woman (Angie) again publically will take her to higher extremes, its only contributed towards her downfall, Sherri getting divorced again, yes the JENHEN that has so much to talk about when it comes to ranting against Angie, but has nothing much to say when it comes to saving her own marriage for the second time how sad, pregnant and soon to be divorced again, Barbra Walters throwing shade at Angie whenever the opportunity rose, but still added Angie’s interview in her farewell swan song, says it all doesn’t it love, these biitches biytch about Angelina Jolie as their life depends upon it, so to quote the trolls favourite word KRAMA, as Karma has dealt a big hand in all these hags life . I say who cares another hag bites the dust may it be for a couple of months out of the spotlight, they won’t be missed LOL.
    PS I guess my post has surpassed 1000 words so I guess time to close the windows as screaming in the ocean LOL Sorry I know very insensitive of me considering the humidity you have over there and me asking for the windows to be closed.

  • eLaineyLui.orgy


  • Jho hates #2 set up marriage

    Jho must cancel her Gaydogs,they are just love Jho’s £££$$$€€€ !!!
    9+ years with C r a y z y Dogs,Jho’s love life & career = DeadEnd !!!

  • Jho hates #2 set up marriage

    Jho got a Bought Gigolo,Dogs got ££$$€€ for their families,hahahahaha

  • shesatoothpick

    Wow, is she anorexic, or what?! Aging so fast!

  • Phool.

    Ava McDonough ‏@AvaMcD123 9h
    Angelina Jolie

    Brady brad brad

  • Jho hates #2 set up marriage

    Jho took men hormone to be skinny for catching her #1 set up husband !

  • Phool.

    Angelina Jolie: Le Portrait Interview video

  • Phool.

    Tammileetips ‏@Tammileetips 6h

    We will be interviewing Angelina Jolie this week. Any questions we should ask? #MaleficentEvent

  • Joam

    TY JJ ;)

  • Phool.

    Rihanny ‏@Fannouiillee 26m
    Vidéo : bmars-news: “owensandco: What a night! That’s Brad Pitt playing tambourine with Bruno Mars.thanks…

    shortcut to:

  • Jho hates #2 set up marriage

    Jho is still upset that Angelina has a skinny body without take men hormone and could PRODUCING 3 Babies !!!

  • Phool.

    Jasmine. ‏@BrunsMars
    Brad Pitt with Bruno and the guys on stage.
    Shortcut to:

  • Jho hates #2 set up marriage

    Jho waiting 1 more year to tell the truth that she is a Barren Womb !

  • Phool.

    Different angle of the video shot: Brad Pitt joins the band In New Orleans for Make It Right

  • Phool.

    Bill Horne ‏@WWHorne

    Brad! #makeitrightgala w Angelina and co.– “providing dignity for families”– great stuff @aarp

  • Rose

    @Phool.: Good morning to you my dear sister and friend. Phool, I feel your frustration. I truly believe JJ is running itself. Jared /Chris could care less what vile comments are posted on his site as long as the comments keeps coming in. I know I have cut down on my comments. I’m trying to give shout outs to the beautiful fans for the most part. Last night I noticed that after tamshitt posted his viruses it disappeared. What. Vile subduing this piece of turd is. I remember not to open up links unless I’m sure it’s not a virus especially when there are good news coming to the Jolie Pitt’s. You see Phool that’s the reason I visit CB I have never heard any of the fans over there complaining about viruses. We can call kaiser any name we want but she checks her comments and there is a feeling of calm over there. Over here it’s as I am walking through filth to get to the real fans, what a shame JJ has lower himself to this and he calls himself a business man.

    Another thing I can’t understand, when people write a positive comment about Brad and ends it with, he looks. ” good for his age”, is 50 year old men or women not to look good?, Another rant is: why is it some people believe that Brad and Angie reads all the nonsense about his X wife’s and her friends and what they have to say. I believe Angie and Brad when they say they don’t pay attention to those things. If Sandy wants to be friends with the low life Chelsea H and the other mean girls it’s her loss. However, last night She was doing a good thing in supporting a worthy cause, so why should Brad not stand next to her? Also, I remember when Will Smith slapped that pervert who tried to kiss him, someone asked Brad about it and he said he never heard about it, just like with the Melissa E throwing shade on Angie’s decision, Brad said he did not hear about it but he will call her, after that we have not heard a peep from ME. Back to Sandy, IMO, Sandy has a poor track record of
    judging people’s character, her husband for example. I cannot believe she did not know what kind of a person Jessy James was, eg he was married to a stripper Ect. Something like that should has been a red
    flag for her.

    Phool, I must say it looked like a good time was had by all, Brad on stage jamming and looked as he was having a great time. I guess everyone is sleeping in this morning. Phool, I’m stopping now before I knock myself out. I don’t like to proof, o you are on your own trying to figure out my early morning rant, lol